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February 23, 1899 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1899-02-23

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To set up a colonial system is to be wealth; of the administration of natural carie of life is both ane ecoomic ab- westward along wich he knew the
ready to trade peace for sar, to srrenlfmonoolies and the control of artifcasudtan an rai metoortde fcvlztonwsuetoe;
der serenity and secrity for a state of comsbintions of caiita in trsts and srlt n narineto o td fcvlzto essr ost
armed anxiety aod weakening incerti- othersise,andtheorganization of labor; American civilizations at the bar of sd his prophetic visiocn foresaw the
tilde. It is to mix up in len quarrels, racial problems, nd the shoses of our humanuty aced jstice. gradual assimilation of the contenct
which we have deprecated aleways anod partisane political system witic iterol- The attempt is made to fire the by ties spreading settlements fromo
with sipecil emphslis in recent ears, tion of boss tyranny, ollicial irrespos-iantonothpelewhmuh he arerctes fpplton
at precisely thne time when,.y ll 51indi- ile anei1public apaety. Until Ithes e gnton(flcpelesiscueb he arer etes fpplto.
Cations, they are abot to culminate ine questions ae settled we have "room telk of the opportunity now1 presented Has ties imovement yet reached its
thce most rolessal nd destrctire sar and very eough"et home. Let us to its of beconing a °"word-pocwer.'' limit? Is cogested humecanity crowd
of modern imes. Not long ago at theerot e deceived by tics specious plea of Why, smy friecds, what is it to be a ing us into fle sea? Why, nmy
Lord Vlsyors sngncet in Leendon- Lord "duty." Or greatest ntil we shall ''crorlel'lcecer ?" Is it set to be it fried, opprtunities greter tan
Saibr elrdta h det fhv aeEohmr rgesilthe Unitesd States into old world eiplo- them, practically one cecti, duty is wih lower ice the swod? And if so, all fle oriet, ricer thace "barbaric
usurcy wouldl greatly strengthen the tese imemediste, imemense, eomestiecrhere is there a greater "woercd. pearl anti gold," awais ouren iter-
hands of Englaned; besttis lordhipt seds- problemsArid ot for ourselves alone epower" than the Unitedl States, or prie, swhens it sasll be disetrlled
ed thsat Ie cres sosrry atlinet lehis opi- set rcall munekind. thense nceles ieen for soreflecesn swithineetec present limcits of the Re-
ion, it sid not imuprocve tics prosdpects of So far as I lave observed, little at
peacre-Tics secsitive clorsn centere is ice tecupt les eenecade ice te way of a icesunred years? PDuring all tatiemues public; acd wvhen lat slallave
the Eacst, snd intofle very mcisst of it ie-enetive argusmcent by ticsesciocates Ameericas les carried flee forshflit beet susblued fle rest of titlevast
we sheculd e led by thitl fatuocs policy Offtse imperialistic programe. By see les lighted ticspthwecay of liheety cotinent is ters by as leras certain
of emicre. creaseeweeug- ae to set fle goverenct Ifor flentionseOf fle earth. Oser le its reeult no it will be peaceable ice
The imperial poicy will nece'.',itte a drirftegienevitabiy towarethfeir ojet,
vast incereese ice uernal establish- jso theattif eothinget tll e sdoeeereaetde 1d5 ep escnmld t cseetilcest ee alssg
mnent aned, eecdialy ted csost sreosshletlinduseraseslf perforece in dtiflee dynastiesto dest acd hbove tiertofae lsstday he cweulti be to flat
the creatioct and cantectaece oh s aempletely given over to their iolicy, gaes of privilege has reared repeb. extent an expescsiacist( but wev
greastandseiegarmy. Nectee"- c-n ex-they lesse shree-wrcly maneuere-dlflee liesesldlpalerhneet. W itinetht tety e serstat lee wlec left to po-
cus fle appadenet nditl'residesofaaIurden of proof spoe theirs teetogadits 0 osiuin aeCrC tepieespltcltsa
incrge artdel otr ellstoteeflds e cnsee- l thte tircatssteces compel them t cestcy ealy 50cietteieeslcv eiy feeiceespeceeltaa
erastiecceTies oeen fromesshomltde drteew utterante, ftse results. if 1Ituay be per- beetsbere, onee of cwhiecie woule letve sewent ofth le '"arewell Adrss"
our politiectl lineage eerie exrceec'ngly weted isall rchar to say so, are x- bees ossible bst for ours. Tier wtctld as certaely acd steadily saet
applrehensiv'e of fle d'snger to lieee rceegly cdisappeieticg it seecelsisees SccutheAemericean repeuhlics, ncct cd.- cposed iccetielsee is tier forcn tf a
stituetiecssthet aws lurkieeisieeaccla teg e f so moenecattous ateprturcefrom Blsed ino eretual inesncybute dsetadt coloniael depecdency as he
stanetineg armey.VW'ash eitotnetcnot oely urace'esiet and tracdiioenal Ioicy i1setp
voiced tie s etimenet ofcils ttmehoct ought to be justified by vey weigity etted in natural, self-tacght acd tred his badk cupcdn the oier of
one of tie lessons ocdsi-thisletory, evhencoesidratios. Oendies ontrary,Ihoew- edre prcgress, have risenc uplsasetiniiglypoer nd "pt ~asay thee
n les farecweeellsdress Ishei: Assed ever, they ac-sfor thee mosFprteocclsuche called st us blessed. Wherever reir crown"
thee necessity of tlese oligocseleili- as chrerfvads toreseeind one, whena sets- tv oenet ha-en A oteunvial eon
tary esteablishssensts whiclk, seder anyy serring ties auileces to wihcmentiey scttv evreee es brt A ofe uviace acm
formn of govsernentlt, ac's inaudspici osus ateesadsdressec, of eheteCleon scid of flee pltedcs, whlereer evene guaeraties cf leenient of ace imeperial policy
to liberty, tandswicheldedstolee regerdedcl IAthenciance cacey suntei se wha555'tspersonalsisecurityacd political rights icte feecay of alliances swiths oter
as hartwicuitrly hosile to republicand lib- similarcircumestaes: "This e they lave beewso, werever reigisus pasers, his views have beers left
erfy." Hese' discouaginsg to flee Iole- lisened to fle orators for easisonst rt hs idened acd the 'freedomesee a is sieular coneletecess
fnl lover of peace it is to witness fle e ey resemebie mene sifting- to be gtery en
Unitedl Statfes, hithero fle great exeses amcused by rhetoricians ratheeta de-sf tiespress icreased, thlersles beet and deiberationc. The reasocs on
llar of peetce, preprig to unertesia liberatinegace state afais " wcitnessedl ties forc of Amsericans ex- whlich they ere based are as valid
the ruinouss burens of stading armeees Vague mentinfic is maed by thema of amsple, which, tlhogh genetle as te nocs as whehle pesned term. His
just wenecEurocpe is about to go into supposed cesucercialeadvantafsges to ~sre cfeeeso leIlide, etrcc em tagl rpei
counsel over disarmaentee, and to see accrue to tiesUcnited Statfes fromese e ifuncflee ead ternesem taneyprpei
her putting-onace eehelmeet of Mattrs at acuiitione of tliesPhlipiinjses. Wheec speaksouttder thencteflehuefnfer of of str present situation, ans, though
this s-ey tlae whente lezGne, fle War- it is rememebered thaet fle toftal foreign ouer guessand cmoves sitifl sore resist- faniiar frocm frequect citaioc, can-
Lord of thes North, is ivitineg flee sa- trade of thes islands is only about $30,- less mcightfhan armies. set be recalled too often:
fleas to fle temple of concord! 100,000 a year, and thaet udertiss Acd ehtaneeprefrusor "gnt the sosd-n eieso
Thisdcreasm of empire cannot be real- calledi "opsn door" policy whiche thee Ai htcnepr fe sfr Aantteisdoswlso
ized without a prodigious increse in great commercial nations lave itro- this? A rivalship witl saggericg foreign influence (I conjure you to
the expenses of the gvernment to e duced in their colonial managemenct lkingdomes seeking let and license of believe ce, felot-citizens) this jeal-
borne withc difiulty by flee ieople aned whlich we heave areetedyannouecedelteir weealer neighbors, watcling ousy of a free people ougt to be
withocut reconpepses throughany cr- we propose to lersse, s'se cnincreeser sar of plunder fthte do iof cnsantly [italics Iis] aeake, since
responding advantageTies best at-cour share of this precisely as wel withI-
theify hfixes the proportins of this out owning fle islands tee we can by need, mearcheg ack tree centuries history asd experience iprove that
inmperial increment at abouet $21t0,000,- oevneing thse, ande withouet any of ties over the fallen and shattered idols of foreigninsflence is one of the most
000 a year. Iclnauche as thee rst of expense entaeiled by thee atter policy, Our storied progress, earning the fear baneful foes 'of republican govern-
our wtar'stfl Spaine was set far franc this contention thins to a vanisheig of victim ad the jealous hatred olwentc.f" * * *
$175I,000,000, fle anomalous conclusion point. Under modern colonial pollsisao eew ih
is reachesdltflet it would iec heaper for fle tendency of tradse is nt, as it was rival whr e eih have retained Ages and ages ago from the plains
us by $25000,000 a yeare to fgght foe ice fle era ofravigetion lws acd simi- the love of thle tone ad at least the of Asia our Aryan forefathers turned
peactaln to maintain it after ee get leer monopoly regulatfioces, to - follow respect of the other. their faces wstcward acd entered
it. Theses lguces shouled prave interest- fle flg," bet to seek tfle avenues of Otes of the last of the sags bser. upon fthat wortd-msarh whose recrd
ing reading fer tirespsopis of this rous- least resisteance acd of gtreesst proi to
fey ewhoe witnesse the expeneditue's of those coduting i. The way fo aug- vati)seosf fle great Bismsarck wsa is ties story of humcan progress.
the ntatioael governement mounting fast wenetefour trael is to urdersell our cra- elicited by ties prospect of ties Spac. 'Their instutions gres as their jouriey
towasrds$2,000,000,000 ec Congress, peitors, to increase fle desirability of isle war. Said le: "'Te result of lengthenmed, until at last we, their
acd wishe essrecetly bsen atsfesrita- or goods, ansI to imprve our conselar ties war canneot be weholesome to Eu decendats, standing by the great
tively assured theat the so-ced <, war- are-eang ements ansi foreign busiesse
taxes" nest contine indeinitely, andimetehoes.s Yakees ingenuity acd sees-rpe or America. Tie United sea resns beyond woese farter shore
that notwsrtetandcineg fle raisineg of chanical skljl, wshihlsaesaltready Sates uill bs forced to adopt aceic- their eart-rond course began, are
mere thene$17l'0,00000 in this mcanner trebled our exiorts to China during ties terseedding policy lairng ts una- docered withe priceless constittional
anidflee sale of VWfse,000000 of honsclatst eght years, wvile Engad sas veidabe friction. * * * Thee liberies stem by ties struggles and
fthere will be a deicit ins fle natfional oublinglers, eecidifinclcitely soe'
revenues at fle ends of flee lresent i- for our rumece flhane fle costly isa- Amuericans chag of frontce ans sacrifices, ties strenuos strifi of
cal year close to $180000,000. cease of a maeeret of whlichle 'scn retrogression, ice the high snecse, of musce and brain ad spirit, of 6,000
But thee chief acd tllireehcient rea- possess no noe- after ha ing the leids civilization.'Tis is ties esaine regret. years.
son, as it seens to as, why if is an- thatn weould be freely ours ithut it. table fact about flee war." My friends, as we cross that ocean
speatksle joly fain' fle United States
to eet a pe rmanecent colonial depend- It is said that ties homeemnarlet is If, my friends, seshe not resist returning to or acestral home,
envy' in theePhlilipine Islands, is haf over-stocked; that therer is a glut of aid coquer the forces that are noc'what sal be our message to the
it ewill dit rtact our attesetione fromeeties all kinds of goosds, due tee oeer-pro- sting tward an Amcerican empire peplessthat wer left beid? Sllah
study ansluione of fle gravest rcial, duction, and that what fle Amercane ice fle easterne tropics, sith its ievit- it e pece or sar, ties cruelty acd
econonmic sed indlustriatlh irobemes n cit
our domsesic life, tsndelmeusetneedlessly' itzeme ant eatsed wear Hocst lee able resultant imseeriaisic meedificee. bondage of fle emuimie rfle fried-
multiply futile e taskleees ofeoccefiege-wcrknled off on tie Malay acd tie tons oh our domestic isifutions, tie shlip and freedomti o the reiublic?
enensit st eatly fle timeswens, us Cheinmen.emNthinig better tian thir prophecy of Bismarck wnill surely'
ifs naturatl deve'lopmseet, if is eing climce illustrates the basriessuess o eccmse the jcdlycieit of history. It Ties idiiual cabinet poorahs
ubjeted to a crucal str-echn.gp
We are constancey reminded by the imerceilistic argumenct I asser ccil be ouse eternaly to bear the of all senior chss officers of tie veri-
writers of great learning tid insigit,ewith all confidence that under a udimn of having tssjeed fle car of es dpartmesnts of the Umiversity
ike thee historianeeL eky, Sir liectry prper distributiomn of the burdies of progress and turned it bacwcard. souli be iii the hads of the manag
Maine, Mtr. E. L Gedli, andelProfs- governmeent acd eoportunites of Against so meehancoly a fate as tiat, mg editor of lie ichigneesin not
nor expeim~fetleo't-i st illeinec-ath icefle Unitedi States seeomre it is, in my jeegemeims, tiesduty of later tian March 1. Tee group pbs.
me a olly boredering on Waeay that of tics confots and luxuries of life every true Amereicane to strve to the tograpis of ties various c-ligssignu.
men sheuld noe soebely propose to addetase be ce-ated by Americane slih utfermosst to prefect Iis country. To iztions, whield are to appear ithie
flee bureds lens t lave inverieby than came be prefitably consmeed acd sleds ighs receves ws'bat fimes could anual shemld be faken at once and
creis every otheror utlict ssn ted wisely enjoyedl by Amereicans san- give so (eels and stroemg a sanctioms as be ihanded in not later than above
theme, to tite under wehich the people hood, Amsericans woesmnhood, acd the Birthday of Wasiingtlon? lHe dtet. 'lbsidividual naes and
of hin country ac'eleady staggering, ciildhood. Whens sen freeze at the was an American in every fibre of recerds of all Semior Lits, Laws and
doubtul of solvineg thdems to fleecredeit moudethe at the coal mine, acd starve Iis beeng, devoted absolutely to his Engineers should also be filed not
and gory of1democrsatesic institutios.es
Their tmrt ilh slpeise fw ie front of fle bake-slecp; scwheme the country, hopeful of ee- future, ad ater tan Marci 1. Mr. E. C.
barely enumnerate, without patusing to per capita consuempltion of whieat de- profeundly attached to ties union Snith wiii reieve those of the lacs,
disuss, soemme of tim h iie ch rbeesesbe- creases as ipoiulation msutiplies; under the consttuion. He believed Mr. MMllan thse of the its, and
tore hchi the genius of Our republiec when millions of our citizens lack ie this legitimae growths of the Mr. McKee thse of the egineers.
tas already inured: Qestinsefl nupegvrmnt fjs aai ni- roofs ad raiment: tee say tat fleee United States, gave much fuses to this JAS BADNumaa'ein Editr
fle equitable distrbution of produced1 is an over-prduction of the nees- study of routes and waterways to the 1020 S. University,

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