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November 22, 1898 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1898-11-22

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ow B os W. WETMORE 342 S. STAIE St.,aCod William St.,

Recently Received

UNIVERSITY TEXT BOOKS, Second-hand and New,
Note Books and Students' Supplies, of all kinds,

The hilipineIsladsFountain Pens and Miscellaneous Books,
Hope the Hermit, b>y~eans.Woccsic AND OFFERS ALL AT THE LOWEST PRICES.
by Edna Lyal]
The Castle Inn,L I E Y
Afterwards, bySalyJ emn'EVE0EiLU EE 5 M LI.'E R
The Day's Work,
Rodens Corners, by Kiling Telephone 106. 5 15 E. Liberty St.
Tattle Tales of Cupid, b FN OCE N OPSFRP.'IS
by PatlLaic, rForidN oCE N)COPSFJ AfIS
Huccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts,
by SteolktanF
Senond Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, a"T
The CalforniasAWenal attentio to our complete line of ('enter Draft Nickel Plated Lamps,
by Gierirade Autertoa ranging in price from 75c to $2.50 each. These Lumps are of the latest and
Cyrano De Bergeran, most improved patterns and makes. Including" The New Niochesier, ""1The
by Edmoend Rostianad Yale," "The Royal, ""'.The Berlin Student Lamp," " The Perfection Student
The Gospel of Freedom, b oetHnc Lamp." If yotu want the best Lamp for the Least Mnaey conie arid see us.
The Loves of the Lady Arabella, Old Number:D AN
Long Drawn,ANABOHC.Id U
by lidwita Pagih __ _ -

Maes a arierirly of
Fine Black Suits.,
Ai Woeransibp.
2s4 Fast Wasingrton St., near 5th Ave.
W. J. BOOT, PRSs. j
W.ArmerD s, tVice-pros
J.YV . SHEEHr, d t. CresIat
JOHN.et . WALT z, Ast. Cashier SRVIO
Transacts a general
Capiirtal, ,. Surpiustand Profits, 24d,000
eebartgc baeght and said. Farnish leticrsof
S. W. CL.ARKrSON, Cashiti,
Car. aHain andrn Stets.

P-oor Human Nature, Te C-- oiicl- apiriotas,,0.Surplius, $30,000.'araatsa
by EiziabeithGadfrey Th e beruoatrg. Michigan PltclScience Associa- gLnstlibankingbusiness.
Ave Roma Immortalis, rbbyrt ullrgoftelb ion, BEnKt, rPres. C.L. GC1e ie-rPros.
tab' F. Marion iraotrd versity is less known that tire obser- 'flhe social fall meeting o of biteteofth Srng bPileriinrtan etfe reasiteesin.MihiarPliiclSceneAsocaasc nnRha SvngiBn
_______________ Parkler hebuilingasis burilt irt 185t4 aci usani¬ętis ield Fridaty andtalntumrdary
there htave' teen ftewvchtangeo since, at Albiona. Amtontg lthettemters ttf Ca Reatsoces. 1.10,i toe,00. ,iO
LaIN I .I'Pl~tIi Tire miniobijecti cf irttresb is te our farculty iwhtitattentded wiere Profs. sOgtanizaed itnder iteGceroatlBanaing Las
by ibtatthe oud ic o andratic. VisitingytCardds itrge refrasctingao teiecoteno iciicl cit glit' 'Talor, I tin aoft]itate.eic ivscdposctttit, bttys anrd sells
egoatttd. NewStylsStaot ionaery. = exe~~~O~tii ~~i, t~ rchangon 00theincniptalcitiifteUnited
_____________ swinigs ini te ditimesirli crcneof SI11te1hit)Hudsont, Atdras, tand Statac. 'Drafeatscashitdtupotoperidentiication
sotid rmasonryr. 'lTe inrstrctmitct is Cooley. 1)eartIisitdsonreid t aitaer s oxiR:crtsa ititoreat. Pc. ~o
ii ii r ~~about 10 feet long antd has tr 13-inch Friday aftcrntotion o 1iThe Easternrtmaan,'t'ice-Pres.; Chias. E. riteoca, Casbier; M.
"' ~~~ tibject giass. It is rathier otldifuelt- Qutetstin"treting if t115growtih Jbaotod rcStHEiE-_a-
ttieti hut fine wotrk can be tonte tresent statuis of te pr'oilimsarsing
The Wabash 'Continental Limited" resembles a cannont ~thatng ira lie tmid, secretary and Di'. Ceoley treasurer cab
Saves yotu time mnd nmeney. (Gaing itotatadie. This cost $3,500. 'T'htere are timeassociation fair timecaninig yeiar.
for 'Imhankogitieg? Lootk here, then. twoe astritnomiical clocks whlichm tre
You letave Ann Arbor at 7:25 mo m. and liaDieImAytozaNDs-Sevcral sieddda
remacth Peru t~atS neen, Loganspoart 12:206 yi atcaaisnt 1a mnds of vriou sizsmrdal lba.Facer
p. in., Iai'atyette 1:t9 p. m., Danvjitlestudientsedo not ustrese owstever, . .ltesie"a alcep
2:34 p. in., Deecatuar 4 1t. im., 'Tayltervile batuthavea special buildlinig whiiclh J. i Hervey, 6005 . Willittin St.
4:40 p. mn., St. Loeuis 6:52 p. mi., tChicago comntainse a saltlier telescieanailother_________ 52 We keep everything csually kept in a
2:40 Ip. a., Indlianapolis 3 p. in., I~ttuise partsnieccastary fsir recgular wstrk. -Atfrtmm rcr rdlmkr.Cl
ville 7 pne. iiltrmteLOtST. e liol pint Saturdamy frcandsiee eryadBkr.Cl
Close cennectieotsat these statiieesfbet At presentt thtey'ihave been maakintg night. Flimsier weill please letave atanseu.
all point in Indcianam, Illinois antd Mia- itbservastioens liv the pole-star untthe Anterican Hobel aind receive rewtarid. 318 S. STATE ST.
esturi. Timeteontinentbal Limiited in the itwn cltock. Prsf. [li says thmat/ -
fast, lunxurieus train ef time VWambashiscitte'rys'atisfatoryiswork htas been WANTED-Evccyoynett to baithetlatslet arid YOU'RE NEXT
Line and paones Miilan gtting West at myosty rod loreetioc amevercocavencted."Btse
8:07 a.in. Censult te ticket agent ef ilsne. Ball at ilzea." I is played by two itersotns U. of 31. Barber Shrop
each represeing a Base Baitnine and wall scare
the Ann Arbor Railroatd for rtates andI 'helim etrorhimseilcf is baiting sb. is res, bite aed erors the sae aan ey 'ame tiseath tlILoomns.
ask him farrt Wabiaah felder. sersatisns marttime variabion of hai- blaydo t ibelcd. Sent prepaid to asy address J, R. 'noaNenSsa, Pratt. i22 5. State St
52t.i oeeiet, sP . lde ansi expectesto publishthtie re- BASE BALL AT HOME CO., -
suit ofitS.ob50, 5850,Chasmber aoft'ommnarce, RAZO~R HONING
Thanksgiving Dance,. ut fll observ'ationas soontDeriteich l.
'lucre trill lie a 'h'ainktGi'inag Bbnir rn iegaa ch ThPe Prc.Press, tineold reliable IS A SCI ENCE ..-
matinmeeat Grantgcr's froint 3'oh ta.firiealdhaeteentdatncesab time Grianger arid letadinag Stbatettad Sprtinigpaper tiWCARasioEn .Wart.
There amvillea li eit priaglaat iiparty maatinesa aanace 'fitanksgivinmg day. is handled by F. Stattiet, Optera Houise WRE H ABR
fromato ii11 inibt'e eveninai. Ad- N.l~~naa 0,tuu Ms eats Dceot, Call anad"stubscribme. MODEL-f-Stat-Siree
misin 0 ens.Al ae orial ~ ltrs'7,Gootd idelivcry gutartanteed. THE
-n tt i eae.Alan''rmtNehl li'wilb be ,,rl is ISUEN & LY'
invited. 72 'Nii'Wliir''7siiittiritnB RE If you desire
ltis evening atintace Eptiscopial Reduced R. R. Rates. I firot-cltass work mnd courteous treatnment
Ti e Michigan Book 1('latrela, at Ihpm~a'aintg (OirNev. 2anda 23 time Ant .ar- try George and hlarry at 332 S. State Sb.

('C l lot h aitit.iiap1rice plait
lihedc bl as .I' I 1-iaaaapt'a'a Iet it,+
osa tat itoott:I stt alit] ly J. II
Phanksqrcinq Rates.
'hue M heta ' ant Cinl F'01. ta y
switl aetree usuii at'ailaltes tauIjt i
Vac'ahtion. ri chatats } ale 'Nov.22n
andhl23d (()-"tate i1taimi Nov.28th.
Onira nisving inChiaegoaitudaments'
Shoiauhl nobfiarget lime rcndievoutz of
csllege fooitbalil tenams tald roters,
thee Betach Hitl. Loncatleed limt a
less' bloctks fratant Mattital I i4'lh, it
ofifers a splendiid oppiiortunaity' for
getting eolainaltainhly acae'ml. (let elI
i1C. tainn at53rdh street faor theel

Ihati-tt f', te'V airsity-iteamIhat harir Baiitsettwilscell tickects t tie uc-
rbherila whtbiais ttiestart hat fhatck ifadetts at a talc' tf aticema anoe-thtirdl
lt'e Islaeicaihtghilt hlteamcaait, erch emit'ofitha~ eautrap u~. 'ickets still
che' haesitno i ~intl m ite liimcrPce- he litmibead IoarctrittNovea2. 25 teai'-

a tail- alteded ath yorNighat.
No. 16bE Liberty Street. Ridene bbd S
Fourtha Ate, iPbone tiC

ffyoil ion'it lily artythinp, Wi' Xwanmbyournireaiin'~g c a
Thlrgest retpaire'sropi between Detliu)it thnd (tlricno. A N1
F~c,.s 7 e

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