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December 16, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-12-16

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'Has"'received a full line of Novelties
for Fall and Winter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings
AlI legretti's
Fresh every wek.
Only in packages-
60C a pound.
Lowney's if you
'T4op, Dc. 17
The Prince of tiagician and Ex-
pounder of the Black Art.
Prices,....2c, SOc and 7c.
Jsst Rcevd a Largad Elegant
Line of New Pipes!I
Bt asd Cold Lsches at all liors Agents
fr Huoyler's and Williams and Werners C's
Chocolate Bn Bon.
R. E. JOLLY & Co.
309:South State Stre.
Books for the Holidays!
All the new holiday books. Floe bindings
and boos is sets are now ono view is our twt
stores -
Books were sever o cheap.
Some specaisipie:
Chas.Daa Ol isns Lndon- P -----fi371
Chas. Daa Glse's Pctses of People. 3015
Chas. DanaVGiliossrawns37
Wenels Vanty Far-_.. --3 7
Q so Vadis, Illustrated__........ 7'
Kingsley'sPrls.nrof the ea _-1 0
Oserer's Stories of Famous Operas.--:- 2
Merrima's In K darsTent.1 0
Lilian BellI's A tlirs P1t of Vie.... 1 Ou
pecial discount on entire stock of Holida
rtp Town Down Town
. state so. pposite CortBoue
Ann Arbor ain et

DISHONORABLE No Crooked Work Discovered. I This Year's Greeks.
IS he ctin o Suar tv1Ch- 'te Stotentsl' iectutre Assoiaion lie Daily publishes below a lit of
Boardt 111t1yeserdaoy afteroon aidlthe1101001nlttave itten tkeni into he
gan's Star Half-Back. heard ile reiirt of the atditilg o- fliteiitis thi year. Tilt-fnames0 of
wttee. Te report called tie aler htie sorority iitiatesO will 'be tltiilishetl
The boardl of coltrol Imet lst even.11011 ofte board.tito otevra dicrept-iitearci-futiutre.
lng to consider thte action of "Hontey" nuei iii tie reptorts of sme Of le Ci Psi-ohtn . IHef, St. Loui,
Sttert, Mi'igaits star lalf-bck. It lsolltters for tickes etrsted to t-mi Mc.. Geolge (G.-IallollS. LosMo.;
appears that Sttart never ioatrt-cttat- for sale. Tthe ttl lllltltses of 'tickets Harry E. Baker, St. t oos, Mo.; Still-
edl at the IUniveroty of Michigan. 't'ile -t tot' whichito50c0311 las tbeenuiiinet 1a111S. iMeservey, i~t. Dodgi. Ia.; Her-
registrar's books slthlat lie ts not t sappiroximtliy IT. Ittan. T. Bownman, Des Moines, Ia.; Vtd-
cnrloiet as a sttudent of the tisiver. Teteoi'nitt(-e :aponted ;to hitisti- ward H3. Fartrn, Des Moines, Ia.;
.c13y, and thatt'le has piayed'iit aoseo--galtie thetet imatterreioredtei a1111Frnk A. Fusirturn Dc-s Mines. 311.
trrick 111o01thle stu'ieits and11 faculty of no forged or dupicaiiite- tckts hid Althaia Deta r-lii- James Stew-st
tile University. boin"'ise~overed, butt tiat the isuirber Hfodgs, Strling. Il.; Asti George,
Sttiart ditd not retrit to college at- ow tickets oleedtltlited with tie jr.. psianti; Schuylir B. Eddy,
teerlihe Chitago ga-me ant. this fa tiiimer indicate iby the ft s is eii-ly Gand apids CltidLi.. Loc:kwo,
catted a ivestiationswhi~iresut rcevd pluss the sortageraeporeit by7 GradtiRa.ptd; Richad I, Meteany.
ed n sowig tat ie as ot st- ite auitig oanmtte. Te ives!-j.,(Grand IRapids; (riles B. Niho-i,
dent here, :having nevser patt Iris fee. gaing eoauuilee wats cotinued a1n11Dtroit; Dottit C. Oorune Nalania--
nor had lily conneCtion with le ie cliosv red to- ake li step~s lneessiry zio; (GesreE. Slow, Rtock Islan,
s-coolly. The Board of 'Control oter til coiipeimmiiseiae setlemenit of all 1. OJittes . Taggrt, (Grand tapds;
iavinig-mode a mlost teatitast and olortages. Harrisoin G. WiiiimsiL, t:sueer. l,;-
persevering effort -to ee that only The board his been tnbe to tlts-iiitaut K. Wislliam, Laper. Mic.;
biona stde studeiuts took pat us fotot- covr the east evidehnce of fraudi r (eorge G(. WitcoubMrrisonu, Il.;
1ba11 this ya' ie elluy ctsiidirokeiness; the ihole nater is 0110[Delta Kalipa Epsilon -XXWm. towe,
inl takinsg the action they tooks Ist of itamentbe lak itt eecilve Detrot; Jamies Nf. Wctsore. Detroit;
ing ~~~~~~~aility antI of poor bok-keeping ii Ttoua s S. Lyster, Detroit; Cares G. lieayfaiiyt exe ozcinwihaedsrbuonndLhopDtrt;CaleT.Aasn,.
Shgtuat frlitearyifacuty to- euieIretcipt of tikets. "le oou~itc sill Detroit;Woosey W. !l1r1at, C(trahcd
Sitlartdrothe or lsoerotyitediaepuitshI usatters to a ecomple-tioni tnd swill IRapids,; Frris D. Steveuns,(17antItap-
comitte t lok ntothereaon orrepot again in a few days to he ids; Wiliam I. Nellegur. ('diego, III.
cmitetlokittueraoufrbord. Sigmas Phi-Ml. Huber O'Brien, D-
Sar's coinuiig to MAihigan ils flall trist; .Edo-n Potter, Chiago; Leo J.
and tot luto sudden deparure. iPhis Lit Finals Tonight. Deena DeOtitl~; Willing D. Kirk, Cii-
cimmftee nill thorosghly investigate cg;C tlu dLcsod aua
tieu matter. "T'he fnai debate ofthe literaryrte-agis-, Iii.; eo. vonrd aNelduk, oFargo, N. D.;
Whist Club Meeting., a Ftnill~ uiituili i tsllraiukcRIi.Blui,Brooklyn.
_______ 24, at 8 o'clock. (hlere w11il e six Zeta Psi-David W. Mls Mrs
'Pie University Whist tCislub eldI tscnsitatnts, thre-rou tale Alphalut i
v l, Mici.; Frank I. Beuent Lai-
list uteettig before the holiday roca- Sciety, and three fromu the Adeipiu.ongMiu.Haod .Zo-iN-
tion hst erenuing In Roost I. There Fle debatcrs luisteal soiiin t1150Sctt
than formr preh~nrnarlo an the cont s-tileI.; Ill.; d;Wilititut3 . Swata, Detroit,
laed-45 sind as menibers. .fotoha n tcutig-l till te a tery let-nd tie"-S il ou
enoh gucashuesas paid hut to prs-tase esslig tinei. Tflure- wuit- ners, w~ ill LeisBukinha, lt Micnu.;Mit-.
Icivis Bsas-khughanu, Fihiul Mutt.; ('lan
etis andidutliceate boarids for tlute i-rseseheliaceyihluroci WitiX.AirilDel-nit, Micl-l.; Mattlui-
Gurst metihg after vacation, which thutfBal Universiy (eitet. Llio.j. -ut i-. or I
f~restticust 5'..,.FKely,,OfiIhle t~rtutor-.
was setto Thursday, :Jan. c6. PeidnItFssl3o he rto- ghsouu Chiao l. ueeFe
te etr fteevnn a a'fal Associatonu. still prtesie, auld - utaotIi;Esgte rll
Tise tetore oft~le c-cnofegsasrs, M('chemcgofIld
Glktonste different syslemns of cupli- jsudgeotill tei'ib su e c Psui'olisilon-Shly .;lng
te n-blotisty the vice presitlctt of 'he Bogit, of the lass-dtp'rltiiltli and Pihotou-lsie . lulei
ilub, E. E. Burkhardt, '1S5L. The fniz.I tive.'-i -eaestiltr. l, ng, tlcu:Duiiert . Kn
siseaker explainedin ltdietail thi several slitalt it the foiloiiinug outet; atrut-uin'utm tu rin- thoutS oa
methods o playintg stpici ivce Messis.. D. Rlamanhu, C. D. lurir is, Jactksn, Misli.; 'Aiosa M. Rust
utant-rtse erapi1c'ots oileirc h ui .Ciuii ie lsMsr.Sginaws, Mit-lu.:AiknuuAlr-istrng
st-re directed to 111111by -menmbers of XW. B. I an- risouu.-..J.RIlis-tiuhkat sl-iidihlsn (lyos.
blecu.Tre"ncuhtseo V.Sugl.S. Lous, Mtt.; Joihu G. Baad, St.
theclb:'I~e~oainice o. roirsLois, -Io.; (irlti'N. Meliluip, D-
malde a lengthy report, showing that Medical Alumni Endowment bque, I.; Cr Myer, St. Lous, Mo.;
they had canvassed Ite i-hd: It stas RgrC utril ln ais
ag;reeth to acceipt Mr. 'ret7-lanrs isf- 'Di,-. 0. 5.Strickler, of Ni-w-1U, Roge., rth. utte iht asnlaioida,
ft'r of roomus Iu ais, 11n1vrsity ('olip~us ┬░ilu..,proposs th it ththalu iriof (lie Mic-l.
tClub. A letter st-s retatlfiouu th iu-milical ideptmihent shoul be so r- Bt ht IBnai .Rth
Ka1iauazo WisttC(ltb, askinug for a ganized as to obtainh ads enoughiu eder MrBetttte Was.B owardX. BeWchI
itisal uteet. erect it.trwrd to lie hosilra o lab- cds' ait-lXt. looi
oratory, whith mliii) sltnrteto Haes, Chitag-nIl.; Siel-n on L.Dietk-
Seniors; Attention! insoth ('ilt-- Il; dar lam
the pepleaf iciga tht te -mthDectutr, Il.; Bryant K. Vai, Decttr,.
Thue comsmitteecappointed to colet ettl depastnet husinot been etey Ill.; Oliver S. White, oieviii. Mi-.;
te senior statistics for the"dli Miehu- forgotest by its gradatsl. Ilil.; Oils-cu'S. White, .fouusl., Mib.
rgnenstaus desire the 'Dily to urgo Piu Kappa Ps-Phil1 G. tBatelnie,
theosenbers of fle senior lasses Medics Will Celebrate. Austiu, Il.; H1arry K. rafts, Atstin,
o send in their inamues an-I 'address- Ill; lrederik IH. X si llet, (liton,
etogether with their lsts of hotiors,-Tie Medical Facultyhlas secied to
'assoon as possible. Setnirr its s-uldcelebrate the SetuilCenteunial of cle Itakh.: (ec-g i. mStOml, Acbt arC-y
i ed their lists to M. . Turner, k;ji excisencee --the Sedical Depetartmmpe-ntItse'tdli. Cr
d-tcrdes ave.; senior lans toJ. Q huh!the year 100. A entunmitee tnu Sre-
o tan,20-.luais n eire-Senappointed to arrange for tils ed Geyiles, ielt; ta-iy S. (Gos-
o neers to I. Steek, 214 N. Fifth av2 cs-icbu'tlton. The factity will offer as ,(11 e~)
]-'ver'y senior shusld attend to this usicuoral volmle of oiginl resetarchu Delta Upsioi-Franhk M Bacou, D.as atrltiitoherpsdcteDSS.CanMh;Wlerrrde
iatrbfr h hisn~sbl~a s acnrbto.sfu rpoe oe .SS.(hlt il. atr(rdc
oite eoeSheCsitss ilsas rton. hago, Ill.;E. Siragoefrat, fray-
Poet. . F. Joisinas Itt Detrot- erse City, Mudch.; Ohntsson Davis, D-
bTesdany on law busines. Subscribe for the Daily. I (Continued on Third Page.)

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