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February 15, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-02-15

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Have just received a large
line of Fancy Vestings for
Spring auni Summer.
They are Imp~ortations
direct from London. Pleaoe
call aod 000 theme.



Al legretti's
Chocolates r
Fresh Today. 4
Orn DaU andNiuht
Duing; tsherest oft he colleeyearwe
icat.Fclltline of iPips.,oasmccn
R. E. JOLLY & CO.,
3W8 So. State Street.
~Witch Hazel.
The extract that we nell at 25
cente a pint is the same quality
and strength as that which
sells at $,.0u a plot in ho ties
with yellow lahels. Somce is
weak aed watery. Some in
made with wood alcohol. OSure
is the straight article-2Oc for
a plot in your hottle.
Law Books
For the Second Semester
Text Books
Fer all the departments.
Bought and Exchanged.
Best Linen Paper, 15a, 20 and 25e per itb.

Board oif Control Considers Rles
Proposed bty the CHcago Coner-
The Board of Cmntrsl last eveinig
atified the cotrats swith Nore
Dame for the indoor track mseet and
he asehbll game.
The principal matter diseussec Iy
he hoard was the rles proposed y
he Conferensce of Westen Colleges
on which Purdue, Nsrthwesten Ills-
ois, Minnesota, WsXtcnsin Ciciato
aod Michigan were repesente. ThIis
onference was held at the Ciesgoc
Beacs olhctel, Nsv 2,189, the
morning atler the Thansimivgsclay
game. The rles wlichs stoicpro
osesd scre to regeulate all brnichs
f cosllege athletics. To eoeinhtd
ig they had to e.adsptes hv the
Bcssrcs(f Cotrol cit the varouss col-
egs representeu inisthecossnferece.
If these colleges sid nost rstify the
actiots f thirs reresentative the old
rulesswhichi are isowe beingcsd, scre
toc reminst in forte. Wiscosin sand
Pursdue carc the ontly cslleges sthich
ave accepted themi. Northwescter,
Illisois, Minnesota aiid Chicago ae
tsketn no actiuniin the mattr. Mihi-
isn tosokeactionuontemlsnit.
The rules were very carefully dis
ct-sod Iy the Board of Csntrol st
the meeting last evening. Te re-
sutit f the cdiscssiss wsota~t y
unianimus vote they stoic laid uon
the tahle Scor anin tdefinite legth of
tiime. T lilt actions ianes it boost
practically certainthatit Mibigssu sill
niot adopt the rules for it is very iis
prosbabsle that they sill ever aginiibe
takleoinuder cnsiidceraiicn y cciii
hioard. cThe direct resultcf or re
jectioni sill very likely e that the
rles will never eomie effective
amtcog itny of the IWesternicoleges.
This sill mtake valueless insst of the
stork of the lst college coferenc.
We understanid that the felig is
the hoard sas that the revisiccis oi
the rules didciittistw sulicietimlii
preoeent to nmake their aopticon
desirahie. While there stre foss
tmpijrvments ini the spirit of the
rules there wre mtianchntges i
firmssandt phraseology. Ideed, soue
of the rules as revised y the cons-
ferenice were imosssihle to nder.
stand, hutitwstre cspahle of several
iiterpretatios. The cd rules stre
satisfactory ad are untderstocd.
They sill e adhered to, the rejec-
tiSontof the nest rules does not affect
Our oard asci felt that the pro-
posed legislationi sabiot in the hine
of greater siplicity ut of greater
complexity, It was tlocght that the
new matter proposed had nt hoen
adequately discsed y the Cofer-
once. Mch dubthwsas also felt
abotut the wisdlomi of estnblisintg
sthat is called a Cirt cf Appea~l tc
construe the rtls fr parttictlar cases.
It swas togtht that the rules slosl,
he uniderstcood efore bout5 adosptcd,
not intergpreted after adotiton. No
serious necessity has arisens for scohl
a court tere, at aiy rate the ides
needs furthiem discussioni before any
attept is mnae to ptttsuchta rule itc
The opinion of Prof. Pattengill

;SDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1 899.
chsairmasn of otir hccarc], 'nd of the
other msembetirs of tthe bccard is that
thet ccnferencce shld have fcsserI
ruiles tiind greater' fidelity tco thses
sthicis it aliready last. It shsocilditt
titteimpt toc legislate fort every coci.
Ile inifraction11aist tthe rules fcor
amacttetcrismuctet it sscculd he hotter ticr
legislatescicee oniigesserial princesdlvete ea ilslon sa t
ticci fccsteistegrity saicclvigihlance occt
the vsarioccs Bcoardsc if (Cictrol. Only1
hy suchlascouiise otin bcc ubtainced the
sycmpthty cof the -tuenbodsccy cwlth-ct
ouct wh~ich it is iusqcossulcle fccr alcy1
board ctocccsurs aIhigthcsitdrdl cf1
atnsssttieri-ism. It is imsitjblehic fcr
tiny hboarcd tccprevoeut iel~f frotsihi-
lug licocilkt citifthe situdenithbody
is dletermineod to do so.1
Oratorical Contest. 1
All of the oraticos fcor the Orts-
torictal coiitest store senit tic the judsci
yestcrcday. Ttere arc 42 cistries its
the conttest. Microthsan te reqssiredcl
istimser hsave entered in every elist
exceict thse senicr last class. As oncly
six are alicoced to speak in essholsssc
ecotest the extra enitries still havse
tcc Ice drtoppecd. Ao the senior ticsi
cltiss is allccwed tsto speakers on the
fital conitest, it sill ntctldciit lasso
cntest, tsr thsere are oiily ties entered
fromt this class.
The revised list of eateries is as
Seior Literary-G. F. Patil, F.
E. ItheinfranmkIIRtc IL Kitele y, A.
It. j'sV*.tusct (l, 1(f. 2 . ciCric t .~
J. MchCtall, His s lcbth itaNNcy,
G. A.. Ohlinger, M1 H. Carmodiy.
J umiortirEterary-IsFale Dishl, A.
J. Blotchy, F. D.)Einanm5T. L.
Rtohinuiso, deoismiH.PretimsChsas.
D. Hsurrey, I. T.IRashAh aiss J.
hiollatid, IHarmisoni V, Smsaley, IW.
L. Weolls.
Sopholmomcre Ltet rvy Chmas. Vtin
K'eorems, J. N. Mc hrthot, V. D.
Weolls, 11. A. Weictio MisGensev-
mve ID. O'Niel, M. V. Blickel, P. WV.
Semiocr Las-H. S. Tbamnmer, Ctarl
V. Wismner.
Junmior Law-J. A. Mocntgomeiry,
1E. A. lBrwcnm, IH. J. Zitmimmer, deohsm
RI. Schmachst, J. 1R. L. Budge, 1'. A.
Conlin, D. P. iLtistey, Jeromte J.
Freshsmeni Lawt-Earnmest Lamsder,
Earl Rusted, Amsos, Corhit, J. S.
tmngehretsont, A. Amndheews, NlisIFloye
V. G~ilmotire, 1MaithommebashsThosmas, W.
B. Harrisoms.
Freshman Gutm Worh.

Last Evening bt3 the Boston Tern-
pie Quartette.
Ic geneoral thue conscert last even-.
mug wats a deicided suiccess in spite of
s feir drasehacksswhuich occurred to
nar the genceraul serencity ouf thin per.
foermasnice. Thue quiartette wats in ox-
relenut vosice tamd etirely sauve hotter
tuartettesobhenshsetsrd in Anun Arbor.
In asdduitionisthue iiectulirs tire all soilo-
lets Asswecs friequetly shuowit durinug
tie eveing. I Ise sehectionis itincld
heucuorotu, pautrioctticicanh semntimental
pieceosiachdallstore rendueredh with a
skillh sthsichtmttarkedltree l tsiesmi
Ao a reader Miss Bumrnett won
faivors Insis thue autciettce amid shoswed
herself csapahble of imterpuetating
selectionts inuvolvinug a wide rttnge of
iiashectasotther difficult parts. But
,lse commt scitted te mistacke of muak-
mug iser selectiontu oocesncmgthy, thme
his t cuteheinug mnearly a htaif hour
ong. As ua resumanituiyic thte atudli-
emcee tired cut thue readhing atnd lost
initerest mm thse tttireconumcert.
Anocthuer unplhteasanmt featutro wan
ste rheeatedcl coures. Not a selec-
titus reuderedh-faihed ifhbeintg emncored
from edue to foutr timues. There
sceueedtic be a miumbechr of persons
secattered thurstugh thec amuiemnce who
store hemnt on5 cgettling thseir mioney's
wourth" stitc onisequsently the colt.
cert stus prolonigedl to ans isuhferahle
lenugth so thast msatty of the audimuce
heft lonmg hi-fore ltme chose. ThIis
huabit if repeactedcienucorincg is gottitng
to he stn oldhthuing its AnumsArhor and
cuss spouilehoncumcert tufter cosncert for
the averauge lictemner. Last tnighst the
enccorinugIcy a feet insuffterahhy hored
thue muajrilty of thonse present amid
thurouigh mus fatilt of thme entertainuers
greatly lessemned thue evening's etnjoy-
Assistants in Chemistrj.
Thuree unewr assistanmts have been
asppoinutedin i cheommistry to take the
places of Browen amid Nivlitng, who
cave reiignued to accehpt positions
elsewhe re, aicd Shuermnm, nwto was
appin~utech clerk tic thue Philippine
Commiussions. All of thue nest aosist-
ainthsere stuenouts ihuCle Unliversity.
Wmi. Melville, '1)1, amid F. L. Woods,
99, toigetlher take theo llace made
vacanut by Htermsan Birown. M. W.
Hose, M. S., '00, WV. A. Nivhlmg's
plhace as imnstruictor in cluemtistry to
thue denctal studenuts. J. B. Briggs
still till te vacancy muacdeicy the
termporary absence of Dr. Sherman.

direcors office amid till whit are Will Address Medical Soctettl.
cbiged to take gymnsmasumn sork are Colinits IH. Johnoni, A.B. '81, M.
requested to register as soots as possi- D. 'S3, of Grnd RIapuids, will address
ble. TIhis semester everybody musut Clue University Mothical Society on
register attesw, andc a nesw assigmnst Thtursdlay evetuitng. D~r. Johnmson is
of hplaccs its class eil1 be matde. Tnowmse Presidenmt cuthl~e State Medical
one stilllie tilloetogoCin touit s cr- Associastiomn. This is thte secontd in
aims clscs simtply hbecausuee luidtClintChic series of lectures before the
toni la.st scemester. 'those whio reg- MedicashSoiciety.
ister first ewill have Clue choice of Minstrel Shows Men.
classes. Evemn noew the classes at thue Alpesnwhartobcnetd
utiost desirauble houcurs are unearly filledh. wAll therns thire tho conn et
't'here still he a mueetimng of thue Thursdfay, Fob. 16, at 4:30 p. it.
Inuvitations Cocmittee of the Senuicor sharp its Roms C, U.. H. At lis
Class at Alpuhat PhilHtose, ems 'Ilurs. mueemum-r, regolar houtrs for rehearsal,
daS, 4:31) p. 10. etc. will be deterinued.
H. R. HURLBnUT. 100 0. H. HANS, Manager.

up rown
State St.

Down Tnwn
Opp. Court Hous~e
Plain St.

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