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March 17, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-17

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Brie Sktlhofsf There ame very near iing a aevi
Sprng eletios JstarrvedBri SktchofSome o the Con of asbettces in the cliss rolls of te Manager of :Musical Club rays it
from the Fast Call and testants T 01fill yesterday morning. Thie Delta , is False.
inspect our.....li. i's opened the spring oason with--
v Abrie skech o thre ofthe h a canoe trip fromn Aan Arbor to Il.,
S5uitings Trouserings, Thrily. Threel uledha
I rsats tonas ses senight ollows. l r :n ct.'Cerboats were sed andwhenIsrEesa reeised reliver ' nsit
Top-Coats. these an idea c~a r gained ofithI e; i- hey hoilreachbed lbshe sla arl
whirls 'ppared im yrestive iiS aiy:
n e e tIlat has b-en cloe by llese 000 t maill, the boat olntriing fdeo. r. The ucletic en rernilothe Vrsty
NO. 108 E WASHINGTON ST. NEAR MAIN -rash their presenst plce. Blowns anadetChaniberlain goI tautit inte tsosdile~~lstliswil
Stessart L. Taom, of the Semstr itew nie srapiids andsl osertoseed. lao lba tleiedns'lelo- Iil',5i0i
Iceasepseented in class inl t' finat linenseestolisink andi I ths'rea liiyss nhsiealli asg-
A , y¢ e contest lot s.'srHisssbjet ar. I ysr i notintg left for lihe iyoung miiniito do t-irsliso i'i ii e ese
AlIcrti' tso 'WiendltiIlitis, thc1-,- iii buto liorle out 1foes shoe. (aoie scot presetdhein ties'puriiet'tt'ihc -
is /11fn this ,'e'ss constet hi' iil .pes lt wiith lisscu' rtlilnitatndleven siring'iii oniof thetvi i tee, The
C hCO® ieS.... 'o ttc e.;sseoissf Lyncisl l ias thilkw55 aters the ysung mni-sadstlall si sethieyssoitt~iO
er isis using ~ hI, il- 'oris, lit i's liiretiek 1st-rsata. sisil wis
Frehsh eery week. a'testaits seitr feof atiec'itus ,con-theyohadssistntesthatsc dlsiatle }lisies{oe sist'isit itfri
Only ill pa ckae- apun.pe -r inn e nz they hes' seasevs'Bolitii ithei -is ri- ia '~ts lt hlsi
tiet su t.i ' o t'isstsy Isi ite i-ii'''lain'ig' twnth sis str lido s not.ti, it
Lowney's if yen i-i 'tirt oell equippsiedt assI its isullt- gesnl cteliaustedsT. flito Ythe sssiilssstist issessi itoiff ts aecetis t,
prefer. i;so' eraiste preomiset' stbeing oe . see sredso ime ds lt ~shing f m e-i polhiIt-Its the;slit
I]; hosts <.'Da is o lives' eas'lt' milt it rre- I Ili instiithiie iisst ss''e si' 55 te
PAL.MERS PHARMACY, ai~ il t-i's-i'si ltt,a ,iiturned'sto Ann55Artist' Is' his-i,_ I tfittstiis
f f. Tsetsss, lt si - Kis' siatt-t - i lts und sse t sirsettissss-
l s r -s y s is f st t s ty f Al o r t i. n ui ftet o rs tsonst 'i ris-a coe i g t ,,fir li Iiw' a V lV a r w e ca e f o tA s b o i ste I is' ss ti ts s, tu t
Williams nd WorseirChocolaes.sLatrributilng
ji Dintily s- en15d-lh, s b , iss cn h ets s's i llsst,'e1 Toeb t sil isdr'eiowniing.It tos' s pelI uis ityttchisdi ssststiiyia is t
Ijuch atallhous.der sier o -iT-Iebld.siteelt Is; ssss l aetii f t hee' m l A eber -s the.lshoard scan,:wou-nl it
R . BUR THEO NEXT WE K.'e& el,."by lt Oursprsitf'os!n!sss tssc 'o .ofisAst s o citionIsftelt ro it. hi cinilr Itsnn Lhr t
Wiiliams nd ~ erner ~ hocolat s. L aritsI iiiT el])tily h asirtce ved n. n tice u;
Inth ct ,18 South Stale-Street.s-ssssresis relise , fst asst tie- t t -l tr'-5s-t t s's sbitu i n the-ii'
titlit Jsst -he~t ihi-oyStlsies t, st te tis, lits the t get inrts i-us is's , iveot
it tosisitseiTiss' fsstlsso'Hallgtsomotstimitit
"1,55, Il (IhtiLEollyi1s'
P isitii i 555t s i'Tes msfurloitgesisssisontsts mlrt h oegr(1 a
Harorsh? ente thenL~re t ocDttoe ,14resists-st, Witrrlt sQiint t vitoSt Cair Water Cotaminated
Y ee it liest for teee eofsit . tsoIpesideti, itacel A.'t A al i'tsti set- P t Nsigsss' iftiost-,ia
t$® p r eassFloDe aistettaway isni-ll, -esises' y.sil treassuresr, 3 Ear ID. Iabs lu~'sOV.t(,Ia uhan, Of ttohs cty, wsrto
la t easr t stt lasssi i t l1c in it tois -tir John NV. Asiserosns, Art'titaliss
Good bristles, solitd backs, made Tiolido. H againiiestered'l 0st- eei t's tissl, tiliam tii ,rly, 5 Sii i Siitf essIiaintiss-enie
sitid tis tssing Ie sla-ear law-l1i is, Dlaidt E, eientisi, tia-rls 1V
to last and give satisfactioll ti 555st.-stprresntesd t-Alpha NAs i- tits~ett'. CAthusose ~l C. A istthe i st t-test sty ofeltrlt-esas
- stiistlel is-tss rty ut asit i n this tet
Almost every shape that is sal-eitet'iiithe OtitalLiter aryetsrisIss igisties, Brynitt waler,WilliamtisA
able, ts~~~~~~peliinaistries, ndt eaiytilssirdn str-- tivingstonie Jnathalsalstme,r, A1~~ e i is tsie-iso fi lst
al.250tti$2. 00. Medium is positive5t1atithIe pist 'sit'isescauted
hi thistoyrsr' sisnior Ireisni -iislest- S.isrker, Fresh A.fRobisnsn, Johnltw coin5 tamtintesru s-tter frontssthe tt
iprices atrc better thaln cheapest. to seir otnest, isser the is-des-es tI Iof siuse, Sieteriscs K. Stearnso, rtei-Iseste r --isissr s rsr
Iis i st ra tin itctu stetsssrastosos tf .1-sTappery amd Dr itt it. Tsypor.e, l t Ile hIsisa'tisieesd sa ist .n i tieo , le 0sa 0s
tse400ths annivisersar-y itf Colits yl ow in issg ths'butinsssesessin asiforalhehs'eesnalesii I tpoi f
CAKNPAMC. it152, liMr.tiheittftstsk hasbtir a reepttinsethlte heis t isiitthe isis- h a isi isbi t ntttitilfe
CAKIS\ PARAY1egerms in t-si-ster ansiha ol
co s itt sand siligets tssei itoft 't-i- lite.i it lst-esix secimnssossitbloods iss it-
iorysnot hasashowsn rermsss'hss ts i is--ss'tsstedoimtuufusenstlysis showed 's-
impsstent. Promises to be a Success.
at its51iitietof tphithd tfeetrion-
/Chotres Ss asss s orsns ta te ettIsi iss ii Isahit ssis uai
May di 576, tiotosaheut itusa Dests;t Undubuiteoy tir lare stt ilise i Itt issitresiauhniirtte ozenit
____ thR "Iigh Sc9hoot itsJanuasry, Dd3i rishlt'itheyear iwil gieth ohs mise ly Clot snsr htsctbt hnstneifsn
3 ~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~toedtroesirUniserit' the set esdsu m- - at tueperformanses tf "AlthIe(s s mt soiiI vsst ts O u i si
AN E O D H N stsr f the yeas-, Hriewas .stie i n frs of i-ott. ie- st osiths' ft'.Itrn'i- lyappised.s n its s i sen'ositheOtis'rt
NEW ANDEN-NDD jcisnsisim and s -atein ski- hihties have sigsnified thenintlenitinitt t I D Vauan b tsOesout 1the lchselth
T/ I sholwsit e le'ditorisal staff f tending in goup Svt.dexpset t ofics' _____
TI'ext B ooks i!i hiss s m he tiagssineot thefo /1M Lii e t h deave resTedhe ferrs-cm an-tt' __
two ears li orgnize th DetoitA New Debating Club,
For every department in the Uni- ligh Scool stCngresand win for twit neses ~s r nsmitirlsatte.-;, le Thirrtenn Chitsisitew adidiitn
versity. Law and Medical Books aI
specialty. 'We can supply all your sueressisve years ontinhiss senate team ginkMr. Brewnter, MlsRs, tsellls 0to ie already simmeri-sm debtng sun
needs for te Second Semester at whisk debated against the Hdouse o McLaughlin Iirn. PetterMM51Ciertont, Ietien in he Law Depaortmet, Thie
lowest prices. Rpeettvs ntetitest i
S3econd-hand Books Bought, Sold -peetis- iI hytssest i Srfree trHaXi',Xamh
and Exchanged. has en Sfcive in rtor r. ; 'ez tpce;is Knswltont. MrsCars-isis. NMr, Idyeess mdo akmsiga
Best Linen Writing Paper 15c and snmtd his tiasa in the- it -nces t aid ,.
_Cc per potind, reeved Furnth plceraiwgan7it', ODr Rino Mosher, Mi.s itmtter- impromptu prograns is orried through.,
The A. A. Waterman Solid Gold Fountain and won secnd honors This year. lisin, Mtrs Sole The memershp is limited iCs 11 At the
Pens for i. w sas elected class rator of '98,a.nd won Riesered scts will be sum sae t last reglar meeting Ie foilawing nifi-
th5 preliminary contest fete the esis heehans hak stoenotn State street ers-s were elected far thin semster
WAHR'S'.BOOK STORE class Mr Simns is purs5 uig Ie six- at59sa. im. The managemenst drums President, C. N. Wtallacee'1.;Sr
Up Twn ews own year law course
E. State n. OppositeCortliouseo Sketches f the remaisnng speake'se al namse httt esso trIS.Smnn rmsme IH
A-a Arbor- Main at. ill follnw tnmorrow-. I admission tietnsittCr stld Itaddoa

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