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October 08, 1897 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1897-10-08

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- jliii lii siociies of lie I lOieisiy
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) daring t(i'l)onel('Cai 111lienrth nnlsil iii bal".
the tColegenyear, at
tFiiEt: 'Tinses building, 29 S. Main St. be- Thei- lois of tlie i'otims fal ilniis
tween Liberty and William Sts.
-- lxii icoi, th tluost oi bisi (xc ilili'e-
J. F. Tciios,'00OL. ily idelI. 'Plie itricxiix ilo slls
IIU~N~sStANAo nn idloy. Oct. 15. Eic'ties cliosi'W-
MJiitigci' leviick, lPsli psuet lhoisi.
11. 13. SHIiLMAN, '18 L., Athletics. Ed 1 alice fissarei'50 cents in iiili.
E. L. Guinsiirts.'"3 L.- - - Mdoxday iiI :) cenx ()I foe ieeones in
Oc'nLtit LAMB, 'IS, - - - Tuesday sodl~es. I ix ,t111lxisecrciidlirizie, iill
G. D. Itexwilss, 'd0, - Wednesday le"v'iiisxisii ssis ii i
''. R. Woosusow, 50, - - ThursdaybeJelilsae .1( obeanil
A. OsCrutti.. '99, - - - Friday si o(sii(- lawss ;iiiiies.
J. A. tbcxcuEiLi, '00, - - - Saturday Iili hi' sii;lie iteoilaio--tl fi nl
ii wi1' is ill p1a111A1W. D. ileccick for
lie I i'ics-ity (chliiisiii. In
The subscription price of the Daily is $250 o iiiiiliis Hieifilial ioiis soill be(ie'i-
for the college year, with a regular deliv'ery (i -i lclni-liiiins. Ni ilayor is all-sos'S
betoec noon echi day. Notices, communica-
tions, and other matter intended ior publica- iito iiitiin' hesi'c"iiiiiclass colhissi so i
tion must he handed in at the Daily office be-
face08ip. in., or mailed to the editor before 3 ecapiiiuiied ici1 ' prize i h ilSsiCloes tour-,
p. in., of the day previous to that en which niii. All yiiiiiig playisisioaslie ctii-
thev arc expected to appear.
Subscriptions may lie left at The Daily (iilo i lal illesleil llyillshemt inii c to-
Office, Meyer's or Stodicet's Newstand, or
with Business Iianager. Suerihers will cta-i-tic oiil"ciii.h'seond ll illis5to'
fcr a inver by reporting promptly at thisn rt(thioy1
office anv failure of carriers to deliver paper. fiI ;ant((ii iii 5111,lionice, ioine
_________________________________________ (an 'ii llil(e iiioti illiiOltlii'11 I5 'liii' i-
Es'cr' sstill t:in lth' U'ivrity' sa lb iii liii ulcowinigs will lie olinoitel-
ii iinxti Pis(iC's Doil-.
sliiiiilI be lirislent iitliiifootbacl loonss i
lfiii'111t orit. Ti 'lii' ii tli1' 'ill in lay iiall the 11111(cliis of liii' oiiexo-
iisi'lf ixoke i: orthi yoii whilei'oiai 1 ll on heli le iii'(s'ents, 'li' lici"'
leu.. hitleasilig -(hi'iiic uo t i' - Ii ciiis' scirs n-illalion ibelt ill coni-
i)('s' liii)of tciii'(50ii's ntiiic i' t dit i ion ortos wio wishtoi rcic e.
is~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~n liofiyo 'iiy0011 1 i ii' thie faculity solids is witiloiui
lert i isokung alilelico ot ai i11111iiisiliiigtiiicsiniii
'1-is ciiibedione ill Ik) lle wy 1,110ii ll Illcts h 11 isiii111( lii s-iy
tiiiii by scutuling iie'loss-lee' l . ot'cmiliigood ihap''ii'(li io'lilise t10biiiniilii
toii 1111lii itiim o e si'iii-31iiiiol11 icistest. 'PT s'y
A New Medic Frat. lthe 11pa sieek.Tiii'scnot ohercoli-
ii.iiisiokit ii 'i'clinin 111h11sfail's
The ilpeilillO ofc'iol'geeOis Uallt iiiiiciiaiioeo soill lse ills'lae est lisi
niii'iiel fcateritiyswhiciihuasloclile(ilif Cxicies of oiiy Utioei'siiy t'iiiiis
n peasoxintioclrei's aii538 iS 'liii -ci' ont ii'ie'istte el.
oiilInow' liiiZeta chaterl if PhiiRl11ii siita11011111of rockets, sn'u'is'cs ali
Sig lint.is full ledigis. '4fl eiiitv Ill isii'llli nioxo ti'niioisoapari.lcii. hei
twllfored dine11yearsc1-goaiiNii1,01- ionl liiiot 'i slilt lul i ' (1liii'h
iwssell 1111d lihee ' oi'11w 5lixllilli -i osi sligois's isol of bisitc-cea's
te lil exihtencei. nie 'list is is fiii- 1.1111.hia's ' hioeiilipnii Uii e ilogecs
louws:-Northwsvetecn, Rh bMedical, ii'ioiied. I'u'oniitxi oiuu the iiewo
'01i0ege iif I'ii1sli'ioiic ii.0 Siiii'g'1iUs, h-olgooaliciii'eiiisso i "'i '. D. Her'-
[lii iilt Mec'a1i1 tlegi', Uiis'stc oii f liik10110 i.,Danforti.h.i. yorhilloii J..
Soitlli Cli('lifoilia anIniisciiy tif li i'. L. l5~iiieca0111(1H. likiloluiiI.i.
Ms'iiig a. haii oineli oil 1-. Ll.1b,
'l'iii'oigcoiit'ai sll of lthe society Wso
kepi a seere t 1101Vi riht iti'xiso.'ii 'Varnity Practice.

. .
_ ;; s - ,a
" e\
I .,;

FALL pening
101) N. Main Street. Opposite
the Court House.

Found With Us
JACKETS AND OVERALLS-For laboratory work
JBe and While with large bib and suspenders...
One-Fourth Sleeves-Black, (Cotton and Wool).
Everything that is New-Plain and Alternate Stripe.
Assorted Colors.
Golf Suits-Golf Caps-Golf Hose
Do you wear an [Imperial Stiff Hat-the best yonng man's
hat made-$3.00,

Watch for the Annual Anouncemert
of the
StvdeDts' [etvre Association.

juietheibine1111. 'T'he'list of 'iebr
F'. lhs'.ii..1 C. su'cii-ooeiigli. .. K.
Aloi liii.II. Nen'lit. A. A-. Soinlon,
1I. n.c; ' w, c. '. iH-roes .-. K.
Mooici' 1 A. Mociusi'ii A. L. Swini-
ion, iIItH. taxsiufil. 1). 1. Iiis- is . .
hull, jc.;i iii. II. L". locklioso.
''liii'object iof till'socetis'y 0 1111id
1wi iso 'fol, for'scieniiciia s ~will as
Aloha Nu Program.
\ii ;Society iiili e hii'd ;Sainctlog
ucuiig'. Oil. 9i), li AiitNii1hil.'Thi'
b-rsitni'elcscil i'will ilig;uilid-iii
si.los iley i.' c esideint, VW. zSoeil.
'i'(t:- hit' gross iihullnd icosleitciiof ithi
Unoieid 5lttes is dtinoiiiie 1toiiur
fiicn iii Y(i'f gii''nnel I n'iioitii3ioi.ttil
resoicr-is." "I'h' iiiiiisi'scill lie
Suppoctetd by R. 1'. .5.dais and \1.
Welist'r, os-ile KE. L. (icisinecenid 1"..
I ineriA will upol~lllldt' Deg isetk' ''iii
Sibyl Avill'be reaid by (U, F. h'aul; M1iss
Clinkscill Intersperseelie liierai-ry ef-
forts with mus ical nunibers. All

practiul'esandli't-elabn if kbcs-ing ltii
'coco~ilo'oxnlthe iifs'tlsu' owso utinill-
isitd. Tliii'siciib lyhoed 1-1struiig g.111i'
anoi oo'uid ' iice ighrol iiiiiinbiiof
1 ilisnt. iloulgixox1's soorb at. full 1511-b
fii e iif51 irs siub oeim-oas a sin-
ii s', hits lillieg hil;em i-io'- l111
,trollg. Flverss'. at11 slocierl-yb~edillii
his oldi fiirii. Ega,of 1:,4yes csAl
l-'esuiioi 1o11.wo-s trileid .il ward
onth ii'va'soity-, illKennel) sous iiovi-
at, fluili'in liii'110011ions. 'Phi'sorkct
iwis tie' luingi's) yet gii u11Inid oil 1le-
Eails, owho iplayedlfor, fiiiiyc scs i
noii, led soill try foe tickle. II.'
osiglis 110 pound,5ailSis 'olideul'cii
a. Stromg iiioi.foelie posiisin.
-G0 TO-
TUTTLWE'S;, 48 S. State St.

Cutting> Reyer & Co.,

Ann Arbor, rlich

201 and 203 South Main Street..

No Matter what you. pay for Shoes Here
We mean that your money shall bring you, more shoe value
than you ever dreamed of before'~
,, . a...,..j ig:EASTjWASHlNGTON STREET.


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