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May 26, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-05-26

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G. IL Co The Alpha Nu and Adephi liter. --___
6. *.W LD U .Yougsters Hare Commenced to ary scieties wiii hold a joint baniuet joint Meeting
Arrive. Monday evening, May 29, at ILaig- tE~5ll- t-luoiN
Willannonce hat e ha e nw The second annual Mihiga n ter- sefrshi.Tat ilb ie
recivedanourceStringe av tiier cisinoewxiih iei ife-bY iemnbersof1(0o11societies, while Friay evening, AMly 26.
110011or piniadSume oo t 4 o'clocsk anid tomorrow AV. B1 Harrisoni of the.Aelephii will \wislMs riI lre
Woolens. Or stock for tihe iicsii- at 10 o'clock. This afternooni lre- act ts toatmiaster. current event, L. i. Elrlichi; spech,
in0, season is tile largest wye have ever iiimnaries il til ses101n0d1111ied __-- -- - -S. Fruy; oration, Mr. Dandridge;
01]0ow1, is excluisve Ituti oiifled, il ev ci ilIx en oil .11nthe 100 A greatir has blnxauedamng1ebte0(1 lil10ThtIiiioai~h
Ixtl lxriu 0111xliieti god,111( 1111220ytarxdodashlitie tiidlsxxiii le the toxeiii ofi ihe Iuivixisity adi111 or1f1ociuet x
boethce florteeigni 11111ndi teomestic 1 xx xgxods,( 1 llndti I li liiilx xbIy Engladiis 1pre-I0ra1(1
of th hostfalxrcs educ0ed )11the eiinls.xiiitiitie oilhSooileiiiixe 1r(epor(1111tx r iitiiIhrat100111111n1
every line xthat caeoil b italied. We IJIix xxiiand only I t i 111 il1ft If(xcsecrt societbes fro1ll'ih(chol 1b 1e4 t ;afratit c',1 Al.10T\ 0as
cirry the largestlhne (of Woolens in tomorowox rnlxiig. Inith(lield11(ofxithe stile Whaltiever00theot(F 1'onineav,:.Sow
eve t the oilt tir ill be 10- 001110 t i ixxo v ilbe is o t 1. 1-. leleinI 11k; genwill-i-li teii
the city. We iiixite you to clxi 110xlxxani1110'1 on(lly rlaingiL. 11al ppapor1t1)1)11iie
iinspect ttiiieduedxlto ivex.ileachiieveit 1111- coijetiurelxbtit xil1(0exxaterpoJ.F skt
'1 tue same. ~~~dmionlito bxtlthin- afternxoonm and ixiIi till- -rtelct of intel-stotixx . -I-
6. uH W ILD cO. ,afteroon onthe oxillnhe tracklthe MR BARTON SMITH AilitU.
hiyl acswl e run of Thlese Alay1- 27'99.gi-
1LO I.S VnhiT gto «xiii e very interestingxo and(1thoxuighlWill Delier the Annual Address to (1111 gress. L~x eies-of o rixts-
inxstoftheslxeatos vii Ie roii Senior Laten Class, U ol M. i fact-ion, ll- ra-illillre(
ANN ALIBOJ. Ypsilanti, many wil undoubtedly goxa
__________________________doxwiifromu here txx see tleii. BartllSiti, of the ]ltx x fiim o iixin Mi I 'x.'sV.xRyo~ls; t-ie
______________________________________ Tie cxxtestats xiii 0ohiul0n00to Smith I,.& Barker,xf Txolexdx, h11110n l bec (111t leasurxs tlxxa g ami-x ist
- arriveealy this tuxrning 1and(1they n niiosy dl~~i x ll w b leided O u llxx heC o x
PHOTOGRAPHIC tll iare expectexd to e ini toxwny 2 annal addxless efxrethe 0011n0o110lixxixex)Ilmli
DAKROM'xchxck. A lirge nuiimbler xwilesne clsthils yoar.-
DAKROMs there are xver 120 eties.'Tie 'The axxress xilIe of a prcticii Apai-Lilil sxxr ry
We have recently fitted up Oilllioglilnt has conxsixerable dill natuire andwxlxii be of gret idi to te My 97'9
a commodiotis photographic oelly i c.lelximol tin-' alxf thesraduatleo about lxx lxxgi their 1(1a10 Muic; new, I. J Fa1110
dark room, complete with -ie r mt i naunso
trays, light, etc., ,and offer Iithiroosx ansxlly tudxens whotc i nil sxi imxsoh sieechli Cmpu~~s MeoglIii to
its isto the public free of ha~ve frieinds11amongthe numiber ilxciithe Univexrs iyIP 1(1 ingett lb-t- " e six cx
chalrge. Anything needed confie xI.ixaior 11p(n1the Athlextic 11hat thixe lhit oxf dea-ting-'rg-
in the line of supl~iesorO ~'0-501 ~ eb-u-- Our xoratoxrs5 (mxIxebaters xiiil 10icsIh(01ave---lC
chemicalo we wouldl e mr ftevstrbte epeetto nte-fei-isdsrbefrudrnuat
plesed to frilh. 111010ttit oisitors ecilly bec 101)1 searltoli h l/i-I101l~0fx iixx o~iIe
I le e~ilhxtll~xl cil le eilciahi~Ol0IlI~l u ytha11111over belorefli 1itive J. [1. 1 nti- .1
lxxi lxxgod fr ig1111c11 ololeni. Si-1Photxgrps ol lthedxelxtill-'teil s S atiiexxs'x'x A lencxt;-nega-
W'~lR~ PIRYAY-teen diirnt schools have ipiesen an x teofeoso il fhive R S RedJ II.Snoxk, A C
thieeholx ecots t lxxxiithemSubscribexat'it(10andlx oexiurxa copy.vcritics reiot, F.lG.IDexwet-
elaioship.111 They ihave 1b001
0nI ® DdUand Night. ti iuxininha d dtheirmenuiiar'ixin 'l It Carmomxdy will eiver till Northwestern Tennis Meet Today.
10iixuo th.best g o~ifcexiton.lTh rular Decora00ion adressatFir V (losteathr fxvom-able,oeor, t he
liwoienu o itmie teI he T x 'lmoistmtxlx -- iut 1(011 eni met ee
3~ So. Statieo Sret- -ga,, ndru f fo erixxxx slcolee ee s hemixxrsll axiplcthettlxiim
R. E. JOLChemCOh, xxiU Cf 111StudCnC Axdie1s1an
Cleri ofxiitse-C.imilU.hxyAdamsx.xhProl DOne to Spend a Year AbroadIfettd xlCimea-xxUmivosity L o 9xr-
Assstats-JuiusBod Aoocoet Univrsit has fihtlenfxre thie
SLoIliiDimElxII'alTirmemAl the cixs xxithis semeter IPrxfelttIxiymgxithAxrixcori
LI SadSlimrteirlKeene Fixatrich. MB L ) 1)11 0 txtthe Gek Ieixrtm toammi
I iiudgeso (f Finisi-Mr EfinigerjE 1110111t xxilvfoupeonie xi a1110 11 T he to011 arrivx-xlatst nii t amnxiis
COVER S. HlbokChs Wlmliii xeaIteiofxiiabsxenct1(11 one yexi.IPrxxi.cmpoh~xsdi xxithe, I xiixxx iii- in
i'mr D.Rbetli , Sd'xi1) x'Oo xvisec he ue n t heirilii1 is 1e1e0 to e taning.ilmxConxdxee
lahimdx Iltinuus. Englianmdhchincly t OxfxordICi-JLloydxl Shailc- xKenmey) iand
Gr(een Slides...... t0cgossn ieil Tidles--.oxmmoul,,Averylrdxe 0111d1London.mi FroimimixngliiiiiMoe, 'xhe ihiganiitt~aixiwxhichm
Wh~tite " - - -...... Wele xiiil gxxtoitall)anxi lro iiitheme totx xiixlhxxetl l 1a oti x o
a' No. 1 covero -S. 85r oz. Rnes il poeti togt mi sfl
-~ No 2, q. ~~o-- 00. Jmuxge of 'xak-Dr talxtlg. Athmensxx itherelie xi spend lthe wi-ixos:CxRusstl)lxa ifortItir ihly 'x'sii
We will Meet Any Price. Duig the absencitt of Proxf xiix miih x xmiwclxm
Track Team Training. lbuiiox1 1y the itito clte i-il--exi
D) oxx te time uatic womkit t 1110tie euiimg im an111 xixh-o 1s1repre-entexi
L Calkins' Pharmacy esterdaoy''limz o lxililelxxi txx Grecho heixartmiinmt will botxenb ii 0 ithici tunivrity xwithouxit xrd-ix
thmie folm shoxrt triol. They wer lMr. I. I.DeCoiu, xhixxi alealdy 1timi tierefiriimito beineidet-xnlct
mi H et fom bxxut ha~lf the xdistanic lfii kiixiwnI to imaliy initheixvsiixt iy tInoiter uiveitone 110yeii beorei
whxichm they are tying. flie tiiomm r.x)(Cxxiitxxxk limoA. Idegree 101((1 ii mlxxit uiiiiiercxxiigioie 01111
Younaite-Ittyisxomex of the 11101 xwas silt-1111110thisinstitumtixonli Imi x adh isiitess.Ilsxiillxemme xii be sn itghy
LOUISVILLE SLUGGER" BAT. p omi,1111tixcgii 1 u'9xi2,A v 01 l x sii imcxidi ollilbutthe toam xii imwiuxoxtedy
Neiter cix yo ph y a - -oxiiifox-pulxmictioxn, some (f itxwas Greek ifrxmii).0 lix '9,dtxld ihthe ldi itxelIl n ni otwithstaninmg
Neithr canyou pay awinning podgm ehiNI wtota cose to record tiiie. T'limen11011 lEiha Jxxnes Classical Fellosipii Th'liomiet xiii bginiprxmply at 2
WRae it TENNDIS ithouCT.i ixeexcelent coniltixxnxand if 1111aei- '89 ntl '0. Fromii93 11o '95 lie wa s 1Ili .iixldlie uaimissixxnuxiIe 23
WRIGH & DISON ACKET Idents happlenm xil retake a sroxug aI-'cllxow xf lie AmericlilScixhl Ins 1lad10s free.
Ouit Sock is complete and ight for tlie Western chiaminoship. Athens, and1( xwas emploxhyedh iiiIxemti hIfllfloxwimng il be te jmiges of
or tprices are right. - - fyingthis brozeo founin u the exco Ile comests: Prof. MlCLaigihil. Di.
W ll General 1.Al. Cuitcliein, of Gramd vatiosi at the ileroeim. Ailxgeter Effinuger, Dr. Mc~mrrick, Mml. be-
XAJ A I-f ~ '5 Rapids, willdeliver the Deceoratixx Ii r. DeCou has spent five yeas 111 lyrein d Mr. Asliraft.
VY 1. Iday adtress in Universiy hall next Euirope, four of them i Athiens Lt every oto turn ot and xlpotlxrt
ANN ARBOR Tueday evening. He xwilIltalk up- Although a yong man M4r. DeCou the 'Vrsity teainm.
011 Washtenawxvren in the rebellion, is already knoxn as one of the lex-
State oS. w p. r Down TownseAIr. Cutchieon raised a companyinngAecaauhrts on epigra Northwestern Tennis Meet at 200
Maourt ouse cuty i u mrcnatcrte
lanS hscut.Pliy." p mtoday. Ladies free.

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