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January 13, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-01-13

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- . ..ate ..ava. - a .ilL lllV{1 1\' . L l

® (DI) L D @O PROMENADE COMMITTEES.' Alma Hater. t.iLn oa as. Ilri11(.eloo ATHLETICS IN THE SPRING.
in k(lletlll y the lotser aad Cfaloi
ATal rRotation Scheme and Org~aniza- lto leidislilHontl(heo';aittor by ?1s ;Ic-rprain reMd frGt
Tailor - 1tionparatits dre Made1or 11 (('('of hitscalhl;1and New York
tionEfetd.Iiy nShape.
__________ la ' 105(111(',11(11' a 11ri)te1 fat -s
AND IM~POR1TER, 'Il al) 1111110 jut' 1.11id 1'(Olllali' t(('0 I ld 0(tlel t I o ' for 00 111.111.itil'hAl lol 1'Bat'1 teda,
ii('t1.;L I2(?tll°' 'tt''tta' a R'ti 1( 01!bo . (lt 101 a 'iin"lo. ti,t llfoet I1 .il looting last osolln , '. at oAt;ti
fULL i ___SSUITSA SP CIALT , ltellals00 1 11} ltl' (1' (oitl' 111 0 'e (('111 110 '11'd 11' 111 lllotinhiedi stiu 'II lral '1'015d- paIs Nvere11 perfect1ed1 or the lll
NO ,WASHINGTON ST. NAR MAIN, tlrtlalol T ll 11 1110' If 5l1t.ill 5 98, 111 1111a4l''electe'd ;is-el' 1111'
NO,______________2________E.________ 111, (-idt wo 1(1'S n1 11t" ;ls roaniill 1.114('1 11111111'llt 111i 111he 1101(killll II. sl~ll I ms 1(0 11 11111l11101', w11111 (Ill-

$so AP!!i
Sil'evegtlt a 1fine 1100ortment1of
g(1od 1)re toilet soaps. nospee-
fule in1 thom, just Isoap 0110 1l1
soap tfor 't0' a cake, 30101020. fey
0 acake next timle,.

(111100. tis an5 th.11' u1110io
of('111 tee fo ol 111i
arl(1ged a111 ~ 's

I Ar;ll",. It- -- - I .

$0.00 Elllotel 11A010s - - $438 (1(ow,1ela'11111a Pi.
$5.50BOXialf11 - - - 4.00 att 1111111111010 1 '11ttt 1'' 5. .
$4.00 Calf, Cork Sole - - 3.25 1W«atlill. Dta.11 1 si1(111:I). 1-I. Trw
$4.00 Calf Blus - - - 3.00'ird I.1. kt ht Dli
We can sow yon00alllStylesoand 11100
1at1110 above prices. ('111.
WASHINGrON' STREET. 1 1t, 1PsiI t1ilon( ll.011101ln1; I1.11.
'~eiX 0111111Delta.1 1a11p101Eslon; l 1.
H'[oliday' (G~oods 11151'. 11el111 Taulta 11.
23ro"w.e'e Dx'u.g Store. RlietolIPlii Kaptpa 11s1. c('111111111100:. !
F'ULIL STOCK. LOWIPCES. l l.leith 101011 aA 11)11t1 I:Iilonot,8. 8
0(Corne'r1of 5Main1 1011 IuronstsR lll".Lta Psi.
11 ~ t-m Princeton VS. Columbia.
CameltCodalnd Coke.
. S11(11 'Ill1( '01'Rilg'his (110
-Te~lephoeNo,5 (.1One(11101East of Amer i P it on 0~i1fo , (E3till' l'1111(iitlel t ,l .
D IV RSJIfY SCHOOL 111111 t'tt1111111il'I('
OF DANCING li1111111 10' 11 11111111'd 111111ne 'lilsc.
Oppoite 15 LaBildin(,. 1 s81( emest~er for
two lesions10 a w1e1. n1)o('1ef 1111Owt111nlthe 11111l1 b0'flDt. 511'
'27 Thomupson Street. (11s11 Professoi' Sloanioe Oliltl 11110
-AT-11111111111111h(1d11ot1lieI,1trad11ion's O
t ,t ntlltoVrqirdteWH BOOK STORE 11eto1 teoteet e": :l
_____________________ th1e'Presbyterian tlfatithi. '1111 51)1101life'
7A1tIl e New Holiday Books, Fine of tepae as hit 1100 01101i't.0111g. 'et: to
Art Books and all the latest Tuition. 1111 who, likeo Professor l' 811111111 ot 11
Dainty smnall lift Books in Prose only5 a s011111101' 1111151 igltor t' t1 1
anti Poetry. Fine Art Calenders. 111Iet011lii't0'li 1t111' (1
1050 IRoice Classics, 25 eachl.
All (or Standard Sets at 25 per 111,111 of tile world, tl 1I'ltheaatlgos 11i11
Take home a copy ofthtie '99 mutst inev'itably bitn irrelslltibe111' hg-
01 O AC LB. only 25c. let. T' lb'filil it's ftt re1''Ot11('1, lte
E~vely 11110inavited to visit o11r7twvo spec'i'l hl l15111'1al coltlec'tion1s. and t'e
'V&Hf'S UBOOK) 3ToRy Iailtolftt11len1hi( 111, ani(it 11111,41, be
sildes Ita01 b1001 i 011u1111of llersll.1l
1) sTownDown11Town jI t 10 101II e''lflsetll i~
7 S. t r 0e t k ppltsllefontI Io 11111151' ai12t leF' e ,i5tc111ti1


1 Hiller. '98. NvI" Ili.ldo ten111orar - call-
' Consolation Chess.
- ; tall( of tlc nilie, to scvvo 11ntil t11e
M.oll(Lly ev(Illin - 'it t iic uleeti:ly of I , grill ; tl ill. ii tllc 1nc1n1lw1s, of tllt
CVoss Clute C. Iiosnow and ll . D. Her- tear(( Nj ilI uiiike their own ;el(,ction.
rick started, to I1lay off their Ina1c"11 tot.i T']tca board s oIOtI to ivc <l limul.er to
Ilia col) oLitioll cll:llnlliollsliip, post- 411o I<clat tealnl wii111:,I- the illtor-class
liclucci f'rotu List Ceil. 1 l( tizst: <llle I rchly colilllotitinu. ALlilayor Hill ;ln-
lu ;in rlller slowly. Rosollow 11,1(1
I ie( 1,11 1llcetiu,
nonne"(ec1 ,1 it ill Loo111 2-l
f iile Nvl.ites ,l11(1 1,llaro(1 tll(I :;11ico ,Hallo 1t_ 7:,')o
1 r1rl<ly ocenil wu1cn 111
C op(Iilirl,;'. Aftor <i fow i)iov':+ florrick [ri('1i (':1llifltl-;1tes ilil(t "rlil {1(11ei's .111 tf?1'-
"Aled INvo liiec"es 11id woi1 tle atu(
estc(i itl Ira("k atli.I(Itirs are esllecte(1
c lsily . t ; atleu(1.
'I'ho ,ocoittl :;',luw 111ove intor-
\Iana;cr Ilu°,lw-s, _ ikin:,uI11 ;died I1 111
('sti.11(v. ll rriok 11,10 Ili(, whit('s 111(1
111,1 do IvpoIIs I ; I voriII gnt(111it te
111e -alllo :.1,111od NC1th 111e sk-ot('ll ' at11-
( (t.rcllin" alit( it is airllost assurc(1 111; 1.1
hit o11eilill .. \V11en the , alilo Nv,1s
illis yom- "111 soc all '111111111i systoi11 of
11,11Alr st;lrio(1 Uos(Inow r,,Ii1)(1d '
II co: lclln; 11(lrulallolltly ostl'lalishod :It
p'lNvn on "t sip: lllovo '.r<lta °cii1. _i1'teI' i EIi, lii; ,lil 111 a1I lirantlie.> of atlllotics.
VIII a fort- nlort' ul!)vos 11,1(1 (loon lilac-
Ilarry Potter, ' ),), w,1s eleote(I s(>crc-
111th 1 fetv uloly lw)vos 11:1(1 boon ; I
C :,Irt' of t11c lloar(I ,111(1 L. I). Vordler
3 111ayod Ilorrick _at-e 1111 the (Ia111e.
was oppolntol 11roporty- 111011.
'1'lis loalvvs Ile two contestants tie(1.
! anc : _11ire allioc (. 1'11e sec°un(1 :,lino Collegiate Alumnae.
I w:1,-; one cf Ile Most brilliant et-er I
11 a °ec1 in a_ 't-arsit rournalucnt. I'h( Thc Association of Colle; into im i-
(1:11e of tho (1e('i(liil Il.lE' 1', ,1.s the 21,1111(' lIl(1lcltes, 2111 iistio-
:;'alne It.].; not vol
leell lile(1. : cllboll of -,ill tt'Oilleil Who hold It (Ie-


1 Llterary Competitions,
I err
'1"he 111LI-Ildel' vrize collipetition h<i 1
r I
Clo ec1 and 14 stories llviye beell llalld-
ecl ili_ l'1le 11 unatlllc elnellt of 1 hka 1Vi11-
lier will -bo illalle is 80oll :Is the ,11111£ r'
:ire 111hle to caalliplete thc task «f ve:10-
X11 ; 11.he coil triliutioll - Retlivils al"I
I '1:so lie-ill1lii1". to colile III 111 re-111711>?
to the ofl°e.r lmalle 7a the Mic"lli; .anen-
i;lll. 1"Iti is as it "4liolltii 1>e :11X1 re-
tle Is c-recut upoil the c"olle .e Spirit of

j ' tlii i tu .1111(01_ 11' 111'5Sirs. ' . N .n
r 'Slt Ie It' .1 '1' 81tll' 0 rl.lljandheslio
I'prln ll11 10111. Srs.of81h111 ll-ell 110
:i1 ii1 An1A br-re 1lstF.N

hl <' elit are: President, TMrS. A.
those oaf the 5tudelzts AvIl'o write. file I
IIobbills, of Detroit; secl1(tari-. JIr ().
lu'llill.'.'ripts sltilmilitted ,Ire )n the i
wtzo':e of exceIIen'3 quality. 1,11 nl trked j I{f' ill ttstulan, also of Detroit. The
1';ntl'atit to thls. 1s the e\pel'Iellt'1' of brooch Ilol(Is three ill'oori gs {IIII°i+ll-
t 1t'o Ekastei'il cone ;es. 'I ir01 'll a1It1 'f)I'- j the S'eal', tlle Iilht Illeetilt;; havill" beell
held in Detroit Nov. ?l, 1803;. rrwo
hell. Nrllere prices «ere offered, for
stories with the result tiza.r co1llp aral otller llleetill'-s are held during tho
lively few tvere sIZbnritted a71d Lluoll I i'vai". one at Detroit ill February :11111
tlbese the judges could 11.11d nolle AviCell j ill -lilt .Ahl1or ill April. At these 111eet-
ere dec lned j ort.hi of the prise. ! ill-- papery dvolim parlieulurly With
sullje -is oaf interest to the °dul1111ae
C. A. Hou;"Mori. '9 I7., Ilas ohellPd are read and discussed. The In anc il
all of$1.e at. I'll 1h d.elphi<I, Pellli. also helps to support several fellow-
'1 here Avill lie a. liare and hound run 1 ships held here in this coulltry and ill
S.-I-turd'ay. 74I11. 16. Start -will. be tllatde E'urope. Special.l efforts Aver(" put forth
of the Avaterin;:ul txynLl iLSitiln at: 2-30 Ili- the Detroit branch. htst yelar ill the
tl. Ili. As this ,is the first; roll of the i illterest of the new «"oluall's ;i nr °-
i°eax onli- :about four nines Avin iw duos, a, considerable suln of Iuoilloy be-
eoverc d. ln, raised tllrcltttill their efl'ort.

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