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December 18, 1896 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-12-18

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VOL. VII. No. 62.




T ~ijnn' MTalor Adelphi and Alpha Nu Societies Dear Sir- The artileeallIthe "Tapa- Business of Minor Importance
l d Hodgnas~ pan IOX" whitasyou published re- Tsatd
Hold Finals., o('('fle ((00 oi(' hr bythe Detroit TiZir~cEl
AND i 1 - I buit, toily 'ather who is it member
A$i ivru ± The fhootilcontstin tie Alpha > ilof tile °too 5of '('58 ltd t tlo'''.It 'the oar.d of Iteg;elts told ta ihort
-Satiety (lrew'forth quite a good oized 0sirrdit11 old (('('1 1l('ltio00 ill111 llt 51'4otl11 0I"'terl t lo rn0'ill. No ))us5-
thi(hldieeelast lig'hi. 'The jud-('s o wee 110fs cclilt he oy 111)i: (mes~s 01 iII poI'tan'e woos talo)I'tedl.
ProLf.ISSSIS PCILY Piif'honep son, Ill.' S.tl1111i ll) 1 ~k 0 It 11k0'ownl ~l ('1it11 1o1 i.lt0Io eoderedl'tIl'l'l ttll'tiit
aild dlr. iB tterfilt. Th'l tot ll 'l '10 It 0051 ((I w il i l tartit'atea~ oo I
HO.r2E. WASHINGTON ST. NEAR MAIN. was1 001 arleltd t 1. I. WinseinoI' i ti l }'' 58, 1 n((lt 11y-thoill' et o f ('ll. ''te) til et'r"e (ots (loll' illthi y I e el
1:-pits1te se o d1nd t ir1t'. c l'dit r,'l'il l l tl It i to ti e le ''' ( ' (o 1 1('( so t l i10 th rii. 1 .( 01( 1 1,'
1.ofto ((1 'i~otIa o r i indJ Q (1L 1 ' - (I f '58 lsohstl''" 0' h 1(:l f 0
((II 11 0110 ii oer's 0el~t (tel' loNN irht.s l1t'') illltttlltO lt''l(llI (lil titilit 1( 1 ti
t a est S pints eio. ofthe1r1doecilt ti(he .ilibr"aryI
t101t, tre1dituysOoioot'llitiistart__ng__th_
Roylnot- nlelx of bantif~ theThecuWe,te > btn Capo ei.
PA L E S P ..E ..'' A t li iu'eo s i 5 ltti o ltlilod t' illby tl'tttll'ot0'rees'.it' l't ilse l lue tilt I itl t ill i ''11.1 elil 'C ht'
an , ti ae ostetow ttetr uen tlire i tl111'lll~t' to tofth110,'.S att'OM tt 5 t t 10 iltiio o r (((1
to ko Gos HOES . W ela it a buSC- (litt . it~~.IIlo t'iS ct I rds . roinll ( Dr.(('to ) f'I kitll(c) l (r.t f i5 1 ile loi't t o toI 1>>>-l~t t
10 F CE ean eer a erynwant o gok 0 llit) ll O l File I ltete I. 11. t oiltlsen (If li it: s ttin - tlt ' o 1tto , ''' ti 'I'l4N l t1('t l' tollil'i'eti'l'.1 tihl't
p an ; for t 's tts a 1utot e. 11 1101'.n1111(ilt tt.cIteltlhi 111h1(1 Ithtec.

-y i Those -will d0mto tho 111%4 ~ ook a rf or

t'llf is i ill fact liftie to (.1lo e be-
i f-R"eE'I1 the NZ-PCifrn i-r'nit .: 7s

- A - NIVERIOTY NOTES. ll) irl, <tte t le'it ()((.11]1 ilsi ou.\es (1c "0 tA-
UNIVERS OiY SHoOLre. l t ''.~it it to1'ti lloudit' Oiopen oi(1S1ill- ii it ol(i t o~ till
all ' I (It 51111 ' 1't j ill itt''p ((('01 (1 n ' ('lut'1y. A s l( , 1'. i ;i T 'i s ( 1 '). to iit _____________________l
Opatun lot ?ateru 0oo oaoto Ifrrolm ((( to 1. ; ittg' C' 'u int' l 0' in lt 11)1)is 1 1Iellhilow necotgit R ts
,o r o anaHrn. 1(0 oi'O etud.I :s11:) individualpayers (1))s (lit' tt
27 ± I 1 I JI±~'1111L(11Brohne 'is etuf .5oottI t '(t'''tl),1 l; stVld if jut0 1 00 'duo spwat t °ti)"'' I to't it (If t '((Ii) ilowedmthliielt
a.' 11IMccno11, 1 to ' Vrts. ('Ill,!t ii n :l. 2 a-(iltl~'le owI11111).;11' Illthe I"(1 11I'll 1 5oi'ieei 111 lhd'111 lldy lt
f of th e '1,1;s o 1 'I u o.'s hy. w in or o 10 '9 1. h is llle tlo w n - i, ltlht'( ' Its \ e '11 d i l\(
Iab lo C al SI'I':13"t.1.. I. E 't ' 1,) L , ist (' '1. ua11 o ( If htil oire 11 (is 'nongE'(1Ii liiiy lsl sttil'. tt lt' tum i
Allt' 'ligradefs of h. 'flt a ili'iIgrlohid.tndt l'(softl tCotalI'.i' ol'teniOt hrts o nrail hml ell'hii aratl tll)
Al heN w oid y Bo k, ie uuis sotu1111 10 t"liIt' tt $iot .l('tft.ns i's \oo 114,11t t <e ln to 10 tll the'fir.Ih~'tet tr'nt'eiodrt. 'li
Art Books oland Cteltso T iinkoli hlae-aiag l aterahl mil a nrt's '10lti'Otitea nd 1i1o'lt't'S It 1<h tir
allain :lly' s1al1if Bok iaPtoetslirerllof"1o'h(ti"air(1ilIteita'1ali)()lsiti( leta tia a)Ia- flt' toart1i(''esioiht'tin t tr
an L oer. in rtCa en es. aht tl'$10 'l *tao :'et rotlir i fhir t)1 ''l\ots ttrtile i t'ahuh i w ill ftoar t1 l 1)',aieo tglo t , atlazrla ' evnin , tI e tll'1
10)0 Ril oie ClassisSOn e do ach.f rer- 'tntea1hs (ilyann ts i lla. itte thai,1111 (0 aow olt s tth r'osibl lf ~stllItilIr I an.tts '!rt
A CLor tnard ioSets ta2 prheoakh e orae s de t tae1ea11o!t'tn i'atoilwil ta'bit tt fa-tr lar
cen1d1cou t.o ielee'o i ol o' k (Ittnders1Of- ]tt. lolo rent001- taki'art'l'aaaor ba tiaalIhtha 't't'k 1' ote ofIl ar (ole'.
Tae ho e a oy1fthc99al(tioe'am brttter oisttec<it tiIOaarlsaaaaa.tro rogmeeoneratiofnil ae--lard
I YEoresH OL. sofl d.colibtdIoar tssces , 't' ii'Dtrit (lleg of MeayiItia e s pityer. ilto isNil iaf
D N I GescalyP ers. Nerof e ati 5 \5 l o, .:\ti meat rantfie etr'roi 1ay aaarra-. '. 'r'oalaoy as're o e'aa
a ~s endfotsoe Atne Arbor Mawsit (1., ond ibilw t'oHaaalotlyr:edwth itoleir'abtarrtsWdaoo'
UpTen an ow ot ie aaroslt.e tletotao e fell( ,'tnt:.\o'atll ototlia ' t ' e o o-oI aigt. Dr e..lytmtts so'aaiota
'tOO Stte a. Opsste Curt s se.$
Tho r or. so Matreat. I rih rl of CiofSthI''llee. itIaitd.-, olored bas ratau rco'. log lato oaoes. trlurntbel

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