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December 17, 1898 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1898-12-17

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111 WET nn~r o6 S. MAIN ST., andIf A l/ I li
flu 342 S. STATE St., Cor. Wijliamn St., JVSvW.rj FL-,
UNIVERSIT'Y JEXI BOOKS, Second-hand and New, Fin esBlaspckaltyso
NateBoos ad Sudets'Supplies, of alkns lc Sis
Al FNDS l ' 7 ieSO iPl Sll Fountain Pens and Miscellaneous Books, Al Workaushitp.
OF .. ". .. . AND OFFERS ALL AT THE LOWEST PRICES. 214 East Washington St., ner, 5th Ave.

r O
We also carry a very Complete Line o_
Ctl iistns Cards,
D)esk Sets,
Carl Cases, etc.
WeY wouldl especially
call your attetonito
ou11'Books for chldlren,
of whliclhwe loave iaode
an11111011lly large
anod carful assortmsent

InterG~olidte Bureau of )ealernilG £ostumno.
}:? Caps, Gowns, snd Hoods made to order ad rested. Also Claee
Canes, Class Hatesad Cape, Class College Pins. Addres
)fY. C. KtERN, Western iMngr.,
Haskelil Mue, Un,aiv. o.f Chicagn
One Horse Sleighs for two people Take
2 Horse "4 or 6 Your
4 440IL. t4 24 44 Choice
Canopyj for T-atleso, El so Etc
a't'a call 'tteiotio'a to our compolete line of (Center Drta-ickel Plated Lamops,
ranging in price from a75c to X2.50 each. These Laisp are of floe latest an(]
mo(st impovaed patterns and makes. Including "Tihe mew Iloehesfer," "The
Yale," " The Royal, ""The Bierlin Student Lamop," "TIhe IPerfection Student
Lamp"I you want the heat iLamp for the .Leat lonryj come af1d see us.
Old Number:

WJ.OaOTH, Pro'. r^
W. AnaoI~,,1st Vice-procaIT
Ja.l'. S ALT12d t.CasierSfVINGS
Transacts a general
Bankliog Business.
af Ann Arora
FIRST NATIONAL BANK1 Organs eod 1863
Capital, $100,(00. Surpius aad Proft, 140,000
'traaacta gener1alobankingoobusiness.Foreign
exchageoboaghtatiasold. Furnisho letters af
OSC W.tCARKSON, tashier.
toor. lioandooHuraon Stooc(ts.
Ct'oial, $50,000. Surplus, $30,000. 't'ransacts a
R,it,ra', Prs. C. L.aREENc, Vice-Posa.
FCoo) 11Bo.1i 0.6, Cashtolier.

44 SO. MAIN ST., LIXN .(~)The flan irhor Savtin Bank
SHEE AN -----(ipial Soes es. 'I100,00
SH i i2 I I --- - - R ucs Student Railroad Rates, Ann Arbor Railroad Connections. coa'o organzedtindr telGneral Bankoling Law
of Os.. Stale e. lceives deposits, i san sel
Oic0 21 0an 21heA n i 0000i F xhaueonoftheoprincipaol ciis of thefUnited
l~s. 22,211 100 24 hoe l~f Vt lit \.ooo \1)01 ioroa o u Satel ~afbo cashe ooo r o per ocaiden tifcation
.Arbor Rooi lrooooad ill sell too soooloiltsSafety odeposit loxs.to r001t.
cf 0015a ori prt nt poo o t iso 0110 0 ts0Ch cistisoo ltcl. Pro. C. 0. iaioo
.till teacers pesening popereer- an c ; SloC ha.,,E Ilicocoo, Cashier; M.
:1:10 SOU' Th fiic ooeo sigioeol by Se'y Wooe olo t oF-itzol AssiotoatCashoioo.
S ESTREET dad y tiokets t ool oe andodn0100thoirdl foorc LoavecAnXAooo r 1).
Jt/ 'ffj Pa ul1 a11001 ooteeoodosc 0o0 0 Also 7025a. i. .Alrrive looo .o'yL B & SPE C R
to iOooaoa)s, KI sas00,Ci ty, St. laO) 000) ool.. aol Seol o 0000 0. 2 1 00.
Piana, Pipe Org r nsad Corrlpositian ," :*',- I, ii... Ar ive o".oora aolo l 8p. o ru
Cair, Cicin ati ind nte medite 7-25a. m ...Arrivoe10100ffo .........7 :000p. 100.TH E
r T 25-.. a.oo 101in..l olit a tto h ot .o 10 Arie Clc in ati..olooO 5:0p.t.
SIP OooT (St Coinest PnanooTaill points E' 11t he 725a. oo...Are Indiancpolis ... 0100p. F an
F l laA.o1 o 11ls b.101 OcI ean. lo so to sfao ns ilg ' 7:2." 01a.in 1011rive ouivle....a :0p.i, o'
1ro.8.tttgart onservtorylGrmany1 0:5 .in.Arrie ort l aylfll Op cySr . io ce rs
31l. iiso S. CocrtPan un bg E . S.le laologl_ ocF eo01reisllol 1 1 0 1000 . 0 0 aF o rcryaU dL ak y. Cl
10250.0n....Arrive limoco o -205000p18S.ST TE ST
101TINTET og i^10,Y{iuiti ilsjoe sg oo 010-p a.00.. SArive 1 ialtoolprir.. 4 5 p l. abep 10hig sulyketi
M j. I hiootooo l10 (lem acko " wo il Clegre. 101 :5 Om . rrie l umbus...... . :5p n is -l s r c r n 10a era aal
Aaoooo, m em eH e d a so bavoing beeno t A ibo or ll :15a00 00 110 Arrive 0001100 ..oop 10 YO.'IEXT
8o:41010i..A rie CPh inaoooo. 0 a. n Rn e
THE toi thet'NitivMAIitOLa CVIRTUOSO oe veoloo8..0) in10 Arrv ol um~p bys..-f: a Nm
UNTERtigo s in )silnti ispe00ng th 1 08: 01p1ii..Arrv oi og. PoOP ps..618>.i. 18 f . BSTATEr S T .
- 8:0001 i O.tArive Buflot ...id..... 7:40 a.ni
Wl gie es os 01 tlea oooioa N Sorlol dlog eaorlo 0 usino sso ( s1 P o e,. 84 in 0 Arrive oLin* o0:atein. llaao-- PrP.- 00-af
Heievr iidy. Fr exopeclBoll, t e low l Atim(16N.rb o l looo:56ep - ..Ariv ecoainev$...800 ewotrn. 0cOaoNEoXacWTl
hoolo4a56typt.tlaaSecrtaryrofvret. 0 (0Ci ...8:3t p. i. W R E H A B R
TH *RNWND ADOINVTHS E I lla 1.1b .0- 00(01), 00001.sml. .CA AriveLoo ac Snsig ..a..... 10' U OfI . a-elSb )

coo /r- lBotlo , fiu l lae heat. 33 1 Packa~rd 1111miostcietig oLarle0everoinveotefool"BaseTHE rMO DEL , of State Street
Corner Uancty tor (et- . . !__ 1 5Ball0a1101100." It i,, layedlby two peronsocBRBRSHPis IDha & ia~y'b
(NortShof Quarry'sru og Stoe) NV E pla.Su eed o el f1.1100000on hefield. SentoopATD-stUelSt e t id tIotany cr firstclas swork aad courteous treatment
Tendes alkind invi000tat o o allwioloioogfrosoolreeptoo1c
goods at reasoonllbe prilcs.Luncsaal dobtsoioDireetorioes. Ifoqoire at0 08 N. 000 l BASolF, B AfL AT iJolffOoCO. try George aad llarry at 332 S. State St.
hours., freshoPlop Coocno,1Peoatosf10d CandOOy. 5l oe,7 008. 09. ChambertoOof C'ommrea
iiotoffe oarnd Sadawicoes a 450v. 0) Dtoitioh. SlooPEmalmear and
ti'p' S.________1.3S.Staet.ENOCH DIETERLE, Funral irco
__----- -__. It C ls attetnldd0ay o Sight.
MONII.I yoalnhsCNo. 1ll E.Liberty Street. Rsicdences5a3_S
(Eo waho O j all, ol a ttoe S
sonlal Properoty. lnamet'"HaIllero' isl
WATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIRED.(00 tile ""'title 11oro the lbox.. This tisot goia stieethlat at 1is
Offiae aich.reidoooonc, 701 5. Liborty St.. , xonAo. gooI(]. Souvenir uHioliday Gifts! .101hloI reost hle 'ill as A
to, 1l0a. i.alldfItols3:3a0lan tool. Oom. tenoaw (Ctyofgifts desla le foot' a(lt's ad( lel
esgnnoit Sso~l~la~dJnoph C. Watts. .cxaninelourStock
--AT FIE -I . 'STTrE N.
3101 5. Main St.
T, MAHONEY, - Proprietor,
Open Day and Niglht. ;i~ 1.

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