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November 16, 1897 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1897-11-16

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fl udin clved is expended acodin to the 3 f r o z
are the amounts received: F. D. Bei-.
Pubished Daiy (Sndays excepted) during "nett, shlarSip fund, 10; Detroit ISETTEWR
the olee year,at A rchtaelogical fund, $20; ibkrary of TZaken IS T..E. OR
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Eariy Christian Literature, $2t.5; -J. E.
Orre: iTimes building, Walaiam Main St. be- lie1sLbrr un 57.0 h
: i iet yad Ss YAAIGEDITOR Wua~ ynsu etwsd h Berryman Studio
J. F. TaOaAS, t L creased by $5,5)9.i1, leaving about $ (Successor to Gibson & Clark)
--rES AA E 000 mre to be raised by uhe ladies.
0.1. HIANSe, 'os. SagsBl lf. 112 West Huron Street, Ann Arbor.EDTR
1. . xtLLm~AN, '55 a.,Athletics.
E. L. Gxsessana93soL. ---Mnday Prof. Stag s not sati sfid wit the , . '
B3uvo~nnLAMe , O - Tuesday outcme of last Saurds "s (hicago- S tud~ents'
0. D.I Hntauv '0, . -Wednesay Wisconsin gauinswihen with Her. t-
T.R. Woonnow, 'S9, - - Thursday trger out of the game, Wiscosn wetsri
A. CAruEL, 't, - - - - Friday
I. A. CArnELL, '05 - - - Saturday by a score of 2 to . Furtheimore,
lie doesn't like te aserionstate by s Vu ire
Coasts King to the ec thtI the Ws-
cosin players outplayed Chicgo mn au
The subcriptien ,price tof the atty liner $1.50 an sY La. e
for the clege ear, with a regar deliveryfrmna~ sy.tiat Ciictigo hasthe i s oc t on
before non each day. Notices, cammunica- better'teaml. To tprove thi.its asks for -
iones, and ther matter intended for public-
tion mst be handed in at the Daily office be- another ganie. The Ciicago T itss-
tae d p. in. or mailed tn the editor before a o t55M45
p in, of the day previous to that n which Herald, of -yesterday quts Stggan .4.
they are expected to appear. fellows;M N D L N
Subscitiones may be left at The Dailyon
with )3aineennManager. Sbribers wiii con. DngVndICu /
fer a favor by reorting promptiy at this KigadCptain Itiodan think that IT f B NJ S
office nv faiiure o carriers to deliver paper. teViest txi.asnuar s~Taylorsa-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Dec. 3 *
the u eio y ofXr asI n ear: i saThe Washburn is the one and only
ftr superior to ourts, as5 the two are Powers- -- -- -- -- -- -- - -Jan. 22 make of world-wide reputation. Sold
'Te T'nivcrsity is to be honored to. Quoted as saying, we will offer thee a asnto- ----Jn.2 by first-class dealers everywhere from
night with the tresence of the wodit's guarante, of $50 t ply us on Wahntn-t---- ar..z i .ouward. imitated extensively
foremost scientist and explorer, Dr. siall Field next aturday, or on the SousasBand-----------Feb. 25 sso besr httenm Goge
FlidjafNansn. n hs tor trouh Saurdy fllowngor u th seondWashburn" is burned upon the inside.
Ftnirc iDrjof Nanseinhs btour thrui audyfloino ntescidOratorical Contest--- l __larch 8 A beautiful Washburn Book contain-
AeiaD.Nne ha 5l f Strday aftet- Thanksgiving day. If" ing port rais and letters from the D
everywhere with ethusiastic ovations. fcsi prefers to play in te Co-Bro---------------Apil 8 eskes, Calv, Eames, Nordica, Scai-
WnNwYrBso ndDtottes i'sirewligtome hmchi and toother famous artists and
auoin m ew eet-o siaidltoitlthe sus-- r ihigt nottti ________teachers, mailed free upon request.
atdtru aestosil oioitertie if tie Colise um can be secured. Address Dep. U,
oudiences tiat gathered to hear bi. A. A..SfP'"41_1" Save yorYoeybyNuin C& W HshSE.ASLatYi, Cia
Untivers'ity Sal should be packed in No reply as yet has been received, yu oe u uig Cr aahAe n dm tCiao
honor of Ills great Norwegan. ut it is said that all of the Wicon- season ticket.
sin playrs are willing and anxious te
University income, again try conclusions. 01
No.5 rted with S Inteie idnsererad
It may e of interest to readers of "Jery" McCauley 'td Dotiglas v de , _______
the 'Daily to know something of tht Ward Mficiian', old foolball cache, rTYPewrter Machines .
sotrces 'fromc which teir almia iteIr are asistinin the coaciingof the Eait a fThe Sig-pried macies Is api9
gains her support. From information Peiseton team, preparatory to thesqeaaa~t.istotverbues minb. icamssiihscs
gleaned fromi the consitig report ot game with Yalie next atu_-day. P rctiai, i-priced, prabe, keylard abies
Treasurer Souls for the' ear-sndion ________ng xes anmas~w o. Zreattaar
July 1, 1897, it is found that thte 'ni- Mtr. Granger cordialy invites all st-u- b~e,. hi 07 tuweseeebor
demts o hUnvriy oprispt ighs. ' P cc, $5i00 :
vesity derives its revenue froistfou oftilivri-olsrlipstT uolotaeobe.
dsicsoreaa:teiteet ini the T'lanhsgiving Payaternoonis Dtidtshtand
the sale of state land, ou-ixtht of ~an(iilg tpaty, 3 to 6 'cnlc. Geiitlettrsa 5 U ne fodeed te. -
ill 'tax, leilative appro nations anid nest -0. Orc-estra mnusic Saurdy mret.- st:oFesns
suetfevenings aftr Ttanksgiviiig Day. B- i a,00s Sid in Two ver: )Mnsoensese
Tli itst nanted source was created ginlirs clses now oen 1'ittrday ~ers~swessyi
to nato b illr ri'istcvin , Sattue day morning aid afte FIBAIRN & C.,Cesalge
9 ni atos is]ealtr hi e art section 16 of every townuhiits noon. C raneers Academy. 3 Grswod St, Detroit, Mih. 'Soror torny ameehndrd dear
aY pTy wrtrnwnte.univerily lands, thispr s ofroiti h 'Killarn1ey ad is Rhiime" t fte .AMLaS. ..Fourth Ave., Local Agent --nrket..
vaeoity hundare ttur e Itthes i-thes'hetrThrdy
vity ud Pesaeue hs:ANOS OS NOSA YTR..oney and pays even per cnt inter- IF YOU WANT THE BEST A-OSYNIE NOS NOSTR
est to this treasurer of the University, But Sarg's Corn Plasters nox the corns of-SOMETHING NEW-get
vlih mousy is turned toward se FRATERNITY STATIONERY, a free sample at J.I. KtNNE's, 56 South State Street; or at your
general expenses. PTe last payimeit BADGES OR PINS shoe dealers, and try it for youtrsef. 1 dozen plasters 2c.
madeamouted o $4,16019.Send tIs
The legilature of '93-'94pased a 2172, t4t Woodrd Ave ., Detroit. 20 Randolph Street, Chiago, Ill. Sole Seling Agents -
general tax lawv levyiiig one-sixthm of aDsgsmo:slaesunsetsstwr
mtill on all taxable property, the pro- oc this kind.
seeds to go for this suppot of the un- +'
versity. This incomte last yar
amutdt 11 4.9 1, H C LTSSince thes passing of this one sixths HTHSCODUDMlTOSHREI A NDCTO;INIATNfTA
mrill tax, attempts have been reuet- OTHSuOLsAMITMSPERoIoAdIDIATReINICTuGsHA
edly made by friends of the institution t usI lo eas YOU SHOULD DRESS MORE COMFORTABLE. WE HAVE THE: NECESSARY
o gl speciat appropriations, but of no91- euetebsChcle9 CLOTHING, BE IT UNDERCLOTHES, CLOTHES, OR OVERCLOTHESWE HAVE THE
avail until the, last session, whealtn to be had- LARGEST LINE IN TE CITY.
appropriation of $20,000 was secured92- ebaitusengho CUTTING., REER @ CO.,
for an electric lightning patnt. As yer bring Outthe flavor. 2O1-and 203 South Main Street. = Ann Arbor, f1ch
this money has not been receivedi by 3- eueCem ntY
.The students fee. for ast ye'r o trh
amountsd to $164,127.59. ° 'lis 4-We add Whipped Cream,
anont it sicetunasrcipts B last. - ___________________________________
of hositalsec, wtoether with that 5-We serve it HOT. WB EUY 'Em $AOK...... ., .
a aed ih iexption if I-IWhenever you by a pair of heen here tat donoat fit. do nt wear as they
U 5elihting hold or unsatifactoy in any particlar brn them back.
the oh tri i phIngtoplantinad the , 5I /Is every cas where ahoo flshort of or -proede we make it right
general rceipts of h nvers-ihy y eterby re lag it wta better one or by byng tbackh
$418,932.9. C&1KINS' -PHIARMACY ! ITITI J. ' I L
Anumberofdnatioussereceived] y
during the yea, busuh money re W W W s P 6 119 EAST WASHINGTON STREET.

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