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November 16, 1896 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-11-16

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@ LI)IDo
Leading Tailor

PLENTY OF EXCITEMENT. critical points the 'varsity bracedt and MAROON DEFEATS PURPLE.
kept their goal safe.,tbnt they did not
Absence of Regular Players Made gain1 as they should. Clancy mode Our Thanksgiving Day Game
a Close Score. try for a goal oil a (trot) kick, bo WllBuDcsie
a Close Score. failed. Neither side scoredt.WilB Desv.
Satrda '~roty aooht Doffy. tctvl er, Greenleaf and Dcii-
Saudythe Wa sit as cugtoon Norliseoerno claiono to theWsct-
net lid toe beot work for Mictoigan.
about ttoe same condition as in laost(ern choamplionshtipo totppledt over Sanar-
solte Clancy, It. Moshoer. Kellogg andot
year' Putrodue gamoe, aond.taa a c-opse- (lay afiernoono, aooolby sunset hoer poor-
fotototi le-Mclorras- all tplayedol 0000 --
otteoce defeatedt Oherlin too-the lose _olle banner -ss-oo troiloo-ine st.a

- eltent canoe for thoe visilors. c11 )c
NOs .WSIGONS.NA AN cooe of 10 to 0. Theosusootitoote lhoe Teloo-oChc00sflos licagos victoory was hoe greatest
ma______________________ lde goaoning easy for (Oherloos omass lCtA h Nsuroori-se of lie foothboll seaosono. Bets
d^ to 1 r 'v laSs iltoeseoooothooof. Aootloeo-Hutchinosn--------1e---------ellog- of footstoo one sweremaodoe toat Clot-
! ~ ~~~Villa-----------I t--------Willias
welI 5oakonesinl thc Voosits otly waos Baker ------- In---1 -----------Sea c ogo uoldt lot score-. toosevenoilln-
TIJAT ICUOUtoo g-orottlo ooo__litoc amsor- - Oetrayca
o 1,(- o eerlhp adcnfdneBe nnett--- a - hor dg od uts losaotyafter alt exchoaonge of htst
ยข wll isaper i yo tr 0 tne 1toe aboeseeofall thieldottGreeoleaf --------te-------W.losher 'Nortossese-ooforcedl sle haltlstow-i to
toeleer--___ __ __---01 ----Oaer
Cheur rSy. fItrcomes d din Wid e d coaptainos. xc etthe wlto-o- ooooocos thtloPi nd TPHomastr lh__to - 5 .Mosere (hoicagos goatlmno- for Itoe first toucho-
b. ottles and tastes good. lc -tso- o logooo ooy - rl so-roos o to or-hcoaoao lat o
Ponay - --fb-- 5 --------Claincy
s--Oberiootlaoyeot a0fast, hoorcolgoame Reforee - Simnoons. Ulmpire - Merril of omistaoke that coootlois tealooslohe victory
PALMER'S PHARMACY. and:deservesgreatceioooelpa.MaiUvri.frh nevoet edPt
o e-r.adtcosesforec l oct-coterahmelfoaondo-ol too ends ot
46 S. SAES.
4a. f too a, gooootlo-esoooofoocth '0 to- oosOty 1.oodlo t loslco'I.los borninog oa ooooootoo-of jooo-alte-ooootoly foo-oo;gaionos. hopitnog thooo
cannlot: botot ve anOO in0000 tclivoe to-for or inloloto- olo sua bitooootd 1atocootoost Itosecur-o c leooofitelotandsao t ouch01-
AX 1O'rI~aEl W-Bl1if( 000000ac0tloe pto~o-i-eaondobtoItoo fooroootion o 0t0tlooiterotry- fraternoiltoes r00 1:0-owono, s bohootfirandot VonDoao-
Thoe weathoerwas aottoeo gan sa..ll- n 01000oucoatinlg big goooooss. rvt~o00Io eAooooiol Boall ogioolo lo(n. -0 00 oooon ony of 0Chicogos toayes
lost soeelk ala s- e sid loot .get oquite n too isil lt tholf Oberltin kiokood ott' Theoy suoggste rtlo-otltOll1100 0i0 Ice if ttoo nc0050geot stoart., boothSle hall
as ooouchooooney as av e sre cioooe boot, toy anofof slobetoloy forfoitdthoon-olsist of fourocindependenootoos anone000 entoo;too Chio-ogo oi0001 oooos. Aftrot
awe wsitt continoooo ur10goroot oesdoctoo bloltto-totigoooo 01 lhe 00000roof Itooe oo-repr-eosenaive- foor o - tlo ofthe o- lit fews-ptoystoe 010si hlosf enddct owith
nate anotloer veeke. So coooe alonog foeod.-.Prooo 'ts poointoohe ''arsityels- faentes n ~'fciiio h ali h cne ftefed
lilt :tle ev-eooing of Nov-eomheo 1thoaood- ooy foooiio. 001 OO 10t-Olo tlo oolilItes-ot- of io ieo.
torcoot bh0e 000way 0toohe IOborlion gool too too- s-igoooo t h0bost( 00 to ooioog bu oo S coe 0000xer . c o0
supltooy youorself owithlo ble h foot ooc.oclsos-oo0 0otags.
wealr00j0sOt sipominutes of poaty, tootoy, Pioo oOaolelOso ispolayedo. Inl thoeooloinslooo In tooOis-seooootloolf toe 1ba11wao
000gr (e osGreen oaf blot Duoffy ollokioirthetfoternccoiOt tool lot000ioot c l oo-foro-o-ito o rotloaaestecoo's territory,-
JACOBS & AImsLoLteDIANDAfaur eewa rsbtte ecafshdno en hr i eaie o tersto h
Washoiogton BIk., Washoington st. oa.lorillioot 28, yarodroo o Icoorou0onra ooolbyi oooo-.50 00Iolo oooo.Iot-sg eok0 soeosto ooo
otrlound (Obeorlioos riglht: oooot. Dufo c ti-o1000 as taokoio. Aooo-lotg of Ot-scthe o lay wass foost 00001 hordot.tecose-to
St-LULD REGtS~TER 1Otoolote lls chdow-nooaood-oo.lboo tookoy 1ooklaossof 't~o is calleto00oosdetiote 100 loc oootOOlplluningteoosing fu05llfol-
- A T- e o atotl. 000000 loo Itneo lt io 00000atO 3Ui Io 1 toooo oto s-soev ryt01000-abnt siltohtitoebl o n 0
3Ero ,'s XflugSt0ore. loo-lnoxt score0wsnrcadtooloevonoo(o'.It s I oooooged too th t aljuniorsa boo-Noorthooests-coossevero-yard-olhottine oaill
05 costs you nothing- Do not neglect it.bluntbl~ts Inoltor Plser got the ball000100005 o on r tiasteolci so-cry imooo-oooo 1 soshoovoveroocfoor a0 tochdowosn.
Corner of Slain ond IHuron sts. thoe ki-k of, omodootenhoilyardsosabto l ol at. Afteorthts fltohoineoooasoolseomod to
..lowed0. sowito aonotheoro-00000for o 0 oboehaletonoeo Oompetly tbo) oieces, anis
U~ 01 Accommoodations for the Came.
yardTsid it 00ns 000 ollbtlo tools. Tho lho-ft0rtCic-ago se-ouoed ot o ootohownsoo ty
Fowler Combination. Lady Sits g 0 aiby tenno-llinger0-candlolilla,-A speciaol oxouoln rin 0 f000totrte an0 oc0 fbotc- 2100 oose t
Behoiod. Fti n ttBy tOtb00ltn Osot he baoot 000 eto-c200 y -Il 1111,11 Thotokhogivioag ItoY ',110 ill-100-hoa- o-ogo 1t S. oothwoesteono(I0
/lino. tClantc toobllool :,yl too in1o10-ohs toowot lgo eos itt thoo ve000 h0000 I5iiOlilgnin00 A 01e00thocgol-nione to-h s Staogg hoot
TUCKER &CO. FIFTH AVE. ooc oha ootol o ho-bo ooth 000tt ttoal Nensotoy ooooioog-.Nov.-5 lotocsoo-h. oloolo loo'tlo
' ' jR I 7SCHiOOL~ punbted t 00of hobsto bootad hootibo 000s Theo-'0etillleavitttoto nn-ooArbhoor a5tO .) OoootorchC tlkexposhoess-t Ielo-
Tgisooo toohe tall 00 on o-eroeghos5tt ,d lobe 001. 00 standad loooo t hoo- okooogboot oil: so-toes as ooot t o f weat s el froomoo
OF DANIRUNG HeOberlin looto oolo soeootol sortoo;,gioos oot, TIt tool01Nil-s.Owhereo boOSt> 05 l o-llgoolo. toanoit isatog-co-sot ty tll thaot
oposite Law IBuilding.K000 osemester fsr
to lobnooos a week. ohr0ooh e i noo .tb andotCl'booy gained o-ol tooto et 001 o ro 1 1 oioe- i oo dineobo-tol too- nolooe binthl 0 oltso-ooo soilltoe the
27I Thomipson Street. 0eigthyasta0000a0 blouff kio-k.0Thtasecu0005loilc rooi. So-toovtog 100 the ooty gret t tolaocbtlon of tosho ly. Mejooher
I ttoclotan000 eldtot itoo visitoors a1001 they looO t to-he ta sill sO ot t O at otold oof bie Nottossesteoio Wisonosin, Clot-
-AT- st.staOtonoln010bloook frooomo ii- Io-
hied saputntbou tohe Rio-Ik owas hockeo-tool ath otewee iernl vi goo htleto ando IBostonAthetic
W H S BO [ STORE, .aI teno ict bby goob the oxbonolth0010 to p.00)0 0stoottot -toersoill booresesoot bolons oilt ococopoy-hoooes. andbootroo
BOOK 0 toti0ei otd lino. 15000 Obterlino toolotfor tI tie,. It 2000-;olOtobe o-s e ooed h eito tillitonos, ot Plooooscls t. with
We invite nvert' student to visituua: rtwilb 1aleFan
ouir stores.Xtte have a large soupptlv 'Ottoloot oion000dossesblbtil ex oieo-osotl 01 rot ailrtoank Go eoo u tootlof Amheroostasilltoo thle
of secod band Umniversity 'Text ofots i 000goood gainos toy Piogrcoo Rates to Chicago. ohcicls.
Bookes for all floe departments.
Law and Medicat Books. German ('aley. Groenleaof and ol tnotoiio-oooSndy'oMsoMetng
and FrencohloClassics. hcol1o oobtottoo- ooo Hooomge iekofor boo tlotoilsgti ;iogfo unasMssMeog
W selthe hest student Notegaewlbepaeonslat'he Thmasetigedinhener
boaonos bookstoreino Poeooty toy ilinlg. ostof Ohio S.C.A. tooitoniversity tHall,
Tue hat Ltoen aper20 cetsCpre(faie-toled goal. tortIhoecostof blots
pound.-lat atooo~g.0-tog~l~~ Sectios St toaodNhoot ton ideololineo yeosrdaty oooocooog, wats ooery wlasrIot-
We boy and exchange second hooxos nooaovanoeageesoaoogatoottoobAi1i
hand books. ete ie oe aebenrsre o h nlItendodothtfiorot flourcooeig soamfort-
Agents for the Waterman Foun-otoc ieArotooodleogaoonboodhaotthbisseaits oo lllo rssl , igeitoo
fain Pen. too thie secondot half Mtslotgtoio shooaoltoreablto foelteto bibreoodeootbonooglohi-sr-fs.
Mathematical Instruments andsp eypoladteOelntaslopoietecneoftefedthKesySauigHrrn Bm,
Drfinr uplesasecatyi11n-lypory hdtisupplieseloot aloootoOio sbhcofte isopieecialty.otmoimgttrloooo eooti
The best prices to everybody. layediaa-vely harod gomool e uosualmot anoyanbce of woritimngto (hicatgo D'Ooge a~ Imo r.i(toloddro.Alt eioo-
Give us a trial (ttooo105ooaode almlost ol lstirgaotms for setsaawil he ovoidoo. The toices 'lobasiao-lthleas-oik thoot tile S.C.A.
WTU AH ' BOOK ST11ORE thougho the left stole anloteenter of are as followvs: Genoeral adhoomison. $11; oasconome otono the loesessity for stu1-
Up Town Down Tows IO'iocoohitns line, oamnolkettthe ll tn reooerved seats, inelttosog astboissi to, dst oraok though itsorOgbtnization.
205S. Slate st. Opposie omurtlHouse,
Ass Armour.Maln st. tour terrioroyvmost ofbloc timie. At $.50 btloxes. $151sand $20. ]Otnelo enbonsoosoto-saws .dioptay eok


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