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March 29, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-29

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sI.ot.W in
HYMN TO APPOLLO. Ge freek to higher eggh intellectual life wis FO THA ULMET NOG DSU E T
SUNG THE FIRST TIME IN THIS flt' singing of the recently dto.'ov- INDOOR MEET HELD TONIGHT Tries to learn without books.
COUNTRY AT THE CONFERENCE. ed hynmn to Aptollo followed, flis IN WATERMAN GYMNASIUM. Some people though try to use
-was not only the trat of the eVeniffg musical instruments with little
Prof. M. L. DOoge, the Translator hut of the conference. The ransla-: List of Events-Result of Prelimin- or no tOne.
-Description of the Hymn-Yes- toin of this lymni was made by Doti) ary Contests-Competitors Must Welay Rey Thobse Which Ha a~e Tone feno' eso-ut eRayb 'lc-ae fI
Nightingale's Ades rtcs oeo h ieayd'atun.O Judges. Timers and Clerks -Seats Weselthtkid
of Livy-Other Conference Notes. flis Uiversity antd as flis is of fil- for All-No Tedious Waits. j elta i(
portinee to cltssical sholrs fte fol-
Newerry hall was illed ait the owviiig brief description is given. TionightlteWtteriiian gymia~inni6 r~F
opening of the confereince at 9:30 Aimonag the ilost reitiarkale ich- wllb. a it swre, d:detted by ie 51 South Main at.
<o'clock Thursday iiorniiig. Super- tticldsawic f h at er ist varsity iet sitter its oeinig.
inedatA igtngl t fC ire the fragiients of tfreek tyitis 'fit:: eve~ts of toitilt s programitwill W
cago, acted its stesson ill( elatruan. ,frountd by tho French iui the'iirxplil'- follow ftltseteral orer 1 si()-y tiids E po
tiProf. J. .eh oHtnna, ,oenof it( etonnrnihus, ions t Delphi, the sat of ftthenetf itisli tritls 2, featherweight titxitg: on
Oho col, openei ii irii' - ,, lightweight wreshtlin; 4, sio
Oroele itt Aititlo. hse miusittl coit- M
work with a well worded paper onstionthati4t-yrids uitsi 5 enzhi
"Two of UCesar's Bttle trotuids ~g~ stdstibte -
ofmrl.an-blntttetir el ligtweight oxiti; 7 niddewt'tgi or avertise
M~r. W. F. Palmert, of Ltke Forest masI atpyetfr ihgaeAm
fury B.bhoxiig; 8,-ital tetilli dash; run- ice wich we edte as approval. 1N0
tlll', B.C.twrk doeuntiii the btarle arrives anmi prvet
Untivrsity, i i is artitt' othe Th eflt hymn to Apollo is itsribt l itnig high jumtp; f10, stntlimt; 1, i- satifatry.
Credibility of Lvy" set forth his views dlt'teighit wrestling; 12, heavywiigiit Yon Lais -
mso tarhle sas that titlonged ftoi:1 fteysor girls apply teerscsie wellrecea'
ems the snhdett a.i aittnti' shich bhiihhntd thhi helrbsi o lt'hti'; 1:f. exhibiion rtstig, hy aeded. write for prtiuar.
prov'eidho entertail eth vi roionsAtein,2(tdasarpioy Messrs. Witlly atd Barlay; 14 tiit ACME CYCLE CO'IPANY,
donbtsas toLivy')tititvorit!nitoi1A51ititaascrefecf.i5 :t eposioryd-ELKH-ART, IND.
=dubsast Lv'sauhriyupnshortly titer the.battli' ittMtratfion. mc' lTv.it;1,mrt.'i -a-..«H... . « ...._ .+ .....«..
istorical matters.Teppe'aiw osoeetet thurhwit The iytiticelebrates Apolois the't86 is vs. laws. 'flisordrtott'vnts
discsse Insotte lfeit ilttot gaifgoiot prpfhie, andtheflt'tiuss of Alt. will mot e followed srtly, a is the OI I't 'O S
was consideredf especiatlly good'. Itlicomi is his coimpanioms, tud losts Offiis will umakte any hintgthiy FREStsLIEos'
Superintendent F.'51.i.l'owiisend, of wvith a vividh discription of sacrifiial .:-c fit. All comtpetitorsm'iust le ii LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES
,Aasalfloedwt rppr" iIIft's aitd tistal hperforiimnes Ott the le gyinasituin anid trssedh h-fore s JUT SRECEIED AT
Laiiyo teVlae"wihdatpait of the representativ-es of Alheas O'cloitk, without fail. 'flitometit os ,+i TUTTLE'S,
with the stubject as isra'ting the storu'oth heltmcs irin i the--yards dash must hi' at the 48 S. STATE ST.
langage s spkenat tat tue.Whatt gives spicitl interest to lhisscast cani of tie g3'miiiiium florut.t
Prof. Geo. Heanpi followed with a- mini'ryar these t-n tatcs: Eli S o'clock sharp, tth'-nlte trail hetts GO to RANDALL for
technical papert deitlingmig th"Timei is the iargst and bht lpreser'vedfhI- il le rnmofni. All comtesants intArtst Photos.
and Stress In relautioni to Vowele nin re mscta a wrofhtr iemintsmitmbfhi'dressed a t S UUE~
Height and Rounding." t'm'o. F~ . bimGum. Scmdy ti od imectlocki, aitheir eventmisihkely o Is'
Ashnioe, of Union College, closed liebenfudScolythwrsar
ac'oumpanietd by a. muscal noftation so all xl on at any'tme tundif.ti5 iii'not NEW GALLERIY.
morning wit hia. ppinon "The At- p^1c peea oafr nuthlandthforfeits his chace o nm-
Ttini md as-turnAt'dimmn of liii'knomwtleateotGroeilmusca.hbillerPee. The itrogramitwill le ran iLARGEST OPERATING ROOM 1NI STAT
Romn Dwelling" hasvi beent abe o gttaithustuar froti straight thiroughm ront starit to fitish,
At the afternoniSessiomi thin chairn idtesettr wl hsb.sardNO. 1 WASINGTON ~LOCK
mnwsPo..I'Debothy my orierwran ce.einA th prionchtoilofma"tic'tmt hesetio tl hislet irdBOK
maymiwas i-rwf.tSt'Cin.thenbyioiftthi the smual tedioussaits ih usch mmle'ets. N VR 'lUf
,Ohio State Universitys. "Benefits scale, the very existence of svicin ftie trial bouts tlin bxing wre held Annj Arbor, Mch.
accrmuing Iin classical studie't fronimaciemt reek has until nmows-euema W'ednesday andTh usdity imitie gymi-
;preiou stdy f mder laguaes"clled in qtefinn. The mpainpar't of isii .'fhelilghtwseightt trials swee BID A. OADIBUIX.
a paper, by Prof. 11. F. Burton, of fle.yum ssniti n h hrylu ton by S. Friedlander ovir0 .Lts mrvdBrer Sho
Rlochester Lnversity, swas thin tist of Diatonic muode, wthich uas peculiarly Wright. Al. Kithel over L. IfHuburd In the City, E iashl nt. s, et der
,theaftrnon's 'eorcses Pat o eaefMain s, Ass Arbor.
-Ihm afernon' exrcica.Pan ofeli fitted to fle choral lyric com- amndE.,1. Gos ot-nrW\iG.Bryat.u
Colrstasaidn'wasthen VIMcbvedposed for celebrating fle sorship of Ii helb emi-finals J.B hi Nht of A M TH PPE S L
ol ilastranldatin fthnviewedbAnk l.Tie ss wssugfro1efo Gs ndFidane r mu it-E IP
'b sa rgs, fAognPr firt time last sumnmer in P'ais. After ahell. Whie and Fritdander isaill-T-
Acad any. E.-L.:Sill er, o Chicago,deietehaposi ong.In J L Y &C *
a general discussion of its chatatier- dcd hncuupouhm omgi m ~. O
followed swith a critical paper out "Thinh evwih oigIE ill-266IT TT T o' alt oe
itics by hProf. Doge, it sas endian thnhuaysegh iougp.lo~a t an ColdTTE S.u es' fAlltot.-
'Cardinal Defect in ourSenmdary bellflatnafdomldT. N.clmexat All Mearn
far theirimst tmutohumths country mtbl tu rmT .Aixmalm tf _______________________
Latin Begine." the cneeceb rf CrmuC. E. AM'onkey frontim71f. Chftdihem, a L.JO N O '
"TheLatn' eciatin a auilt~ryLamnson, of the School of Miusc, utc- eaing Campel anti MConiey for
Samheueros of ood nish, ayndrotheonpaied omi fle tolumblian organ by flue final tonight. i hmuflt'feather- Illustrativ'e Cases on
-Sme ros fKlmzoadteProf. Stanley. wtilght boximg L. Hfubbtrd stout fromu
report of tIlto comnmitted on cassical A lecmcuino hnsniu itef. B. Otis amdsill neetf'nrmuurt BillI and N teS
~~ttecnlso ftesnigilpbttcation concluded the first part cufrneajunduhhfisuar-for tie campionship tonighut. 'Ihu
'o h rgrmt ueinedcttg when a special session sahIeld femcing preiinaury hitnt-en J. Kuy- ANI)
Nigtigae he file te -a for thm purpose of further discusion per and F. Olms uas uon by Kuyttr, NORTON ON BILLS AND NOTES.
part of the programn with Itls address wo .X wf Iinettngt
of lie papers tead. s-on..H suf iltuttngt
'on "Tbe Teachng of English." ________Seat will be provided for spetatmors NOW ON ALE AT
Prof. Paul Shorey, of the Lniversity The Daly wl be delivered in tie galante and out the floor. La-
'o hiaooen tmeeenn s's~nat your room the b1alan1Ce of diatlsand their. escorts will have lie T'X A H~ii
-wth a pape on "T'le Clssics In Mod- --s'kasontefornartenrh
en Education." Tie professr sabedalthe ll> year fo A bll - t onI;Tefinr ar l nerhm-
foegio $ " O.A titg t rer.' 'hisitwil-atiforti them a U breiyows. De ppeews onIO
the seed of classical sudy aofheflu '-e-Tbsblladote ini- 'ewifh - ' ausemtpgse.Oieleontce
l- r - g" cc e f'fe40-yards cash fimish 0 S. Stae t ,Nh. ManSt,-
'ot day. 'The -shI significane" of versity news. CONaTINUED ON SECO Dn PAGE A~{N ARBOR

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