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May 23, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-05-23

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TmTal Rvsd)JMy1 9.] rtSAE. IgNB SBi.EAST. WEST. TheNitiona l Lawand -Clletion ___ B EAVI L1 SMALLEY
P.MX. A. M ssociaion of Detroit. Just the thing ONE TOUSAND MLES OF LAKE RDE
Maland Ex-___3M0 Mail ----- 5493 -
N. Y. Special--,-5 0 N. Y. Speeal.3 0 for ay y oiig lawye} lr dSiriiog to set- AT SMALL EXPENSE. -AND --
Eaterano-xis.. 1 12 N. S. Limited- as._925_
A.a. Pacific Ea-------i67 tie iii Detoit, furnishing plen'ty of Vstti itrclIlnwihi h
At.aNtxpre.... 7 40 Western .'cllection business. AdrmNational YisHtSthiIHistoriclNIslandNhichTisN.
U.NEpes._60WsenEx_ .2W grandest sumumer resort on the Great AHSLN GN' OVCIN
G. R. Eprems...lU ES Chi. Nt. Es- iS--1028 Law.and olc-tion association, D- lakes- It only costs about $13 fromo ly sakes alive, ow the "Smalley" has
. W. RUGGLES, H. W. HAYES troit, -Mch. Detroit; $15 from Toledo;$18 from thaughtowith thelby and irvls,fanshedla
G. P. & T. Agt. Chicago. At. Ann Arbor. Cleveland, for the round trip, including te"rw oksdfn tlvifnse
A_________________ EXCURtSION TO TO(tBDO. hneals'and berths.., Avoid the heat sond in the beutiuni slumium ename-a secret
T., A. A. (X N. M. RY. Sunday, 3ly3 2, the T., A. A. &S-lst by travling on the D. & C. flo tne pocess known ony is he makers oc the
atpca icrioplaces The attractions of a rip tc the Smalley." Do you get a to the new metbod
Taking effect Sunday,_April 7,194. N. M. Ry. w'ill runaspca;eurinMknc region are unsurpassed. The of spoing the wvbeels, Coebear gets on to
Trains leave Ann Arbor on Central Stand- to Toledo for the Toledo and Kansas b{ilan itself is a grand romantic spot, its them °and lents them and tetes n them
aird time. --
Nonx. sonvo. City ball gilie.Train will cay:r. limae most invigorating. Two nw climbs up on10othefork crown and Sumps on
8:0a~. 7l1 a. nn ibt t .30a.01Far fr el asene steamers have just been to the eank hanger; swings the wheel be-
112:2 p. mn. 111:50 a. m. (milt for tie upper .lake route, costingtemwobssadupsnthtread
4:15 p. m 9:0 p. m: round till $.00. 04t0,00t0 each. They are equipped will: the "Smalley" Bicycle seem to like It.
SUNDAY TnASs. W. t. BENNETT, Gel. Pass. Ag"t. -very modern convenience, annunciators, Neer astuak, not a groan, never a break
Going oth at 9:5aip. OESEER'ECRi N 'tli room, tc., illuminated throughouit and teweiht is 15 to 21 pounds-Western
Trais Ging out beteenm. HME-EEKES' XCURION" :t electricity, and are guaranteed to be Ilardware Comlanv, at Lake Cite. Utah.
Trin Sunday runben Tled and On Say 21 and June 11 Agents of Ac grndest, largest and safest semrs
Ha rains run btweenlAnAroy ad.ld Ohio Central Lines will sell Home-:-n fresh water. These steamers favorably A AY SL
yn~ Seekers Excursion Tickets to points opr hhtegotoeplnr ncn NES ELR
All trains dal exceSnayD o ~tom-ion nd speed. ,our trip per week {
W. H..BENNETT OD0.Agent i igiiat One- farefor Round etween Toledo, Detroit, Alpena. Macki- The Smalley rof 189
W.__H_____________P._A._Toledo __0. _Trip Limoit 30 days. Also tickets iwe. 'At. Ignace, Petoskey, Chicago."SBo,
SopintsWet slid Southwest on same .lIloteadDlt.Diybten -
loveland and Detroit, and Cleeland and
ANN ARBOR& YPSILANTI ST , ,t basis. Limsit 20 days See Ohio Con-flit-in-Bay. The plaial:equipmenPYOT YL F.C,
-tral Agnts. makes traveling on these steamers tho-PYOT YL M~:Cr
Time Table, October 7, 1894. W. A. PERTERtS, M. P. A., lougly enjoyable. -Send for illustratel
Leae pS~anI rumCeigesant, :ess~o etrit 5 d(h icariptive -pamphlet. Address A A. PLYMOUTH, ID.
adel eS a n:12:49,:1,5:00,fo oges t70:4, 9:0 Dndt Aith kCS2ITI , 1.. .;A.,-D. & C., Detroit, 3ic.
10:0 pm. JUST A ^MOMENT, PLEASE. Lev. nnArbrpJncion,7:0g:30an
Lev(njrarJnto,7en95 n T h neolagal Mtrago HECOL-E F46 E. William St.
1138114:1i2:45,5 .30,7;1530 and1:0Pm.tikttesudbbyItrhnaletheeOoCnrl
lii lSUNDAY TIME,iktise ytl hoCtn ~ ECLEEO
Leave Ypsilanti from Congemt1.3i:0330, Lines, already the best in the narket, PYIAN 1/DSR OS
W c0ad90 .m a a:e de ie nie;B . o'Leave Ann Arbor Jincton,21104050, addgi etr .& .i OSUGON Boktoe
anosdSM p.m.ii al system wlest of 1itlsburgh, including OP CHICAGO0.-
Casu on cly time Fare: single trpalteP ts1gi5 o1Stalod Ana esin 'i
cents: round trip tIckets25 cents hPtsug Wsen alod nulSsinbegins ineptem
Wa. F. PARKEl Supt nmaking it incomparably thec best mlell her and continues sevei months
* ' TTATlago tiet issued by ally line. If you Four years graded course. Labor- Formerly wth George Wahr, 19
CZE.ELAD Aant aicket thiat icludes the BIttory, Cliniai and Dispensary ad- E.Washinitoc St. Ifeadquarters for
TO O.Sstmoas Well ao Big our, sucil vantages exceptionally god. eelingaTetuoksanton rl'~e d0
BUFFALO. ticketsar91 issued by Ohio Centrai For annui announcement and kMiscellieo s Stockii genera,
VA C.& .LIE" Agents only other informatioin address Corres-
Mlagnificent side-wheel steel steamr MEALS ON WABASH PARL~OR. pohdu eceay$ ArI SH LEl
State of Ohio ,and Stats of Nnw York CAlS. PR. BAYALD HOLMES,
DAILYTI E FTAB3LE. Arrangements haye been made to $4 Wasingtn St., Ciag, THE D&-7TW BQSELR
senaY INUE. serve meals iti tarlor Cain nowrun
Lv.Cleveand ----------------6:00 p. i. ing on trains 44 and 45, between t.flE s fl Nn 19 E. Washington St., one block.
Ar. Buffatlo- - - - e-xsetwenfS.Main st.NU.
Lv. Buflo _s- - - - --P. M' Louis and Tledo, and passengers can ms fMi I
Ar, C le-lnd- - - 730 a. n. hereafter get mieal- on thee cars
Cetral Standard Time, equal to any served at the best hotels MNn uAC LIN
TSyabrerthi"C. & HLine s hn- auot.nd hotelse ries.?i PIPJ'IJAT TIRIP
Huffali, Niagara bals, Toronto. Nrw York. - C S. GkAVE, n.s
Botn Aiany.1, 0Islands, os any Eastern C. S. CRANE
orCanaiAP 1 oint GnS EKY1 1000FLS TM OLCTINS:.. EAMERSI tT. & . C. Ry. K. & ..Ry._
CHSen d 4% otage fur touist paplet. W eAL wSant tCoLbuy stmIOlheckTourista, tOL1e. Sold through trusns between Ted ,Ohio,
d eotg o ors aplt .F EMN: T. F. NEMN-ewnt ny tmclettn and Charleston, W. Yi., 'via Cluaits, thn
Oni Pss. Ask Osni Manager. and will pay cash for 'the same on SEMI-WEEKLY FROM sort and oly direct route.
Cleelad, undr cn-receipt if price asked is satisfatory, CLEVELAND, TOLEDO AND DETROIT Toledo, .
Mtuntllntfonewhs teamship nowctOnShould e Set by regis- indiay1 0.
terd mal or epress with letter liat- - On- XntonQO.
0FLO.W 'US IOWEiRS ing pilceunder separate cover. :Web MACKINAC ILAND, ,CHEB~YAN, olumbus, .
Fr Evertpag ad Everybdy send superior approval sheets to re- ST GAEALAthn,0
OSIS& HAL F ll z e spsehsnae. sosbe ate.And all Ports n the West Sllre of Lae Middleport, 0.
I eeioeia W. J. LAWRENCE & CO., Hurn. Pomxy, ..
DIETAS & SCHANZ, Kalmazoo,MItch. Pt. ?lasant'W. Va.
Wantel.-Aen fr a.nosyrticemuembe this i the only 11am giving ps- Ricn.nd s
Q. 107r3.h atd-gnsfoa e riceE,/r h opportnity of Sigt sines all Qrd a
+ w7 needd in every houe. Nothing lse Dorts on this p:pular rosue. Aso givimag pu- Petersburg, Va.
Our rin nd umme - ooles .segersmasitg a oneo us trip ala ourn
Ou 'p in. andSmue Woen ike it.:-Send .for ecicuar and iforut- on Ie fcomes Sacinc Islad. GOld Point onfort a.-
aerio onale. :rioflsL. . non. . . obinsomi. Fordii Lace Fre, imcluic Mgeals amd tterhs~us ter Williamsburg, Va.
C ad els. 4 s Cleveland IsoSMaciac Island and re- NwportNews, Va.
_________________________trnseen______ .______ ___$1400Norfolk, V. -
_ - ,oledoetoH- kiac Island and return,+
22 Years is the Buies. s..,, ti-day trip..-- -100 And all suthestr: points,' scfan
iTs'es...... spsie ed l titto 3shinawy Iland and return, . drawing resin cars011 all throu 'hit h1,.
Eve-day trie -----------y trip- - - - -11.05 or further ltnforan callon 00 y ae
CITYTleto good to return any time during the Tieke Agent or wite, uricf
LU D YSason. OUTON HOCh, Geni Pus.gt
ns Cs,.netin, At HacinacIsland wit all 5qAlPETERllMichian Pas Aget
M. M. SEABOLT,-No. 4 N. 4th ave. sfl~ tames fer:ChaosMile stem I tosey,
_________________SAVE a - Sult SetcMa1rie ad al p nts on Lake Mic: -DtroscMt-
MAIICIIANT TAII4.E1 NGt {t gs cwit s.CA Hy, for all Wrte _
Gleaing, Pesag and epairhng ;$I' pp 1 - ' . _ ^,-'B o in e tabPlelu n h et l
d (one aneaty by -forHt RUMStObDlCnn Munuge
0r1.o SQflili~w)n Drg99Svaslrn 5g 1$.-M. U ANT O 11ND GP 11Actaor
nByig a Temple Special 0 ~tnera fice~I DAs Drot.c E,,
EASTHURON TENET. suine this h bfoe purck lul your
Good Wrk uaente V4oods aledfor '9 mount. y
and delivered. A. B'. COVERT. reup. PPlf
S rbr selt5(,000.!S HAND Mgnmflen*. tn°tes ehers, an540
ST AML~ali 1: tendanse Eod dcine , spelmek e
Orune eheteenrlGa e s-ST.&. YC*Appled redng eoas; daiy leture; Saardal
Stteaa.R eash, eapon e
Identifiation. Sn sty de psi onyt ent. w T e te, eer ege oc yRi
OiagcdS thi n. 1ac t Prod "W. D. E. Se91RV1,$, Ill I\atNEW 1 f .rf'oTTT h ;at Or U oi e a 05
Harriman ic-Fees.: has. E." - s oH OTHFURH AVNE H--', .-.~y.
-Cashier: ii. J. Fritz Asitant Cashie. 13SUHFUT VNE. ,Cx .Pi

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