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May 15, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-05-15

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Time Tble(Ris ned Nov. 18, l89.
Mall dEs---- 50 9 Mal 0''..-.-843
N. Y. "0iil..125 N. Y. Sl-ial... 7 3
Easterne~---s 1025,' N.bimaied.-.- as1
A. rC Pacifi En-----.1 i15
Atlantic 1X... 7 47 P.
D. N. Express--- 540 Wetrn Ex...'2 1-
G. lt.Laxpess __.11 05 ICi.N, x---- 02
o. NThin E1 riLE, I.W. 11AES,
G.P R.T i,r .Cicago.Ag, AnaAbo.
Taking efect Snday, April 7,l 14.
Trains leave Ann Arbor on Cnial Oied-
and ime.
8:07 a. in. 1 .
nll~il:11:;V1 la. )
4:15 pet . :-Itll p.- m.
'Trins rn btoveon Ann Arlene and Toledo
All trains ddailynxcept Sunay.
1.. OIEENIIIOlll, Agent
W. H.JBENNETT G. P. A. Tleo O.
Time Tble, October 7, 1894.
Leane TYpsilni IoneCogess-: t., 7:01,1:00
end 11:10 a. o.; M241,:15, 5:00, :4, 9l0land
0:W0. W
Lease Ann Abor Jnnctio, 7:0,9:0 and
ll:Wa1.em.; 1:15,2:45,5:30, 7:15,9110and11:00 p.m.
Lerano Yslani romfe Congress s, 1:W0, 3:0,
5:00,6:0Sandei9:00p. M
Lease eAse Arbor Junction, 2:00, 4:00, 5:0,
7:0 and 09:0 p. in. .
Cars n on city tine raEre: singl rti15
cents; runrd tiptickets 2cntss.
W. . PRKnED,SpooL
VIA "0C. & . LINE."
Malgiicet siel-whleel seel stemero
State of Ohio and State of New York
Lv.Clevelan_ ............._:00p. m
el. Jsal. . ..- . 51---------- .0m:.
Lva. 11n17:l-. . . ..----------- :: l . r .
Ar. Clevelan _--------. . . .----7:0 a. in.
Ceterl ~Stadrd ~lTie.
Taler tie"C. A, 1. Line" s temrrand en
joy a:refesheiig nihlta rest ihe: enroe tr-o
Bufflalo, Niaara Kits, aTrontoel, Nen Yrkl,
Boaton, Abanry, 1000 Ilaneds, or ay Easter:
or canraioh Ioint.
Send 4c poag fr tonrist pmnplet.
Gen'l Ps. AgtL (Jenl Manager
Clveland, .
Mgnificent new or:teashp nonounder ear-
struciou fr this rat.
For Eeryhing and Eoybody. .
COUSINS & HAILL;florists 6 Tlp e1.a
V. O7 29. T&XLORS-
Our Springe and Smner Woolens
are now on sae Prices Low.
Call and see e.
4 S.5Stante tSecond Finr, Ann Aisr.
22 Years in ths Business~-
M. X. SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ae.
Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing
dsne netly by
AFG(. SCiTOENEWAT), 26 E. Washinton
Cooed ork Guaranteed. Goods naied for
and deivered-_ A. F.-COVENT, rope
Ann ,Arbor, Rlich. Capital Stock, uise0.
Surplus, $510,005-
Orale'nie b6GnrlBank ikI;'
of hin State. Receives deposits, bys and
seis echngeoa. the p rncipa citie of the
Unte d Sttes: paip cilsh4upon poer
identid$atio. Safety deoIt oxes to rent
CashberlM. J. .Fritz Assistant asher.

OaIAT 0:1 IT al., 11Ail511 c

M . -.... A 11 15 iN
Xi., 2ound71U.1"), with.A -.. N

ii L L


AilI ti v 00l:lII X A 1 I 11 :51:1 So t ii-So-) 11.11t 1520 ill05 o- l .550 1 1,
50drtrin A y_. 0. iii.X,ea l i "- o. 111051i 11t , ,61i Is. iy ..:: T u i: ' i:l :r
It~iin<l an flayr19
ox .A S Ais, os. ia 05 lii:i ihu: -l'C.). i- 1~'I-, 1 . 51 ~ 1. L lilli iY(i lailsi 000'
NO)., 11015., 1011 1.,.7i1Aa t to i71)1 st. I lii Isli-t1i:,tt1 1 vlttih ni TP 1:-i-I lie~
t 21: fo tiit, 1 0 111 -01 a is NI1. a - nd ill > l y z Cl ho ttt i 1510111 Oa-,yfil lii: unid7enl~rt. r
Coletin 1011 0111l bo51:1 ib regls,, 1, - :olllinnv "' uli t tt1 Entelnia
1:: a lii: ill t i- filo:-o il: Viai. J Y OlIo O TiPnl~~J 0 E e~
1,11il 1 0 Solliibyi St12(:101:: All i J1Ifma i Nor cxp i s!i:LRNB. ""P-IOf Jo~ t
the CI7 1:lblg A a-l 1ila.u, s it thol isorcaln la, wicho i th e totlY~e T be-o I
agsul)(o3n-llT-n y lia. If 514 I l. I lIt ly e nlo ab ut 13 fr inr ,[ 1 1?E I~titll'( t t C.Lt
Mr-%11 111%:la-l i0 il :1:-0 lrs i ii 2 1lriitfll frmTlno 18 roi le:" taT < t' i
- iliiii 110 lisO ii _v Oleio tull::al -llxt by tis 15lt0 giet(ho D. &.C. floatin
May ila.oi----- - ll. ile etroctin oCofpatrip IwIke 4 kE, City1, 01Uta .
(A1 ,il al 11 eill 1theilelfisa rad emoli sotus hA E" S E
ho\ittsburgillho&L ii-st l in:: 111:i ii ehpoonnatamrdoe etbe
i1la.1l it. i-l i 00 20iibyte!eti -;hle lthisor toripper laedrouteic seilg I! l l
grnetsme eota h ra 'tI s g U o r kton . is:.ll 11:1y1 lly avinle.If YU ,e. It00 omal oss T otheyfrm anartckt etqeippescd witherot x15fomToed ;I$8 ro P YWOr 1 ID
.s tnasw l Ii ou,, nlCevylandao er o ndienc ,annncuingo 5 t ii tSt CL
Lo i 11:1 i I li. :1 1 u~s-nio:n al ll :1:11 ms d eths. llu in td th e ghe an i L
t0(1utiiareiss0:1 d1 by1 0 11: a uCent lelecbytricli, onamhguaranteedfo b hn 4ilvogffi-7 #~i rd
:io n nel1111 --lya. i: b-n i iO:- llitgoes h t tactindsfaesitthe4:rWiliamSt
-la friitreh einst r T te srasefaorby oThe f
AndA ii\l WABi SHnvPA0 1:011-:O, -iinidnr itfirstaegratdecmantlinerspoin s H men-SEE
CA'. I. IANS, oietostndigd ortrips po erwe ~.~ - .t~-
ev ne I t al Pas .Cr-,oio Thel An i.lt for Teedenperoi, l pkrue, ci-g
"Ii I;;-SKIi7MN000S . loqute andh DlTh. Daeqiypeteenk
(ing Coei l liles4 iii s-, 11 vitlli.l- eryl modernsy onvnienpsialanneufnnitos
Loui 'I"! 1'0,>((>,ail bas~t< es c n-Ilts tl rnsetc.ilg olhnineaeanthru thor-
hefer Igxe meaTlels o Inil ie(ls uyegleiiy , a0ndbin.reedg fritre tol T e LcIlet fteJ_ ica(rd
oqll t oiilyr served t the best f o elsllild iescrptndesp, iphget. a d a s ta.erA. I 1e1;. So b
Tol. 11110 C1:~y. S IA\ Nb: t- cn andsGeeP. A. FDo&C.rtroit, Mimi:.ek iJ . _ 'I=-.'/",t toF !
Inils Lii '0 d) a s k. i.iia tinl- wEe Tldo DoA t, A ln ,LTR Feresy wfl (mrgaWih t
(viii Ag: iris., etoskyWsChcagft"rSootn104S . llearnfl~Sirtf
I101IE-SEIE RS' Ihue nO iexl l. arqrette.ad81:lu:-n::-lyryetwed
On ay21an lJu( iiget, s lof leelndan etri, Ceenan5ad iS m le-, n riil i g in-I
O ipCenrlLeiviensfwil s1111Rolie-PtinBy he pltileupmn C. .
ieiiu-5 Mi lxi 1 soi l 101kts 11o os. aes 0r
,sia-i~ni irenjoiable.::Sendn forlililuftrated
inllViriia atoo. Once axe for Roundides1riptWvehpamphlot.CAdrressrA.h-

LV -->v " quarn atcnu'; I /®ff 1

1V iJ" t7 u -'1. it 111 iy ll)11 "7 L } IPYiC: YJi Vlilti. ...

K. IS, 11-IE s. east of Main at.
- I )1AS I tI W 7.T h-S t1 115. ISA
will Utz . in 1-1:11a:l11statuionsuon tiii
Wansh,17:11ro11-na Apil 3 .11150th, Mhhy RETAIL PRICEn ONLY $2.00. ----
'lsnd i:IJne:-11thr ho the es,11 N:rh-rTire latestt liir, in P1IIUlTCII 011Y7
w(vst, South andl Sothiwest, A DevilOfoi-Acmcu.afely IRegister- at
Fey fulll pa~rilars,111, aply to1:1then 1115thin Dfstsne Travelled Bl RI v . ~i
ioiloo ei-let- rgeo-taf the Wabaslh or on a ic fycle. a E. iiaree 01. Soehal Rteteoin endoro.
.conectig lies o t0lt ilaraprecefminii iioperatinias a watc;leirsasrars~asar
C. S. CEZANE. i un:eo-s iudisirof trprowe dIbi
(Jr. P. & TA. W'abaslr 11. It. In-ia; has reile (1,110dalsaejs Wtt
qucl p (i a utbet edfotayU. U1'S. CALEIS. \AII. 1posiion: I: inte zc nA ce io 4, 2,43+
1i i: aa1:rl ndi asouel.: n yarante "
Fril, SMly 1.-iVarsity Ts. Wiscan- -en;hrel awithoust - -
sill, 4 p. 111.
Foae_ yal_ eal lyleDaer. 0LE t7
Fif., Illy T.-Sylaliroiy enneort, FeSI;iy itIiiy cI s
lay Festival ceurse, University hail, w r 4Lr tY
Sat~ MSaly .1S.-Vasity 1fi1:1day, 2
P. Ill. Festival, H ANS. Magnificenihodin; Sen rechern iegs
S5Sat. a - y1. -Say telvI I ii- I\I ® I attendnnce; ood diseipline peio wek-.p
f,. , r sunppliedrading teom; diy, lenisnes; Saiurdaj
veriiy ihall, OrgalrrEeiCl, iil la. ii. eenoingreceptioens; epen thoe inire year. Eseep
Orchlestral mlatiiiee, 3 p. ii., nriiia- Sine 1 facilites for planing siuntodis ,psiiosa
f, Beead nod roosm $2 to$. 5 p r meek aspn>ai
#linl of Panl,"iS p. 1ir1.,familoe. These rs Leluiced to $r. l~y sa"
May S-Si-Weleri tils o 'xarnbyehasding. Fen Catahoge address
baseball foami. -
tFri., -'lay 2-l.-SohshioiiorOnalsty at TRACE MARK ...I A4N NSlT A.SE 3CsJg
Fri., Ma,, 24.-Pres nt floe of thne WA T A A N R O
Coly;lp r 'e o) al.class _ - FRS.fLUASS II TO AILRIN Ifighn Gauss and Doan sfi1 Fnish.
Fri.x lay.r, .-W P. Obt r-Ac lphi, din- Corner of tate an id- Wilihaso its., S:," ..SER, SS, N aer
bate, law lecture room, 8 p. in. William st. entrance. 23SUH FUT AVNR

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