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March 13, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-13

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Published Daily (Sunday excepted) during
the College year, by
OrFICE: Times building N. Miain st., oppoite
pot ORICe.
IH. CosEsca, Lit.'7, Mainaging Editor.
G. B Ii. lonISOo, Lose'S, Assitnt.
A. X. SuIeH, Lit. Sel., Assistant.
IV. A. SIL, Law '0, Assistant.
J. A. Luto, Lit. '5, Athei Edito;
J. S. PEAnRL, Lan '1, Business Manager.
II. XW. Levy, Lose '5, Assistant.
Associate Editor.
S. B. Shiley, Lit. '5. Ii. A. tancer, LitUM5
E. L. Ervass, Law '5. ElI Sndrland,LIt'5.
Carrie Y.Sieith,Lit.'9. Li. ianben,Las'96.
C.A.oghts,iDent'9. tC. 5. Farrel, lit. '.
M Gilbert, Egr.'97. i.B.Gammon,Medic'55.
Minnie M. Thompson, Lit'7.
. . eath, iharuie3.
The ceset of ithe'legisaturscoin
insg to this city wold sake a most
slCOMosS OCCasionl for the senior to
display thier tcaps) and gowvns. ii
thattiday therei will lprobbly be ar-
raniged ao glnrali recptions at which
al studens and nessbrs of the legis-
latsre will participate. This binsg lbe
case the dignity of the class of '5S
couldti sot te bete sowns tansby the
initiations of their reoggry wihil' lie
siois lre hillolg n.
'rie large' crowd which gtecrd 5n
Univer'tsity bll yestrday iiitfilevcext
of the firt vsprsercIriss'is tn i '.-
Bencce of te pouslarity which futre
siengs wi 55have. Since list first
of the yar whenicthecexercises were
discontinued for Suet acoissisoiltiois
of cassses there has ieeii is earlest
desiss oilthue tpart of a large nutmibe'
of studtensts for ithei' reoiitstatse.
Now that everyinsg is so fasorbile
to the holing of rgslari devotioal
exercises masde possiblei by the 'Frieze
msemsorial orgiansanti a large eclinicof
voies, r'-seoed iterest will be fl,
and the mseetisgs will srly be as-
sured he attensdsancev-isiicissisy te
Tua Detroit Evening News i lls
effort to pt itself into the good graes
of taxpayers comnents 0onsilo wdi-
cal and law schools of tie Univrsity,
advocating the abolishment of te two
departments; : the forier because of
the perpetual broil and tumult be-
twven the iosisopailic anidl llopaili
facultie, the latter on account. of te
recklessness displayed by the ntudents.
These two resons the News aya
should be sufficient to challege the
attention of rie citizens of the State
and nmenmbers of the legislature snd
bring boths seriously face to face witi
the necessity of taking away those
privileges which are so utterly un-
appreciated. Such reasoing as
this can be carried to scih
an exten that should di.. sug
gtions e heded ev ry intittio-
anid priviege inlding theright of
senational newpapers 10 pulilli

thit rilisilo Sothe amielioration oif ls.,Asrlti-eeisg f . S.JUST ARR1IVED "10
tie faciliies for isstructiosn at te Imdependent assoeistioi t uli'-n1' i41
iitio-esity. Iii adiion to pulising seofr aliio of Daily tl diurs.
Thsurs., April .11.-facnuly recital t A SIPMENT OF
fistitioussrep~orts which ireS onuterly Fris-ze Menoriatl hal.
gsindlessoas to cause dlists tssglitg Fri., April 12.-Sprinig XvaOiiiisonb- I
sfbraissaonsthis part of corr.-sjsoid- gillsUGents' 111n 1Q11an Shoes
isis to indtuS sitable exaggerations for Mos., April 22--Sprisng valation
its colimsil, thesycostsanly advcat'(loses. Exercisses rt-susii in sll dei- iron S P' I .C.
variouss theories regardiig the wal Fri..Alpril 2.--Inttercollegisate debasteJ CO fS AL(,A T~
te issest of lt'eliniversity. 'lb-icrtbetwen oriliwe tern aind Michitgan J C B & L AA I
riososiisg, coitlisig ft'ioithsoses'otCsitcasisgo. WahingtoniiSiick, Ann Arhor
know vSo little abiut theisrealeaifairse Thurs.,.'May J.-Faciliy recital at P 5-See our Show Window.
1a5d wanittof teinistitiitioniis of stheiii- FiezeMenoritilhal.
ssstsitsssi elchratlr.tsJunit ts.sFaculty reitalat TIHE GRAND OPERA HOUSE.
ly reognizabile toi tlis' whoisiundeir-lTHURSDAY, MVARCH 14, 1'95
sitidtile real coinditioni. Ansy p. wr The Daily will be delivered Nowiii iiitsitiiroseuitiseyerin i Loidon,
whhihhlXolt('5resformihitiettissis to- at your rooma the balance of Eriglaneh
.c hrcls anyhthaste isstiutioin in (ieslpar- the college year for $1.00. All Ahtl. '
agitng trims owihss itle groundd hs the baseball and other Uni- Chtar ley s
i5 hrC how, wll oly akeits~t Vrsiy nws.A Comedhy Story of Colege Lfe bynBradson
is hre sio~~s, VII otiy iil~he sout erssy nws.Thosmas, man agemet of Chares Fiso.
ridiculhous55)toth iy.ros irs shri Phenomenal (Comedy Record:
thiorousghly colic' rsalt Xwith the rehli 1BI CCLE 8ALE! 300 Nightn in New York.
shtaiioll. 10 Night in Boston.
___________150 Nights in Chicago.
P'rof. Schtlotterbecsk O-i0w0il l z t' 100 Nights in Philadelphia.
ill l'Pe'etesi 11ereswiallsithrie playersthut p-
itllio lslarlils btsiiy ridy.prest fnlall useehilehcipeties.-,
1. \\ CLENAR.Mouted ly ssllui-it seesey.
U.OFAl CLEDA. =PRICES - 35c 50c 75c, and $1
Retheir-red ets osasle at Watts' Jee-ly
33's-s., Stameh 1. 'J7T it slass irS t- -sae.
Th'lurs., Mart-hi 14.-heli class illit- ' a i o y e
ng at 4 p. nil. in ill,-chatie.
Tius., Starch 14.- Facl ty reill at 1 j j( VI)),t
Frieze enorial 1101. TIlltst 5h1in itPHOTGRhAH Y
'hsurs., Maurch 14.-tPrsof. Thompson a FIRS CLASS. at
ont "The Csnsltation of the Jndges" Reduced Price. Please call and ex- ,B R R Y' M A
in the Mtosaic land lawX series at theamne ame. Husrost Spcial Rate toSnhos
lawo lecture room. NO(. S8 SOt)UTH1i MAIN STl.
Fri. !lrch15 Soplonirepary 7Members of Gurste Tceht Broes' Asuo-
Ft r.,gMer cdi l.-Splsmsuse s itUS~C ciati(5 of .S
at~~~~~~~~~~ Grne' cdss.I1~1 YU1.Cosby & Mc~eon R. R. Ticket Agency
tri.,.Starels 15.-Umive-srsity oatoical5 Adors o., Chi ago. hReduced rsstes to all
conestinLnieistyhal unerausi-poiiits. BrlischsTh'5e KinsdegrsenNo.3
const Si mivrstyhilsndr cus-N. Mii St., Ans Arior,Mihhign.
ceo o S. U A. Six Love Songs,"
Fr!., AMsrchi i-'risf. Craig sbeforce R iB ITH E
th-i'illo ea sciey ilRecn B7o- FrntE. Swyes. Transtatonss of S R UBNxI X M f ,
Ohs. 'liloogcll sci-i sus tiseme x-of iclie's fisest yric ii us usuitle musical rom he hRoyal Conservatory,
cavahiisl s nhtabylonia," ilustrats'd ty setinse. Heavy Paper.T7 cents. Stutgr, ermiany,
theistreroponass 7:Slit' physical hera- COLLEGE SONGS." Teacher of Piano, Organ and Musica
'(ctre omp f te phsicl laora S ¬ęComposition; nico the Art of
tom. -Tie standard colection of Cohe Sns. Teaching.
Fri,Mslirhs l.-t'rof Fuslol, ot vii' 301,0.00 sld. Heavy Paper. 50 Studie 12 S. Dvsn St. Ann Arbor, Mch
(5111 W'esleyan U'nis-erisity, tcfsro til eunnts; Cloth. Gilt, $1.00.
Otaorii'hi associastin at ,p. i., iiiCLEG OGSFRGIL'9 THE ANN ARBOR. SAINGS BANK
lawv lecure room, oh "Construction',sf CLEESNSFRGRS" Ann Arbor, Sirh. Capital Stoc,f5.0,1..
sn Oration." Only hbok of uhse thud publshhed. The Oraie urplu, $10,00. -
song oftheloaingcolegesforwomn. rgaieundertisuGesrai BlisingLaws
Sat., March 1, 3 p. mn-Steeing ofsosattehdigcoeesfewmn of this State. hReceives deposits, buys and
HevAae.$.O sels eshasgeoi the prncipal cities of the
Ann. Arbor division of Colegiate alum- .c i. isUited Stasi. Drafts eashed pon, proper
nao at Newverry hal for election of iROYL COLLECTION uISUMENLITHuluiMUSC" identiication. fsyd~trhsst el
ofihers. Barimin ty eoi oe et
OFCR:CrsinAakPrs;WD.Eighty-hwon pieces for the gitar freesIe ashrSi,Vise-hres.; Chis. E. Hict
Sun., tarcha 17.-Pr'of. .. C. Kinol- bes sources. A splendid collection. and-Cahe:A.J Fritz Assistat Cashier.
tonm before the t'niversity Bible cia some Cover. 50 cents.-af
of tie Methodist churchi on "The Any beet sent postpaid n receipt of price. Detroplitan C l
Time's of Christ' 12 o'clock. OLIVER DITSON Co Lunch And Dining Roos. No. 1s N.
Suit, Starcb 17.-John R. Mott, see- 1-orhAe., between AringtnnHotel
rtary of tie Students' Christian asso- 453-463 Washinlgtnm St., Boson. and Ciy Olfice Building. Open all
ciations, before thue S. C. A. C,II Diicen & C. N. Y. hours.
Sun. Mach 2.-Pof. . C Iinwl-THEMr and Mrs. Edward 'Lewis, Props.
ton before the. University Bible cia s M R 'TD
of the Mtethodist church on 'The TrialLoelDa ndC c sFIS CLASS CUTMTILlOR~~IN
of Christ," '12 e'clock. Are unsurpassed for FRT CSO
Suin, March 24.-Sherwood Eddy, BEAUTY, SPEED AND WOKMANS~HIP. Cre o State and William st.,.
Wiliam st. etrance
secret.ary of the Sudent Volunteers, Good alonsnce masde on secnd _________________
before the S. C. A. humd wheels._
Mlon., Mlarchs 25-11. Eugene ?Ysay EDr. F FISHER. Agent, H E Univ. Av. $100U SU BSCRIBE Now . DO
violinist, before the Univrsity Musical
society at University hal. @ 0 FISK & C.
Wed., Miarch 27.-Anuadl S. C. A.
W fj~ ed., March 27-Mth-s Otavia11Wil-
liams Sates efore he Webster hal at )
7:30 p. m. 00a "Daroin." FLLED-
Wed..'and :Thems., Alarch 27-2.-
lussical conference unde au.spces o54
Mlicig. n Schoollusl 'g club.' -'

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