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May 13, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-05-13

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r . ~TH E'U. OF M. DAIL Y.

f~~t BRYN MAWR'S GYM. Kansas Club Organized. I
comments by a Detroit Woman In The initial me~tig of theasasl
Connection With Our Annex. club was, held Saturday night A
Pablished aly (Snday excepted) during -costiution was adopd and a tempo-
the College year, at M krs. G. . Robinson, of Detroit, who ray organization was effected by the
THE UNIVERSITY Of MICHIGAN is prominent in th work of securing election of J. G. ine, '95 I, har-
Oris ie ubitN ano. poiesubsripions tot hie women's gymna- Man, and Miss Mary WVhit y , 'lt
ot ofice. m fudichtctnwrig serrtary Other, for the ensuing
to the Detroit' Free, Press year will be elected at the next mecet-
EDITORS. hs given the following in regar to igo h lb ueS
J~ . L~ov '1, llaacs ditr. ti' gymnasium at Bryn Mawr in a
G. B. HsAaisoN, 'OIL, Assistnt -D o atbadrI o d
A. W. SITH, Specia, Assistat. cionuication rgarding lb'hoiiime's D o atbadri o d
W. A. Seine, '51 L, Assistant. anex to the Waterman gymnasium: vertise your board in the Daily.
U. COsLnMeAs.'7. Athletic Editor. There is no col.ege for women of _________________
J. S. PsAurL, 'I L, Busiess Manager any prominmence that has not made an (} a aet ter t
Associate Editors. adequate provision for thepyicll
H. A. Dancer. '10. E. L. Evans, 'WiL development of its students by at gym- '
E. R. Snderland '10 Carrie . Smith, '. n1iiueuppdwt teaplni s4-
L. A. Pratt. t. L. R. Hamlen 'S6L-
. A. Hioughton.'1 D. C. A. Heat, ,9 P ' of modern sciince. Soue colleges a- ---- 4
Misnie Thompson.'i. 1. . Gammon '01M. ford uniusual facilities, such as Vas-
C. H. Farrell, '1. S. E. Itnappen, '5. sa, the woman's Colle e of at- ~ , ~ .
1. 1. Fslay. ~ more, and Hryn" iawr. Haing o-. e-
cupied the fellowship of blsors the 4 ' ,- C.l/ '
The response of the alumnae and first year that Bryn Mawr opened, I
others in Detroit to the appeal in be- have always had a lively interest in 44
half of the fund for the wonmen's its dvelpni ut. The gymnasium at 4
gy nasiuns is gratifying and en- that tme was a ie buildimg, and r*4'
courgesthehop ofthoe m retediasui in improving its facilities. Te 44
that the cornerstone uay ho laid at health of the students was under Tennis Ball
commiiceineut. Ini order to make' timr care of ait eminent w oan py- v sspra aaynhr oeblie4
tisii possible aiid as an answer to the' sician of hiladelphia, while a res- 1 finest materials are used ia utscosrue.
contributions which r" coiing in deit physiian actd as te director *4lion, and players who use it are conin- 4
rapidly fromt outside sources, the stn- o h ynsu n esnlysp lytsiyn oissproiy erintended the exercises of the st- 4I is more resilient ad mre durable 4
deitta sould 4 han any oher. 4
det hudgive as teir share aan dents. Before adissision to the gym- 4 Victor Ahetic Goods always give'
lib ral proportion of te $12,0t0 yet to nasium, each stdeit idrwent a 4 saisaction. 4'
he iaised. special examination by tie director r* OVERlAN WHEEL CO. 4
with reference to phlysical develop' r* Makers si Victor Bicycles. 4
CALIFORNIA BEATS PRINCETON. met, strength of heart and lugs, *Boston. Norke. eroi. Dener4
4 rACIFIC cAT: 4
-and heredtary'tenidencies. Earls t- 4 ISon rniso. os Angeles. Porlnd. 4
Western Track Men Winners by dent was considered idividually, and
Ten Points. 11r exeriss n-rc prescribed aecorli d-siic tlt.i ,5 h~tl
The California track teni non from t g to 11cr physical deselopmiicnts Tie_______________________
Pricetn ol atudayby total of records coicening each student wee iN l y i tisiC
IlT'ht is rineton'on Saurdayiyseat 'ed in a book, and tie effect of DITSO
is the first cnte'of California has en- the exerci'e: was tested by half-yearly _________
gagedi in with aii easterni team. The 'examiniiationts great pains being taken
f"ecord was as folloss: to prevet ov er-eerion of tny kind. "Six Love Songs,"
100 b. dslI-llen prinetonIt was found that in umost istanes HyFot.SaerTanlinsfSn
Sc isCaifrna exerise im the gymnmasiumi was at- of Hen's fiest lyrics Iexqusit musical
10 2-5 sec; SogisĀ° Clfonaae'- tenddby an increase in the girth of settins. Heavy Paper. 70 cents.'
3/2umile. run-Biadley,- California, 2 th"A chest, of the' strength of the mnns- iCLLGESOGS
Iles of'the back amd chest. an of CLEESNS9
uin. U 15 se.; ianhon, Princeton, se-
- ' lng capacicty. This5 gain in strenglrth The standard coleton of Colege Songs.
end.' Over i0t,000 sold. Heavy Paper, 50
120 yds. hurdle-Dyer, California, varied frosm about forty-five pier cent cents; Cloth. Gilt. $1.00.
1t' 1-5 sec,; Torrey. California, seconds imufte graduae snid'tis to sevety-
Shot putKoch, California, 3 ft. 10 five per cent in the,, first ears clasa. "COLLEGE SONGSFO GIL"
The gy-msnasiuml is open to thle st-FRGRS
in; Shbaihort, Princeton, scond. dnsa iltmts iedreo emgOny boot of the ind: pumihined. The
Miles walk - MeittyPrinceton, eraroo me an d ecto aeinstb ons of te ei nt* gcollees for wome,
inhrro7adesl mbs432-5 Sec.; AMervin, California
second. The largeral, with its rtmminmg tiky ~ ~w ~1~!ILI~MSC
22_0 yds. .dash-Derr Princeton, laid 'ith rbecnb sdi an
weather. Tie bathrooms in the base- Ebebty-two pieces for tr guitar from the
22 25 sec.; Se ggius, California, see- best sores. A spenid cllectio. Hand-
ond'ment, for use after exercise; the swim- ass Coer.50 cents.
omid.innig tank with its springing boa~ds, Any ootsnt posid o receipt of price
20yd a hurdle -Torey and Dyr, life preservers and other apparats O I E IS N 0 .
Caiona t i, -5forteacingswimming, amd the eomss- I ER D TS N CO.
Rhunimig iighs jump-Patterson and poreteaigfpngissigof tiegynasiu 45343 Wshigruns St., lomon.
Koch, California, tie, 5 ft. 9 in. Cnwralnedwiete ietrO H. Dtsn & C. N Y.
MilerunSt~liag, Pincton 4 in.has lately had ass assistant asigied
574-5 sec..; k-all, Princeton, second.. wds TS H R O D 1
wlOhsbe rie nte2 mle.t bicycle-Dozier, California, 5System. CEO. S. PARKE
mn. 41 35 se.; ILeland, Princeto, o uaTay tfw saras0o
ecn.-opportunities at Ann Arbor, are' w cns csserriot n rms hn'~s
440 ys. da -Koch, California, srYha -r on ws i ftie50delrsenllkoelml toletemon he mm. b,
51 1-5so.; Barnes, California, second. University will inprove them? "Why SHEEHAN & C0. Exetnai
mousmer throw-Edgren, California, ,'ot? The use of the gy mnasiumnis i-
1ftRgsPrneoseod nocoployaBrnAavbti jPole vatlt-Tyler, Princetom, 10 ft. 2 sunusual to fud aiy studet who iel
in.; Trainer, Princeton, scond. r'n -tfudthr o greater or
Runnng brod lmp-1o cs,'les tlime. At the Woman's Coleie
Princeton, 22 ft; Garrett, Prinretoam, of Baltiumore there is an equally fine EVERETT 0
-secet. 'gmnasium, and the recrds of te
thevvinei ofthe220yars hrd e rector there shweq lually' good ef- 355 'Wabash Ave., -
tosse'd up and Torrey 'aoni irt place. fets as those quoted of Bryn Mlawr.
y agreusMeit Patlersan took first Asuotrton Pae, t0 Fifth Aveue,
place in the running highl jumsp. The art loan and exhibition to e OSTON, MS~S. NEW YORY, N. Y.
given by the Detroit Art club begins
Lost-A rualI open faced gold net Saturday. All the rairoads 32 Church Street, 40-I Centry B'ld'g
- watch with.nmonogtran H. E. 1. n umako excursion rates. TORONTO, CAN. MINNEAOLIS, 1itfN.
bek. Lost on Campus or-on Wiliamo
t. Reward offered at 3S. Ingalls t. For boarders adverise In the Daily. Send for 1. ge cy N5 nus~

"The Perfect" Inflatable Saddle, prevents-
'hat, Numbness and Saddle Soreness. The-
Cieapesot, Easiest Riding Saddhein the World.
tom Men, Women and Chihdren. Circulars-
Free. Addrers,,
107 Chambrrs St., Nesw'Yorka-
This space is reserved.
for the Grand Opera.

Orgunized l863.
Capitai, 8i0t,0tt. Surplus and Prefits, 840ISS
Transacts a general banking husiners.
Foreigexechanges bought andsold. Furnish
letters of credit..
P. HACH Fees. S. W. CLARIKSON, Cashier,.
To arrange hor private or
lessons mu Dancing, call at
Cranger's Acade~y..
Office hours it to 1 Slid 4 to 8.
No stairs to mnount.
School of Dancing ad Delsarte.
Saturday, Sl a.m., Gentheman beginnersclass.
Saturday, 4ip. in., Lady begnnrers cliam.
Monday. 1:30 p. in., Advanced lssn(Ladies'
and Gentlemen).
Tuesday, 1:10 p. in., aeginners Class (Ladis.
and Gentlemen).
Private lensons by appointment.
SCHOOL 46 S. S'I'A'rB Sr
Lovell Diamond Cycles
Are unsurpassed for
Good allowance msdr on second- .
hand wheels.
GEO. F. FISHER. :agent, so5 E. Univ. Av.
rte us and we'll srend roeuthe infmatssionyex sans a
live Agents for. Ann Arbor.
CherS' AgenCy
FISK & 00.,
Chicago, Illinois.
803 Twehltul Street, 335 Wabash Avenue
OLYMPmA. 1MV55. Spring Street
1 and RegistrationBaniks.

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