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May 16, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-05-16

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WOMAN'S LEAGUE men who know the Czar well that he ALBION TODAY.
G____.__LDO_ was really in earnest abot the mat -____
Peae Bsoitios Psse ata Met-te. But what I wanted tn say par- Michigan Will Trsj Conclusions With
in edYesterdasy. great resnlts from this conference we
Will announnee that we have nw The Woman's Leagoe held at meet- should iot be discourageud. It soll The Albions collee team swill be the
received or Spring and Sumer log yesterdasy afterisoon in Newberry be ssoeting that disarmaient 'Vasity's op~onet tisi ateronWoessuitcnonh non al orteproeo aiga-sol aebe isusdb o-adaohrcac ilb ivnt lio h eouin ob ett erneo edn e rmtefn ot rw mc
Wolns nfsokfoohricm
lug season is the largest se have ever tie Peace Conference at the Hague diffeent ntions. Millions wil1be tosmnhIs imnpovei in hitting, for
shown, is exluive and confined, in thisoweek.kDrs Moses- explained -set to thsskn about the issatter by Albionshas a- rema-rk-bly strnng
both foreign and domestic goods, and the prpose o the meeting and reaudthis cosfeence and their thinkingitches. AiosnIsas bess ptting
is comuposedi of the best fabrics ins the esolutionsswhichs are those rec- wiii suelvhbeis fruit. Assdso, iisirs a fat gome tine seaso, their in-
evey lne hatcanbe btaned Weomnended by the National Woman's oter the coneence we shall redi field being consierei very good for
t League. Ates the reding of the that no mesueose ledisg directly tessfi05ssistttsi fIst
carry the largest hine of Woolens iii resolutionss Dr. Mosher istoduced towad disasenst swere ad~opte, sie. 'hiss sil be thela1st hisme
the city. We invite yosu to call and Rev Ms Hookesreluhoiiude ustosg weseeolsdsofledicouraed. Man ssioe forsoesetimes as the Varsity
inspect thesaime. auenuit mmin iaor of adoptisng thse of uiscill live to see flesay sheii lesves Weniesiay fos its trilltis
reesolutsons. Shesaidi par~t: osoethisngscll be sosesid ehiould IChiomp-igneaodsh Ciiag. i
-All gsoat uuov euinsts swhichs thei nce dooirsi hae tosard bigingit - Y-le cuiiillupytei.bx'for iiehi-
6. HIH. IL D CO , ccuiti s. oees ofelis oblss, bDr. Vaughano ws the next speklr orukin hiractice eldswil udoubted-
lOS 'isliusg-tom St Was iswleu tiewe sae-onsid motIs-Itle Rususinplehndiitheis cliii 113Bleucesciill pliy ifst ouldSnse
ANN ARiBOR. erc of eurnoitiensaesi -1 hll mefeee- Il-iHvins uiet cnss erlmdiimtunightIThe Ilttir Ihas sIshsufingr
-ings to exprss ~theme antaonoiusmsto iIusDr. Vaun was a~ bli. ti.iid cipmibiablyh iiikepti ight
is-Cvehiolding. At istino sgret rso brnsg foccri micih iiwin ufomaio liii iithe i mmi15r ip.Te rset f
suhf- semed ito fodlow, but lati. theirnsciivsming l.the ssiusisHe si:- flheItenomisillhi. s usoaii
PHOTOGRAPHIC Pinflenceibegan usto iseĀ£feltisisd is lst " le ho-soissgenerallyithinkuha iii aieiiilile-inaf 411) shusrp
DARK ROOM.I tieseo-s-sembl-gis-m ssaliu ul h and incwrs us evei r 55 un i th irco~sutry ishnccwil llium IaIii xcclcit sihhus-
IX e s i ros ty futesh s -sthey seemedsatsiro s-tresulediiaiiisgooidh They' -sebee-e fis usf- toig'etfauise isisthue eral
a comm us ecl ouues ofogaphturahi p iipufig'gsut this ploges fsla ic -showunesblivthesrdeat of Npseismsprohveimenti f iifluhe taisi
dairksroos,. smpshte witflu ery1 fromuoursonr.usub uithfle sgeerai lhiesion in ipiais . i i usi Ii 'i
toys, lights etc, aosifril t i very fittinussthatuthlese sinetdy is tht i t fufhis hisse us Ma sBar rtrndlatnih
ifs se othle psul. icfes sit I stowaisisusl-is ss uia eut sholdsh eisihses f ln'-ts-s-uas- for RusiafrmisD~eti w i.hi he his ciensuir-
chaorge. Anythingsuoheed have rfi si-uwisti ihe i.ane Iss ibeen51 1iiglt abut b irioi pletuin-isrrangeen-uts liii-the IDeeorus
so thu.e sit cfsupplis, rlonDy<sie eutWicnin h
cemclsesuwsosewouil be ioifsisiierman iiflyi iiflu theyiiirevhaIima('5Thesids3 sot- u )i' uu euh msucue fu
pleased to frnishe. scs-i c asshonmars dr5ouufh is u gssiaI -) sm.tisuc er s--esto iso plyel stttfle
WlTTI lil1 rUTPE RUl 117 cs of wiausasd thele-vy ax-ss nts i rsul it. nus it soes lshu f's t-n -s's-euguus
Y b1u\l 'll 1tY w shibhiresultftsiluis. not 'semis'so usus fhit i lu.CiiITsy 'ree licat ilsh iiiMehi sus ie.
Ruskus in-so susid t tic wmn fle miss- -bshlsts usssu-eus iiiCiiiea iii. siuahdseasly ac-eeiible sfrsos ll
areirspsibsule lor scua isisa i thatif shouild bIisoinu Iasvo fuic-rseaI.Ipstsis1 tie cty
allh womein uwovusld ioppiose wse-siethey leeae IThe twsusgreatsrnees ioi thu.
suusp wult i ce Rliil ini esut it luworild uire , i yinion iiiithus Sa sily" 'sWol suuhssiisl )-er-
fi04 IiJ J1 and i gh 14 lt. Wmen ebsiceus andsl ol siiigaii flu.Angi 0 S P5055 A esonlict ly5s-suse betwreens Nte Dsan isuh
itisi.. ie oslssosi- in -es, mesuof stasci Ihe ciin slaa ti.femienthise lses cwil cusse flu. Haisnlton u (uhif Suthi Bend.
w seii iiiatanou ,dy o floeh.ndd fllflu. soilwsilde he hunns fmeiis sin thu r ses sndwhesthecrit b
iii iii 5lan iine ipesss ciusadds a5 dbrohser ree - tee the fronut settled by warorsiI shuimn its yuriu Atltos hiiss'tsichign, Nte
R . E. OLLY 8& 0 ., fihtgufusoIrsether ciutry. 'cSsme situsy s wcome o i tssii hatth t n scsicisa.dssulBelot Iliois efeutedh
308 So. Stats Street tljidiem vohluterfo his le hosil-Isee-sitouirsiracshIa ll hetrasuedhtsul. Wscosinuu13 ts 4 i a loseloy pilaydl
-- J ______________________-vice.ani in hiifleliesee sif soudslThIseefore I oam luseatlymun1-sor o -'sausi.
un iu useuselresely'nurumse fle sodiethese rso-ilutios,"s
Iboysycback to helh. lWsmenus arieic After Ds. Vass-'lespeech he- 'liii u liegeiuussiausunisces
SLIES nd rav. N on ca dey i. ut esoutins erepreentdaflna utt -utris-ifor thu ns touurnusssa-
3he arsyue ot is favscofsi r.Wo-umously sadoptcd It usas udeiduedutoIrusus ucmay s he umauieoaifthe tophly
COVEBS . ieas cani exhibt herousinu isy s 'semiiithesis by tleg'raplhutoflu om,.sums hs sin, 'Wedehuhsdy snud
geat iiitimssof1 ipeace Ntunal Coinerenc oflWmen gi.et- liur-uh-y frosms7tii I6.
This'isaie fistsl-of opunh fiiit ig atIndianapollius iiom 55hsch pllaiei.Class Schedule.
White '- - -Isle - 5us all hssreusandl nowepu otiselves on he Amier551 ica iics iftBeli. ii .luhlosg i letliosleh
I No 5covers-...e. 00 z. record ito opposoed tii usr andslini fasrtie
Io , eq. cees-...5-I5 s ftu eursdsuusuc poazs Wid and Woolti Nebrasa. PI liii us ii. cc hsus e dn '~'uesay,
Beofor 100 slides.-.-..30c Judge Lanisussmuesu.xt intouscedl At thus iuieei oitf Nseaskau the.411 mli 7h i flitc ll
y A. A.s H S.s 11'2 meic, Wel-
We wil Mee Any rice. and gves a shot tl. He sid tisat girls si thle eyunsuuiuu seilses gvss esdlsa 41 y 17 iTue
WilMe nyPie thlecoosit ousnebattleshuip uldsusequips aumsexhiblition isimuilar fluhe suse giv em Yu 4:0uuss7,atl-i
Calkins' - a pastecull 5to thanuuutisserissiy. hiee rcety.IDuring tflua e usni ullahiss s'b011 1 urssily, 4:10,
Pharmacy1111,T'hus expenses fus ebehts and pensiossoof mths ight pieceedlug the cxhii-lfu 'lii18 t Athletic Fiel
caused hthus govenmsient by thus Civil ton, soumesieeedulpessi, pro'-u99lit vs 10 hist 1 Friday, 4:10,
H IT THE B LL! Waseenowasnounts to as uier-alys, flue te utn ' w ith 1,t Athle tc iel 810
Youcan doit ithut causedi by thuselisting of osly' one calf display." Thus faulesty mlsnow 0 t tltc ihl
"LOUISVILLE SLU(IGER" BAT hsundred ansi,-twenty thousasd msenithratesns dire pusisliuseut fo the le- _-
Neither can you piay a winning osld, if tne siuney 'whicih they petrators uf ihis joke wheni they ues A meting 'of this sesior chuassems
game of TENNIS without a wsngiossld have receivedl in earnigs weres apprehended. clled fuse yetra afternuoons to dis
WRIG-T & DITSON RACKET. figured, amsounst o a susm almost is- cuss tie class ta., but n quosrumsiiv-
credible. T1hrughi this effots of Bessie G. present. Tlersnill he a metig of
Our Stock isncomplete and President Anigell sas this next Pierce, at -.. student ini chemsistry tis class mus Thursday afterisooni at
or prices are right, speaker. He said:-"I amuiosne of this fros m West Bay Ciy, this Colard amii 4:10._
~~~Y~~ w w~~~ few men swho believe iii ths Czar's Jones Co. of West Grove, Pa., has ---____
sincerity in liii disarmamnt Iproject. presented this University a colet-c- 99 defeated tlu. freshsmin ystr-
At the time this matter sas first tou of cliics plaits amd srubls for ay is a six inig gaus, 11 to 3.
ANN ARBOR brougtup I sas iii the East aid I the cnuss eiu1-ie o Aampaus.
Up rown Down Town took particular pains to imaksi- Possvsvxv-AII sittings for this tomorrow at 11:25 a. it., via T.
Sat St. Op. Cors ose quiries cncering, the Czar's real Lasw class photoss must be msase be- & A. Everybody laens out and
lo'n St intentions. I found oss inquiry fromu fore Jue 1. H. ReANAL. give, the teams a good sei<cl-off.

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