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October 22, 1897 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1897-10-22

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Science is driving commerce, and one most either keel) the pace or be left hopelessly behind. That is why we have secured the exclu-
sive sale of clothes bearing the labels of
The StAein-Block Co's. and Hammersiough Bro's.
These clothes are far-and-away ahead of any ready- made clothes that you have ever soen. They are designed by genius and fash-
ionedl by skill. They are equal to the best made-to-order sort, though they cost but half. So convenient to have ready-to-wear clothes the
moment you needt them, without fussy measurements, "i nY-oxfs" and a multitude of exasperatinog alterations.
Money Back If You Want It. Come Today.


Liudenschmitt & Apfel.

IGeo. S. ~ _____
Parker__ ___
-IN5- Pen.-
-- ..JWEL~ STOEY G TOPmbalming a Specialty.
_______________________ U.of M.Butns and TUTTLE, 48 S. State St. j Ambulance night or lday.
________________________________ Residence, 302 Fifth Avenue,
ANN ARBOR 'Varsity Glee CiuO Exum. GetT11tT111ANTON TEUFEL,
Timue Table. Sunday, Sept. 5, 1807. 'V'arsity Gliee (.'111) a-i held Wrcioex as "lliit grea it lletropollli n tt i:coc i EiAQUAlRES FeR
TIME ,TAB3LEr: lay niglhtillinR1om)111-1. luivrtha il. thla; l ke agenttcnf "Tule I1-eof CIialilt irksVaieoreSi 'ss
TrislaeAnArbur by Centrul Standard (Iiea111I~''o Odrige' !o\-pgl"O eac~laly thns ta
TTlime.y nn Tie.(Trun1ks andll o gol lntrValisesiill'01111 repaiirlelidko Il I Tou'n1e1autluyepirl nuty ds
NTH. SeUTH. u Lllgvl 11113 oot- who tl;ok fle x-suctenGillshould he eil~l lm i id 111l)11c heuply. No.307 S. Maln Sireet.
8:4:3 a. m. *7:30 aem. aim ato ion. "A Gel lie e'i~llin ll the311 ii 11ie o ef a10 rstblo as1310 inerill ieilt.
*1215 . ml1:25 .
4:4 p. .8:40 p. m, li l111il li i) 011 itllihoe 11,111) hli .1 llill oiy 111li eairsa, i ltshpe-10a1i: C. ff. MAJOR & CO.,
't1.10 u. m., x8:5 5p. m. 11(11 iii- o-l es;llo\ill aionii 'lie justlly 113311ite 111 th e iemark for I ile h Aiisi d
Tueedooledfoowell.oTt praIice1. 1'Ph-eil e~v York ieo iresso oh tlat IitykeArili orators
unushetwveen iTo1e1o 11111Horwell.ilThisIl
truln Sunday unly. All other truinesulaly! 1lIil~lel's of l1st1 e'i1 ro.1111) \\-1111a2.' s111eeconoiil'able spaile sncerning it.- Have a complete line of
except Sundauy. 3 ro-a ilox lli irll i oll llll~ri. VI aePilOlWno
E. .OOLMORE, Agent 11-k t11isvca e13olws odpofo t rotpplL t, Wl aePitOlWno
W. H BENNETT 0. P. A. Tuledu 0. t 1103teniios A. If. Wet-ter. ;\V. 1C. inasmuch as 05jiournials are1 1111111101 Shades, Ro oligEc
I - i P1ecndteor1 .1 I5). Oluipili.i. ill e111i3 1-l ai produtinisi l o iitflelir- Specialty ef fine interier decorating,
_____________5 5W 1.Oe-e-.I.I.Ta-112II"Iel.A ilg-11 ii~i l-painting, fresceing, tinting and paper
The 1Niagara Falls Route"l onfrs oss. It. 1. 'fre',ilvlo T. ete elil 05 le lul'Ilnberednfi te oixty,. hanging. Only the hest of workmiesn
Centra IStunda-rddTime. I t\oodi .. I. S tlliols. 31 1. 2111- t11111-1' olult a i-n- iiusiiies b[s lat l emnployed. Work Etuaranteed.
TRAINS AT ANN ARBOR. lIr; secill liibass,05.Iliolil 1ros,,11. .It'. 1111 ='11 ~lrelollil llfi~ le 01 work
ES.WEST. IWor{Tell. 1.1). V5i-i31o. j1-Iretlit ore. '111ielo-sta1rs in 11h1eloperal C. ff. MAJOR & CO.,
Shall end Exs-a-- 47 I., N. Y., Cl-___5812 Theil'flllllls-ilg 1111m 11e n e los~ lco-ila tio lr It. lteluhtrd l(G-n rind I IAThe Artistic Decorator,
N. Y. Special---- 4 18 Mull --------915 in
*N. S. Limited.__ 1 1 45Me he l e l~lli .l3111 Lt 1111 lrei liI 10110 O llil,1131 1 ii1 i
Eastern Es---10 toy Western Exs---1,55 Ii llillorar1 l-r 111. '111'5aelllleO 012liihe ftvclrafll2-kilio-il. "1frl f 0511 m- .iM. G. Ri& KiExW.- -5d5
A.N.xpea.---5OR h. Nt.Ex ---940g 11 cub2 3'1 st~ slIsi 1tnn"4p1. ~)1I<n \i? e: . h A D M
Atlantic Es -7 30 Pacific Ex-i2-- 20 TAN3
G. R. Express .--l-1010 ttfill'ach parti Il il I t11 led 111o1 -oiI .\ll, o 'I~t1 1 14,41i.o.1~e n
*North Shore Limited is an eotru f-re truin llll-oe 111111: I -____ - --r
to be, achurgenofl$2.50to New Yo.& shun n ~l3o eir 1 fl~rI-iii ~-AA.. NC'C'sl "I:I-sIN hi 1 l1 ks 1"
other trains. First-fll111111Ed a «furon1111c' 1111 Ol TheLaraest Line of Bicycles, Sun-
OW cne, H. W. BAYES., 111110 Iliniri, It. W. tII yl' -, (Ciree31). -driesanod Supplies at
e. P. & T. Aczt.. Chicago. Acst. Ass Arbor. a111a1nli-Icredtin i txti rmwI'. Stiitoy.
t-] Q1rrt'll S. ltr-V. l1uil nIli lsJtaos ( . , Roo2,11mtt1 i-it. ii I ', . M. STAEBLER'S CYCLE EMPORIUM,
U~fMShaving Parlors and Bath Rooms 1.5.1111 .(Cottlitdgt, A. I1.1. iillci1c; XIl2523- . HEN?,I. Telephone No. 8. One door East of Ameri-
3CC SOUTH STATE STREET. -it-i soilbiasI. IC. S, l. F . '' _________can ilouse.
Ladies' uatisticH a ueirD-essinlg t11 stairs 12111 Il f i 11 i11- Iiti Illihl.t
Old rends cahl-again. We welcome nt-nae\vtlttAiie ~unl\,o
ones. Il R. TIOJANO1VSKTI. 'hltlro Il 01' is a ft ,v n ori'e a11neIt lill ltn. (Iie i' th eifo ITb.Name the Guarntee.
H ENTSCH LEA, THE PHOTO GRAPHER so il11111111 itaitonl'ii 31tho ixOlnih'I 3in pootl~irions. VWork gll~lt--5 .Foot Bell Suxpplien For 97
t o, saystha thre s S111 exellnt VII. R I+oz gn-t 47 \a urdEvery lRqisitlte for Otle Oame.
T1elephone iO). ANN AitBOlt l lS,2ohl hti 501110tx~l-i 51.1. toAt 1,42,lrlt Malinagers will do swell to wreite
ENOCHi- I D110 hesil- 111,111 h ________________- for samples end opecial rules
all tidcatorl pont t a 'er st~c~--' before purchasing.
ENOC~lDIETERE, 015ihitht-ahitiso Illilil111 a l-re srilug VA1,N1-2D_:fA vIt'l'suiieiis ho tlieit h pligOfce
EIBALMER AND FUNERAL DIRECTOR. , gll-eicubthis er. Iisilyo ibs.NllllllgtrFoot BeSplnOal.
Calls Attended Day or Nighst. 1--110 ialidyo aay oclcSigo a
No. 116 East Liberty Street: Residence. 533 dolilrs 1 ci t-hthifos 2 olis sirto 8 11de-iig. AlIlply Ito Wi. 1t. Fox,
SuhFutAv. Poe19citsahAlills 11 Ageny. II' 1 2 na7 t Adopeed yby Yale, Princetnn, Pennsylvania,
bothFouth ve.- Pone 01. hit Oli~tr Aghi'2tlynad o.HBrvurd, Cornell, and eli other leading uni-
versities. Each ba11 tested and paced, and
RANDLLTHE HOTGRAPER. ' )TN' Tom} Sr 01Z 3.neeled in seperate box with brass inflator
RADALTE HOOGAHE. r1) ~.~DF?.jG j'PiJE.Price$a5.ne. or otBi
CORNR MAN AN HURN STEETSfor ' 8927 Edited by WAIveni CAMe. Pest-
TII(sEW OURTERSothisCatalogue of F-ll and WinterSpotsFEE.
K INDERGARTEN~, .02 E. Huo t i h lace to Reulstel°.This Register is always conssslted first by the
Call andSeUs Messesgers-It's REZIB. A. 6. SPALDING & DROS,,
Now York Philadelphia
The Famous "Joseph Bohman," and Washbarne Chic ago Wahinsgton
MANDOLINS GUITARS University school of Dancing,
IFur Sale at Stt tetII IORIC. COURSE 21.
SCHAEBERLE'S "M-usic"-.-.store-opoit.Lw uidigThe laouv of Carse 21, Develot)-
14 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor Terms $5.00 a semester - - Single evenings 50 cents. meet of Rhetorical Theory, will be.
J N. B. - w~e have practicing f-ia5Thmso onday and Wednesday, at 01.
-- ronal for music students . Off1ie-17 Thopsontreet. z+ y> crRr


t'! X, ;SVV1 j:r

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