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June 03, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-06-03

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Time Tablet(Revised). May 1, 184.- ONLY A FEW'1 DAYS LEFT. AND QUICK SHIPMENTS? + + +
rAST. -wFST. If you are going to order any clothesMAKNC L E
iall and Ex .... Aian________84 before comnmencdient it will pay you T
Ea, SpenalEx-10.__15W N . S.eLiatd,.: 530to all on itose at the Cook honeC
A. u.Pacific E- 5 7 Tuesslay. He can rive you perfect STEAMRS3UPERBR SMALLE
D. aN xpee.... 1 41 etrnE- i 00saisfation and Save you money o -m
G. R. Expreans _11 05 hi. Nt. Ex_.1528 anythaing you w lint. Don't w.ftit.tillTortsR te
OW. Reanneas, A. W. A1,18 the last nmonment, tit order iow for SEMI-WEEKLY FROM I ~ C C E
G. P. 4 T.At.. Chicago. Agt., Ann Arbor. later delivery. Ry1 r" vr
Taking effect Sunday, April 7,1804. To the Iiterchangeable Mileage -ORe--
Trains leave Ann Arbor as Central Stasd- ticket issued by the Ohio Central MCIA SAD RBYA We are even on order for Gents'
.,ndatime. Lines, already the best in the narket, MCIA SAD
8:7a . 17i .m hsbe dddteetieB . ST.UTACHLPNA Special, 21 lbs., Aluminum Finish,
81:27 m. 13,am, Andn a Wn dedteetieB O T all Li tSand can poptyship them, lhut
:13 p.mn :00 ap m syte west of Pittsburgh, -iarclnding tn'a n ots on ele Wet ShoreofLe pomtl
SUNDAY TiASs. thelit1ttsbiirghi & Western tRailroad, tIien5" don't ask for Ladies' Wheels or
Going Notii at 9:15 a. m. making it incomparably the best mile- Racers to e shipped same day.
Ging South at 8:13 prn IRemember iis is the only lisi- giing pss-,
Trains Sunday ens between Toedo and age ticket issued by any line. f you seners tie opportiity ofi sihs sceidgas all Order Gents' Wheels and s-
Hlamburrgiuiietioei oly want a. ickt that includes the B. orts on this populart sle. Als ivic pas-i
Trains run between Ann Arbor and Toiedo & .sse sccla i or uhsesger an isaeosssisi esostSp si hers1 cure a ready seller
onabO e'tmaswl s i orsc n1ihe faossMa kinc Isid.,
Alltrains daiiy except Snday- tickets are issued by Ohio Cetral Fesns. Masad etsoOhr ehv an 18lb Road Wel'
R. S. GREEN sW00D, Agentexns.
W. H. BENNETT . P. A. Toledo . Agents only.- Cleeland 5o Mackinac slanid and rtt 4 in. tread.
turn .Eseersday te p . ------ 1400
AN ABO &YPILNX S. kWBAStt LOW RATE HARVEST Tlesio 5~tisre1 1Iclad sts
si-dy sip l'tO----------- 1.0 ,~~ ar~~~
ANABR&YSLNIS.R. EXCUI;ON FOlt 1. strit is Macinl. a ind n im o': PLMOTNCYLEMFI o3
Wil be rita fronis all satioss on the fieeny trip- - - - @1WPYOUHCCL00Jrt
Time Table, May 26, 1895. Wabashi tRailradl 0n April 30th, .fay Tickets god to rets:nsanytsoe during: he Jj i
Leave Ypsiiant feem Conress at., 0:00, :00 2tist and .-tne 11th to the West, Nrth- Cue~ineci at A litcisa slind itil ~ PLYMOUTH, IND.
ad 11:W0 a. i.; 12:45,2:1, :0,:45, 9:301 and west olt sdSstiet t:mr :c(ic:c is:e~c ' s'~y
Leave Ann Arbor Junctio,7a)(, 8:30 and For ful pacienlarsn, app~ly to th ltto: Erer :sslO ls:iiyn ia L p +n .g
p,130a.in.; :1 :4u:07:1,i:0 d110 erest ticket agent of teWabash or at.igs:cewsitl: 11.0s5f& A. ry oal msinsne48E. William St.
p. m is: te UpertPesinsuslaesandthe sWsest Unte
SUNDAY TMtE. connecting lisies or to fte ts~ ale
Leave Ypsilanti from Cngess st.1:3,3:0, C. S. CRANE, S. B. RUMMONiSlesi I Mnage THE COLLEGE OF
Lave Ann Arbor oeis :0,:0 3, 5.1' & T. A. Wabash It1. I. 13.GRANT GRUMM~OND,.Pais. Agt
:00 vand 50prm. ONJAAncttionOs 2:W,4:rW,5:t30tSie. iilfrfhi
Cars ran oen city time Fare: single trip 15 MEALSONIAAH PRO GeeaofisDti, c& PYSC NS ND UGE S
sents;:round trip tickets25B ecuiCs. F AD
Ws. . P~nn, Supt. ArrangemensAragmnts have been made to 'VjTU ITN DT IIRN. FCIA O
nf1tr ( CLEVELAND -serve iieais iii Paror Cars now rtil- flUPVJMC SiLOD Animal Session beginsinu Sepem-
_ j,)/ j TO nimg oi trains 44 amd 45, between S. er and continues sev-eit mouths.
Z~" - ]BUFF LO Loois tush Tolcdo, and pasemli es con ONE THOUSAND MILES OF LAKE RhDE For years graded course. Labora-
heresftem g;et unceths sn tkts cars AT SMALL EXPENE. tory, Clinical and Dispensary ad-
VIA "cC. & B. LINE." "(siu.1 to aniy sr'd ills:heeltliotes, vanages exceptionally good.
nfi iicemstside-s-eis ''I c:seame~rs and lt msodrte prcs. Vieit this Historical Island, whelm is tlit For amnual annulimceieit and
SttCo.hi ndSat.f e YrCRANE, ridest summer reort on tie Grrnt.
stteofOho ndStteofNe Yr iaks.Itony ossbot 13f oiliter informationi addrss Corres-
DAISa1nY '1rNtU o.:D3)i.i.GOei tass. & Tkt. Agt. _0-ri; $15 from Toledo; $18 froms pomding Secrtary,
S~secTmce~riIc.IOE-SE EKEIS ENCIISiON. .Olevelanid, fr the round trip, iscu~img DRBYR rs.'-u
Lv.Cieeiai(s---------------:0 p. M. :,Heals and berths. Avoid the heat go D.miAD 3Li8
Ar. u-LOss ------------------ 7:::a. in On tas7:21 ands:lJuieic11iAgents of ,lust he trieelig on tie D. &C. iolhng aar 1l ashi,:giss S., Cuirea g.
Lv.--iule-il----- .23 .in. urt__________6:'~Ohio CntrailLimes wilt selt Bone- :::s-se:s. Thissattractions f a trip tc oh -
Ar levlaInl - - -"°"'®°°""°'"
t'e:tur:Sansdardlfier. Seeers IEx:.rioii Tckets Ito pinltsi:liliaseregiomsnrsunsurpsed Is.e
Taike tise '(.& 1Imie'" Ses-:ser- msnd es- Ii\Yiegimiidt at(On ' 1:cr:'for mcsmd :'Ji:: itslf is a grad ronmantic sostms T A o er tl lhsrs hneru0t i ms nioaig w e
iunltol:, Ni:ra ca5:lel's, c:i: cYckTrip, Limit l,0 days. Also ticetes ,,,,,ssseger steamers have js e juetuin Abb,101)ccmiso n atei opits ~ ndSuhetoi 17 iWta h uprlk oue otn
or uiadi::ih s 15:51
~ [cu~~s [EKY ~i~ii EI~basis. JLimiit 'l01 days. Sec Ohio C emin .'ltil4 (Siieac. They cce equipped withi T. & 0. C. BlY. K. & M. By.
SHAPend c lSleeINSWE iEYe ::O lAGlAeALL telAgll.ve'Ir::msetconenience, annnuncitor
Sen 4 hstae ortouis pmphet t~rlAgnt" ,;rirloo set., illuminated throughoutS o~lid througi: rrs bi.: le l c :5 Toled:o,::Oio:
W. F. isrIIVAN, Tv. ie Sit AN, V. A. P ITERSlIS, 1 . I.A., -: ch miy and rc guaranteed to he l:sahdotiharlstni, ado ly dretVas. a :: :un bsi e
Geni i':ss. Act. Us:': 5l::a::o;cc. Detret. Mli le :-: es c-largest snd safest seammero si :dsiydrsl:::-
Clerelanss . n _______________I es
MagninilS 's snewssits.:::lip nw nder scoin~s- i' ' -1 't.'lht ilS h' ::swats-c These teallers favraiby Toledo, 0.
:cislsTOIt: 1111;15\1:lit :. ::5" r :eith e greatoeeaimiliners in cm-
l'l:: 1:-irul l:' cc' Ii::roa1r1'I ::l ':mans ) seed. or trips per wecil Findlay, .'
Ph t u bl lv-li r 1 l:ldo, lDetroit, Alpen, B. clo- entor., 0.
FL..OW~ERS, F'LO\VEIOS I iii Ii :e -.is orle n ° e:11'::: o Nls :- -e ;I:r TldPeoskey, Ciicao, so'Columbun, 0
Poe Everything ansd trseyk:::y. lilt1: 1rntsIi c t ssliii::al uli:nh-: i i ::'':rte-s::h Duluthi. Daihy etwteri:
CUO~h &t 2e hrStI . Sniss-elty ave. l-ltl':'mieli:::s :a::dhis fist:t:-i::rssiitl -s r i ::'i'( ::1a':ian t hetroit anudtCeveland mushd Atens, .erO
, eehn i5. i'il'uI* u1511:::n: 1 : lie1 : y:.t -scThe :1 p:itiel seqipmnt5l idlpct
asetIlcto la Ii t h st eigoni thise steamers tor- Pmery,0..
IETi AS &SCHA1NZ, It c1 e«:ii) : 5ci 1a 1 - a a:: t:::r:'-1,1:l'e s::;y::ll. Send foeilustrtedPt. Pleasant, W. Va.
1or11,fIc: :1 feterluii 1. For' 1a-elI '-s-el o: e l:::ill:-lAdures A A Richmond, V.
Id. V. OF ".&I I cllh 'n- 7 8.I~ouh ':::r111 ::s -G.,7 t . 2.C. Detroit, ill:- Ptorsbug, Va. 1 u pie n uaie ~oei 1 on ofrV,
are mow eomisale. Preeics. Low. I ias Id Williamsburg, Ia.
4$.saeft.. 1Scn 'or n ro.f 4 r i;teld5P S a ).i2 l Lter AIs Newport roV News, Va-
45. ntu epml3',snm ic. - "- i'I :efo 9 4. 11lc 11.'
22 Yearn in the Bsinenn.'i - sl°ceSsy :folAis asi :10 sceucc:: 11:i::.Rc iant
Wo.1 : ead hle Ls'galhWorks ty j- v.31; r slfssterea omo io nt callla}l ::yu::o lcale
r- - o,vanui: S t i-stA ori t sc. coell l 5rsa
CITY L W iA r iy l1T OLAUN RY, ~ , t enCYplcs, kit,.~2
M. X. SEABOLT, No 4 N. 4th ave. I555 551 TI CRTDe.t.roitR, 111:5:1:ihe. r,
MERCHANT TAILORING LL17 3551 51.11 IsM: :svs epo)le rths e:iss:. m7(lXpsltrI ___it
Cleaning, Pressing asd Reparinut tihe. abov motto, caii n e
done neatly by "SKLINTiL ,
AVG SCmTUOENEWAIPr, 2e E5. WaslmIugto. W. P. DISTLER, S"SKILL-N UniNrsTRIAveL Snri rylr."n.p~
Good TurkGuaranteed,.Goods called oe ' AE l 700p....e. Ls SI:,tcp Fourhs - ___
and deivered. A. F.3'~ . (5m 3T, Prep. It ye ;;.5,t.mie Iralo
Ann Arbor, Mic. Capitl Stck, OaWO' 0WllamonLa BokCo s teADINGSHOOnOBUmINESSlend Ske:nor
Surphus, 10,000. Wlia'nLa ok , AMI)san idinnipdine; tuenieaeserl
rgnzed under the tGeneral Banking Laws. atnac;goddsiln;spro ok.ie
othls State. Receives depsito, hnysnad hRochester, New Yrsir panlid raning ream daly letese; itendaj
sols exchange on tke principal cities t the I sdte.u.cthoc o ecnlen ieal ireceions;feteeplnting ear inpesi
tlnited Stats. Daths cshed upon proper O-SLaw rou Blou e cokdand iena dadeasfor paci tdentpesweinpian
identification. Saety deposi boxen toreeL a ok' _Badadro $ oS1 e eki rvt
OFCFriteus: hrstian lack, Pres.' W. i). flE R w (1C T T amilies. Teseserates rened to5{r.-Soby sell
Hlarrman, 'ice-Pres-;Oas. E. icock, 11. 1 .T L . CO. LrJvLRR 1 hubsrib fo thDeF. leeCatlegse addes
Cassier Mit. J. Fritz Asltat Casier. - usrb o h l. P R. CEARY, Pesa

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