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June 28, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-06-28

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VoL. VIII. N'o. 198.



At Wild's
Spring selections just arrived
from the East. Call and
inspect or..
Suitings, Trouserings,'
The kind that wears well
and gives satisfaction. A
new line just received of
all sizes and prices from
five cents up.
WilcitIs Pharmacy
K eep Cool...
WoATER. C RUHES, 13110-
PIIA'T, FLOPS, and alli
Summer Beveraesat
.108 South Stestreet.
2th Somr. JlyltGoSe5pt.t 196. nae pmrovd
especially pofitale btu hpieto s;s coodtes
tsr olotolthIebar; t o og postt esre
thlgytotiiolstio; ad I ld prs-
titioesmdsing t combie rcratio th.
dress R. 0. , Secretaryi CharlottesvileoV.'
#Athens=Theatre 0
These ae sine of tie atrac-
tions we have ooked for net
V Wilbur Opera Co. 0
Eletriciai. a
VPrisoner of Zenda
Under the Red Robe.
~Sol Smith Russel
Heart of Maryland.$
And many thers equally as
If so, have you a correct style of
Visiting Card
to inclose with your invitations?l
An engraved copper plate with
100 cards will cost you ut $1.0.
If you have the plate 100 cards will
cost you only 90 cents. All work
Up Town: Down Town
S. State t Oppoite CourtRoome
&annArbor mat t

Delivered By Acting-President
Hutchins Sunday Night.
Tihe eommencement exercises eat-
menced Snday night with Actig-Pres-
iet IHarry 1. Hutchins' baccaau-
eato address to the members afthtie
crious graduating clases. The ad-
dress wan given in University hall and
was monal attentively listened tn by an
audience that nearly iled the aeatig
cuapacity. Pes. Martin DOoge ed the
scripture lessan and otered prye. A
picte:ed chir team tie chrat nion tftr-
ninhed the music. Preident Hutchins
sad is part:
"You stand tnight 01p0n the tiresh-
aid at a nest lite. Fan are soansat re-
ceive the credentials at the 'University
and 5t gaosth in est yur pasern in
thc arena otac tualIexperience. Upoen
an occasionnlue Itis, one cannoet ecae,
it he wasud, a snse at the grave in.-
sponsiility tiat rests upn teacier and
pupil slie, a respnibility that de-
mands oft the tormer the costan and
canscientinsexercie at his Iredmin-
ant energies and highest pasern in
guiding aright bth by precept and e-
ample, thoscortmmitted Is his charge,
and ot the ltter a painstaking and dil-
igent and appreciative devtin Inolihe
dutliesisposed. It in ts e hped that
we have pertormed our part and that
yo asseenacde a wise use o(cthe oppor-
tunities tr study and develpment that
ysar residence at the University has
attorded, but whatever the reord, i is
tlosed. The preparatry peeld is at an
ened. You insst nwe build upon the
toundation that you have laid.
We know that there are certain ele-
sents at character that are unda-
mensal; that any attempt ts bild s'ite-
asr ettorts. It has seemed ts me nt
thraugh their cretu and cnscientius
cultivaion, se may reasably expet
a tale measure at sucess Is reward
osut them must result in ailure; that
nappopriae to discuss briefly upn
this occsion seie ot the basal ele-
ments that make tr sueess and the
lack atfswhick counts tr ailsre is the
lite ot the eollege-bred man.
And, first, I beg t sugget that the
mere possessisn ot a university diplams
is no guaranty ot the uture. Illis nt
a talisman that will pe up at the
bidding ot the blder the way to honr
and distinction Tc mst university
graduates the moderate estimate appar-
ently acorded Is this certificate at at-
tainment by the practical and energetic
nan ot affairs, is a srprise and a dis-
appotment. ut, as a matter ot act,
he usually takes it tr just about what
it is worth. He knws that in the stsug-
gte tafr recgnition it is valueless ex-
cepting as a statement frm a repn-
sible ssurce that the holder has en-
joyed the advantages ot a preparatry

training. He regards it as a card ot LAWS OF 98
iteoduc tion-nothisng .mre.
The reasons for ailure are many
bcut it Icnot isreuently due to the fact Hold Interesting Graduation Ex
that graduatioanhs beensosught as ass ercises in Universty hall
end ancd not as a means, it is apiar-___
estly glory enaugh tforecome tn hoe
been npon the hoor list at lie cuecr- Thfisclsinteawdprm t
sity Tosuc th word semscol tograeduate in lb'eIthre year ceursre,
andheatles ad naprecatie, c-the class at ', iheld its eerciesoics
acdIerlosaduapecaie nisersity hall ys eterdaey atercean.
eaesse it tails In recognize the victcreseTFle clas is one se th1c erget Is gs
set acadenclife, home, moreaver, re attess iedpsrmnunsst'rn
seemisngly exhaussted by the' prepar- etvcromthve e rn nmbri
lery efforts, and, although biliant as Afeanoerrynth
studenct, reaceh their linitatios ointelice Emanuel Ansderon, tiescreidenect oet
college clas room. They tease ts e the reLetsL.Feseeee,-'iv
versity swith a thorneugh tpreparatioen but eed his saddress. Ie oeeeleingly
without the cpacity' tor adatatione asselosethtie happy relatiosthaliet hSet'exit-
further growsth. Failure is the ccatusra ed betweeen the cess ansI tier fcuty
and inevitable result. It is a slubobseret snd betwseen the' indiiduacl memesof c
the lecs. Hesle spo ef the ate andeseoee
truth, my riends, asnd .Isould ring t Itlie ftuaere and aseldttthe late
in the earnsetf everylseen ot ye,thatsemedd hight, tlc thariedeelUie ier '-
Ihc snrld1 will taeeeyen for jossto:cta r the supeir deastagest ad
what yesutrsveyourself to e ewosrtt. aforded Ithe clss, sndclosed wstihSas
Wha yu av doe s f itte lne-elsequent tribuetoIsthe Uivsirrity
aestthoities and the las Itfectlty.
quince a cmpred sellS what yu Followsig Mr. TienelseCelarl T.
show youself casale atdo'leg. In, the Stocm preseted Is' the Unversity, as
hansdtInad conflict of every day ite, the class menmorial, te potrarit set Iton
it is the ability Io acomplishe reselts,, viT.Grffn Mr. Strns tod a glow-
thatcoutsnotthediplma f ti, r eg tribuet to the' high isteg iy and
ihe caeces, et hediponc itthi sr "eat swort'h of Prof. tGrifin, ansisd
any other soleverity Tele cain thatthe class wvould alwsasoresmeme
set the schools, a prisne necesity in tiSs his ler his tetiet endeav,Iis kind-
ag,'osetihought and activity, is chiely nes and Iis manliess.
valuable, set tees what it glvees int he lien. George A. lar, osethlie 1tfier-
sily iseoard of Regens, accedted the
evic of posalon knowetledge, bet rallier posrtait on beal of the Uisversity.
fore shut it doessin the wvay of dee1- lie't, lespoke wosrds osethItehighest
ing capacity foe thought and esctions. Praise.iHeesad Prof. Griffin w'aena
Learning must, of ce-se, e the Sbesiseaodel lawsye and techer. As a layer
themeas fr te acomlismen ofanhe sworked tfor right and justice. adt
them~as fcctheacrsmpistce-'n~ heeed hitseswhos wsuld attempt tee win
eed, ht sere learnning is sec thlie ewhole cc suit by trickery' ansI fraud. As a
of educeations; mere clture in not the 1.eahe he endevred toipessese~a
stiole at it. They ae beinnings,tat sha were snder emwstillsthe highest
is alt. 'a standards set moraliy. Mie, arr te
thanked the class fee the memra and
Htenceforth duies to the peideanusd said it wuld be given a place at heer,
lts the state sill rest span yo'5 that A ill Miss nomia Disy Burke f'l~eitssee
te cuiteitoas imporant and ,lu e aostemwitS twa songs, "My teeer"71inCom ' ee
peratisa as any het are merely p- Tday" (~De Koeven, and "ee css I
sonl. y oseratin hs ld m ,oLve Fou ees" Hawl)tictcise
~e'nl. ty beeratis hs le sn ;Oenhuiastically applauded.
the coessios that notolsyea the pseple The ortin, "A Plea toy te Sstte,"
generally but university gadaets as iy Rufus L. Weaere,set Ketacky, wst
sweli tact often losesight of taellsrge sithut doubt the finest that a ees'
rublirtfunctions that 5 est eupnt ets'aed- heasrd hers this year. In wsei-
ucaionl isttutons Weceterour qenet and forceful he upheld lie ;suth
snd its people, and kept the ationlie
attenton uses the emeiitlsal and of the entire audiesnce to the closes.
throtgt our interest is hmltftrgethat iMrs, Herrie H. Abbott, the cliss is-
he, is sinmply a tuctor to au1 in thee ac- torian, presented in an iteresing san-
cemplishment of a gran geseerl rest, nec the hie doings of the clas dem-
7.'h unverityis oo fte thugh ofing the Past three years, The history
'ih usivrsiy t Is elenllsctlttalshows that the class has bees pram is-
as an institution founded andl sappoted ent is oratory, debate sed athletcs,
osimply toe the educaioan oatihose eho and its members have represented the
are so fortunate as Istoisy its pivi- IUniverity In many intercolegiaterres-
lege. I need not suggs htIs tis ests
After another song by Miss Buske,
take is a grave one. The itomec~iate Paul . Albight delivered the Class
object sf the school asnd the esivesity prophecy. Alt sf the members ofthsie
is undoubtedly the training of these class will ae bright ftures. Many
whs are in attendance, and this is anill beeome leaders in the prfession.s
Ssme wilt becone chief justices, ssme
object that must be cosstantly kept tincitl gs Is Congress (fi they ge enugh
view, Hut above and beyod cll this, votes, some will beome prfessr of
lefinitely greater in importine and aw, and the rest will handle insurance
tosre tar-reaching-in results is the in- and real estate.
fsence upsn the entire cmnmonwalth The valedietsy byRobert Healy sas
asell written and welt deliered se-
that csmes teem a well ordered eduta- edction, and was apetlauded varte-
tienal systema. ously.
Fou will make a grave mistake, andI I Aother number us the rgan lsarcd
would -bring this hsme to es-ry sneo f~ the exercises, the best in the hisy of
(Continued on Secnd page. i the department.

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