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November 24, 1896 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-11-24

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j 5 Cents.0
0. Hot Colfee Hot Chocolate p
Bef Boufilion Beef and Celeeyg
Tomato Bonillion Hot Oyster Jaicej
Hlot dineor Hot Lemon
10 Cents. r
's Hot Egg Phosmphate Hot Lemonade 0
Hot Egg Lemonade
Jot fine laice Flip 0
j Hot Mlalted Milk Hot Clam Broth

THIS EEK OLY ' Babylon Coal Is THE BEST.
THIS EEK NLYAll Grades of lined and soft Coal.
$5.00 Youinan Hats, now - - - - - - $3.98 Camel Coal aad Coke.
$4.00 Rdoelofse Hats, tiow - - -. - $3.50 M STA1. v P
$3.00 Roelofs Halts, now-- ---- ---- ---- ---- --- ------$2.50,
$2.50 Stiff HatsloOw---- - -- --- $1.98 Telephione No. 8. One door East of Ameri-
$2.00 Stiff Hals ow --- - - - - ----.$1.50 can Hose.
$4.00 FedoraHats, ntow---- ---- ---- ---- ---- --- ------$3.00
$3.00tFedora Hate, now--- - --- ----$1.98 PATRONIZE HOLMES' LIVERY
$1.30 Fedora Hals oHw--- - - --- --- $1.00
atod get the best service.
D. A. T I oN K E R & SO N Office and Stable, 32 Forest
No. 9 South Main Street, - - - Ann Arbor, Mich. Ave. Telephone 106.
Branch Office at Palrners' Pharmacy
1t oninOe .. t ole to
®Uaudres.3;, s aptl Stoc, 01,001. Susrplus, $5000
Post-ppid 3at tepound, 45 n.. Resources. 1,100,000.
.LL y ladokgueF e Orvanieed under the General FanteingLaw
a Stote* oossato t of this Sta. ciccves deosits, bkayoaod
jIels excange 00 thte princlipal cities of te
Alpl Csited Stts. Drafts cttled uoprper
only_ Ol__e j dentifcot los. Safety deposit koxes to rest.
)"5 d i&rescoceO litlotle Chr~ts nMal cke.; NV. 0.
Barrimas, Vice-Ore.: Chas E. iHiscock,
mso sm cr~rse~ -acoe~Q aoamca cgcr~c~4 iCashierMJFr i tz Pee, AssleolCashier.
CcU- ,>tal, ;!100,000. OSrpelstanad Probta, $00,000
__q' M A S tJ 'Trnssoctsagenerral baosting boslness.
S IJ IT~~S. W.0. CLARKS'ON. 'asheeie

Be Sure
You're Right
n Footwear.
Tkteie's lotsof tis ilthtec trae aitd
theryre practiecedscorentan yottthietk,
ftout n1Acher.
Thi seeectakesou eis 5you'rerighet.
This storec 0 osocetees youa a sale inveot-
mtoeverey llocyoeeptsintosesr
we scll. It is atgoeod She-Store, foil of
roodie-ioe piceteoydlowns.
GoodeRublekeecoe, if00ysoutatteot.
WV C.aReinhardt,
42 S. main Stroet.
Served in Every Style
Axito n f TIeufel,
Trunks, Vaises, Bress Suit Cases
ANLvD I ELI,'. C()1ES.
Trunksand -ValiscesiReesired Neally teed
checaply. No. 57S. Mesiet.t
YTour °Tailor!
Have youllseeon thoese nohby
Sulit-. Milwaitd is turning out.
MILWARD 4O State St.
n gallo st-One single room

15 South Main Street.

Con AlMit and t ulon Sreelcts.
Capital -00,010. Seerpeles e e0,000. Trencecs
It. Isos , iet es, 0 F, GREENEicclPre:.
xeet 11,i3 lees o, Ce-leer.


JNIVERSITY NOTES. S.1ec s e w: o in eeSeeseeee. ClinniI
Site 11:1 1 e (essele-el l t-e I!~ .
. le ll-le e -s Iee' is c> es' l -se e s - .ie 'Oi i-e . e-l s.ce l
iL- et' lseis' ees ise iet eel esliIsec se' '< leseesilec lrh e 45t
See- lstod1 to1 ii. lslieeel tehelrt .'i~lseeoiececdacetcees
A J.totitect is-l ellwsil l e e ''. lisses's 'ci ese~l I'.eee.C-.es i -it.e lio see No. SI SMain St.. neteed ooer leeT es
lesebene e'oeseii:sie.itii le'l etI ese'- sls. Iecoee. 'tie' 5 seI ffece, weee is el- . e d eecltotrecat sll fooet
C l °',111Im sp tsieelittl eete.1 ictrou eee, in cacsciniic le's eese c. Allopie ret-
eel' WVise-elsis. -Ilre l i n T rso'see'e 's s ile ile"' eios o enterely rei cless . l lfordc ome'- s
lie' jelits cI'sl.- . see I'it-i t''te et 'itleer; lee ily co 1 e neOeee'sdedl, iy tie'membse-
'cllitn il t I.l's ",)S il lt', of csth e .eical prosi on'.tttof se .ks , keey
te I ck iipt ildli o'fee l le' lio 'is-- teffis el-. etc. seies.recasonabet Is
s-sell icoltets..'Ile ONI: (Il' . testesmi naessetosfee. Ofie hous 8
chi sltrile'n.stdelte s-se st uteolsd-s-iNlo-lcet .11 esirli'ets 211eifetelLowiley's Chocolates.
see-lst i Il c-ee Iitltit.. Iiiinln- iiii.. le i it s-so II [less otlll
ntestdnileeitle leso iesth e is iet ln.lll- lsii l'f IH ot Lun.]11ches.
'Pesh -ie _stee-11ll 5'5. ci ill its skittle f l ' ,>1i I.. is tlltl' ill is. sis'l .,*;''1. -
Heitlllel)e41s-it -etel lll es t's e lls s Ilse eebly'I eieth e'e'e 1"1:1 ~cesi Tt T JTLE" 4 48 5. SaeSt.
tile .11" 1inlt .luets'.sle t listl l i t sills11-- - - -
( seo'I. eiitti. e s e list' leelf -el es-es- os will .ell sesee trel ip S"~ ABLE KETTLES.
p o in l I !seto s'.. dile'd l-the' Stetlt ii h i - tt let ls prIsO ttllil'proe e's 5'5 iistct-110 Slc
I k' lie' tots ilee tie- liis'i'.t'e' i - t-Isse tilii'.ts'o silliel itysSe-"iv .l 1. II V ile-. Clee'l).
ee'let os--- ''i'iee i ti . eit oe.110el tl5"t-hi ls ' se .etou s's'l so E ER
11115'tel it-o sst il't' t eCll .l li-cll !i o lite'Iis ioilii Nt W HN L LEADING E EL R
I sw 2 t. l 'lie1o- ise-l t o ms-il le - s
se1 fth etllolctAitiof . e esilo il llt-e.1e1s sle' ~~'fcr r ~ '~ T ~ I'
iiotsltitt' mhts- lllie les euslsee ser s's-s "o icketts Atll e olds's. l ILI hJJ,'i,) .1. L
loll peo it 111 1 (ll i- 0's ' 1111l.Ill'-P'e'IR -iEl I'(BS aP 1 0P
AsLt is el-c etel se e -c llisl' til' t ll; its oll hi' '' t's' lc .,i'stteel .ls jo- is-tl- le . I 4ul0eseOeetee -etce-tte.Cs settep1
irele' s V 'ee-lnt1. ' it~ti tiltv eeti. is-lel. PIANO ANit 2 .DIVIMSI IST.
It-esk se--lsesic tut lecleuster c-it'i'kotpin'ltti
01 Il 1' e l 1'xi115 l iisc't-' ciso. n~lils tels' os-st vli. lieo'e- (11oR. 'c Poviion
lleteth -e1ril fotol. ~r',Jmlj lee Ot 'M'on ).olst. 'lst2221S..DIiV'SIilNs',.
sotleit teiticwill rit'.1i tldte'lc n, ho d o e stli" e s e ,
Foundle t Isstlse ill Its's coiticli(%'11 Ii is.' atnd alittt des of Sanetteriuli
Olis Situp' A. See utills ' tl 1 .1"I e le i 't'ei 'ltslt eo tlsiS Fce oods for sate hy'
itt's ('tlls-i's if I 'o5110 1 tilesr-i, . iiyS. N'lI'OI k t Ohs let'it Sew- j 0?0t .STATeE "IT.


lias eite- s-e ptioti l i'ttr sls. St os t 4elk-17. l'fle i Nostte.
Justt eeoeissaLasrge eand Eleganet
That have pere ct combustion and do not! Line of New Pipes 1
D AP S smotto or smelts Huot end('eel idtmssessta~sll heeeo Agento
fits Ityles's esend Willams and'W ees.'
The New Rocitester, The Yale, Tile New Rol, he el Perfec- R. E% joL.j..y' & 00.
tion studenit, Te tPlrincess Studetnt, 'ricoEmuprcss Studcent, alt 10 5. State St., Sager Block.
nickel plated, with latost improvemnts. We sell what we ad- 1 C. Geeaste Stileet-t Taiter.ILatese
vertise atnd guarantee quality of goods atnd are never undersold. Styles.Bs-e Coods lacsid eie stoco Oe do
or nd repae-teec:st loesteprie.conessistene twith
D EAN & COM PANY'. good work. Coods called foereanst delicered.
4480uth ainStret.Be oeep to pleesse. 20 5. State Strecet. Give
44South ainStret. s acali.

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