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November 20, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-11-20

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(z11e s of


Vn - vflT. No 45.


Fouii PAGF,- .

M ICJIGAN V =REPLIES. the te,.so.ad oiiher oialowi] Michigan's Last Appearance.
Fu tlier, heIn losrd ,s infsord t is ]t 'liios'111s is] Iihoe game swill be
~a~eeve al ieo N vlisOberlin ('harges Are Met by the ttpivl (sof fleh ,en1:R( I- il- iageil today so leuli e ill ins otp
Has reeived full ine ofNoveltes uosnomIt eve offed to te tllollo soil not he elevenl represenlting Wit-
for Fall and Wioter' in lloard of Control. t tltby n 'Md(Cllah li 11114K 1(1 (' ( eberg C ollegie, of.'springlield, Ohio.
Suits, Trousers, l the sheetingi oiecliiiBoard of Colt-e(.r 151 11'r 'Var'sity nprct(c' his week has
(1ie r Ilie' OBerlin 1111"n alter, 0 (1 (h
" tol lat ii;li te <hag 02fri(1Obr- round that he Ii'(tblerliiitesa i d lii ot 111(11 h11(1 iiilot lthii 1111 has unoder-
and. vercoatin gs g (0{] Isohiiiieitit n1(thee1hasbeen
illi's N1,2(1( wer1 111 iJfoi' (1(o110(5 a ll. wish ito be i l] ,ayindl(teto I (1 l' (( hs0101 (1 1le'to be
.._._ ilerl Ailinpreneeo in the ploy. Yes-
1 tiey conistIedlof over tN(ilily losoiy 'II ''ii coIno 1li 1l.
O.18EWASHINGTON ST. NEAR MAIN I on''ito ni lii log . -ef'lssn e 'ie l'sird woul Isv' ii et erre ( eroilly 's vork ',sos rpr(i~tl y good,
__________, ___________________ ( t ((iOiTh f i.N(.i i lJ !1> '' l i.lr( dii i('(s'l 1110 " Of( t he(( rio o vith (t loll ay00 i ng ti' (( i('(ll'"If" dash ghae
I i((t. Wi. 11'. Choosey.o t av il t (leani of 'aly I i'l' so e ift will be itiii(r('til(5. s0(0021111 1s iftidoes
ileg e ttsO'eriino, 110,.rlv(r0( -('to i (ell(ltO to(show(lw Mihigll's imp~trovemnt. It
Deae i~trSir-T ' i ord of eatri(, f ci t er w icnis a "ogt tr 1si xlii' (I lso b i'hela:ori (Iii' i't otsee
I ofliisiestaithettitvlsiotoff-e'tic Ill(10(1team thfe the ((tll(O tl o aItoso
hoco 0001 tes .0:,11(0;iiiii.tit(ir1(''t.(il'( -4- t 'm tesus raes ' nil 1 ol li ',1 tt1y(1ti'i 00' 101 i~ioi
S e m s f 1 tlt~ ' . ii i ( I ' t h e i ar g t 'o o' i iet i t l o t b" Xllt ( t i i ' ll y s 1 1 1h11 0 0h(1 (1 1 l f r ' (b i leen c i l ie d ,
lirell eery ovee. ((1' ('('i tio'f'rIOii 5gilliot(lii "i- 1 'rieo ' I-ard l l It' d Udisict1 110 h s os teign s
Only inrollIpl 11kahes-e wi i iii ,used Ctfooltw11ibetrie
Fresh er y ee. l1iov n fri' ( oril a.1inlilte ati( ft'i- '(elieu"it b' Ohrt iist5 thedni Iiltto oekIih lo illo
0,1 1.'Oilil~ti'si d ohrgo1. ' 'h.lioilger oinl (hiY'5('ildto.01ob- e l e ;t''vr. (hi(tr
OnlyER i p ackges b'lii 110 "tnletiii f i te l (at i IIil h t o.sb lie. roig 'lynS e p :isfolo : Ctl101011
I il lftcI.adr'pountd.Oi fy ts ' ail'- s ll r i'g en'elin 11'011111]ior f (I 11thesu il i' i'ii r biitl
ilw e f o n l that P1(11 1 1iri5 slowii, i' l tae Ohorfn (l]'r, ref r ii a litnter ,ltile 'huh. lone oilrdho
tool oeeied a argeasO legan 5h is, it-I that 'riv(er((liiiwl'asi Idi'stiitl
pre~e f ~e. Pip toe"t odv-irieply o houiotlsnne 0ot'ti i'll the i' reiiim1e11(1(0.10 hirsOberin Lo Twod a y'Gamtakes; ent
g ~~~~~~~Oft.lii' ecool iini ha s aobid nrt foni Is ('tiingteI s li~'I hr t11int ,11,oof h thiTetelleds- gullqurtr
lit sOCstOLs'S Hk Y ,teIorlhd hpd tlti o l il it alte ussr AgdeSuarsl lf-b_____aulan
bnc thssltiogm have.iarscesvoverserspCy"tneohighe io. 'hts' fcu-ee, Mr Willianin, ni
tiooas(o is t ile to i'ddresedltol'ti10le ilt (I iuo hcodIhitrhe7 i I e oifiecialsgwilbein ti" West(Atho
in:111 oti ttt(f. o clt.2ndo(movail icvtiorlha-to; l e05iltroitt eo in Itub.' agIe'oil; be~
_______________________________________ 1 Tcu ell~g 11111 110nuoser awnhefbrlnilthe 15refert od 0the iit h sl pooiy ti
Tette dvfsble tean'post ' e a.1 t -i I riiipblinwihte pi lay ro inlii110w niO1 10toliii.te'stsi
bnpaO OW P pe !ofterut t.enas ndlas from ae reannghops in n 110 1 i-hIeTodaonsliavoitstrn ta
:l a THEolLnc he athorEs ~ Te E u i a si. hasnin'duigw hIa bct t war dsof the g ll n av ahdal ftebi atr
fIU[SDAYa n OVElli m B ERne 2 .3 nvstiitai n. l ae oprilsb The Osa'e,r.des n find1s tat-eO]ngi tef inbe mcgioe
Dhco ateRnIELns It-iA ' c illband ovaccetto prea n tficial oObrlind hysicidan heo s bared 0 r iiiihby odra ig panlte ut1em ofte Phy-
Spcaropn n oeucsoneted inay tBadwithether oignthfed o.tenptlnj ayeionod o re isodrand ete proptuet
collge pticpatLg Osany aCCuU. Ia]. or tis at nfs rind Itperos sayIhoyovil win
sEPIONRO ame ord as eamnethe i-n sto to o sowasriventoyehe ich- playeCarisl ncnming Yl e,nds
corropundinessatechStreet. h--gn an aer eo re thebgame. o h
byeteoObal e rln 45 realf-utesildaldt h usinase1 s t or a tvo igginteEstwillnb
M egihignhcoachperbinidthe Olin gmsaesrobehr ogt o
PricE S 0, HE.A0T75 , T50 ar, i n25bcsi..a n-trw h ukt'rars te ie a chae s dandPnl vante ia trnok
OHIIAN'S fiasand h t oae ptfici ical. ghoas bhysiinpyscaha demaagred rom bymdrain pn ters, mo teP'

cetdb th Mihgnnaae, itsadn thtccrigt hand that the other, Mr. Williams, wva- rules of the game, see rule 13G, "Only '98 vs. '00 M, O-O
THOSE NOBBY' SUITS' proposed by Michigan, and accepted 050 official representative for each .
"by h hni nngr iesalcm pntefedo Ninety-eight and '04 {]I played a tie
YheOerinnaeridsalompotefildo play gains of 0 to 0 yesterday un the inter-
________________3. M1r. Cosle,swbom the Osberlin euln-in'h case of an accident to a player." clssei.Th gneovsb al
M ILWARD THE TAILOR; oagerulyt eied to ontegon ha e awa '4 It is charged tlhat the Oberlin odds the best yet played and the score
objcte toon hegrond hathe adManager, "on the field while helping shows bow evenly the teams were
STATE STREET. formerly been connected with Oberlin, injured mien, sas at one trine struck nathdh eisesl uwih
_________________________ fac whch as cknoleded y ~by -an Ann Arbor player, who was on ed '98 and hit the latter's line for good
member of the Oberlin Advisory Board the spot reprimanded by the umpireganbt'8snpyplyofeti
Q nacnesto vt tecara fof the game." and good end runs were frequent. At
XV ik I 1~ ~ The Board accordingly feels that this Both the umpire and the referee the end of the first half '98 had the
' c~hae, ic ian o o unenteel, aet h oadta hynihr alo h ei' adlnada
chargeNhe o. aris iouthunat, il thpimneBardithigpatyneiothe ballo the eicst 13t'yad lieondt
300 ES'Z' ~~~iis 1tretth beo r fndstea, walererimndheedrlichian ayer othe endaof te. ls afha to h
______________ nit istuetheatieoerli cuteamwsstrkiengrdthey erln angercaonh 20yrlie
Studntsshoud ty u befre a notedattherttio,nosisotyforieng or did theysee"Thsoyloccasion
making any purchase. We areIV 1.A readthgnrla-
bound to satisfy and please. Our been customary in the past to formally I.1Asrgarstegeraat
large stock of Law and Medcal meet visiting teams. Indeed, on the sertlen that "There was abusive treat- Mr. Edwin iD. Mead, of Boston, will
Books, in short, Text-Books for present occasion the Michigan man- 'mont -and even brutal treatment of speak at the Unitarian church homer-
every department in the University, ager was not Informed as to the train members of our -team during the play." row morning, on "Some Political and
new and second-hand enables us Rl
to sell at the lowest price. u1p0n which the Oberlin team Intended The Board desires to state that all of Rlgious Lessons from-the Old Southz
Blank Books and U. of M. Sta- to arrive, its members, with one exception, wit- -Meeting R1ouse," in place of Mr. Sun-
tionery at low prices. The 'Michigan manager called at the nessed the game, and all unite in stat- derland's sermon on "The Evolution of
Make our stores your headquarters. hotel about 9 'a. m. Saturday morning, log that the game was hotly contested, Religion," which will be given later.
- * and later the =chairman of this Board but that they saw no evidence of bru- In the evening Mr. Sunderkuad will
W IAHR' S BOOK STORE also called at the hotel, and proposed tality, er unnecessary roughness. Fur- give his lecture as announced on
l~p swa ove ~. -courtesies to the member of the Ober- thermore, both the referee and the "am- "Luther and His Work," Illustratedl
S. State at. opposite Court~louse lin Advisory Board, who accompanied ( thl' Pae) wtstrotouvws
Ann Arbor main at.

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