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November 15, 1898 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1898-11-15

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IAI ~io6 S. MAIN ST., and
WeW T OENow BookslLIIIU1L 342 S. STATE St., Cur. William St.,
Ne,, ~ok~ CARRIES
UNIVERSITY TEXT BOOKS, Second-hand and New,
RecetlyRecevedNote Books and Students' Supplies, of all kinds,
The hilipin IslndsFountain Pens and Miscellaneous Books,
by Dean C. Worcester
by rdna Lyal]
The Castle Inn,
by Stanley J. Wayman
Afterwards,7LI RY
The Day's Work, MOL MES IE Y
Rodeos Corners, b iln Telephone 106. 5 15 E. Liberty St.
by Mersass
Tattle Tales of Cupid, FN OCE N OPSFRPRPE
by Mant Liecestea FardFIECCE AN COPS OR ATE.

Mlates a apecalty of
Fine Black Suits.
As Worbmansabip.
214 East Washington St., sear 5th Ave.
W. J. BoaTH, FaES. S T
JO .WA nsaT, ssteyt T
Transacts a general
i~ankatag Business.

Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts,
by Stockton
Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow,
by Jearome K. Jeatome
The Californians,
by Getaude Atberton
Cyrano De Bergerac,
by Edmtoand tbtetend
The Gospel of Freedom,
by Rotbert Hanick

[ [t 5 FORCaita, .10,00. ur1us5ndProftsa, %40,000
L A M E N T S 1 'rat' aet a generalacnag busainess. Ftreign
We tall Atteittion to our complete lane of C enter D~raft Nisckel Plated Lamps, c~dit atb n ad Fts etaa
ranging an price front 75c to x+2.50 each. 'Tlhese L amps are ot the latest and F. D). KINNE, Preat.HARISuN StOUL,
mlost implroved patternsan~sd maken. Incloding "TIhe Neow cahester,"'rho vice-Pres.
Yale" "TIhe Raayal," "The Berlin Studenat Lamp,"fhe P erfection Student 5. SW. CLARKSON, Cabtier.
Lainp. It yoas want thse heat Lamp foar the L east t'foiiet come anti see us.__

The Loves of the Lady Arabella, Old Number:O hnrSakbM.EloSell 4S.AINS.
Long Drawn, b~.lia~nt 40 A N STBRMIH. FD A N A1 0( "
by Edwin atb AN ABRMIH C'~ ot Slatn andtuaonStreets
Poor Human Nature, Capial, $50,00.bSurlus+3000.Tansatn a
by CEsbetha Godfrey B gh yks. ~ 'taaea bankig inte-s
Ave Rums, Immortalisn, -Kee.cavrn 0East ,Pees, C.I. GREENa,YVice-Pres
lay P. Maaion tCraawford Nat percealtessaiing a perforim- farniture' is atti greast siaecialty, we FRtDa H. 0 a n.Caaser.
ThoateofheSrnttr aintaotierie like 'El 1Caataun'' mrry faor thaistatrpotse the lretTeBtl flhorgeaneotl rb ibr Pre a aen1chie fteMgl- soteto oeinssc s' i~ Q alg ~
tiad ofthe1aioaaeioi, ortheimTapestries, Silk Dlamlaks, \ elains,
tulleiod theproductionrrsthtorm, t apital Steel. ~x,0000:Surpllauc,5160000
LINEN IPAP'EU n mun if awork tecessary for Corderoys nd ls( untr, I Rsucs 11000
by tbe pond 1le, te0anda 25c. Viaiting Cads itasatccessfiai presenatationa. Sixty Carpet analDroaery stoic of Martins etgataized atader thae GeneratlsBatking Laws
egavsed. New Styslei Staioneery. iaeraeastin ddtinto atil ita ___________ sexage oethe prineipal c iticeeofbtheTited
ta uponiteta ilit e ry____St_______ 4 at tae stDaft ies-aca e a n poett et ifiatioell
brasos anad are seenitaaaa hestasge at Notice. bnatdptest reainntcsejtttdni
tone tinae givintg thse perforantce, yet FaOFFItCrsEsRii:e Christeattaatn Mack. Pres.; W. O.5laari-
behndnhesceites there' are maiyAlty cFed n rJ.Fri, Assitant Cshaier. ic
SN EE [tifl 601). mreiiallecesayfar the praaper dheicFed atndp'thibscweek aion____________
UNIERSTY ooHELLRS votioua teetrtimnwoareneerseenafronit the fronit, sad acastafs CreAice L.CA MB & SPENCER,
the aditor laosheat little idea tiiat Ev'ery student whienin ieCicago for
tiaey ore in the theatre. the lig golie, Thanksgivinag day, . T H E
iTe '"Ei Capitan"' comspany ^arry shoultealiitke the Betacih Hotel his
ix carpaeniters, itree proaierty men, iieadqauarters. 'Tlis laostelry isnonated
if a shage Imianagetr anae assistant, ani for its coaurteousts reatament. Fanc Gr e s
~~aI..E I ~~ ~~ erhestra leader andtiassitantt, a html- ___________c
S omitaesitmanageyer aniid assistant, also a Estitates cheerfully subhiiitted on
manoiaiger, treasutrer anel secretary. teaking itew Windaw Seats, Conches, We keep everything usually kept in a
Theetiiagaer of the theatre also Sofas, ad Divans, Martin Hailer'sfheat-class Grocery and Bakery. Call
r and sseue.
Students' Lecture Assocition.)l if urtaies a large Stalf, whlicih incleudes Fuirnitaure ande Carpet Static 44 38S TT T
treeserer eiaaakrlaea, telera stge WANTED ltaeay otae to buytyhie latesttied
hansta, janiitoars adelectrician. It 15semott iterestinag eamteev-etntvanted. "Bate YOU' N X
eaitetel lti t has ioa 0 le-Batt at Hatme.' It is plaed by two ]persnseeac RE NEXT tatn lssthn20 p
eeabhaeepreaenting a Bate Ball nlateead will scoea -.(f.IuseSlo
'i'ckts orCit ettie eetis' tt'catleusa eapayelelreelyeartal-inaruns, hates anad errthe sne as tany amc U f abe lo
Tickts or he ntie curs tie 1(,C ar thl~yd, iretlyt1 ' lld played on thfielOed. Sent ttrepaiat to any addreas 50:1(1 Bath Itoorso
nuowso stesle at Wiltiara-, eal Staie St., !taretly', ii Clu e vo1l tiatoaf "El Capi n rseceipt BASEBALL AT HOMlE CO., J. H. TsJANOSawcntProp. day 5. State dt
anda at Gooadnyear's, ain Alaina St., tr ElteL," siat]wenteit ias1resented here 50s, 5d9, tChambaer at Commercce,_
they mtytiy had omi rtdettcoelic- tttnll aulte10i d'tcaaIe' RAZOR HONING
itaors. Thee price is onlay $'2.t00. ftreatdtota its inneietilty), tand thue 'he free Presa, thteaolel reliable IS A SCIENCE .
Tiiiik aafleetaiteg reausonitfer its isat ihotaitd ito petit ande leading Statte atud Speorting paper We Gtearantee orwaora
Thn fhaig - ;luc favrrwsil Ilt'eneadily expiaitetl'is.hinleed by F. Stafflet, Opera loate WRE TH BA E,
3OU R K E COG R A kN A tewliinaef furntuere etaveritngs- Newsa Ieipot. Ctalated sublscribae. ____
Just rete ivi at Martin Haileres Fur- Gooadt delivery guaranteed. THE Mi0ODEL of Stats Street
I 'i is uies & EaLv'
For 20 cta,, taiteure' Statie. 44 B RRSO If oudsr
__________Bureauoi-ate naw, Wasbinegtaen, ARE SHP yoDenr
iTe Kiataerguarite leave arrangetd C. Inufarmuatin pertaitinag toea u firt-elass work and courteoua treatment
INN S' ANDteiia ie Wstete tiitatfora aua-c Las tt te Ueitei Sate, af Cte'try George-and Slurry at 3328. State St.
ecl atit hun rom't e icaoauine aad iutll1sevaerual staes anad territaaiies ef tlee nlr Trn Eblmr n
For 20 cB., er:1apot bltlietitas-eptilaerly duiritug the Utnited Statles, oaf Fotreign Couttries ENunHeralmDer ton .
1rttgaes af the gamtte. futritishedelueiaot applicatiao. Cotta attended Day or Nighat.
"IAN M AC LAR EN "Na. let E. Liberty Street. Ideidence633 S
"IAN MAC AREN __ ___ - Fourtb Ate, Pbone 129.

For 20 cts. Atltc As uto s
'[le dates for the abotve aill ()ntattlseB u to s
he miadle publhic. Watch lila Bitletina lhaltIS the ONLY Button to wear.r~
Boartlc. \VWe sell others, hut wear the Athletic Associa--jn *;.-
tiori lutton (3.00). k' ""WMILW ARD
S. L . A.

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