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May 10, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-05-10

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p M+ (IjIj atiletic fieldl utnless notice to the
__ contrais given.
All names most be in four dlays
Published Daily (Sandays excepted) doring the before the day on which tile teatm is
College year, at schledutled to play and players mnset
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. be protested two days before gamnes.
'I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~' hh lo ,i n lc. Te pitarniacs mtitothave the
Bloth t'hooneit atmes of tiheir toett int today.
MANAGING JEDITORt. Aos't lBasebaii M1'g'r,
F. ENGEaHARD, '01 L. 1008 Cotrottell1Ploce.
B1USINESS MANAGER. IThe ifo lignals hive lieeni
O.II.i. iANS, '15 L. htanded in:
EITORS.'01 deiits-Iredder, Sgiiie, Me-
AllileticE 4110, P. . JoaS, '99, Cluie,(Combis",tMais, td ttsl,
T. R. WooDooo '15 L. A. it. ettoooGAoi, 's1 EMioe, erin
G.. .leoaoeT. 'ttIE. J. 1. Woon, '00, lsHoeops-SeiinttiOen, ott dige,
C C. -ttL-,'99, c. It. coot, 'li9, Backtmeister, OberttPelton, 'i ooip-
L. J. Moso-TeO1:RY, '55, W. tl. itICtoc, '0t09M, si rV rktUi eiteWilker,
A . BR 1 eOeN, '102.so , ale. ar, hl, ,
___Attinisoii Allen

IaC t:)Ii
I+1rj W ELL
If you want a Shirt, come where
the Shirts are.
si co r
ot;I -I t- . tia TO MATCH
Noble's Star Clothing House

Titlesbcritciotn ciclcte DT ti cc CIIIfor '99 late-Ascel ft, Atndersott
the collegeyewith caiirecgularoetllivery lbefore Arbeiio Ilti od Dt toke Biter-
nonechdaycloy ticesi, ccctcttiicotiotce, coda
alerate r ien cccdcied ocpulicationtmuscte 11it 1, RsethaiiSombtil.,l Wittett-
han ed ii.th AIote lite Ietore 85p.ei., o
maoied to 1tcc editoreeforce03 p, i. cl of eday neyer, Dait, Churtclh, Haverty,
00eviocstotht oiccich te e excected 1 Iol lttSttoiLoid1ckn
Subscriptiosicay ice loftath11cILofficeo, chit e Gitsliot
Metyers"o o lllc'scccccoiccccl oe withli itceee
01otngopomtya aperti ocictoanc fcilcce cof-
c iceclers t ii de clyIclcc0 Latin is the Snnmmer Schsool.
All cacin'' ccc tiit'e" timatte cccust ie I
te croffic y 4ap.c.conet(iccaiy' pretitola N hilocrse'ti11.0tttnountcedi for the
onlwhcitihey ae oeiavucacc. liixt scsit i ftie Sumietiic liool.
Ofthtese threare telceiteintarlytootrsee,
afort whiihliotieTttvesty cIdit utis
rietc:ltiltthe toirati thof ciiItiglisli
_ = no titttwtohiicoliletrol rtiin of
I c,,Dcsld.h ' Iast it)bascitall teatiias("tO ' ic'tttiid'011(1 arevi eo' the
iets Illiiciitinosr tescon(dl(11110seccl oratmar;tiit l ici(er o, wtohisloe-
tlc' "-el". Anduilthei citcole ofciatol iatetionto rc ettditi'' alocc, Itc
htli *-ine irtuaelly t11utlisthoestetni lci'aipoliteca intiltitiltiiti' toli
ehltlilheliit i basebal Ilfot '99)thiclstry oilthe Ititot in epch;el
'le 'Variisit' pial'rs hIteit I l aIt-t111iiVirgil (tor Ovid),wctihi icl'tc ti
Olcil ''ari'rtrctho ile last fece toys a'to tcal readi ttiing oidodisoecsson of
will (ltotetil tiiost tic win.tt thle po'liclei ll v1 1liiihescoses,
At he lilt i Iil sgaeitwse p011ilicli e. lust twypof ) litailb-
almlios t ipsibile itc1aisetathelithly lybttenClibyt eaciets
yell A. 1eo students dil gtvete , e aree0'lthiiiei''advanced ' ciourlt=(S,
thu I cilii111utobeotile ill01111 iti, elst 119credtarelivte"1011'ittthe trapid1
ofi tilge.'1111 1t "tIillsotto rootig Lat11 inlthclosltuchias'reiene i
ccul i gac~e a I sm'aill prit.cechool.IPeck antl i ootslmit 5 IliiomatnlLift
Altitoay'.' game the team ilghct to 111l1Pcoste'antl Mere' leetures 1111
whiiol o hegame. Teyell-matttiers ourise leeturtes ct11 be giventtin s-
whioc Iiave beeniappinltted 00111 be 510 toriealLaotigrammareo, wtilh occa-
hiil to le'ad andiirleeltte reeling. sioinal exercises itnladvanocedi Laoti
Evernoie totgltt to boe iay Ito re- wtntg, Quetoions of getneral iter-
sloolil 011111a1 00111every itie the yell esl tetoehers tili be brocughlttp fole
is giveit.cdiscutssioti, tatditreoadial ng'dcevariotus
T1 pertoper timie iso0111 et15s101 tiestt'iltoe sutggested anlt1directed.
otnly lfet rtpayi ' ott'lett sev'- Otlieroadvaniced cootrsesciiilibe
era iin 1111rtepled upiinr ith 1a1tte givten if thert is a tsifichientl emaIioc
close olf't losig gtiteciththl ie forcith iecm.
XI ii e the teamlofeeil a is l'l- __
porte and 'tat giotd01 ithfu1111 tork 1s
apeeiatell Let 010 11avttthe . of A
II 0ell ivttet itth l'tiettetrcy atile -Raetin l


1100. ai t oee t Annod ArtticAe ich
Iritc colleulate IBureau OT016aGdUIG ostume.
5 Cesitiwnt, caccIfioods emade to circler cod rented. Also Clases
Clones, Cttoo lactsInd.011Caps, ClcssCollege leo. Addreese
Wy. C.KII401.. ic eternt i1tge'.,
Illctotll M ete'.. iv. 11. ioi Clico.
NEOW SCOV t E0L" The Geeatest Peretin
PASSEN'GER Tetttil.ned itntoatColn-
STEAM1~ ERS. strcirtioncc:ttuiell. .
COMFORT "o.4~ ' s eishting, Detortonand
"~o AFETY. Efticienicc eied .
To Detroit, M ackinac, Georgian Bay, Petoskecy, Clii ago
Totedo, Detroit aed NlackUn c"icilto tcc'cD[TROIT AND CLVELAND
\icioi ec lcc""" irce, $1.5 Q achcl. e ti
000 iii , T tl tl, IAQ'''' Cleveland 10010 :. , kta nr I
AND BOI' tL Ttctc c . P t cc B y , ( , 1)116 a.o dtt.,t.at i,'1- l
l RAicTEScInccttPc.,ctnsg iia ndtBiaic"'d"andnToledo 'tccofo..ail,01 cc'
matd e r I Ce velanic dti'c.c ;I t Adec Sctc ol 'oooto tui l 1toi eI
Toledoi$010 siiotoitit 11010 10, t1t.ia.ic'ltlt,
Fo e t. lit> Bicycle3 Emorreium. h 1ol
10111cc s l .. .119 XV'st Vnshciccton 'i leieh.
..00 I~tlernc -iof 12 XWeeks.
liet Lessoos by Appountment. Seth 'Phone 246.
If you w'ant amie Macit or tans
~h e hood'-sewed Shoe, ot x "3.00,'43.50, X4.00)
anti $5.00, call and see tue.
F a c tsWe guarantee satisfactiona in every
RFRI[L'S SHOE STORE~. A ib9a. clu St.

Chess Schtedule.
'hoe followciung is the elatss sedci-
099 lotte ts 'il1dett, Saotrdutv,
Sold, Mayv 13.
P~harnuacs vs. homlueopis, Saotutrday
10:old, Maoy 13.
A. A. Bi. S. vs. '02 mieudies, Wed-
nesday 4:id, May 17.
'd1lawoo vs. 1d0 law, Thuorsduay 4:old,
lay 18.
'99 lit vs 'd0 lit, Fridaiy 4:10,
May 10.
'd1lit vs. '02 lit, Satoteday 8:30,
May 20.
'hue gaeties wihli e calledh promtptly
oil thte tinteschtedotledlattdhatoy
teaiti tot so timie will forfeit thoe
T1hte tiattes atid iddresses of the
captaiis atid oiatiagers of all teamns
eiitered imust be in by Friday at 6
P. Ini.
All games will be played on the

Universal Atlas
By Saving 20c purchaae checka at
the cotiowing storeea
Macek t&tCo., Grnter o&-Foutz,
Cuttiog, I eyer d1 Co, It. Brown,
Staebler i& Co., Groceries, Wot. Arnold,
EberbahoebHtrdware Co, J. J. (quarry,
SeabolttTBros., Groceries, Antoon'Teotfel,
W. WI. Wetmoene, G. it. Wild Co,
E. VI. Haoegsterfer, J. Laubeogay-en,
C. F. Parono, H. G. Lodholz,
300 Coupons get the Atiaa.
Yoocanosetanddexamine th eeo tarrye'y
Dee- htore.
if Your Bicycle Needs
WV. WaSlhngtoca.

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