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March 15, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-03-15

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U. of . * .le f43. Cesntined Fo ee P.7 4.]
Pntttt ttd Dotty (Setdat nxepteti itturing the Stand this pressure r n ttats to be
Colg ya~tseen. Baird, ismediately uipon re- If You W ear
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. ceiving the sews tiat the tar was on
Te ttitndPresstttnintg ttteci. left fer Clictago. He ttet tiere
tBtith iee147 Manager Fishter of Wisctnsiissand
MANAGING I~t. Mattager Huff of Ilinittis. Wiat -
FNEt. tt *~lL. Dtiey did yesterday~ is sot yet knotwn.
BSINESS MANAC ERz. Ote f tite strattgest fetttres of
0 5I 5 AStetitetin this witole trouble, is the long tne G l re c e
Athtli tatD Iweonow'00L. fee pettlitmagitedcithat it eves ex-
P. W~ fir i A tt MetCDi' et t°'ot., iste. Th e ctleges itad agreed thai .You Can gmet te latest ideas
ttt).itccUtee'it E. J i1.5WOtDti'5X iteaffair wssettled I Tey keptfrnou stc.Jtloki
their word tell anit olttl mrs esi
startedl by Stgg's kntotig etmt~tarkis Iout wutd ow5as you lass flanl
tont sevrlet iit seisstttthinttg eatt-yost will see theta--also ia handt-
il i p ~nt tiofti'ntc,, c2tit te ntcrahdteeulc h n
the cl ttiiec Ji c te'i'eii ci cee ieit.i.e~ti ie ltht e
I.cccii d rc vvN itc (tt5cti before 1iitr
nootnct.ticii t, v nSc tti~ttttt caid. tottuIcetiest lbyChitiesot ofithege ~stilee 51)a of Top tand.
thettiiititi ie nit in iciii t. c tc t Ie iih Irts is te brt n eiel u nsl tg .
haned in St i Dr heti t iit e Np tiint ithi'ias ttte fi st t iil uriis ei
mill iI to the edtortere :etin tfthe dstit
previoustic that on cit.h t .eae; iidto elr tyitsof ihow lit lte. etood.
Melr- orl dc ue it cc eit tinieceS tetthes'cilleges itsrigird tit sececy
Ma cc r hbinc t wi l c nfnertec avortnc'c//^^
e cin titlti 't icccitency t'fiaiueo t oaiee i sl olne on O L V E o l ' t r C o h n o s
All list it.5intedtecetrt, tt 'it ttettttiheeinai
th i c yIn ici tthe t ccc) tc titettoethattWie oitneiteieaseilie sunwed Everything Thats New 209 SOUTH MAIN STREET.
onwhcteyae Sipea-t t Cheticgohat ak ii Ietntchet..chtoice
INCH - 01nc Tcttc ' ittte tcUci, etwceeti asglcttoncs shitie f t e tt-
F. DI tiitAN. ceit, ir friendily relacctionsith Cie . S t.' Z. & ~ ...L
Board ofl Controt Meeting., tther Westernt clliges adchoeltsens ecetoict cc NetiesMNUACITREattts OF
AthBorofCnrlmeigitt favr of the fiti.e. CHEMICAL.tu11(1PHLYSICAL APPAII.US.
hisS ev enitise i'chtc'itfsuject Sfci s- MICIROSCOPIC FIND)IiNG(S. Hetdwiutrteis or all Lbora-
ettnsicitacite situ a 'tioni i et eurnProf.Adams Attacks Imperalsm. tory Suppies
cltlege a thlic . he ' oarli e ric'tc te ro t Henry L. Adam:uhetti li ciof ittS. MiiiSrec. Ann Anor, Mitchl.
tesainiouithe tirtt' iefoit t h c orte - t e Ipari tiet tel poiiticaitlt ecttotomy, _
teetties ioflt'e stild ltihich(hirii giatveitr'etit t itBar c it n i tele- TRY HOT OH OCOLATE,
sette P itteicii ancdiiDitetor 13 gid tittttcSi to Is lsit n itt s trhict ssii- Noieetikeit etsiweercti
haetke.'1ebadraiid h or IeSid hantnted i.200 EAST WASHINGTON STREET, -
Iilhii ticSiates 701.1 r teuti ft hecci Slit.
, e186)8,tlpitiMci't i taSres oiflgovernti w~tlee i inte 316 SOTH STATE STREET
cewe ersnaie ftelnvr uy uaeory ohescvdnnsye ities of Michuian, Wistiousicin tlnd Ill- 30 perct teni t r te naionattcl gove'n-
inotis: metI lleI1'rntee, lesalld iteetase
wnin inereolegiae hlieots itas reversedcili caiii applie 60Y AT1 TT OPl 1I.I~I~I
only e sun~rvdby apolicy iof perfeeS feal.t lt.eILa ttin ieo lesin ftriTiEo
eqtitality oh right s anti irivileges, there- ttlukig this favorab le tcoitipaiiscise 'TH
frefothie tittedState he sided, IX1U UL1II tLTL
t o l ci ilet.a t e ts utSly ire ni t itttho ghihowi isi'S w eil lewihestwee
'rero'dcawhlicrehaticois cwittinyccu- gtStitgcsli mic i ts-FOR A GAME OF' POOL OR BILLIARDS
quality cf ights asntiprivilegecsith any st sy." lurnssSt. Fst af F. ansd M. Bansk.n cce.ih
of ccii nmherintoany laoe iS athletic
sports Tiagemntshatltte inte- Phi Beta Kappa Socsety.
preteid t eniietical rights inidte~r- A ipetitioniwstsstrteilMondatl y at
uiniig cwhere gamese iee e ccptayed,
aniaeqtuial dhis tion oitheSineteSinconne cieeigcfSle iitliti 'sti lii
Srns all gliet. Sut i eiteh ll ntcSapuily' ieri'ttieestudenitc- ask ic ite Sa-
Sc ga alr hcey cntacted t." slty's puemiisionttes ctabshds eliap-
[Sctgntdt A. .ItPi LiCi ut eeioh theePitBlte -tc~app itfrtesrtity,
Chaui itan 1BcaccinseControci cit Athletits~ tsiiI stisc c ~hcpcifss
Unieseity o chi hgan lgbisic wihi bsdtnfu
C KIt ottMs yecrs's schlshh Sip T'ecietcy ivis
President of teIUniversitcit Wiscnsinfhunddtitt l iltli ciiincci \i iy Col-
1 iescdetenS cc i I ii 7i ocf secslnois.ihtlTsi s spaeelcicngs to the StudentsLettre Assoiation
Dae o in oeChic agoec Mrchnics ncc40.1Amerct ani.ti clletesandcciii viier-
rcentseel mosticoficheSiteraercivsti-
Tuno Instructors Gone. denssseeningc tieefeohi.cpsinion
Ticc ofltSliteaichiiensinc .hetistty ticatsochei cit~ety ciiilie citf nieceS
inthe l ii v tersity hIceeen diirawnutitheet titinie Univereity
tiii't 1iiiiibecte slais paidt1 ini i
elcstic'ch c'hemiistrye.' H11 iE. liB ciiinit Mr.e IleeccaiiRus stll, ichDetrouit,
B.S l c-i6 csis C seins'ructor', ii ' che who I sis e on l e cit ' c te judge cci
Chsemii.c iieciis ii icaLaoaoy fr te p-et elier folritie titcha l ib te' Fridahy
tit.ee year ics bcecil appocintedcinightSchls t eh '1ccth iiti s-llegraph__________________d___ ___that___________________e______will________
eisst forc lie MichigancccCemsenc tse uble tsscvee''tus-e ofl trgeest iQ(" C( ,-S-',e+1t4
'971 assiset'ani titit-ctrccc 5hccudl ii tA Ston cithSie NormtialhIsisbieetn $35.00
ive chiliarSmentciiiIc-cetedi i t iii 5 set~ curedinhis teadiiCresestBevel Cear Chat- Cycle Enmponiurm
its is cleii dcc foriitihic ci x Cd1ity ________________________ less, -60-.00o
Stachelc Wtilenof Siiiox (iii Ia. Juveniles, - - - 25.00 119 WEST WASHINGTON ST.,
Seligmani Prases Adams TH NS TH AT E: AuSited witS DulpDetchble Trss. ANN ARBOR.
Itsan riicsle in th Ie crriet( TO NIGHT GRANGER'S SCHOOL OF DANCING.
Seligmathe Slt Siccccnthor ofiel iig- V a~leiC ~omlic Opera I$5.00 per TelrIllof 12 Weekts.
mcasn's 1sntys' onciTaxationisas coI COMPAI PROGRAMME PARTY EACH SATURDAY EVENING.
iribuessieit5 eitism ont cI r Pith ICOMPANYPrivate Lesons by Appointment eth 'Phone 246.
Aedaim's 'Sciecectlf SFinanicte." Iii
it thoeuughin ii~tig cciiit -ewle cinorts"The Bohemian Girl." A NIEWVV l-II NJ
defecthSie ritic e claeie the cc or> 'ics 0,L,30aa I~+
to lie ini steny rtspects citeofuhSie P.C :1,so 1111~Ii Patent Lere Sosfr Spinsg, is the English Flat
best if noti sie best workeoni the suit-- Last. We have them in Button asd Lace. If you want
ject yet constribted toSiclie economuici LA IVASCOTTE" to be successful, look successful and wear our shoes.
sese.Matinee Prces10sand 20 cts. i 1LJ'S SHO[ STOIFt 159,WseshisgtosuuSt

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