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October 22, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-10-22

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VOL. VIII. No. 20.



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W I L The Professor Is Collecting One
Hae received a ful line of Novelties o tdn opstos
for Fall and Winter in o tdn opstos
Suits, Trousers, F. N\. Siott. junior piwteoor of
and Overcoatings certainly onianiosst i-o coo-
---i ebe future value. 1-e alto it a
NO. 18 EWASHNGTO ST. EAR 1IN 0ari 001 nor stdet et 0010t1Oio,110!
NO. 08 E WASINGON S. NER M Iatenid-.to embody to it piiin eer-
iestwritten at stited inteivats by
hliitii n in the sctootso1of thianald
All eigre@tti ' S sa-vt-iath(ie cottre . TheO cnipoipO
v 1 s t11-ms s0 gtheredt ogeter. te telieve.
C hoc late wittlae iitosite to tteriilA iti-
C 00 II s r'ooiabe accrtcy teo- °so
Frerowthof 1r1young perons f realtty it
Fresh every week.
Onl inpacage- xpi.iiioi iiido trace a laws of n1o1r
Only in packages- ic-il opmtt;soi 0ttat tiitiiiiil
c a pound.-
Lowney's if you ii- s tcalube asertalinei 10lii their
prefer.tepplspwri 11t h vrg
PALMER'S PAM Y. s uiiiion ac 1iccitei.
*~ -rriom is ideaa l'rosoiii Siiil
N scIn t iii iiiii-a at 1( tesc iiimos
i rtl chities oof te11111111 3-adt
0 . 'Me t ii io thas arrage ithooIili D.
i to t 1 11 )111111 0110 iif i10lili0
1)111 itt t i tghtiscoolo it'ti city.
A T A T H E N S T H E A T R EAh e itl e t i a tt r sn i o it i t i c i i O i i t
The Isle of Champaign 1t1lilhs been lrasabit ciSev'al -it
PRTCES:-25c, 50c, 75e and $1 I n.antigiiagq', andti. ic, (icinay,
L IN/1I101I Ne11WNI 0I . I t , 111inadl tinooa wilt01,1111bh
Just Received a Large and Elegant wittlIfotoiiltter, for I'rOfi lor Scot-
Lin. of New Pipee T1ho1e(0to secu1111 otlcctiiliOfrillm e. r
tHot and Cold Lunches at ait hers Agents i ot l~it I olir 011 1he1o1 e
for Hutylr's and Williams and Werners Ca.ts1 b lit iitsth te writing of rxi--
Chooate Bon Bons.i
FZ B iJOL.L.Y $t& CQU. us0siii 1 it1011winyto high Sholililt-
:1) soilhs Stss5rat. 0t1bndhits0(0six subjecs for ctmoilio-
1 ii , ith tdti111)imesi for writg
THOSE NOBBY SUITS! ,cli Tue exrcie, lre to bhi tx
in the sctool roomuiwitintiia perod of
oetoir, no rviioni to Ial lowd,
M ILWAHD THE TAILOR, 1an111ettertprtecautions ar talen1
STATE STREET. inke 11he'seris a fair lot of th ow-
eii of exrossion. Oly thosecwhiii -
W A ll ' b tredschool (lurng Septombr, 1')7
1\1 arc1tonrite, 111d1the eeaitaOitin oulAii
of those wto complete the four yers
course.(0010seandwrite all the yexercie will
3 ~ Ube prseived. In this way professor
Scott believes it posile to secr
(Students should try us before sratonial for an exact coilaroen.
making any purchase. We are The subjecto for this year 'de uci
bound to satisfy and please. Our
large stock of Law and Medal ars are easily within the grsp of the
Books, in short, Text-Books for lirst year igh shool pupil, bt allow
every department in the University, fl lyt h uistwro x
new and second-hand enables usfulpytoheui'sowrfex
to sell at the lowest price. presston---te witing of a letter to a
Blank Books and U. of M. Sta-
tionery at low prices, friend, giving au account of somethig
Make our stores your headquarters, that 'happend during the- summer; a
short story on the lines of a plot given
WAHRS BOOK STORE t lte r osoepsn crti
th ,wie;a sl~rto ffUp Town Dwn Town quotations 'to a person yonger thai
S. State st Opposite ortHoss
Ann Arbor Man st. the writer 11in suelni rs as can b

easityundierstood; ant a compsitiot.
persuoiading a tioy oi-gilI of the tuilitt
own age to reait a biok whichl the
Intulthas lately icaid andltikedt.
It i tope1d)by Profisorctll 1111l a
euidioiliiate numbir of -tepli uiy
lie folithittilcotriuteiltto thell- Oilc-
Iiin. -Tihe esaa re ii'toiibliis-nitito
P'rosoir Scott anl heroine 11tht~ot-
i-i'ty if the Univrersity, where they wvill
result ini 001110onomy0liofuttie.etxpeni-
tre of ttime antI energy 0011gotig 1111
tin Ite teaeillllg of rht-oici-nd11111111-
Trophy Room.
To-etilani of lie Atilehi, A soociation
for a trophy 1011111sto ti-lg oncin11111
aitati-i. Nottitog left-it,-Lmoi-nec!-
111111t -bsfioiii nub to tiiii teou
ark'ised iithle 'boardt. fi't-c-- tvIn-t
i11iandiitr i ltd ith thet11'11 lilthe 111
i-I r 1111 w si- t oe d ttiIi liii'intiei-o iifIl-
naotumiiattici. FThesie a ce1 to blbooglil
olii aid !pung;iiin-herieidtiogu'o1.011of
tliei a,1ui~iiomi dowtn stlains. Fbi-i
1101 11111lii"111d11'r pltlia11a l-tti-ittI

Cood Stories and Poetry by Mich-
ig-an Men.
fTh- Oc-toer nolobti-of litl iaiit'i-
came i'out yesoteriday. 'fbi rolnlitipt-;c
to a iatiiiit-5%ciiut 0of NAJitiog ti-
ten1t I1Intiiii. A glam-- lit lihi con-
11-10 ts iosttio001isse hole abiove thei
aveirage'. Pierh1p1s0tle moot intt-i-i-t-
ing liii of toriting, "Tlue-Niouino,' t4
by Shiriley «. Shirile-y, Preisident of ltii
hit class. 10110story ts of a. Demlo-
cratic i-iiiil3ty oot-oitioan to Mtiigan,
and1 11110 a htin1101;t,1it i olil a a or
and striog style.
Vtpor1111unis atocciti calarticle
biy S. IE. Iltocii. Oenitd "A Sketchi
if tlii- VIorhs if Sienk-wtez," ttoliost
thie alihoi- of "(211oVl-" ''("Oiiliti-
Thrieshold of tih- Klondtiko," toanol liii
very fimel-y -ticle, aniii t -rilli-li by1
iai Alaskta. ft- lusial iamouiiit of
110-l-I 11isoffiereid. Alioig lthoie clii-
1tilutig ire G. Fruid Clausie, 41. 5l.
Bowmani and T omiui illliall.ii~i
tateo that a (ct-i ,l -'- i 11-t7 'ie

coil l i. E .t.ofalt, if lie 'arsityiiii-1Iz Modern-iiColl(,g-(, President" 'h irist
wi llal-l-t nii tiheobal, mo itl forii of th esll e of llau- ear in I tie-illlii- linI i-
A1cr l umni t spirtsog ons, }zzy issue,111( 11 -idel. t-zil mu Si-;t
-epae n s o ass tvt ir Ilit oIii d.Iitiiti, rti111ube tilttin
sClii' oprinti d.aI on of en).i- 'IJOI will A y0' 11r.if Ii- at lalui, a H invaillgoc dfatel
foilali t s ltig reord ililllor ci-gre t iwo ha ao ii-itmu'be It-illlii-his-tis astI-l-
Al-nsv u mnasi inetont gros. h ofI n-tic- oivtlilir ity aitroil ofSeth
itiouuemslchoarf o f . th Itou I1111 lllu ii o f L land t asnfod.oando ther flh 31
tt'hltil hileig ngl 1outt ciiiru as lllvialMiagu4 dio;Slat
F~n' tltioto rlpresident; willtbeegiven hitulu
rieeill tof Il~oractptt.Soo-'erit an
larii-thof hve-beenuin iuCio- tesut 1 tctissnsoJa-g-r u i
,1,11ciul huh this bnauduliet f lul-itor oftire ,
gu easd at o~i of le ljlctin wicho
statueo iosifoi~s:Hanrould-ll.
'l'huoe betuhdogth-benttherk ail 11
otiniuliaa-congresses. Suar E
't htaph huvProgra.dty been hh11tieoaeouoiaowl
1'Eltii I ls- raeGsit lui, 'Siltuad 3 ediTomElectIOflicrs.l'
e1-ening oat 7:1s0. For the prlsee of ' arrn r n dios ebr
dlit en-3 ri ll the follussinthe -10g1l -c 3~1 -aon--oic cual chaos u nit ehe-
lion will be tisctussd: 'tm-ohtio. - 113ullrtig humbterhofttihoetnlan-
'ihuat thee a lmNu S oilth e its at-al stte reintl taffidth e focrowiedg
ostendavo toobtin Cban11111-Thlose oih doers e Pesetwo.k andLihe
v/t p ongesfoitesens.tovri notl f'icia;vcepeiet
Alp a u rog am ltr ryu sypt h.is Iarr schofsM illi
FrheAkloh'Nil.isayh)illhmhlmhlptelnvestyad tofottl
Steularsessriof ii lhaN u Hall., ar& e the hlonest wat t ed.i" uui ISh
lrovtindeofrMuto'obtin MCubnInei.asofies:Peidn, .Nl.Lv

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