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March 28, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-03-28

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MAY COME HERE. A Night Off---Preparations Cor- A BIG FIGHT.
G.H ILDpiete.__
. Legislators Think Mining School at The final touches are now being Senior Lain Class Fighting About
Houghton Very Expensice. given to the preparations fr this Class Da Afairs.
Wil anoucetha te hve ow The announneement cones from p)ir(ductio. For the last week re- The senior law class met yesterday
Wit anuulee hat e hve 10WLansing that the Michigani Colege Ihearsals have beeni held every niight and cotinued its wrangle about
received our Spring and Summer of Mines, nose located at Houghton,~ and sill contintue during thiseek, class day affairs. At a previous
woolens. Or stock for the lucoma-inay be relmuvedl to Ann Arbor. There will lbe several dress rehearsals meetin tle valedictorian 1)al1 been
ln,, Season is the largest we have ever This solution of the problem, which the first of which will be sone time electedl fter a fierce contest and1(1a
shownis eclive and con(ined , 1.i oi very such mre than a mere possi- d(urinig the latter part of tis seek. call sas made yesterday for a meet-
1)111 foeia lllbceti 50(1, ll~l ilite, is thre ougrwthl of a raily IThe cotmees hiave been od(ered ig(of tie class t( elet tie lassiay
bot foeig ad d~r~~tc god ndinceasng enimet aon th leisfromlilChicao andeveyth Illhs officers N0sonerildthemeein
1s comlpolsedI ofthe best llabrics l1ators, eslpeciallyV the senators againstbeeiidne(10110 he resntaionbenclle 1(1detantie troulteg
every hine that cani le obtaianed. Ave iappropr)itinlg amyore miiney for artistically comIlplete. There is no( bega. Presient lEgan h1d(a(1 inted1115
carry the lrgestI lie of Wooleiis illtile mintenanilce of tte College of tdoibt, that tie play swill be more o (f a colelmittee for class (lay ill accord-
thi . We illvill youito Ill and11(1Mines iin its present lcationl. A totlila success than usulal. It sill be the aue switi the usual custml.
It). ~of $194,000 has thlus far beenl applr- usual society event aull this crnl- An ojectinsi(tl raisel that tie
inspct the samlle. p ritedl for this institutionlsinire it billed wsith the excelcint preseitatonl presiet had( acted witot lautor-
ss 15fonied, and( it is askig the sshichi is promised sll1 pult it aielid ity in apiuntng te cllssdaly oii-.
G. W I D CO legislature tfor $1 70,000 more. (f the successes of forimer yeirs. Te iittee. To aiswer this the lrsiet
Attelntioni is calledl to tei fact that list of patronles has beeii (ade ot read frm the cnistittioin( (f the
*this little college, sitli olily abut adswill be anionlced later. The class to the effect that te presiet
108 F-. Washigton St , toll students, is asktig for $170000 performanlice swill le gise wedies- sold llaposit ill comnnittees terens
ANN AU13011 whereas all the University realizies day, April 5. Tickets sill lhe (Ill naimedh ad all (tier commilittees iir
thse oe-sixtt l 111taIx placeed at sale lat Sheeanil's inext 'iatu rduy ig the ytiar. TIstis the objecion
its dipllj51 is $186000 aI year. 'Thle uornig at 9 o'clock. lie Iprices (vil raisdl that tils clsday con-
University is 11(5a sking forauls(cince sill be as foriierly $1t,0, 75e. uaid iittee sas ot provided for in the
hlll,.whichu is iperatisv eneeded. 50C. cn~stitutin or any prtiilar egis
WV'arranI.ted and the amounlt asked5(foriIs the(- latioi (f the class, adl that for this
upper pelinslaohallehhg woiuld build' The Deadly Mosquito-A Cause of reason the presideit had exeee
Cut~tlery. 11nd1equiphiIIscience hlshthatu I sld l Contagious Epidemics. hisIposes, because le liadicreutel
nt hae a superir i thll cunty. Lust eeniig Dr. IDock delivered the conuuittee in qetin President
The work hdne at the C.olege o the thuidI f hus series of letures onu Egaii imae the just anwer that le
We have just received a dines couldlIbe madule ia1part ot the Malaria. Thehcleeturer considered hall namieud this coimittee ii cord-.
fie line of High Grade deprtmlent of echaniclant in- 111 several of the viuils teoris which aice switi a swell-knownsan id loig
razors ad Knives, fully-g
warranted, andwse sell theinin lg engineerinig Ioithe Uniiversity- hauvehbeen ad~vnicel tll accoint for established cstom~. After ia lng
right too. Ste onr windss. ithl but little additionlulco dsh It is the spreadl of maariua, ulldimore parl- adl fruitless discsini, il whic,
citedi that le of tlhe st miing1115titulaly)-the ileshihl the umosq~hito aosuarp eluaiges anurlcies swere
1icoleges inl the woldits cIndctdin~ 11 is uoss believed by manaiy tl play in imade, te class cmimiittee swent ito
t1E sM M ointetuion withl (olumbuih. uolliege, this regrd. Vurious oservations IIcmmliiittee f the swhole. 'lers
________________________________ anid thuat the cst of isiii iun AilAr- wh~illhuuave beenu imae by sieific the sme course of c(icntiluied..
muoiCinumuchie-s thuaii at Houightoi. imii in the reen~t years teid to sos Finaully the class after severusl hours
! of the commuuittee on CUivest, sas le meauins of infectioi. It has hbein nearer te slutinilof the dllestioit
Driige rstoftholleg rweletting totglethlerma~tria~l to pro05eCdemonsrated to beiufact, i oe ar hn wheni they weMn ieag rs
night.Nun Fi ue of ipeCgradb oac. -soldillbe madI(e. The twoSilstiti- servers. It huas beei shosistuatfle the presieit lunditrelts of iipach-
R. . JOLLY &. CO., tionis are nowI deoig palrallel sork, mosuI~ditossheiu it slcks fle blootd of nent iwere heard froiii u fet, bhtnui
308 So. State Street. the Ifoughltonurolege simplt~y dupi- h i-uiuuariah ipaint alo takes switli it conerted efort ws usmiade in thils
eatinug that done hat Anii Arbor. The tie parsasites which arec fouid cirela- diretion.
*Uuniversity, ie says, hiss a better hutiigfler. The lrasites arc either WikeaNclq
New Cam ras laboratory than they will ever have lcoveydIto the larvaorlunergo a fle ilonife rio lsf shucl
o~fflueeatter schoohil arcualsays cuaum- iscthalleeitially r foundhllill apears today is the anuaiuul Womiai's
fir9 lln,,th iavantage o aigthu col h nets cii'a.Frmhr dton h dtrs dniyi
~ or~99 ilgthis of asiug hthe nset's sisi sue. roir heeptlihls. heosedsitors ieauetofi
lege locatedl initheuminiiug distrct, it is very probabe that they arc eptsceotisbyhChl I
Whein we put toe tile fact i, the sttdets ro no~t have trainsplainter to the bod of the idi- thuir iiuidenly mesty. Hoseer,
1new carneras in thle window entranuce to fle Caluet &HIcla viduuuih so is latter bitten by the a omelih o(f the editorials suvo of
with a card that reud ike this line uat all. Last year, he rlaiimed, iiscy their usul abstruse facetionles,
heading, we were ntofferng' he(insecets.~'~,
bargains, hut see lady wanted the stuents spent suly ecc)- Satur- ft has beena slown tiat sll) cer- tedsus sproay adopte be-
ts bay ose tor 99 cents. Two day ixr somie of tile(tier uiuiies, or tin formhs of miosutits are upt tol cane nobody wishel to assuie the.
msen thought better and paid oniy about 40 days al told. s preari the infectioin. This theory resoisibiity for the dariig piece
us X016.20 each. The new fet- e sebt axatione for the Uni- sol i 1iuasrepanoc ofue jurniaismi. 'Thle articles are
rea make these cameras very "eras y wudi haueepan oeo h
desirable ad the prices are versity each year," said Seuator apparent coitradictions, ss'licli have molre nmierousanii usual. 'lhee
right. Potter, 'the paltry siui of $180000, been observed us the etiology of the ,any appropriate local hits ars
Calkins' Pharmacy and hene comes this little college disease. It nuay possibly explain catchy aidsel put. The reiiarks
with a request foc $170,000. Just sell)-te disease is not foud is on the campus editor of the Afeluna
--- compae the great ~University.swill hilgle altitudes, and thethief that tholughi true are rather ungrteful-
Y'our iNamre 3,100 students to the college switli its while it seeims to be slread by the The cus are numeros and character-
corporal's guard of students. Why, wid, yet its spread is iever a very isi. Tbe sggestioni for a case
,nr1185100on cier",alsen, 1.5 with only two extra rofessors the exenien.mlemorial is espeially good. Of
wi 110[~etetlcads ore. 150 yp xtniv oe I ycollege could be maintained withi _____ course, of this edition, Dr. Mosher is
ton crds, engrased ramyor o l Wae, for great credit to the state, at Ann Ar. Athletic Dance Postponed Wrinkle's favorite. She is shoss. in
90 CENTS. blu, and on this point I have col. - the hygenie costume which she 81o
lected facts aiid figures swhichi I sub The committee of the Athletic strongly recommends. By careful
The Best Stock, mit 10ottle apropriations' committee Board having in charge the athletic study unmistakable traces of umre
The Latest Styles when the college appropriation bill pafrty has decided to postpone the can be found in some of the articles.
At to ser asnew stainery comes before them. ance frsom April 7, the date adver-
tised, ts April 28, the first Friday Prof. Nicholas Murray Butler, of
A 1 Prof. Truebloods colleague. Prof. after the spring vacation. The Columbia University has consented
>/ Y 45 Fulton of Ohio Weseyan University change was made oii account of the to deliver the Commencement oration
ANN ARBOR University of Pennsylvania on the to Ann Arbor on Friday, as they will known speaker and -scholar and it is
Uip rown Down Town subject. The used of Oratory in our be tendered a reception, in the Gym- interesting to know that le aa been
State t. Opp. Cor is Colleges. inasiumn on that evening. secured.

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