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January 20, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-01-20

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!r M y W ife s ulletin, : o e a u HA _ 2[ lL J R
"TeNwBully Two Step." STORE
liked your Beef Tea so'swell "h e
last night," sa d a gentle- ' The Bully Song." 46 S. main street.
-a men, that she wanted mei mtsm efEtae "You're not the only Pebble on the Bech." PARNZ'OMS IVR
so that she could make itf "The Cross of Gold."PARNZ OMSAV Y
0 at home." You'll be scr-ar and get the best service.
prised to find what a good o \A N N AF BORavM U S IC Co., Office and Stable, 32 Forest
f hot drink we serve forbfAv.Tlhoe16'
cents. Some drinks are to 0 21 AND 28 ,AST WVASHINGTON STRE.Avelphn 16
_________________________________________________Branch Office at Patmers' Pharmacy
cents ecauee the ma-~'K N RORS~NSBN
teriats ABRcost more They're s wlse noaneisI TE"NNARORSurpluS etscec
alt good. a p:..d.eLi5;qri-I :' aPitltc. ,0. upu,1000
ospidcaicsigFree Oranized undrte~eneral ankingIaws
SuitU astg. i c c feI llths Sate.tReceves desictt, bys and
C ~Stet,SNewYork. c it exchange as the principal cities af the
if, (( r 1 [unted Staes. Drnafts cahed tacne peper
ALK\INS' - :PHARMACY. Only ui j4 f fidentficatin. Saety itadead tiaoestret.
f f rJa. .d6.. I Orrcnat Christin Mack Pre. W. D.
.aaaaaaaoaaaaaaafaaaaaaaaamaann+arrimni, Vic-Pe:Cha . itcoc,
u+ w."aow oaow oaso,.~rsowot.eo.® ahier ih. J.t.Frit Assi ni Csher
I ~~~Capital 1,OWt, Srpun'and Prft, S0
REt IL- O T T rasacts a general banking busnss
You;filcL T Y R D LTARJ.X IL-1VLSSMOKE, Fteig rexhtangebkught an sod. Prnih
7 Ietters at credit.
No ('hanidWicks, No Offensive Odor, No Fouling of Cimeys- E. D.1KINN, Pre. lAttItSON SOUL,
i A White :Light-Buns freely to the last drop of oi in the lamp s. W. LAScON. Cashier.
iOt Footwear. ' -Clear as prilng water-t0e per gallon-Delivered in otr ans, -
ponptly-hold only y fotm&ffatsln
Therealts ftrtcks In te traide acd 7-D EAN & O p tn
theyrtara nice o han yu think, C M A Y Cri./cnctd art Sres
pcced44 South Main Street.ANOrMaondHonSets
but no t cre. Capital 5W,.00. Surplus :50,0.55T'raact
This starte ialces yausucre yu're rigidht ________________________________ general aiig busies.
AhisIntesellectual ou aasaE.H13s utCaciier
ThicctareguracctAecIntellecntuat-Football Team. E A Raio of Former Days. i.Kne.Cc t nLcVc cc
eat at erery dolr yau put intaat shoes______
we sell. It is a gaed Siae Str, ful I oft
goad Slies at prics way dawn. 'Phiis il ict.ttlis t i ttict s ltcci i DccI .tk1I i ci ti' lii ' fthe;li' ic invig L o JI16S Ch ocoliates.
Gad Rubbier'ste, it yo at stthens c nyo~ati e li'litiiil ticia" itc ay iairttc t livtiits''ily h ere 1cc a a t o. 1 H t L n h s
i helcc c ut chttnii dsncitti't s'tt t Di ' 1 tcilclialntos cticlix hit Ic is qite H t _L n h s
W~. C. Renlh ardt, icccin iiit sisatctt .lai.17: cttl i51 't'il lit tic. iitit t" tt it iIT'I"I'TV'+48 S. kState St.
42 S. MannStreet 'hi rti at ae ipt'siclcnt a llccit tas il tesuwcictr cit i6ti t he liii i cecil
_____________________________________thi______tllt . 'c'ssi - ilt'ccticcit tnalttlicit lec'c a' tch tic ONL 5 C. EACH
Kdcciia\l utlem scill 1'h11ccttgaliiii'o' cit "si" c'ticitt till scicsin thit ' 'a c'' N11u
Ifipc ('n, J ~ ~ Iitc,, to las is ' cicetcat lii ctt ir ict tics' of iea t nater. licgisct s OUR NEW
THE OPERA HOUSE J EWELER, farer'shom, butt ti.. ntccl itt blu i A11buslkt ciieu 'IticsalitU. OF M. PIN
-Al. otedllnget nnto n1(eln nuu alastito t anfurnish tyt airSst-cla s.Fiunt'in JEWELER
Ten. Pet ad tRig erpalirig speialty. thit c's cci i 11tcc'1tccici'r lilcck ndd c,cueri cc i tcr tie. issl~licec'oc t iis ciiaiVM AR fIfl , LEADING JW LR
- GIVE 1!ffIM A. CALL. 'usaic' litic ec'attili. ccitt at thitescttit'..A at 'tic i t' li hvU U
1 'ie pts ctt~iis 5.5 i high epiits. iorhutrsitil sas tisen 115 1is ItllsMUI C' TU IO
PHOTOGRAPHS )iei'cet'it Angll.oct Miciiigiii. tt is i o'ttadc is' *tttcx A;1isititoi tcform I IO
---Spsecil rates ca Senitte. at iccciihltlist'elisc'i it orc i lt huc'tii n alilcl'ti.a'e 01 . ia liii PIANO AND COMPOSITION.
l~~-y~c nil'Z'TZ~L~.S 'i'c'. lash Nicrtlic. itof iiieet ' I itt c ws c iccti'tltter $1I7(0) i R. A- l ( l /l I
. HurOn Street erci tcitdsant' llacs iin. nva{'ito scat' 11eiiibicrin iDeriit a whue.tFracmcSttatie 'siseatry, Crany.
Drar,t'.ot t1iiicis studis a iiat 11 , ite ill itheii iinits ecircici cittistle iv22 S. DIVISION ST.
7our Tailor ! foctisck.aatl like lts'c itathninva I G" ~ ti's' i the lst tecleaici iLarge cnd legat
Have o l'1111sten those nohby Sicit onc' siteci ee 'il iitatilt' pe D l i '.11 r G i to to e i ~t' a.tosic- )lt anCiltd i ticiie t alhur1streAent
Suts in iWdl i s oe eee il niler sfr liyle's cnd Wilis aacd iictes Ota'
.ti l .3 turning 1ceii sOrau't.'c i itittc i'.. lollti , it cir. i rc'illcci cil1a.1-ti chclac e',is
1 t o I ottuit is the bcrticlinocithecir saeit sti
XILWYYARD -4t) ,iate St. i. tv' lsitsco tte yei ss: Moonlit wi easr onauto cche R.- B. JO LLY &CO.
__________________________Ithesa'tost' itt ,I'rrtcs his vi h llwtit miiii alcy. Nl ie sau A S t 5et.,a r llck
iseidsua:,eiog ti lt ti ut. -ic'rc Ins ita, cl 5i lci tltc'tciiii5 a iica
IVI~ j 0le ..oaned ! jllc.siceitlitiss cac cllr iitiei ci 'i dhailiae.te c ilsitohatitics'Groceries, l- rovsos
SIItic i l't cliii tIltlsia.; teitil tcii i slicrsa idi iltie and all kind of Saniariumn
PeOn l1 atch ' c at c e s ;iiridsothr i lcti o ptic c cii scnit iieiliatl od arate
ersonsi a p rne iv Sacisth e d ew- lti taclio :tiit les' left Cclivoos o sleb
ery Repir I 0111 eatc esrdecee, 31 R. Msctri Mclta c'ttc' Wcn I l i ols -'ul i lirs. Nfs !& ( ,
Lierty si Ace tibit, idl. Alusas i sua ~ovole.,R1euin;i-. t1 S l Cv i .
nest.conshdc ttui l aFlur,, C ta It a. m and Dii j iit gi - itnts ii t rttyicac.ci
2ta 4 p.' JOScEPHci('. WTT iees iargaina I- '5t-. i'P ATPit ST.
In Secnd-biand ctchtei cicd Diamonds. I i'igt icicl'.e c~nsci e M'tt'in.ri gtI en il teicc Xcifin l fsS ktsDll ' I
IN THE EQUIPMENT OF A ut. NIhit Hk;is;Ilsetecright lh'tha utstcolgenen'.o-nemcaeu Cii
So m beIn iana~ss uSeechin.let llback cit. _n~~ATx .1
STU ROOT'S Indians X gc'1 ll iui cca, iciea~.ih Subscribe tee the Daily. hunkS, Valiss Drss Suit Cases
15t is generally conceded thact a stIn~en -ccl AND 'Tl7- 7.SCSCIt' '. /
truaent is almosttacuabsottseressity TatS len id 5C.Trns anti Vlie 1lc'parcd Neatly acd
necure the realtist enjoymecnt from the U' pl.NorS.Mint
rc~aee e i ormny wiaffod ~ Bet Qualities laflsof lub Tis. Cccpt c t.Miii
uper dri udasttironucesc th "Bay lt l'lTN Pceu i co lt
State" inituaceistt ltinst in the aortda 0. I Fnra ieco, lt
Anaexcellentcsctrcment ith Values. $1.00 The grol ~t ~±e Ttcenb t ~ ive.ig aSeily.N.7S
wetIB At NJO.haprtene See Our 48 .Full siecd Pll Sarfi'. I A~ ci ' a tr
ianinarent "'s'-" 8cnare id EilFli'-tilvi RESS r SUIS FOR 25r EN1TS
sitare i icteitmesi manfactred an "i48 .jabe 1<gFiltol-i Ifiti GLANGNDRPRN.
Send for illustrated catoga, -- __ -__ __-LBA- -GAND SFA--N-
---- - Satie t.. Ovecr iey's iilliccd Room.
JOHNI. SAYNES & CO.4 flP o -- --- -
2SOMANS, G R & O1__ 453-4e3. Waingon Street, Busen. 2-S. AF T.U .'tR N I iL iC' Shcrhe ccIie3cp
- _ _ _- __I SbciefrteDi

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