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March 16, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-16

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A t ' id sA NEW SOCIAL EVENT. ,~(Fruit anD FowerMsion. WISCONSIN HITS BACK.
Spring selections just arrived Bianjo Club to Give a Concert isrganized assumber of yeis -ag byPi Says that Two Michigan Plaers
from the East Call and and IDancets il sltstgi~~P~l Are Professional.
" for the patients n thee hositial wards{
inspect our.tife.es..a.sm
a rfl esPeaiom ysending fo-
Suitings, Trouserings, llsssohas it tat sonelling etirely, rs orany -ofort tt tey col ____ 'file lChi ao Ti iies-Her s-of scr
nwint tie soial line is to talse pae ide.says-cotains the fllssig fron Aa-I
Top-Coats. iol
in the ear fture. The isieriP Ior sime time hs-t tillNor is b
i let I njo and Mandolin clubl ar go- tnn e ner the auspisotiile Wit The re pot S s iealing- tha hI lie
NO. 108 E. WASHINGTON ST.. NEAR MAIN ils ti g ie areet iiined r use ret std isens teaigue, the elsaisi-isis;sit i~s- r iattl f iMhirin iorth, ilrisse lto
daince. Fuse the past tswo ys-or'sthe sere of the Fruit aiidtFiswer pilayi d baseallswitteeansf thihUni-
-j nuilelaflubisosaebhens prohibitedl lip scsmmittee leisg apinte tby tie p5 s-I csit f \\ osslit sithe grstnl
A IlIegret tis sir asustyfrecsts.sievIeeiral-sofl ts-se oftheleaee
sisIstp. The reatson few this aitha! ThIis str it osVress serr -twi ii il irt eir i h
C h coa es.., telahso hastoto ay a i msr.s tir ah xye~ti fiosmite c Is arsein I'aers nl p'ol'eistisIsronitt a
1. is-u-sistesntrilwi chis thtey ttis tre ti frtstuastir. Lte',pat boxs. ro. t- i ar o betIt' totaken 5iti r e
e-or sir b for u ts lst On tht.lti Ith y le d plath s andsetntgisg bIstisli reI tsn ushu-it I ide tial 1Itia It tilml tt e Ity
Fresh every week. itati rg htayo i
Only in pakaes- et-titttltss-5sg t- ti mllieliitn i siseisSis os iiirg hi5h i ien
uH a pound. ltsnel]--hey stad it. fit auhvtthoiuisgtflottwerrswet-isseis t st hest ill- VTe aredi'sitaii 5 byWrIts on o l f having lt
Lowney's if you they N itlit mucihi f a high oit(!ir , (.m It boardIof one 150 ts iiinas b1r i d s at ny555itit l1yedfrtlfmosuney, . listheit-it-
prefer. t slitrtets tsitilis it ttttITs osrIso lsse it--i tihe-l I is ,halsill etiststsa Ita
p ALMER 'PHARMAClY. its IcIit stret its encser ti c ten- iltepailtrs, i-t uerste stil slisI of he iiga 1 yt!,
i1 b t liti ntt-idbytt l-ittimi-rteed f fiiiiiiiiit.d hu lst- thit Ntt Pormial it ssiI -so it--i
e~ rnli e aftenottoniaitdlit jitsit-opestats tuntrswl etrelimist-san toIaist 51n55f l isi sie ritman
\ ][A 'oo T efreth cncr , and, sai L. ieitc. siese ls ise Astistes,-ms itsr iitejtI 1annot5be1madeit esit ttis theistrait
IDE IE I P - LIsifthmitnirt icllsofr e1netitly Nit iti'tsiorsnimat i; IAteeI tai tln -i lii ti~'s tl s
FOR THE NEXT WEK, froits 11' tftsowitg ibossl.Assa resl, psuit s Itste ties'o-f testenu1_111 5 Isisbeestn tsill onCptisiss,,egg asnst
.Test resetverlita fresh stinlutof5 Allgretti, and Iwh n te(lr (lb c m freaU o ned eig he ny tlig hci I1 ao
liams and Wenes Chocolates. tr;est tiness rs Ste ll- -li) fu-o- il ld Itilg te tti~ ~ 0 5 0 Atger 5s lr lthaf elgisnitti a55e of)I-
inl the city. Ji clgi rosrsssa. sts tle i isie se 555555555iab lh'r rt i totili tii llti it55ni , h igh i r
Lunches at all hours. is isse-Istii tiiist.;i~ eee5-i .tl-s-si ~t
R oldJOaJ.el&lo. wsatd Ilistshte-it51 ie ,~ a taIntl-i1110s is iittlili. r ieertIslit~h iii iP--
:108 South State Street. Is'ler thepr am _ sel m sesviat cliiisilgle- ts-e gtvess it- tsthe o-is-y(ht r Thes las'ft i thre aresist its he sisesito
sit thes tpoiutltr o f tie siay !)'.'l tad 2S its-t i e s e e tssr~r- n t h-es111-csis sndtil donst-i be tli ethalist ti tl e is -s-
51 ion 5ro t n i-snn t-nced. Iisisty I loclussri 2issil 5an st h Ahsletc1i r 1li dii till owi-itriumrslg for rtt eamstll
, to uch o th _cnjtern - I iaitja, a d it this i5 11 fist d1s-ti. 5 re dsqu ttted' iail C spt ier i' t~r i
H f. IU 3 I liss--nilolf5the55 aud'ience:iiinityswichhist bei ie; osy~r)lgt.lu mvr ue ia l
p ® th rat ttitisi i nuttowy I -e l. sr isisititis assst e-,rsts hoi "d- tts1 sy- aisis t sittitls uie r an st["li-st
Y s nbto Iryetswnsandstatiflis this t-t he sattendstanc- i-tPled-'' 51115. shill sit'dand e hllptes~iiit
ea tok te ams ts siotus i-isitrefei-r ___fituem.nMuttiher tplaedsionit hits' aditgtiui
Good bristles, solid backs, madiecustetos theSirS lunks, ssthoushirans'ty W isconsin Will Row Pennsyvana.)slitsmisast smmter,-an-stille~rwistsna-
minembelrs Ifthe fat-sls ty oj til'ti toItiis qu~ieprobabsstlethtWsconu si hti a naa~i em
ttorntss' andtttgivet satisfasictiolintu
tols ndgv atsato.rnshtinses ni-sasue, ertu oflthe 1ieltsmeet IPensyvania tfistsyarsein tsIitifinHe111e csiuis - pNyedshuosius the
Almost every shape that is sal- fail that aIIlSihellsemhes ositilse igh-ar bPutt race. Ngtiatis huvetsa fiiFsesesia .' Yadwasl
able. 350 to °1. 00. Medium ( yerounst asiristgu ia iei a- elii for rums'tihmiis
condcttisnd useluty As a resut the Wivcontsn seth this sys--rissue- ts-e Student Seriously njured,
prices sre better than ncheapest. Ibs illho-eit ut siss' ithtis useilsronituges-t isis- r eloesd-i t(. sh-I ii --
nr wl thy gist- "rret Sit Un-- istsitution, s and thu s -ttetl r" \ risite si ft ernooni-stC . F.Visi(h-
so utyHal s es 'lit last y-sar,ibut (n ihse to trirl is istoss i~ n'tssis e sit Jof ekin, 11., mitns t h-iis viey
A a) ' ifth Sreor swichis IssihrutSis tre. iasteren iediegts Is iwis te i-tenrtio us 5iitIn . le had b es sriu
Pu' sve sh- fore mtentioned ih issu le" shse ssittina l cr ses-si f a- I c- ithsite yre oomtts whenisil t os t iss
andcoce ts t-sisi Thisfunctios n i sl ents tsare n-ailst le--itewi-litbe heist (ksrisloc hihe --tiame stddstnytfais t in
e 55veta in Ftsneze nriai tutuoleinsP this West, eithr it latin iMendosts diiaa-Ile lfttirsussuhus i-s romiu ts
iss sesti m oth,.tntu itly this'frienedisuer ilaiss inneoita at Minniiueapsils h-lutstosnt stiris ut is nt sutait - if
tt o'teihu muembersaitthueilshlbs wsillr u-s'e-- - __-
iuss-tttiuutsntoshispesnt 'hTe firot Chicago Gymnasium. ta we e ecedtehts Pi the
pr oft esveninsg uwill e sleni t i s- The Unisesity Icf Chitgt siill hasve tais hi-wusisorutfait thst his-t ui-
n f ( euiusstothu 5 -uusr t rsnderedl his-this la nesegymunasiusm It wall suo- hbeof sted slushfelliheudlnsg ti tie fish. sit
NEW AND SECOND-HAND etiusafter iwhiri hancinsg5vseth te int tre-tenttisn diuesinss.bPt it iou-sIthin stae. r ltis. rdmn uad Lust-
tutuBook ii Sinte fatsltysosuny Lssia petedh isthiltfrintheuslesus fus the httesi i-ru- iniuused asst r osdhis
II ewi o k ilt e Iasel Is at an pats-itseses gr seat hbildiug prjeted Py-Phesodent wsunds h 'Meas then sau-ied us a
i eptuthe ivn-ses osithissse umtees hsrises' ssrsole titus agi.stItseIshisftesatu-s-ir' e
For ev.ery department in the Uni- te fauly swho wsere insit itts- Theew "gy-m" sil e ilocatied inathie roosua Ills fae ws badily scuttushdhte
spersiaty. LWe ansuMedicall Boursrtks ath beraoyweeh
vesity. Lwe an supplycallousia estalinipasngtstie ruilleuroibitig snorthsest nurer sit Masall nitld o' asoisstise I sme- iternalinjis.e
needs for the Second Semester at tus-f-toss trips The eenhswil b e.ill e fusewamusiweather puresusn iuly .ie. tn FOstas a s sgrssut'isuent
lowest prices s aaiteri ewit geat interestIt will e minus swalsPit a es-f uill it the Literars- Deartmsent
Second-hand Books Bought, Sold keethrinndsunhieot.______
and xchnge. Sohomre opOn Satuday eening in Nesshuniry
Best Linen Writing Paper i15c and NSophomoreth Hop.sicappra
25c per pound. alteCnr toa naeu r
The A. A. Waterman Solid Golid Fontain The annual Splhomre Flushsill take tissill e taken ut tu 'Marshal finish
-Pen for$i~s. -andHorae Btterort wil ha echstts, o sitrul y MsnFantate Luise
Penb ,.pace uet Friday evening at tratgerssutHre utewYhwl ose ,slit ilgieacn~rC h
A aharge f the wr. The sutatsosue es--
e R5 0gS O E 4adeuns Thisndance sas t havee mnsmbsersf the srehstra are studets
elmn~ hs wihreas innovuaton at tis arsa--
Staisess pace last Decenserut was ity tIf it poves Itsccies it swill be Ianditthyhaere adyesu sense-n-
Up Town Douwo Tows its-tponedl until a renrganiatiotn f thu -continued during te seasns tso fsshosrv eCpsisly heard hy the Anns Arosr lis-
5, State t. OppoteeMainsattlIounoICi TmsIIrl.I i nsvrlocsos
Ann Arbor M¢aint. csmnmitte esutld bhug setat - - Chicag ie-lris ~ s ee's sesos

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