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March 16, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-16

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VOL. V. No. 118.
'The Contesting Speakers and Their
Orations-The Judges Markings-
Honors Awarded by Regent Bar-
The Chicago Almni medal ani $7
in money firtbelir in tie oratrial
contet for 'iCr belong to ZJ. AIay,
Tian law, of Emporia. ham,., a11( his
iternuate to IowiCOuy is F. L. Ingra-
ham, 'tilla1w, et Aza-liaiMih., wiho
ween the seionilhonor'tarcashre of
$50. Tlogh he diiis1000of the Jdges
last iight was in hatlonty with that
of the andienee the viloy of Messrs.
Mays and IngrahIvai,-i not an easy
one, as lhe j0dges arinJgs so.
T['le orator scst a high staidard for
futurei contests There were no irek
or awkward pauses in delivery and1(
each producitioni gate eidene of the
nmost careful preartinl.
Mr. Mays was the last speaker, but
hie held flhe close atentioni of the audi
fee throughout his oratin In speak-
ign his subject, 'tnteriiatioalissss"
lie said in part that arbitration is be-
coning the rle tmng the- lation of
the world. It is stpplantiig war a a
anethod of settling disputes. Natios
have learned that idisaster should nt
ha given their aid, ht that peaceful
mthods sionld revail. Thestetker
traced. the history of the relations ex-
isting amion fanilie, tribe- and na-
tios islowng that as kindret I-
vistns of the peoplek of the earth e-
camn stronger cnparatvely they
enlarge their bundiries by war ad
.onqulest. As inatiois grow more civil-
ized they become mre like brothers
Mr Inroaim's oration was on "The
Glasses or the Commoners." In di
cussing this lhe said;
"The history of a ntion is ciely
,doteriined by "the cliaracteristis of
the musses of its people, characr-
istics which statesmen ai neither de-
stroy nor create. The spirituality of
the Jew and the ieality of the Greek
gleansed forth irrespective of the aid
,r opposition of leadrs. The English-
icns love of persoal liberty, tIher-
t-,d frees th barbaric Saxon, rose
superior to Nornman, Tudor and Stuart,
'and is still the safeguard of freedom
In every Englih-spaking nation.
Leaders lead. The people follow. Flut
at any time thr are inaiy would-be
- leders, eas with a pla; and it is in
chosing which plan to follow that the
peopie exercise their suprenacy. The
- fodr is the mneals by which the pe-
pecry out tim work they desire to
"Volce of propiecy spak in in-
:spIrngtnsot a ne erawhni ni
-lahr shall eI. disgac; whn Ohio
glamor which the noding plum the



pranicins"cir'er the flshing bI-so,-
all the toisitianot paeaty of fetdli
ism, have tsonciiblot ritotracy
shall be but i poetic (drimot the'
past; and he oimmio peop0th the
source of wealt, tense of (theeses
thi, founiastn ot tiiue rtli-iethIto
seat iiidt tulwarnk of just goveriisst
shall le Iirimyhooremd Tfilith i
ttthi shal it be said: Not ii lon-
dlrtio-nsbtil vSisgis n sitiiiittig
iien'se fires' and euli
J. E.Iickmnis'h5litreeived thi
iment of the Mormiion 1Peole " anildde
taileds the history of this oi noi i lii
griuiage frotIllhnoies toUtahli an thlii
suffernis'nd ail-roshis ti'-ey iinduri-i
ois that expediution.Ie tleneded tue a
better ptitlie. optiioncoeritl;the
Dtornuous aidtirtuh religiussblii'if.
The oler orators wter. C. It. Stears,
'9th lit. "Three' Aristocratis;"1. N.
Datis, '95 lat, " Wbster and theCo-
sitution;" ft. W. tDanfort, '17 lit,
"Cestralization in OtrtGovernmnit;"
J. . F. soitni-, "Broterod of Na-
The narkugs of the- judges ttere is
ad 0sp
C. I. Sear s --- a-----n2 T
J. N. Davis.----'---- 6 -9;7 sa279t42
1. W.Dsnfoth-... -5 90 78,78' to
F. I. tngralam-...- 9x28595i o 17 ~i
J. . EHicjkma.---.--(9 5 8i i Si 8d2,19~
J. ELaise-----100 74,82 s0178%,:8o2s
J. It. Says..-.- - 55!i. t0'/3%'9O8t Iti14
The total number of points recemeI
by each cntsttnt swas Igrahamt~i
536; Says, 55; IHickiman,5I0;
Davis, 51, Lauter, 508:; Danfort,
917; Stearns 487.
Rfegent Barbour presented the biiiiirs
in a tfts-happy resmark, in whichie
prdictedl success for Mir. MayataI
tow. City dmt congratulated the oth
orators on thuerit which hduaie
lbs contest so sucessfil. The Banje
club furnisheot tso numiiers, being
compelled to resond to encores echcl
Bennett From Northwestern.
Northweesternlas coen ELi.P.
Bennett to rpresntlier in th North-
westernIOrtorical leonue. ir. Ben-
nett is also on of the debater in tie
contet with Michigan and ranks hih
at Evanston as a forensic spaker.
iI-hs subject is "Wendell Phillis, a
Prodnt of his Timei
Students who are interested In the
study and clloction of our bir and
heir eggs ae requested to meet me
In room 1 (north wing of main buid-
lug, ground floor),on Satray, March
16, at 2 p.nr,' with a view totom-
ing aW"Field Club."

PROF. ROBERT I. FULTON BE- Trios to learn withouat books.
FORE THE ORATORICAL ASS'N. Some people thsough try to tise
The Requisites ot an Oration-Rules mBusical inistriuments with little
for the Guidance ot Speakers in orntne
the Preparation of Addresses. W~e Say Boy ihose Which Have Tone.
P'rof. Robert I.t'ulhtiin, of Oihio Wesi'- We sell thsat kiisg.
lc yat 'in tterity, deliveried ai Ietureton p
iical tssociationi 51 "The i 0Spk iiiin 51 South Muain st.
Isls -Speeh."' At thie cloe of thio lic
lir te('tidiece called fiorcaiieeit , SIT U D1)ENIT S1
lioin, sulhwhieti Prof. Ftn;klodly
I -turediho-m r-ctiu "o Sct - Why wear hand-me-downs
Heve."T a ecoelie restiontded PA N T S
ttithi "Hamilet's Solihoqtiy," tthuic-httas
-reaty aprecited.When yon get themr made to your
ge-ul1 ppeitd measure for
Ito segriuthiheeture hiy so-ho -ihg $
froimi thin spiee-hof tark Anitony.,u $3.2
dinliiiti of an orsitoir, continintg heu and imp, by a practical taile here at
saido thast "omie of thuse gro-ats arts ia hoime? All vork clone in Ann
Arbor. Suits pressed 60 cents.
iirator-y is thie tioter to tell sthier let-
hi- that whichi they tulmi-ady kuio-i." JOB. 'W". HOLLA&'UF,
'to.' ortoir retires-mts thuy thrtoeinus soE. Washingtonsit.
hires of nsais, -uiz., thie nirtl il ot
dioiishaiiond vitalh, tuodmoist hite truthi, D I1TY C'ES
herssiitiity iatdat to hie succesful. LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES
A cemthreio i-i-so,;thseni iratwn hi--Jmay aECEIV EAT
tt-eels these thumeo elemeno'mat d sldIus-+T TTES
trated hb' thin lawtye-whio-macset hitve 4$STU T T E ST
truthi to b- a success, thie iinister i-lewh8SoSAT T
mu11st havocpehsoaitiy 00ehiramm r oso InDLLfo
aitd thin actor whio muay be deoiodlof GotRADLfr
tiothi these and still haiee mt.IPiofi. A rtistic Ph t s
-iltoms stateodthat "thue great mct bc faleouinadoaoyi
thie potter to stir mnu's Mhood and NEW GALLERY.
withoot this isOonome can.ieere attamiLGETORAIGB MINSTi
gmeat famne as nrtimo-ae." lHe then [B[1OEAICBO NSAE
disetmssed thin oiffeence b fss eti
spieehes, essiys, orationsmanmd leectres, NO. 15 WASHINGTON BLOCK,
ando saiidIliad oftfe-mi we weredo
careful cmoigii t disciin iato be- Ann Arbor, Mich.
-tween thueii. TinE subject of a odebaite ED. A. CADIEUX,
tas then taken ut and the following PROPRIETORI OF THLE
seven rules laid dotvn: (11 Be chear in Latest Improved Barber Shop
thssieun+ f h usin 2 Ia the city. F. Washngton aSt. stdoor
thestaemet o te qeston () est f MnShal.skAss Arbor.
Don't squabble for every little.d-
vatace; 13) Be dis-erectdonela hni MAMMOTH PP SALE
thu eamrthi; (4) Offenid no oe; (5) Oh IP
'i-se parliamentary rule; (6) Be iieady JO jAjWy & Co 's
and pliable, alaptint c-ien prepared(26-SOUTa STATE ST. Dont fahl is come.
speeches to fit a ne-it occasion; (?) Be Hot and Celd ausnches at All Hears.
freshu ii facto, sounisn i logic amdidvhuloh
in speech. H ear d's -

In closing, the speakter s-id the thiec
thing toieep inimiisdlin amninaugural C t'i a
address are "the acknosw-edgmsent o
thse --onior, Ohme pledge of faithfuness-
aind the cours of your policy." Ple ading
Preident Angela's repel-f -to flue leg-
ishauture was submnitted. yesterday. NOW ON SALE AT
Appropriations of $107,650 for 18915
and of $8,m for 1806 are asked for
permanonut nt5ipreveminents. oda' I )AS f- R 'S .,
Extra copiesof t-a'
Daily may be obtained. at the Up Tows, Dews Town.
at toflets o atUniversity Bookstore, Opposite Cort Souss,
Daily office,atSolesor t 205S. Slate 8t. 4 N. Hain St.
igeer's news stand. ANN ;ARBOR

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