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January 20, 1897 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-01-20

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Additions to the Library. 1 I THERE'S NOTHING LIKE LEATHER,
The followii ipo)trtaoiii~o lokohi:)ve >AjJ, ~lTE. WHEN WELL PUT TOGETHER.
b"'ell leecci'tly iatddedl Io ihe liicory: <5AI.e____
luithei ~ l oy(u le s eirX pteill dring Is uT
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN,. VIhni, (eeille M.L'"he tonaizd2i1 %t0eAei Ol gig DOR i/I U SHOES!
lrreli,: Times huildisng 79iS.MinoiS t.lie- Niiiili'sl. 31,85. ,--INt-
t -- iet i VHlllruy'u~' \illii heiill Russia, Enamel, Box and Anmeri-
illA . SkGING 1EIUTOR).; ii ii foic1iltCs. l 18.94.Lil
J. 1F. 7ThsilAS, 37. f Ili3 ei , ilO N. Ve 'a can Calf are World Beaters,
HuIH05 ES ItNAU \11yof Itie t'.S.1)0. fB"Ati.SH E I -
0. hI'.lO R ''S isei n ' oi I >,'liec lldi s. A1ct i ii
L. 12is1o itINL. F+ISiS,1ii 8. I . snliiil~iii. l~ 5'~ 00cN AN F.COURT HOUSE,
's . I.0 iio 5 lii osei', v'oi. 'I'. Stilies iii'StruonNeM I,,O P
F. Al.1,.4ose, '9s. 11B . SILNio '9 'OL.
IW. W. RIl-bes,'lii. S. I. Ccit '7. C los', tei'~e Ii. Prot--l ' Ind
F. A. FadSi~, '98shE. Louise iii sil''915111
W. F'. iiorrill, 'ii. Bulier Lambl, Il900. 'lit, Ilolcel N . EcI~ ' ic I iin 1.:
A. AI.CSitlh,'9"r. VG oiul.r., 9 .l,- ilr-t 1 eau e -l Ilf.'ls oi Tei;
- -___ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _1- i 'i e i n ' i i i i o il tl -
M 'II "inc 1 i . V. 11. 'I' ' iigii-o-isi-
The sub ilpinP e .Of Ihiiily i Iiis (aiol pyli's '. 1889.There 1 is m aIIgood thing in
for thie ollet e sal, iiiiii ot:ro,uie Irl 1 C 1y ,il I Ii l k B. I to i- a to It
hLos r ccci ice iI-cm.to ites tdoro 1-mi il"a'1 4r o.1e i- i Iiiiiiiiiii'l.Sweaters, es ei tallyil ItInn Arbor.
floiii41)is o ieciili~iii do e diyieito p 'isill l ic iler i l'rtn;ollei's elee-' We have a good tin1 01 illthe way
P. is., co te doy iiieVtio dmto i t 11110.11 '11 }.
they are e. eoal=))e01 I ' 4
Sohsooipii^ I of l'lf i'lll il' ) prtce on what ti eterwe have
Ofile, ileyei'is or Cioclel s wtN oo~e
l' a fvbi y I101011 tin',iprom ly0a Lids
sfially ocy iil ci ' ie li.2 'S ott el Pap i' Itt l 1 liii IG c . iell'~
1{'I __o iii 1 11 '. t-oo {.
Ml1'iei+'rI ii ii l I icie+l' NI lcl l
no.151d l lsy c111 l r lan 1111 0i1'i .111. 18th ci. t'ifu±lly 25 per centttocdo e.
ls 1 iio- ee l i' oftis "li is ll ii r ?< e
is 11111 50,1o b,11 e i loi s i i lii's 'IIit 11111' -ii lxi" 0" SEE OUR SOUTH WINUOWi 1~ b fr11-a i il( i~ltk eF _£v 1 l'1a
tivi ,1 Ihe s 1. e. '11 1
011011101 1110 ii' ii' iS 00110 II I llin-i tis 1,ta I thP-
w1li iiii'e111w11is oiilolel lhl lit 11ie' ' 51____3 S U H MANST E T
lii I 1 I" n lii~i slii 5:)I 111 ''
shouiid'noticci'euitsilfliihi':at 11.11111e
-\1,t herei l is so111111 iIt need far clatii i£, ;al . Irs i; se' IIi 'LA ES J CK TX V e v
ytbetfat i io lit preidsnt.i'ii1 111 lier,, .Ihili 11111 ('. 1 hhE l'In-lil a d iir. ~ a L t o
-1 --ll-s lt lol ii i 111- i 1 l ,oll. N 0 hiof lllhO' 111011
'I111 Il lu. I 111': .deii-ii'edfr111;1110ta!1ws'iie Villli'h wil !1SEyled
111100 rO-Ilhlitheill 11111' Pone~tfeli ( 110 1111.1. I Wiic , It(i. i l . . Wile. bIi'e D sk s
rill~tWetEue,' hill' 111 011. Fr'hicihall.iio0
t'o l il-iote 1Il~lc- t s e lt 11 PiltoloI' cl Scet iI YHuiki 1 hgiOi hiio.ill ii 'lill i 11'11 ~lloh
oo'eh' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tlks lii Iiso-11'10 I', <lliiisll ' i'iii-on, Ojholtli 0111 11111 frli
l'}'iy 1trllth ')111 ~~ 'nily' c 7 ni, Bll.hell~l,111' oi, JiiiiJACKET1S 111
LetUs tud th Ce heg Yeh ill IAtiI1i '0" '1tde11a tivllIil'iiie'h
Ir.a'tn~rI t -iri'ixi to ls ~oli efr '111ir.' ofSi1-hill (Iii,5115 is' I oI111).Ia1 ~ FUNS YU OO O
, Po'iiliiir11110 11.11' 1't1011111 11111111ol.

thliii allollhs'uh e ltge llihih Iihicli 001'
Amnericans lhoin 1t111he i illite' it. a
1713. 'HuIhl' forl01'Anwlii'l11' s 1tlio
wviide t 01111, 111111.h lfor 1t11't1 iici,
Shlese" is lito forml. IDii hetih-ll 111
ralhiforithe110United KIinl-i il'Gf (enlt
Ilrit~iil 111011 IIelind? lit fict,StlI
11001 (%a'~ ,-laIgII 1010'S, 111 Whihikelii
candtidltes figure, thie real eniilhhsthstil
of Amlerican 'dev'otiohl 10 11111115 It:) he
liesid conly 11n thle cllege 'ill. 'Jill
college yell I11 ovally a iehiurkahlolre-
torn to 1101 ha~lly form of isorcllill, 11111
desrves closer tnily thasn it liasa re'
ceiveel atthe (Su11010of anthropologistsi.
-Prof. I;. IL. Gldersleere in (lie Jrob.
rcom-y Aftlandie.

,O sihinliis lraihll lll 'fo h e '1011100ou
Aohlloiitillo 1111h to ehcelTemle oflgi'
li3' Wlhlii'r D~ennhisonl, Fell11 os'of 1111
AllerligahI Sh'l as attoiso, wil libe
01.1011hby' . I'..VMeiader.
loter < lioas i il olleihg call at thle
-isihie, g'roilhnd disor, (1 MoynatI 01t., op'-
hil'sile SclooI of MhiiO. '7l
'mvitl-.Ai stick iniat the fi '011-
nsi social Fhiat tFriday might. Ownoer
can get "dail by iniinig nt Stesw-
aod's office.

strcha Gooll ey Woois el, Seal, Mlonkfy
11nd1 Eslecric 'Seal
a ~e-Ha1L

Evesry arileOillour110 st shock s go at
big reduictionlos until Feb. 1. We do all
1kin1 of IF'urnitulre repairinlg Oansl 'l
llolsierdag ceapher 1111hanay oftser
hous the 10countly, and11t1110wotrk is
gualrantleedlto hle-se.o
M A K & Cl56-58-60 S. MAIN ST. - FURNITUR,.

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