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May 15, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-05-15

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$Ulf> Ir at 0

VOL. IX, No. 1G6.
Wilannioonce that wee have now1
rCeeed 001rSpring and(1Smmoer1
W(oolens. Our' stock for bhe icom-
ing season is te largest wee ave ever
sboswn, is exclusive and confined, in]
botb foreignanad~ domestic goods, and
is composed of tie best fabrics in
every linle that can be obtained. We
carry tihe largest linelo f Woolens in
the city. We ilvit youl to call adc
inspect the samle.
108 b:. wVn'higton St,
We have jstl receved a
fie line of High Gade
Raors and Roives, flly
warranted, and we sell them
right too S e our window
Open Dap ad u iIh.
Du oig thIs t iof tIe olleige yarw
wi l sehucs 01111hours. day o
nigtFil line of Pipe, tigrs,ad
R. E. JOLLY & CO.,
308 So. State Street.
Strawberry I
Crush __I
emCalkins' Pharmacy .
Yon cnt do it without a
Neither can yo ply a winning
game of TENNIS without a
Our Stock is complete and
or prices are right.
Up raw Dw. Tw
State St. Opp. Curt Hus
rlia tem

ANN Atti}OR, MIH., MONDAY, MANY 15, 199.
BRILLIANT CO.NCERT There ws'a cmarkedl exressinll (f
aproval of tiis last cocert amongill
Closes the Mail Fstioal...Jacobu a those whlo attend~ed, and1nealey every N
Star. onle felt that it mladeC up for the ab-
sence of Sellbricll tie niht before.
A populallr concert was givenl as tie The sale of sets this year was grati
fccrthitinuber of tile Festival. The fyingly large, an111 nearly every seat S
m~ost polallir Inumbler 011ltie prograni 1111 occupietd for eaci cocert-aCl
was the extra selectioln1111the harp by'a thinigcowehichI is qite cunusuoalTie b
Mr. Rogers. He sas recalled and fllowinlg is tie
played a beautful little sketcll eti- CST C
tltti, "A Little Flowerette," cool- Delilah ....Mrs. Josephine Jacoby lil
posed by himll~f. He played withlIt1 Samson...........Mr. George Hamlin ...
rare delicacy of touchl and fineC fee- The High Priest of iagon..........W
ling, andti sell mlerited tile extrtsrdi- . ..........Mr. Gwylimo Miles Vt
nayapoa1h eevd Abimelech, Satrap of Gaza,) e
nrapov.lercie. An Old Ifebrew, .... ti
Miss Alna Lohbillier captured tie Philistine Messenger, 1
audienice by her sseet singinig. Her .....Mr. Myron WN. Whitney, Jr Vt
fltelike lnd lbird-like voice sas THE CHORAL UNION. iI]
well stitedl to the selections oe sag. Mr Heman A. Zeit, todilctor. ts
'i'his syle of singinig sCCems to lbe e0
pecially app~reciatedl here, andI Ms ITS OUTGENERALLED. o
Lolibiller received a selcotmeIealy -____t
aIs waml as that accorded Miss Stein Theq Suddeny Realized their Lack si
10 last years. Miss Towle inl her sing. oil S. L. A. Electors. A
ing~ displayed great range of voice. Tie electors of the Student.' Lee- J
Tbe renditionl of Liebergeflester tre Associationi Imet Satrday mor fI
by the orchestra wsa especially cde- 11g and elected officers adl directors b'
serving of prais. for tie escig year. There sas g
1 Orerture, "Hansel and Gretel," sote objection lgailstseatilg alirec. i
.H........... ofmperdink tor front the parmlical departm~et, A
2 Rondo dAnour... Westerhot S
3 Villanelle ..............Dell'Acqea bt ao tiey serer plainly etitled ts
MISS LOHxiLLr~n. all elector accordilg to the consltit-
4 Three Movements from the "Rus- tit,> rs J>.Laiersbope
to Wedding Symphony," .Godmark sided at the teetig, ruled tiat lhe C]
Wedding March: Moderato moto, sas entitled to a seat. The result SO
(-fiat major.)ofteeetotsasslwhtfa
Itn the Garden: Andante, (G surprise.le litraryso eatoat
minor.) srrs.Teltrr eatet1
Dance: Allegro molt, (E fat claited that they had a mlajority of
nmajor.) the electors atd o coctd control'te
5 Biallet Music from "Copplia," . Delibes election Hoswever, sehen tie ballots
(a) Valso a la loupee. (h) Cardas 11
g Rondo Briliante ....... ......Posse serer taken tiey fond their mistake
M.ROGERS. As a slate reresetative of the de- h
7OpesAifrmOpesad arninswseetd Laaetg'Eurydice ..................Gluck Young, jr., 1900, Des Moines, le se
MISS TOW. literary cadidate, seas uanimlously I
Liebesgetllcester .............Stck elected president. He i tie ollyw
OTiN RIOOiCIIESTRA. candidate of te literary caucus will)(
9t Oerture, "Robespierre," (" The sas eected. For tieir cadidate I
Day of Terror,'') ...........Litolff fer corepoldlng secretary. ws dl i
SAMSON AND) OEIIAI. Veateilbyhiy\II. J.1.Zimtmer, 100 1,
The SamsllonlandilDelitahlcotcert Itacite, Wis., swho wath ie canldialteC
was the most brilliant of this yer's u alOitlisly selectedl by tie lisle-le
"Festival." Thle sork i this cnl- artlett ill preference tl severallwoto
cet sas some1C lfttile best lt its kind lhd been actively cavalssig for te
in several years. 'The soloists 11111 Ctdorseocuit. Tie oter cadidates 6
chorus sere of tie highest order. 11110 sere elected were: Vicepresi- i
Mrs. Jacoby proved herselthtie det, It. D. Robilso,'99 d, Trult
hst (pratic sar' singer who has beenl Creek; treasurer, Junllius B. Wod~,aeefrsvalyrwthhex-10,EgnIl.asiattesurc
ilee fr sveal ear, e iit il ex 19(1,Ril~l Ii.;assotll~ traslle,c
ceptioin of Calve. Se sang witla E. D. Edsil, 1901 p Jackonl; re-
great depthl of dramlatic feelinlg. She cording secretary, I. K. John1so,s
has a clear, poserfulI andi well Ilodu- 1900 m, Luudingto. Directors, v.
lated voice, and good expression. Ill W. P-atonl 1902, N, Ahnlot, Mih.;f
ter love song she sang witi deep and S. W. Utley, 1902, Detroit. t
emlotionl and consumlmate art.
Mr. Hamlin is all exceptionlaly Biclcle Trals This Aternoon.
strong Samsoon, and~ sang the part bet- Tie bicycle trials sill be 110111tils
ter than it had ben rendered at any afternooll at tie Fair Grouds i 1
previous concert. Mr. Miles was seell Ypsilanti at 4 p. 0., 011tie haflmileI
cast for tile High Priest. He has a track at tiat place. Tere sil be
6ston~g, wel-balanlced voice anlidsdidsevenIImen to enter. The events swill
it swithtgood efect' be 0100 111110and 011-quarter mille.
The chcoral andllorhestral work Tie maen iave beell workilg Iari for
sere of a very high order. The tie past three seeks ad are sowing
chlorus sang swithl precisionl ad was up ill excelent forml. 'Ihe followin11g
usually very good 011 attacks. It men are entered: Badwil, Sproat,
shoed erycaefu trinig.The Wood, Earle, Riobbis, Fraer adl
filnal chorus in act II sas redered Garll. No admlission sill be cared.
with mlagnificent force anldl Stirrinlg Malager Melhoji ad Leighl Trer
effect. But tile final chors of act sill officiate at tle trials.
III seemed a litte seak. 011 the
On tile whlole the chors sangsith Tie gate receipts at last Saturday's
egood expression. Prof. Zeiz con- game lacked $75.00 of reacinig tie
tducted ill an able mlaner.5s10 guaranteed to the visitig ime.

fecessarq in the Game With the
Hamilton Club.
Thlat Michiganl as greatly hnIl-
roved at ba ttinig seas evidet ill
atlnrdlay's gam~le iti the Hamliloll
1dub. Coachl Clark ocupied tie
ox for tile visitors ad exerted himil-
,f to tile utmost to holdi dosenaho
rotegees, but neverthleless soly one
pan fannled sot wehile egt safe hitis
Jere malde oif hil. Lehr pithed
r Michigan an~di tie heavyhitting
t-colegiattssoly foctnd him seven
toes andthtlese at irregular iter-
ls. Lehr is rapidly getting back
Ito his ol1( form juging from tie
(0 gaimes lie ias pitched this wek.
Tlie fHamilton Clb is composed
ffortter colege players of two or
lree yeats iago. Cicago Uivr
ly furnishlesthe tso Clarke brother,
Akhisou, Winston, Browat and
ninesC. Field is frott Coraell, Cook
'011 Broswttattsil'ber is of Clm-ttt
. Thley puct 1111a5gcod game, so
oot ill fact that it tlok elevett
lilngs tol decide sellswoud sein.
t tile beghilning of tie tethtt h ie
ore sas two aliece. Hattiltomt
ored honier half 011 11base on alls,
hit by Gordomt Clarke, atd a field-
r's chiohe. Dt Micigatt did tie
ame1 thinig on iits by Matteson,
lesiter and Davies amd atoter
tiigsas necessary. Tie best that
lamtitoll coctld do sere two goumd-
rs to Flesher and a fly to 'McGinnis.
-'lie ltter was the first mtan up for
rl a ttand knockeda shot fly
pak of first whicit Adkinson tried to
;et anld muffted, MGitnis going to
conld. A moml~ent later Clarke
tied to catcht him off second, threw
il attd center fielder Cook failed
:o stop thte thrus, MGinnis amtbling
01110 etit the ssinmlitg run.
As a result of Snow's injured
cger Ie played rght field and Blen
le flied his positin at first and in
ao doitng put up a star game accept.
'g 14 chances sitltout att error.
'lesciler 1layed Iis csua errorless
amne anld it sas imptlossible for Mc.
loomis tol drop a fly, lit)lmactter where
itewent. Davies called fortit great
applause fromllthte croswd by a difi
ult runn~ling catcht of a short fly. A
Itmall attd extremnely apatetic croswd
ase tite gamne. The score:
A.. . P.O. A.
Matteson, 2b..........5 0 1 3 2
Sulivan, ss...........5 0 2 2 2
McGinnis, c f.........4 2 0 4 t
Lnn, c...............4 0 1 600
IBencoe, lb..... . .4 0 1 14 1
Snw, rf ..............4 1 0 1 1
Daies,f .............4 1 1 1 0
Flesher, 3b........... 3 1 1 1 3
Lhr, p................4 0 1 1 3
38 4 8 32 13
AllB. R. H. P.O. A.
G. CI'rk, ss.........5o 1 1 3 5
Field, lb. ............. 4 0 1 600
H. C'rke, p............5 0 0 0 5
Jones, c... .........5 0 1 3 4
Adkinson, 2............ 5 0 1 8 0
Winston, 3......... 1 4 0 1 2 1
Brown,f .............4 1 1 3 0
Wiber, rf............4A 0 0 2 0
Cook f ........3 0 1 3 0
39 3 7 30 15
*Nlo one Out when winning run was
Ioalhanaed ma ags 2.

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