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March 01, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-01

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Leading Tailor

Freshmen Are De~feated by a
Score of 32' to 21.
The Freshmuan-Sophe'imore meet at-
hracted a larige numnber of students to
the (lymnasium eon Saturday am]
preved to be a most interesting eon-


NO. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEAR MAIN. i to 21 and excitement ran high.1 at
0 t ^ times for the freshmen succeeded ill
caoring, ofttle fists andot] eed up
put p a ittl tabet i welin all the events except the pee
yon have a little headache, vault end ehot put.
1cpackages that will usu-~ Ntigpeela vs htn
ally relieve it. Better try 0 she yete iebttete-
a bog next time. wce re, en the wvhole well mrateliecl and
PAMEV PHARMACY. siost et the events were hstlycui-
PAL ES TTES. tested. Thc 40 yard dash was lteirst
0 etvent and ovasrin eff in ite prelihe-
nei3 heats, three semi-hnauls and the
Cl s ngO t Sal~ e, ial hIi -iT he trinie foiall satve the
flil watso t5iseconds. The fetlowing
STILL ON amre e winners o the different heate.
PRICES CDT DEEPER THAN Bush. '00; 4th, Pell. '99;5h, Ayre-s,
'99.St iftmals-1st. Joyce. 'hi9; 2d,
EVER aaPel1,9,1Elbel, '00), dead besit; hl,
Ayrs (9 Final heat-1Ethel. '00t. 1st.
tie4.1-5 Jyte 2d; Pelt, 13d.
JACOB S & ALLIVI ©'D I iso next eet was the lug-ti jump111,
WASHINGTON STREET. .idi istefelneldltlg
___________________________________their ewne«way, tarrying off siiTthe
amaamaaas~~maaoa~~ooasaa~sos peints. Davis, '00, 1sf, Itt. (;ina.; 20,

copied it focc the team, and expresed PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY
.a fewv words the apreiatien of the
less of this mark of lively inteest 00 Listens to a Finished Lecture by
the part of the girls. 'he individual
tuizes given by the Daily were then Prof. John Dewey.
distributed. The banner is t e hplut'
A lage audience gathered in Tappan
in tie hands of tthe Athletic Assetia- la1lcuero audyngtt
tHall leorbrekrotiunSateidaypnigrtoto
tie tobe eic i th trtch rom. har Prf. John Dewey, of Chicago
'iheoffcial ovre:Tinokeeers University, in the hirst lecture of the
Hteald, Thtoms, Dr. tiabeihge; Judges ens ie ytethlcpia o
-Stuart, Senter, tHenninger, de Pent, tey aymmhr ftefcly
Wenley; tlerk-hill; Assistant ClerkolfredofPfeerDvy, er
-t'bsis; ,-eiws-Brso i hmlietilresent Mr. IE, ti.Sunderland called
te; nuter-D PrefFirzetdood. the meeting to order and intrdueu
Siarer r. fitgerld.the sieaker. Prof. Dewey anneunned
Senior Law Preliminary. s his sbject, 'Tie Significance of the
Prebleim of Knoledge" and began
'ihe istlimim ry orterical cantst iby tning tle society fr the ienr
(1,fle senior laos class ws's held Sai- of being elected their first honorai'
urday night and prorved te, be the es- uesident. te shoed tha the ques-
cat sue held so far. 'Ihere oere three tien niueonohih ie spke sas nt .as
cemiesauls, 'T. A. Boteebie, C. S. Atb lbsiract is at firt apears, "Just as
hull end]w. Al. Chandler. te hilseiher gets iis shution of
'fhe nmarkings of the juidges(onidit tileoiprbleii frii the wovrld of action,
lioery correspeiided txacty,.-1i. s he returns it to that worold fr its
Chandler re'eeioving lie' ihree higest fial audit and applrovaltRefetive
narks, Mt-. ]tt'l-isiitthllree eci ts lphilsohy iegin oitt Sorats and
eel _tt. AbbttothIree thirds, aid thes his injuntin 'knto- thyself,'"'t'int
complete imarkings ofit hit'jiidge5s on irofessi' sioethwosetto 'the life
toughtl:tins] elnroitieo ant i ito tr f -utisit'lay this prbleti of kuooli-
gavl vttl'theseak'rs i'same rclive tMtge owithm Socaes hioorgradualy
lttshiie'1. It soill e seen les(s 'etheli Coords had drifted tpart i
tite 111111 ghade ees 05M. Abbosttihe etudeeoftlato, Aristtle and the
receivedl lastplis nt-'ithtandltiltnlg lhler scietb; hothugt had bets,
lie factl thai tt' ereceivedthit' highest buoughitIbak i'inoc unityoih sitin
ptositittnlotisthotught alt o stsitlol. thieugis tetCove ilutenes of ionan
As lt'seniotcIlasses .se t,'eoitlto jrisprdneand Ctrisaiitelogy
tAos resetaliv o-thue final lii- both of these finding te~i stuin l
0 rsltyo -tilo. -Ar. l'Handler lint]Mi-.tile'first lphilsohy of Scrate. 'lTh
Bt'tkitdt' sil] rrsoti eiolawoss niiti-oier-sy of lilt stloinalis aid
-hos. iBothi arit txcelitsp ieakers. rtlionaliss cos hei taktinisp iindthe
Ali-. C aletitlr soon iiri iBa-c il11h' belief of eath shestolastelfully out-
finltlie ive ily dteba t' tniteaotr sanidltint's; oillt'e0110'idol, demland foi'
Otli. cldbe reprlesened isclahss in frttd'tsllant]progress; on the ther,
it'e tils 'il-ti-rt tit-l ottestItitol teodesre to lresi-ve the past; on tito
year. silt siteosel-c tie Barba-'ious, oii the
Study of American Speech, other, liee txponelns Of tie anciiiilt
- eciilization, tethelilaau,
Pro. cot(1Itnllsrrear o Kaatuited the too schiols by
the 'hof~re sectiu o theModrnhooing that bth (rtlasndhoosetlsl-
Lalig-tioft Assoet atit ott Ameri'a, tits ionm os-re essential aint his sohutmion of
set tt ilt i -itiisr, ithi oject- of iv %li the probem osas at once cnt-i-lung
is to securie frm eiii lc si 'll(i't t
- and usatisfactrv,
teit Oiffeeit ltstctios tf teetmutrt-sa
ifiataly tie Irofeem"show~ed liae
reptortt otiistiiral spoech,. witiioiihr-
Bardto hatdicionriesandtea"he ] syhology ovtssleading tic back t te'
gsid e otiotililiimaioe iii la,'stcctrue slutionm,
v ise oree." I ths eiretlaiOn, At !the conelusiomi of the speechl Prof.
t eiveti'is illgedte o'utt thle avirage Wea uy ade -n.few- remarks amdit
Olpeli of tieemimuity rathi itn votto of 'thanks was tendereo l D.
ile own, althotighi liteiloiy submitl the Dewey.
better if 'heptretters. A lis t oes-
tion is ttaced wicchare o bea71 Fieryeosill Mrhbe ,t notter G Jnr' r socisl-Tees
coered asoe.rdy ac 1,a rnes
Te ]. of ,i. quartet, coLposed of
Aoeantltiiyingth iis is trot. Itonci's Itesrs, Lass, Itacey, Povey and Tay-
firt meort oem the distribution of -r, sang ai the Comgregatiomnal church
Amlerican dialects, Tieelot is heas- last night
to] uponi some 100 amsers received The Daily will be delivered at your
to -ists of questions previously sent rosni the rest of the college year for
out amd is quite full. One Dollar.

0 10
s v
0 0
'fo reduce stock, wve ill 0
B ell regular 25c primting
0 10
0 frames for 20c dnring the0
r balance of this week.
0 After Saturdrday 2-5c.
See the South Window. 0
x - 0
0 t a0
9 0
Nosy and Second-Hand Text'
Books for all departments.

iley, 'AeLeau, i5 ft. Sin.
'flit' 40 yitrids hlti'te wso-its mutoff 100
tooplciimiary- heaits, .a sith-Basal, fttc
-ecids, andi]thte fimiallie-at,1so-hstlie
ftooing'iresults: let heti, Iti- ,i
'0 first, s-2-e.; OAdaims, 'i1l9, secoint]; 2d
hetat, Ayrces,'t(l, first;, ) 4-5; Hlodge-
initlt.'001.seeoild. Semi-finsf ot 2ds,
Attasis, '99u, 5t3-5). Fiual heatt, Ayie,
e'ill), fhrel, 525; It'Lei's,s-tond:; lunts
'fTryoni, hU), pthe ll'suet 33) ft. antd
so fitirtst; Joy-ce, t'l9,'svon seesitito-it
<10-3; Jumter'.tiil, 3-C
'floe half'tulle os-alto was those, bt
tautI, 'h9lt, o-itfromutWetitroit. ( ll
first, hI-li; Atdtms, secens]. 9l); lieet,
'Thie fooo-iig-shoots lilt-'itnih
,ctored toy thte iniidlial esitestamits:
tsr 'h99, Tryon 10, Joyce 0, Ayres 5,

Pani 5, Attains 4, tell 1, lteed 1.
Complete stock of law hooks For '00, l lbel 5, Davis 5, ]%cLaeanih
for all classes. Woodrosw 3, Ripley 2, Jtutner 1.
Secod-Hnd ook boght Time last eveant vas the relay race
Secod-Had Boks bught and this dinefreshman -won, Ethbel do-
and exchanged. ing [the tastet -work
I Atter the last event Prof. True-
'W $H'S BOOK S ORE blood introduced Afiss Sunderland,
ovlmo presented the banner wshileh
Up Town Down Town th'9an190grsofed sa
205S. State stj Opposite Court Housete'~lad10 grsofrda
Auto Arbor0 MatIn at. I prize to the wininmg teani. Joyce acc-

,; _ ti

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