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March 01, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-01

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t''is iIaly (OSud~y ceoc'teit(lurinrig
the Collec yr, by
OFFIE:n c'Iinlicebutildng -N. StlainiSt., ttpploit
pot offic'.
11. COttEMAN, Lit. '7,' Maagig Eitor.
G. R. Iltaio nso, laoe'cc, Aaicst.
A. 'i. SMITH'iLit. Sll. Asitat.
J. A. Etilo, Lit. '6, Athletic Editor.
.. S. PicAiU..La 'il, IusinesItMaagr.
Associate Editors.
S. 13. Shiley, Lt. its. H. A. Iattect, Lit95.
E. 1. Evntt, Law 'li. .t.Snitcelast,Lit'lt.
Carrie VSci L..Rct. Lld tasttctc,Latc''t6.
E. S.IBartletlt, Lit.'i7. C7.tFarretll, Lit.'l1.
M. (filibert, ngr.'9.II. ll.ltantstot,Mt'cic'ltt.
Minnite SM. 'thlottxcso. 'ti. .
I. A. Blath, lltttc'ic' 50
SustcripttiioIttriccel50 Iet'yar, icerialy
itt tttvaitte. icgieopttieco et . Sttltc't i-
tiotts may Ite left at the iof tIfice th DAIY,
at Stotitos, at Sac t. ni standcttt, witi ay
of thte eitor or alttrieetslicitorste.
Ctmmunttiatitonssold reacheth e tfict' iy
7 oclocke p. m. if ttey are tttotcr teneto
day. Atdre'. l matteritendet ftrpubtit-
coton to thet 'lnaoclo Etitor. All Icusioecs
commntttiictiooldiIe set toteBHoi-
nscs antager.
Antt Arbte, Iici.
Thte editti,.dolnttt IoltheslvsrI pn
stble fortet'oitinsor t tcttrntof corre-
pontdentt, alttttaritt itOt tthe ttAIY.
T cc'eitt, ttttwItwo vcancieonic 00he
Diaily Sctff froititt elsscoftO'97l. Tilt
theibeit' 1wtrklc tompllttiti. Totse
wishintg tt trIy fortthotil'plates'ishuldi
(.11itt tili. c frfrte nfra
Tiltrul'eeently aotedtl cby 'tie'
Nationloiacguie'wicihlproibitil tlc
eatitther tand lilaC ttiseicicit, tleicnitt
ltc't''coctily 10111' cii 'dlrge 'toccl. It
is thit'cuttomiof ilt' 'i'tlltgicilc 'cgnl-
attnidte a my lli no1'110'ttadotipt 1roe
Wes.cttrn temso have nusually5'ftltt'ct'cl
nlatiotal leattguectrule, bit ill tprob-ch
ability 11hcc reglationsco tf lithe it-
collegiate assooiltiolt will goerncl this
ycear. Whliehrn the gtove itlc'tio
to be stl.
lind econiomiic problemosill be itter-
eteti ill a recent resolteionofthlie
SAieligltliPoliical Siec' asociatioi
11icliprierti ha ital lti.'lts uwiy ti-
coe memic'ibtrsofethalci ti'rgtaicitioii
o ayiietof a smoal fc. 'lTe:ia-
vata~ugts of miemblier'ohipin ilsuc1h 11
associtiioni re lmanyi' ad stdnit
shouldcinot fail to tke'advantllage
of t1e noinllal loll' 'whichis honow
offered. Iln ordie eliat oec' 110y'be
properly ilforile d anti onersotu11-
00n 11hecisues Oandi iticaceIproblemsi
of ihe day it is necesisary tiat t'
optintios 1a1111creful research of the
bat students of poliicl eooomy and
ronetary sece: be stied. Tihe
Michigan Poliical Sentice associtioni
ias amiong its nettbers meni who are
well qualified 1o discuss Oese qus-
tion men 110 not oly hato''he
advantage of Universiy raning, Uut

ci roliccl l cllccvitt'lc' lttc itt lifti'
ituoiot't ii tb' ot'l,,ic,turdtiicltie' ti
rotc..\itio cci tt ilcril)t' ecluectiolltl
A01-1 til'sH INtti'ttitt cicncrn111tllog' cae
Lecture on Mosaic Law.

IOur Entire Stock gtes, tat
"Six Love Songs," RĀ°educed F aa{
By . rnkE. awyr.Trais]tPrices si
if liin i net ll'tlyrtcsitint ',qit emtttsicaul UNTIL
settit. Heavy Pacer. 70 cents.
Tle tadadcoletinof CoillegeSong. JACOBS &A1 L LAN .D
Ov 34,44sod.Heavy Paper, 501
cents; Cloth. Gilt, $1.00. '1 Wa.lltitiot t'reek 'se Artior,

'lii' iefirstfa cri onltretno libie "COLLEGE SONGS FOR GIRLS,,) P. S-This iocludes all our Fine Pat-
delieredby Pof.'1'lolnlson lip:1 terot Leather sod Runnet Shorn.
ticllt'tt'I 1' itt'. l'ttttlccclt 11111 lt Onily blccc fccl thct' l.cctcl tpublct ishd
Sltotie I'ilot ccit it-cs itveniilot sno',tccf ic theledcc, ccitt Its frcwconi '11Oh 4GRN0) j005E0<A h- OUSE.
Heavy Paper. $1.00.
ittf hu'iI i lcc inte a1-lcctie'rocit. 'I'll" St'EC IA c i. N c'it xi IMitS'n'T.
iccttfc'c'ctin itrodcedt'itil. iIi tltjc'c1t. bycrOOAL [OLLECTION IIIMOOTAL OCUITHtIMUSIC." Saturday M~atineieoand Night,,
gtic'a Thf tic ,oc'ipiiccof theii, I i"Eiglcty-t tocie1csfor e ,'guiactc frtett' MARCH 2ND.
llocthetto. lit' iion titli tt cin iit Atr lcccccl.cctt t Ictid ottree itof pice. IJIN6 MRSWI NIHRO P
ett'rinftt heci ritbsIiltcito 1tt allt's-11O.IVTjER I T IS ON CO y.fchtiu
lit's cci'houses~. IIt' ilii i t c l t' 111 tt 3 rno o ad lto f "hn
C.I!. Ici . 0 &Co,. N. 1.(csicldn
tic'totn; ti' c(lifitllttof I iith;I .. itTHE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK
it ro ' .1t1(1li1i 1(_''1utc'tlicclof silic Ot ci. nA r .,Ac 0 C a ita t i , itt. 0,0. 4 R sevd ct' lie tW tt' .Je'telry
ofi ecsit'vcrait S ttlc 'ie ittdepoii iccftsu0 PR Ed-b 35c e, 75c and $1.
Thit t'h ic'c't 'cie o IfItt's ,re ' iill It' cillist'cc x ' ' i L t tt' th e itc'icccc I('ic"s clftte-
UntitedctS Drtafcttcstt 'sachd cccc Iptoucci' EVERETT 0. FISK & CO.
liii'~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~FI .I't'otcctt'occ iiI vt t''ScctCcr'1,11-I ck, lcTi.S.hiccoAVc,
tic xt ''lttrcltyt't'it'iil-a:,tig cc c '1it,citcc t1Fct.cc tti~it FISK TEACHERS' AGENCIES,
U. OF 1\1. CALENDAR . etrop 1ita Cafe Chucago, Ill.,355 Wabhash Ave.,
Iiri. c't'c., Siar. . - I. ie ' prod cccct ticAit, ,cbe ccitwenArintnIlcuoit
andcituy 01c tl i sciicte~. Opcectall 'I1'lmosIt'tttmctc, c ec cy Sysitm Inttheis
cit Alibt i Ni Scit yi'. I i~c iicI ours. OUcitedciSittes.
incitu. if irtctl, eti Icoli. Mr. and tlers. Edward Lewis, Props. ceciitttoliccIlcicct.
Fth. cec'., lot' .-S. tucit'thit' rtIC111'Adc c'ut.s OtccciC AE A
ct blight 1Schocol. I 'uctr ic e tilt I' ftill.cR _'iF5[ .O ,c D J.5j ilici cci, ('hi tge, l' 'ttltiea tt.D.C.
Sti'c.'l'tuttos. . 'l't'iciiccchood ttit FIRST CLASS CUSTOM TAILORING Ne ok o n~1s Trno
h'r., _l~xc 1._.ec~in; o euld- embrsof tucc.'cete T'iclcc'c Brokersa' Asno-
Sbuci 1.'bcitgCorereeof Sctate cnciiiat~m sht. eitictcccf '. S.
datesc Con freshumacn tecicEl:eatmc at 4 Willi 0it t. ecctr .11 Cosby & Mc~eoc R. R. Tdcket Agency
it. itt., bIitiiiu9i. Ilain lttiil. rt 0Ac atsdccc hi lca.'ce c lc d at esc to all
t in., 1SIltc. -Fers1itti O-di UBCIB O , ons. BralnlY'tch Shoit'c\ttc~t.,n
Sait.., SNde. 2.--S5'iiddt 'assiati on
niltt., SiIan 711. 11u.-S~ietn of (.!E
'ocicll.VEW R VI S'
Stat., Aar. 2r ii.-Ac otini ofucasttf
at.,uc tlditut'. AnAbrsoit f(Edited by ALBERT SHIAW
collt cicite auiunae still usucet .1at'r. I _ _ f

iH. C'. Adamcs a ct 3 p. ini.
Suni., Sliat. I3.-Prof. 1i. 1". .licuc i
becfone11cc'Un'trsnotity Bile.c' laspe 11-
titi Si. I7.churncht.
Stout., M~ar. 4.-Scillern tigiht at lice
O'nity Cluib.
Monu., SAfur. 4-PeoC. D'Oicgc lectttres
cit Inulandi League ott 'A Summcie's
Trils Thrtottgh Scandinasvia."
Fri. evi'., ;iae. 15.-SohoorecpIaruy
it ( rntge's acatiiiit5.
Feri., Star. 15.-Utisoity ot'atoricol
cottest itn University hail ttnder au~spi-
ces of S. L. A.
Fri., Sian. 2J.-'Varsity indoot'toat
itt Gyumnasiumt.
The bcat adlvertising loediumt in the
city is the Daily.
Series of 1894-95.
SEPT.-The Soul's Cry for;God.
OCT.-JTesus as htumnity's Ideal.
NOV.-Sectarianism: Its Evils, Causes
and Cure.
DEC.-"Ths True Cross of Christ."
JAN.-"Was Jesus God?".
FEB.-''Loya~lty to Conviction."
Tor sale at Sheehan's sod Stofilets.

T AS in Apfil, 1191, thot the tirst number +r
,rir of the Amorlcan Review of Reviews ws
"P Esid'" printed. The ncw idea of givhng the best thot wot in
Vi Y the other 'magazines in addition to its san briliant, orig-
inil articles, look America by simrm,_ ai it hod taken
LQ ,tY~R FA'sodt England-hhough the magahine itself was not at all a
PAVAL L0 " ==a rcprunt of the English edithon., It dfaoh mot largely whth
, Amcnccan affai, and is cdited. whth pereed independence, in its own office.
The Review of Reviews is a monthly, thmely in illustfationante, and tntnl lv otenws ovmnso h at ere nte
bfrdraed of.. Thousands of readcrs who offer their commendathom.,
amn hmthe 'greatest comes in the world, nay that the Review of
sjReviews gives thenm exactly what they should know about politics, liters.
11 turc, economics and social progress. The most influenial men and women
21 of all creeds and all parties have agreed that no family can afford to lose its
educational value, while for profes. _____________
atonal and businsess mcn, illis simply~
MAI indispensable The departments areu H EUA EATCT
conducedhby tuneful specialists,;n gisREUARtPRToT
Sstead of mene scissors-wielder's, ail( 1 Besides lhe special aiclees anchatir-
scores of immediately interesting por. 'aeer sketctiesni ttirillisg interestand
Ati melinss, the Review of Reviews '
A traits and pictureo are in each number. hiaslthese regslar. departets.
All this explains whythue'Review;, i. ~ ~ wrdA taa
of Reviews has come to a probably' ntdhc dtrilrve ftemt'seet
unprecedented success in. the linst three shoud uderstanis~nheitr rsini. " .'
il years 'of its ealstence. For 1895 it Reaoding Articles of the Mouth.-This de
isO en, ndtie suceeingone, The
wilbe more, invaluable than ever. ' ' issiaRev ew~ed, emlady the ida
' onwhich henmagaine wsfoundediand 0
Agents are reaping ihandsome profits. We', I maigaiies, Amerind andoen.i
gle lteeaesesislso Sed le ~,hee hrightysa ied. rsteveieedand
MAI give lieral chemisionsh' Sen foryte=iquhed from.
CurenetHistory InCariature cries
Annuel Subscription, $2.s30 theoth's istory trute ict ni
o nR MlEo EWS i
t$ eAstor Plave, NeW York daiye'redi senens,is 9

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