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October 19, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-10-19

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i ~ STIFF GAME EXPECTED. Regents Meeting. States Phariseacjeea for research
The regular othly meeting of work iste chemical laboratory dur-
'Varsitp Readut to Line up Against regents was heldl yesterday in their ng the present year. Thle fellow
Case Scientific Today. new quarters in the law bilig, ship wa divided between IDr 11. M.
T T M1ichigani will pay the eleveni from The report of the librarian showed Gordis, who ets $500, and Paul
Shaithntific Schoololmes Cleveland,,who ets$200. The
H FINE FALL SUITINGS, H thissaftcint410ch oloCk.elad 18,461 pamphlets and 1,2990 aps in remainider goes for fees and general
rCase meni aiiiveudlastenightani aee helibraries. The gneral library aeiXhsIltavraig otani9,22e5.me 6 5
hi hy o 7 cnais9,22Viils, 16,952 Wrinkle Out This Morning.
p aid nwih Te r oii pamphlets; the law lilsrary cotains
pouditit n ight.Tnd are ettntwo 14,609 volumes. Fifteeni thotsaiid Wriikle mae its initial appear.
T WE CARRY TE LAREST eTto oie wininthanstllre. Lasgtwodollars awas spet for newr ooks last alies for this yeir this aoring.The
T ECAR TESaGST T ti ne dar( tet( e iiy onbyLayer.Seven tliousand one hundred fist nmiiier is excellenit ad augurs
STC coco t t iidtiswthhratitnie, wkeer de,~i i cl. for the futureinuimbers. The
Asoeo ~ o0 n hswt e these 1,491 were grifts. The cicula first thing that catcles the attention
IN THlE CITY, fullback and quairteirbak laid ip miad otftioii aas 142,167, or ais average of is the new cuover desigii by Rob L.
I u fthe gam.WgeThlituris itsfllw: 163 edr ala raeof5Wge.M. a sy fi
L olLos1 per ceit over last yeir. Thle Shake. that it is one of the best pieces of
Miiiit AN .Acuss. sork that heohaseverione idiiha
Brown Smith It e .c...Muhlilaser sears librtry numbers 4,042 voltines hsee osii.
0rne 09 en....i g . P..arr heantiis the iiost coiiplete oe5 in thelea isequiatle proud tof e it. inWheiiMr
R 108 E. WASHINGTON ST. ^ C(:Gey, Kriimer.._I.g. ..P'oe west. Prof. E. L. Walters library g 0 oienn i si
H H Ste his Vii Ionald.ia t..Weatherhee swill probabshly becoiie the property of iork, out' cani feel strs that it has
Snh ich ardo. . .r ,t... Qe Rreelthe university. lHe had lready given exceptional iierit.PTle iiot iotice-
Hicks,Cantw..s 1tea several hundred voluiiies to the ge betliin- h eogii tefu
Satt Gn qaw,.,14e.ttino i i Cpt erul liburar'y. ligen- icrepreseutig the freshiiei,
Stretsohoor, unor ndseio cases witembAvry.. Lis A commnisication sas received in ijTheifaiitiiou'djti rt ui io
- -- h-teostita, rAver.1 directly front Cen. oe Wheel ei,Iti iCO oietrtaluhfii
* ............44.. H ielohtrah.eh . arothe rouciiet iiiiividliia onithe
tf4 Wee'a, I ooter ...f...... ngli iiii t lthroughi (. 1lt arouu,tof L'nu~ciuusi.zeal ltin sth
You May Have 9 tiae sithstitutes: Pitok aiid Giiiacollege, New Yrk, stating thattietitlit l lY paingist
.. son, lie stiten-Nielson iiideiinot, inrwas interested ini thi'sbjeti t~ilisli hett of the sotphimoreii.
4. gote generacksi.J Joe Bariii has dawnisI f itkle.s
Forgotten+ htiets. afterutitni th Vii' orfthe educationi of Ciubaniyoung i t ti itibr it as
4. YUR TOOTh hiii5J, itesterdlay atron h r ii ei, toilthat ie believed Amueriafvrtfothsnme.Teub
YOR omLACK INO IiiU'.h, wsatgiveii comiiptirativligth ihti i ohg' 'illuhb ah cit teat liiis ol iii Griteceth idiee ti tit r
oYOUR ais sitluit505, fSMstof thet timue twas speit iiiblck-I otne tie twotiyouniigiien fiom Ciiba, tc iiiehtutede' tboveimot' ar-t
4. w-hoe'hitsa coiiule sliieitll e tounidanixiostioiseti
Th one yoni i,,'5imyr~e' ." 0, S ceiibtosucieedsesd in tmaking osevethtte , iiie . eye liii' iettejpge is hby Pity.
-rv ai,n' alls In,i,-asr t~ie. plare kicks frottithe 25 yard i luteThieiera thtiniks it sillbIto tf geat (Mcteorge and is entitled. '"iii'Pall
ourn sie o. t5,55ist'. C sr .ih.'asi i mrvn n t e r.iOpnu IsaStritig Lue of N-
complete',i hs'\iu yi pteugliisit.aedvantatuge t this ecioimtry as tellhas ties"It to a caeicttiieoamithgives
WLDPSPHR AY :femsi vs swurk iiipuniitg Itlays antdtot'Cutbasisntdtotilers to tissist i I E HRAYtspotdasehol-orniiscneswihi ll thet'
336i Siuth SteSireiamiphutetSnowitill istiekicking yeseverysay ti e olet this troper cmiyll sih-ioii~titi t
4. tititti inigoiodtshatpe. SIicluimi itilldtltates. This rttjtsitioti was faotiv san rgntionsofclleg
f....4f.!4.+$++o+4 roibatbly lpiya kickimigg atitwith a1ytheu 1h u it iciii lilteitipesntedst u Stdnts. This
_- OR E tusisy. Witid anste oictsedbt toactiemi. Orclete with his itilk bottle, isa
DON'_ FOR ET Cse .tieap.cuWoittsiatsicoti outiiaseetptkunl
the OLCLtIAtBLE ie is hlaitiltfrtomisaniacidetismtwhich de u pntaspooepbi
thense. Im iotancodltuneis hapiphsenedtsitii Satmurday iniwhsclhi The regemts believe thitt this sltsecation.ii r.Miceleorge i ihistobecii-
at all bour. Chocoltates and teelie hiumtttwt of hissribs. JStther sill legilstuttrealoneuccimantthortize a statepitemteth spns his poer tif crri
Cream Soda water, Pipes, Ctgtrs and be omt ini i fete days amid help the imsttuitiut to ampplsotriate montiey liii e ttre
Tobuiceo, and full ine of Smoking Sup- lue iii this tackle position. H11 this lpiurpse, limt are sure the legislhi Other iirt sork is by Sytmns,
plies. R. E. JOLLY & CO.. turee will bto silitg. Whitehead, 1. '. Iltiscuiali ad l ax-
308 So. State Street. ninmger will le here Saturdav to helpj F. J. Wilbur, '99, f Dosgivatteehs ile mt iitr~ioksr
- - mu the coachuingt.gtr.Tejksaddioalwkae
heiasPIuielassuut nstoiiy gussothad are a ceduit tut thisbussd of
thpatc iltp as as folios':Karl V\ ow uce, Ph. I7), (sornell, in- editurse
WdPa d I Gu vai-'r. ...rv . ... .SmSR i struter inilsp hy aiYiu)
Browmnh....i. iluus IiY; A nutmuber tf editors or artits swil
1ooth us FraPet ...s. .Allen. Ler . 11 .Pondt, assistant its herbairitum;liadettohsbushtshi
S (Pey .. ...........Snouc Jamies 1R. Bicims, dispensing cek iii future. Anynte hasvitg a tenduoeny
The~ooh BrusesthatWhite........fr arson electro thermseumtieal abseatuiy; iss t tuuuei o mse omtls
Thiot rseta tch onl.S ...1.t.......Dasy pIohmri euse omk
Isell for 25c, or more, are Snow . . . " ~",,.,tanshate Alice (G. Syder, asis5ltant inliw5otmen's uusi kssc
good brushes, and are Hics ..... .b.e.... Case gymnsuasium; Alfred P. Lindau, assist- A haundtsmiue sppltemenst is gvens
well made. If you should 'Iat.t s................buhids aiC to dealt of engineering depart asay withs acti supplem entula.I
get one that sheds its Laatt ......s.....r iitcootushay neu. i etrpseutitysutyBr
bristles Wisl ....._.h.......Avery is cet.rpageofiastasar scasr
I WILL Weeks.. .... ....,Jonse oasws granted degree dii, shoucwig this four stagesofcl
REPLACE IT. - of B. L; JoshnutsAer andu Orlo R. loe lift.. ofc-
REPAC: T.Games Not Well Supported. Williamis, B., S.; Clarence D. Rowley, te irinkle is on sale at Uuiver-
E. E. CALKINS. Manager Charles Bairdl statedl tot Phi. B.; (Gerge Allen,. I. S. Dai- ity Hall thus Lasw bsiliding, atd all
_______________ ___- ____the DAILY,~ yesersday that the ti- forth), F. E. Ranklin, A. B.; Wiu.H, the reular Ilcs
ulssiubrthTbej ( ets aseseuot shoswsing enosiughl us eit, I. D.; herbert hs P r h wyofFotal u t ,;Care . Co abeRy Ph. 0 ics
Footb ll Cothio' tumisuonihut Cue say o tiuusiug ou tus .; Carle 0. ookauthRoyic. Atleti Boad eMeting
0 Cuefoobal auues hotl Cicscle.Wirren, B. S. in egineerling; Mark At a meuetig sf this Aletic
dySut ised auth thus practice gamuues. Not a S. Andrewcs, of Co. A, W. N. Lan-. Board last eveningIP. XW. Jonues, '99
G rn Suitsand sligle gamte played his year hias as gell, W. A. Seegmuiller and T. J. ms hcehCtfl levcuuy h
yet neteted any profit o the associa- Weadock, LL. B. muatter of 'track Mnager sas post-
SL~aes ion, ons accounCtf hic smasll crowdis Thiseempsys of hic shops in the ined unutil next uueting C. A.
S e tr.that turn usit. Last seasonu every engineerlig laboratory wantd to IP s ; uul hal el
y R~~~~~C iegelman a aeha e
home game resulted usniicresing the quit wourk Saturdays at noun, but icheumaster so hat there will be systema
or stock is temst cc surplus fund ini Cle treasury of the request sas noC allowed. Lillian G.ticheng' met
completetsis tiecetiyamd We antudCu shdl i otsa ruaCic c lucn hre-after. ┬▒Themet
Save tea a Iidahc-mnau's oa. aseociautionu,adteshdueddntEllsweorthiwa graduated fo h ing then adjourned.
am webay them from tike matoseu. heeinlude as many gosd hosmuegae as training school for unurses.
ma8mws anti iae them made isn_-gau-
speciahocder it dues this season. The nuanage- Five hundred dollars was appro- The Law Departmsent passed the
.4 x-' m net hopes that the rest of n ethm at esrated for pipe coverings for the 700 mark last evening.
KI will be well attended in order that heating pat and the purchase of
there may e a sufficient surplus at three carads of lumber was athr- ,Varsity vs. Case S ien-
TWO STORES the cose of the football seasn to ized. tific School at 4 p. inTo-
Up Town Down Down nueet tie icreased expenditures of Eight hundred and fifteen dollr aa eet il
State St. Opp. Court H-ouse the track, tennis and baseball teams wvas received from the cmmitteei dyaoegnsnil
Rain Street in the spring, revision and publication of the United Admission, 50 cents.

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