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April 30, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-04-30

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A Statement of the Inside Facts
From an Authentic Source-
Things Do Not Appear So
Straight as They Might.
The impr. eaton at(oms to exists
:aimong the Students of tlthUiverwity.
foudedIperhapisloon the iarticle Ihilit
llppeartd ini Saturday's e'ditioniof? ile
,Daily, that in the recenit dobate al
EvFanston ftevictory of Northwest-

and tilt tvtriigt takein, Nortllwesatte, KENYON 'GAME CANCELED.
how rvet, understanditig that Michig-aii The Management May Secure One

idebattdd lier protest.
Tue judges i'ari.cd that fterfforts
of Messrs. Ward anil Bennett were
toi be iimprloimpituil?). -The ilebate beglail.
Then to see a iired~judlc' iiandicnce
Rvon over, to c ',et hitdcbate close with
all Michiiganiialui andt 111friends con-
idecit, and with most. of flit Eyan-
tolitais coincedingt that Mlicigan iiadl
gaitneci tiltday-,to higar thec expresslio
tromt ont of" Nortinvesferii's last year's
dtebateris, "Micihigani's argumient isfait
ahead of Noltllwcestei's,"' or that of

eros mein was a complete wlk-over. a. trustee of Norfinvesteuull, "'Michigani
From facts which arceiiow disclosed surety has. it," ec., then11 ti
i appears float nothing could be fair- hear thle juidgis' dectisioii of
diet froini tetruth. iniety ipointsiflliifavor of North-
Thel Michiigiaii represenltatives arriv'- westernl. Well, yes, if was just a little
edt in Evanstoii lt 3:44 oii 'Thuirsuday. surprlislingf. Micigliiis repirese-ita-
They weio 9met at the traiii by the fives hiav-e no apology to make. ITh-
-Northwestrn delegates and escorted U'. of A1. umenl ncv: r felt m1ote -on-
li e lAvenue, totise. Soii affer fident after thit arguoteilis, vert in,
ilitiving fhury weireiliforiled that but anddineveri before fared soibadly tyi
on1e judge had been secureid. The fte'liials of fteudg es.ThIvtroiily
ilitiSof two others* were' proposed regret is iliat 011e1' Michigan Stunits
lnd as flit decisioni bad fobe made iwere iiof there to bear 'wifticss. How-
thiat eveniig, 1Michigan hail am choice evi r, although ii riniy night, a iniii-
0 spar lit ilt lie 01 ut t ilitog aitiii1iiiw1riofitree

moment. Therewuas no time for in-
At 4 o'clock on Friday, t'mot..Clark.
eif N\ orthwestern, camne to onr repre-
sentatives, stating that tic baitjtust
received a telegcani froiii MIr. Cook
to the effect that lie was ill aiid couldt
oat debate. It was afterwvardls learneti
that Mr. Cook's telegram was not the
first news of hit illiiess, aiid flitclies-
lion arises wily- that telegram was
rit seitt until 4 o'clock. How long
liad Mr. Cook beni ill?
What could be done? It was oniy
four boors until flit debate began.
Our mnen were iformled that Mtessrs.
Ward and Bennett would divide
Cook's tinme between thieii. Michigan
saw that it would be iio honor to win
tinder such circumstances. Moreover,
fec two men to debate impromptn
agiiinst fhroo would give them ihd
;3ymrpathy of the judges, andience and
Further, when closely considered,
Iwvo men having thae opportnnity of.
Ullpear ng twice before tine judges
would give a decided advantage. It
Avat admitted by hotil sides that a
siecisloit under such circumstances.
Could not he satisfactory,. and the'de-
bate as a .contest of merit would be
a failure. Michigan, proposed that a
third man he substitutfe:t. Northwest'
ern1 wouldd.not consent. Yet, the aud-
iene mus taot hodisA:ppointed, aod50
after every other plan had failed, itt
was finally, agreed th tb te gam
suhfby? ar' dout by M-st . Wa
anl Bonnett equal , occ'upying to
tauT, k..CIL erwerebthgrad,,

tilt met wire equailly surpiriseid,
iOur rep'est'ivies were. royally ci--
tertainetd by Northwest in 'anti lone
nthling but kindi words for their e-
ceaoushoitlitiy. 'lliiy tegret ve'ry
muciehithat fteubsence. of 31r. Cook
liade it impilossibile for flit de -ision-
to be satfisfalctoryin lily cisec;bt:
as matters stood, to assert fliat North-
wesl'(i beiat thieiiisquairely -was a
puzzle for fit theiigaii mitn.
A verbiattimi riport of tile debate is
to be putblishedi by Noo'lhwestern, and
will be oia sale in Aiii Arbor, Our
.represemativ s, await with conifidene
flit verict of those who will car'l to
coimpiaiethe li' lrguileilis of both stiles,
Below are the markings which
Northwestern will claimni are, nearly
alike aiiit luno, reliable. They are
not. individually alike, lint collective-
ly, that is, THicltigan iieii were all
niarked low antifte.Northiw'ter'n
iieii all high. 'Their marks were ineuar-
ly all below ,90, and the Northwestrn
iien above 90O. Does any oine believi-
that iinoeof the Michmiganmminiwere
the equals of titlhor Ward or, Beilnett
on argument or delivety l tr. Kimmball
made. the best'specb of-lis :life, aiid,
yet Ward was- graded-<by ,one judge
41) points abovo h ;Imn, 30' on argunment
and 10 on deliott." - Olxtoby also dis-:
tinguaishied hdmself, hot, Ward by, this
mian.,was put31) points iboee him,
and further thalpte was mnarked 27
poit below Ward. Mr. Ma ya loath
of 13 points last yosr wais conisileyo
-gt, ctmarkable, but this,-yeariei
pit' ,a er rinary dilt esc

With . . LU. for Tomorrow.
Btaseball mailiger 1L. C. WVeeks yes-
triday received a telegram from tie'
Kenyoii College hbaseall iianagig
stating iliat his team will fit ainabe
to coitac lire aiiii play the gaule
sceled'ifoi tomorrow. Immeiate~ i-
ly upon re'eept of this, -Mi'. Wecks
teleigraplhedi to the Ohlio Saei'li-
versity' baseball rmuangenlent to a-
range a gamiei'hire with theim tolui-
tow' if possible, So -far noindug huns
bee nheard from iteii, lit lteriml
of that negoiaios will be bullhtindi
teiday.If thfis gamue eaunhi'arraig ,
it will be iii acoriance witilllt stt-
ed wishes of fbothi instiuions. Attir
the gaulei with Ohlio at Coliimius hat
broken tip inia row' April if, lt'elest
of ftelhog still exisfei bifwen flit
players of flit two teams,aho )were
anxious to fry coicusiois again. Ouri
schedule was full, however, aidfthe
sentmci to he no possibility of :a-
ing a change. Nowv that Kceynon his
eiiach her date, onr manager will
spare no pains to give Ohio ltelihaic
slit clains to be so anxious for.
No Riding on Sidewalks.
The annnal sprig raid by liii locl
police force upio ite bycists w ho
title oiifthesideiwtalks hag' begn, tatu
ua pruofessor and sveral students halve
sufferiecdi tonsl re'lii m Tt' heii'cii'
orinincemittnm this rgrdi is unultsallyl)
stricevena-iaprohibitimng iiie'pshing
or leuadting of ut bicycletn thflitsitu-
wal'a. ,Although flie comtrary is gni-
ralily beliea'id, this ordinace covers
liii vahis 011and around the clmputs,
uinid if the autfhoriie saav it to in-il
torte it, stuilemts ranl others cotld be
prohibifeed roim ritinig or leding bcy-
ilet 'oianaiy of flewavaks aboatthe
tiataroify grounids.
The sectiomn of flit city ordinance
governinug this iatter is as foloav:
"No person shahl drive, lead or back
anay'horse, iuitle, -coav or' ofhri maiil
or drive, ride, draa, push. or hropel
anyaagoi, car, carriage, velociicie,
bicycle or other vehiclee oiina-ver itt
along any sitdewalkinhanamy pubi
street or oiler ptlace, No pintoomislal
-cake' usi' of any sidewaalkl, for cattu-
log aith slets or otherwist, provided
that fhis setion. shall not be construed
to previent the use of baby ,carriages
ini the usual manner, maor of the ust'
of ceiipeds or tricycles when oiler-
ate by children under ien yers of
Tbi a c i us Is subject to flit city
ordinatnees as much as any ohir part
of Ann Arbor but ths particular
regulaton hias never been tiforced.
The authorities undcrstand the weiht
of public" opinion on the mather amd
the whe'elniin are not likely to be
disturbed in thir use of the eapus
walks unless there should at some
time be an open breah btwee-n the
tudents and the plicemnt.

1IN IT."
51 South Main St.
Youn Lades eog. .li
+««eethipiysyieiou dereo-
biylwihLwe-seAdteminDapa. N
wokdne0 tlthebcl riv~He Js.poe
EahoLe Hei, ANAo.
L 4tetSIp .oedTAbEShop
eostFinehalskAn Acto
S. S-eousSTTSSh.ow otino. oom
Bilst f-iand Nn rotes.
26S OTWSAT O. n talltooe
PROF~. tOso Town

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