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May 09, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-05-09

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Jilw c Changes at the Librarq ..*. 4++ +444*444...+
~ J~ +~A large consignmnent of books fronm Nothing Better THEZ
Published Daily (Sundays ecepted) durtng tho London was received at the library IN LAND
College yea, at yesterday. Tie shipment comprised Ca be furnslted taiteewate t ILAD P RESS :f
THE UIVERSTY O MICHGAN. five large packing cese filled mostly arno elteelsithna
THEUNIERITYOF ICIGa.nilthie periodicals. The largest p- aenwptigfrhi h a AN N ARBOR 2
'isa-nt tThe Iland Pret,,Steaning Bloch. rodical am~onlg the tutber asas Ils of rHtntwS Weathern Drinks at
Both Phons 147. Illustrated Londson News, of whlict orna oIsbutat
MAAIGEIO. the fll set of 109 volutmtes wsas re- ecalyooing ewcpena natal Pr ines ners,
MANAGING EDITOSI. eived. This is a periodical of alout vtytt ar ln aeln- ~d~
F. Eaue~aae,'51L the sate size aned ciaracer as the tta4srt-+
BUSINESS MANAGER. Scientific Amterican,. All tese (ooks J J. QUARRY
o,1i. Anus,'00 . wsill e catalorguedanitd placeditt u tpCmpsnrl tae. 4 BLANKBOOK MAKERS -
ElIlTOtt5 the shelves fer circalatiotn within a tampsNDtgtSore.i ocin
Athletic Editor, P. W. Jona, '99, fete (ays. w +f+ .T t ono,0 .A t coGLo ni hr ietecr aaou
.0D. it reactsi . . . w oeDt, wiel1le etlargedi atdlchanged. A
I a, 2. yoaorinYn, Ot, W., D. HOtet in, sa.case of double (le capacity sf eiter
A. (G. Braow,'oat.fith le presenetites (ao beet placed
th -iacrptci arecanicOsa -sttoalotg the nartla aval frotith(le cen- l OLLIEG3E STUIDEN'TS
the college ypan,awita orgilar denier} efrecJ Iatc ltr I le csrhicc cttt
nootn acti Say. Nticee, etittiuiitaitiie, and Ii this case swil1 e placedl ite authois
handed liita iat- t e IYefi-c aeorn 5 a. an .or catalaigaecards. Halftf te scbject 1I HE
t a a i l t e i l t o a l i t e d i t o ef- a o r e a l , ita ft h e d a y
p i i aus t o t oh a ta awh ic ih dth are e pca e d t C a rls sw ill ie t k e t f ro m tit h e ir' p r s e tt C I i1 T l l Y
' cip ru iay blefll lt-at theD o fie 1[
Ale laie, -is tilsnt a orii ~it thB sines tl ogeea . Atp ee tte aeM K
Dti i g er sil e iiibe -: till r utter a _favor_ _ _ ae_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __andthisd obli_ _ _ _
r rtigire roetil tiat thitleoicanyaita iliure e ietveeoeeil ttfhs la ln
Eliar tatice- ly 4 a,ot he t eate poica etotat.ntgE ssti tteld preide etaitgli space orSI111, 1il71'UV1{IjS V
an cwhich tlyace t e aue. etcral years t etioie.
t ~ ~ ~ ~ Sno Resoilutiontis.- .- i
C. I3ioo pepre bitelln,,clsp Strawberry
Nawtaltitat- ae ti--tion-s('tar alit ae- d Ct itttieoit it urryii AND
,it-)ate- rean ltaeed itit itte (eat ourt, tngiiei-iga ss ofIic efo f Il, the( liees-t- Pi neapple___
iii laalel t lie- it wsec nt (a ii li. 'ilac sit of liehlign e lta satted wis-ila
dcte ait--lre-do ait lisant tha(ltreu- eleet sorrow tat tesuddelen ideat taf
baateaio ors o etncs r- esteeited clase te, l-r b-k ________
ltt~lili l i~ t1 dliicc tti si ttael~-LetsisIlrowi-te, tho ias been seacttively
Ctl t- Bt lau- i lii ~e t alig rsaeeoelasee ith neS reduring our ollgtiItaw sl
antl eBuilllti t ite hoatrenbit r iscore, ea lii isubrttlalnt tou l(ate Biau o1 PiudellFIG otume.
ice -Ihituldil uctin the Ciii i ttaiimidst-laeljust aboutb toienteriletO- COTRELL & LEONAR~D
erieaetii t a ii- s-httison liesor-tti. AetnAi NY Y
ctaodc ith lvlsup t ew'poits Itle rasiliantid gene-ous satrs ard
Ont 0110 (phseCof i (liloretitin gosti salteerliggcharecter hsia-e nbinsebaae tis -ard leds rsmade Ctorder antirened AlsClaor
intobithlic tetrprep~ad tCia11ethea- tas of friends,iby swhoiamahis icss Cnae, Gliiss-(ltsrn aps, Cas ftlege (ins. Adere-
it-ali hiileli heettttekeetnly felt,tad wise till naver chaerishlaV. C. KERlN. 5Westr t nitag.,
toeetnw annet n ushsa g rse, - ri as fathful friend and Iaatii11astes s.i I
Ii nd tes aarrI ra -ilsaie timrrade. -
whet pres-ettd, ifromt laciIfi- We as ia lasse wisis toepresshis
bitottmao.T he o'la -tofIo r t: toi e ate mnniy and Ce hose amast dear t hiat
litte iranteec utijie-inis alet daiosur rcitotas ytmaty forteir dep ~ ~ I lIfJ M U~ ek STe
durirrg te e tolnl ii o. hitrd, personal afflitin.
L.I.\Esatatn, Preiden.to M C I C
tediou ttiri-, lea drnt , ug it occa-seite-E. Lu-NtN, Serear.
tlt "adlaig ior a genetlet hti ci.tr Ott - NEW STEELTe C inats feeerf tisn
WIoi~i-a(nsttd 'sistite Mdcl etnPASSENGER -Igt ataniled in Boat Us-
terisus plctti hnnhth-s MedicaltMeerent.1-thur-STEAM ERS. e ~ , - ratoniiL utitun ,
fonain]i-ihu etlbr Every imemteber of lihe-Medicasl SPEED.- ' -Euimentidtistic Pur-
--eh as g(en-ti t at ht)lecof t(l oie t dugdt e 'H'ttng t COM FORT -g~~~a --- as lhig, D natitnanad
-IC hits o t aillsar1 met ociey isitge l aehesStloiga A FET. _- ." Ecient ate- e.
ati-rls iiihi- -eititl sreitittltl t rbte teguarrrmeaetitg t-lichr is toble
atndi iatitirthelto~isttiad is held it the eeaheir es.'le To Detroit, Mackinac, Georgian Bay, Petoskey, Chicago
tallr Icur ro m 1heIue eat-r ynsh1lto elect the stganstael , fiu.<ef i t -
lie-ieu his c-ve 1r r ise o ei nattgeuatit h tI tu tII it uuol lt
flea thu-a aairi~iesis. Thieset le s -cry itilereithaig Out, itt ies Niti5 i-it ecut
thnb afuk ole otadvr itrsigantidhall enibhers Toledo Detoit and MackinaC otat ta,. DERi, $1 .00 A
eltet ieh i-aesbraIl15hlseithuhd atendl. 'Fie adrhiess taill he $ 0t,
iurssEsu, -tt- sfne--1 ItItF iIT mm1Iuld. 1 " - aeit -
elabu ted, tre e ate uer ilrthiebth tgis-ve by Dtr. eiele l ~ev-eandl0. Aent n ae i. - Ceeand ui,-au t -ct-if uu-e
Inurfocibeith_______tin o ornaierS 1I ,ut-ttut.1 aoi . a Put-in-gay r--a uut- Ii-a
$o.in it ilkuow ugulie iandanTnore ready ,uerir uuv1tui 1,
lii tne aiigetca-nis trll irre reail- 1rof. Juiths 0. Seiltebreile is aeu- in 5--.iuat ibtuatii- Jur uuui
bi r-ht ituc iihit hiittt-os. 'iilientaeraininig (hisslter swhoaill ire- OSten e strie'lrttrtinptruu rAdrs ru
as lileiw- rkioia-he u is i ndettlMichiignt tannlite thetr-lg theMis-feeial.Pd . -a ce rins,, a. e, a cramu, Mrtae, Oll Pf 0A tld~lt1 l jIB 104.101.0n C 11
deatiers sill hat able Is hieldltiea
potsitihntihey hae tre ady atanited,
t-f- 1a.nce1dsCecentst (aitlatitiiuajorfeat' dlil td
Ibaberet Was Committed in Dental T n e
Laboratoril. lr I G- 1 - (ett) Tndems1fulr rett1-tryte lhour
Dr Wvtlirig tob the 1Dentali.D-a- 01' "or(lal-. Rts-.Reasonele
Pie soisthClat (liiirecet ruahubery at 1 1N~ M. STAEBLER'S Bicycle Emporium.
aeastal college wasacmmittein t(hae ~jPhoeeas Ne. . lit) West Washslingfot Street.
opereting resstom.L T~f
aThete sas nthlaig tenafromea JF+
this rooma," sal he "No gld or C, xGRANGEA R'S SCHO 1L OF DANCING.
totitey. What astt ~seaens wa~ssfronalts
lihe- sdetal laborutrnyer." [Jd$5.00 per Termofa 12 Weeks.
"Itosriaeclatsastaketiatogethser?"IlD PROGRAMME PARTY EACH SATURDAY EVENING.
he wasisaskced.ul. riva
"N~ell, it wssetalittle es tharivae Leeons by Appointment. Bell ''hne 246.
$210,"e anasered. ___________________

Prof. J. C. Kaotusotn delivered an
addresshaforethe Busitness Met's class
ifth Ie Cotngregational chcurcht, Sunt-
day mrorning, uponte stubject, 1"Thte
People of Judea in te Time of

IfYour Bicycle Needs
W. Washington.-


U Manufacturer of ICE-CREAM.
Io Special attention given tn Socials,
M acW hi - Societies and Picnics, on. Shnrt Notice.
Quality and Prices Guaranteed.
oth Phiones. 110 South Mai St., Ann Arbor, Michi.

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