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February 03, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-02-03

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VOL. IX, No. 95. ANN AUt8OR, MI1CIL, :II[DNY, IFA'LU \M Y a, 1891). Tiiooi. Cix.
W3CU1 I ,COCI (AN Fcruuvtj Auninuo 0ut JJJOU L C CLUB.
speaks Tomorrow Night in bnioer" A lutri o 'I 990 11011 00e to011i3 i An Intrsting Fatre af l'Liiier
i1 con[altuts11 c1 d i 1 0 111 1)1rilesld Lin Quio ooiju e-a
sill} I(hall.I 1 s iu( Iine 11111.o ra .t
I)- in t e hisforo of Ihe Sf11111 i t^~I el t uh t t tit' 1ilta
oats ti 1 ll :ltl Ill rind1A1d1r 9 111.-
C ~ tt 1u~ orooaht i~t teJora u. ririitr't
Y+111110 iid o 1u+e iii51 III 1 () (i+~1 aeaISto. elurc 111111 f r.I ae l: e1111 i cI111(
H 111111Ic1t1111n dliiptl r
1111.ea 1t0 1(r uihr Wen Ires.1 . 111 S.C: V i11 1lt; t o icii:ee1 at11 I rirri lrr
I 1i c rIl is v0eii 111 t c i de f ! n iii.
sae ir . w 0. foo 111111 s1-ff t J! rei o l l lo l nyfi 1 lc t11, il9 111e111 i 1 11111 1 1.
gpig 111S an t I Ii d n 1i I1t
(11he leo ii c l (11 1torslof t1) il1if sI! ill 1111111 s
iliroct 11111 Lrodof l 1 0001 1111111 1 11111 1111111 ei s io at c l i t ac(t1( r Ir Itic, I ll3tI 1 1 1 1 IIr,)1,- i ly
}9 v 111111icy iillInyJarll?1pet11. 111 1rui i fy h1100 i 111 0 ..1111 e1 tort gradu teI of irli l: lit hits
Artiiic 1 oc i tt n 1tic, n aire ted0 ;illarc i~lii
lit n ?a y, iesin a I~r Ahfo m uo lio n 1(0 ll Ir tDr. 14r1 1 }.efIilili r~~10 If y11 t111 h f i ili!i. il i
direct fl JrIi0 tnmo101100elii I i dic e.111 In4tothe iiieoiif1r ilt lll
ciiirrIi htllylben011111h11 11011e1(l: . ti vi oii i st ieit ii l e I ol 00c Io.
talto}se hm nh,1p01itioey arc judl nil1111t i [oMdca bei i i ui
ainted erreybcii b sJ 11)~ oill 1 i i~~i
c ya eifyfor ~inc he is bcomeliiioud ai iti Isy hajor agliie. iiembtiier l ofII lili tanc1.t we, yta i
wthroiticailusal ple I asin razyepu r s ptosu d100 he lsiole
- iend elctain s va utles i eno inv o po ti e.y tm111Akli b iteoriyale1
iiifornatioi and iterestngndesrip tuteiron\tshraec1t1the:core
Chocolates ___..--_ _..---__..ion Dcu hrlybe A. cDeweyithas, c iiid pprslvIad iiY
s'q t~~hasteyanar uicanl'Jand eptiyiicsiihMeica eparmeld. Jur
mein UniveisCluties"DsW' fJ er.,Te objed of 11 theecliitss
oresh170(lawrt1e1111 h s s utno amolesigste puinroe itvtmeres(Ifstuetii
+ adulbeis lar. blhe eant thfusual ti oorkai ringltinmtint of
aribue n oardtil aHleioteydusilons wite hefdc.ty
T flflT flI Uivrsity news, ani 'News lfroiii I --_ .____
DUAI( IC1 the Classes."1 The Glee Club Will Work.
~?1hlllb i~nrnuiEditor 1Prnltiss of the Abis ssii oon.1as11iexamoinailitios ire,1 ev
- ~ BORKE COKRAN. is nw itiNew Y11r10workigag 111tele,111C~li lrirlpees Sto begin re-
. _ _- altmiiiI that iy. his tiot's Ii arsals ai eto0011gt ratdy for 11s
famious His e(forte Ihave beeii at. issue was gotten it by hisslar.conciet i h spring. A dtinel~lelt
Daring eg rstndo 11e1nonage yerwetetnilded iwitli 1very)1circumiIstn~ce gnart D. Mason '1)01.effort will be iiiiie to secure the c110-
111051t. 511,11 11n1111 Pines,1 Cigar', ad Illli ac Ii 111 r 11.5 1tl $100 Prize for free Trade lEssa. 'tI)th aclY 11tk sir
'.oace. .feli of 111,0111y. 111 soonier had le lr . 1.t'.idli hstrip duriig fatrvacationfi. As ve ,
R. E. JOLLY & OO.. nomnated Clivelnd in the famlous Ih h $Ii11lloweve r, prqtatlcs fr1110 rp rc
3011 So. Stats Street. Chicago Convenlltionltha le was ilai tepaphetofth iNw .ladntte rltst nsiteoftripar
_ _ -- 11___ 1 Freel 1111 11111 Tfrd~e LJ gue in whiche Il itt offiepirso tll
-- pacelinthe itn rakiofAmerca est of promisesio ft011their 1111t0th
nu1r11110 prize rr ialt ecolleges f(er 00010001ra011111has ben d11i111111 rip 011for The
the ques11tI ionli1i'Wloni Doeo T'rec
11111v1.1ity lalt iii 111111 1111PrteoI' I 4101 11 p1ast 1110 1scars a1114it 011i115 111to Ia
ion readsee:n r ier he lil 'Iio)1.1
'essfeve, 1110o1111n1ed.b11 i aiid of not I w ill bhrofur11ilt or nt.Leader St-
hV ixoste1810b b'il 1VIS.l I~.Ilw i ll 110Wrng lrn l lll010 I 1lilcl be l- a illl11101 b.floig
1hIeinggslake to heier, Lin (ockoan s penha,1anon1111e olowng
Whaeiiyoul dlon't wear0tour '' voice0100d11111111 11101.ffdozn luUiiier- Ia~dmitte ito lthis counltIWry feeof menas mmber1oi le club-
one ofrth esovests. It 1 Sit) 1Halls. Hle has'.spoken to i dty1 ht rp' ouoflc'' r is 111100 '-s'. G. La, J. hE_
cheaper thlantakling ld. O110111 n01 iii MalnoiluShre.10005111101a1t1ieigagltdin ahJ.ilir VaiollS 00i11and Wal.
We sfl l e best ones at 111h111 the-attention of aliitll.S 11n)11111 .111111 111rot ijur?'' ! (Bobbis,111 .4
1 1110' . 1,1 0011 t a na~tiotal t harzilcter yet. 111- 11 pic 100111( Ir ' lI5 0 ati ietnv rte. I itr ifrt Scond '1111111-1. 1. but hen,
conntewith the govrmetl he (haer; (. J. DvlIVs. Mc MKe
' Phopm (i ! will be a very fitting mantilto discuss Prize of $1011 for lte lst essay uponil VW. I liiaC.. 1) Ierrell and
6aIkins IIUIIUJ. thadctieofepiiiiao hc this subject by any of te oider-
- lie will treat, unuder tie tite "Mi graduate students of this University First Bass-- S.1 .'lor, '1.I.
____ Itaillsiid Wa e." of Michigan and a 5501111 of $50fo
ERAP OUWLLNED- _____ the secodl best at that nivrif. oldsoadow LVs Huiysr 1e
flHP O WC.NE Reception for Cooley. Essays mst be seit to Prif. Sec1o40nid IT. TV. . Ii itlr, L , )
Sweater j lbsTh senior enigineers are gum. t Henry (. Adams oii or before AhrilVeir,. .ode,1.TJns
Gy nsu" ut shoiw their apprieciation for Pf2, 1899. Thiey must e accomplIa-,1i erg odn
Cooley by tendering hiiii a reeption ied by a setled envelope ontaining
W1ehuses a large veilty and at ii the shape of a siioker and siciahlthewritr's amepndWairnklean
Spectal Prices. We always, to lie held at Ilengsterfer's Hall on bearing on this outside the assumed juorHpWile
larry the best grade. ; eb" 17. Invitatioiis are limited to ame withi which tis essay is signed. Wrinkle is iiakiig great plans t(>
the senior engineers sotil faculty'The merits of the essays will b e. get out one of this best numbers ever
SPORTING GOODS Preparatiions will e tads too about ternined before these eiveopes are publishel for its Junior Hop editil.
75 and, judging from the interest ohened. The prizes will le awarded Thie maagemet say that it will be
of every description. manifested, the affair wihh be itpo May 22, 1899. in every respect a double iumber
nounced success. No limit is placed upon the engthi soi will coin ire e 001 of the finest
A 11T --- of the essays except that they must drawings it has ever had. Rob
The Philologicah Society mnet last cnitain ait least a thousand words. Wagner of New York has sent sone
night ii Room E, University Hll, It is not known whether law st- pieces and Witeead, Bardin, M..
ANN ARBOR The paper of the evening was read dents ass eligible or not, but Prof. George, amd Bowman will contibutee
U~p Town Down Town by Prof. George Hempl on "Th Adams has written concerning the some of teir best efforts. It will be
Slte 5. Olp. Coin ou. Oriin of the Runes."pint soil will make it ko I later. out ThurdayDe. 9.

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