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February 21, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-02-21

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THE U. 01? M. DAILY.

At the Grand Opera House. The exceninticl iinA} ency viii bc-
RICHIGA CLT.9 - held in-st c~-rh in. tie- lawleeture
Vi me Tabe hr ised) N I. ,154. 1'S(til:1t.ti of " '11. lie-k r-nmate ifotllows: See. 3I(.1cud i11)Slon-
EAST. ~i. .ntol." illicit ititti -till It nxttt 'I'ites- lily ni t :8, .I (A tittiBIP Tuecicy cli
Mail ted E._ 511 3 5 111 Ci ----- - st3 tic i1 ttlt is .111(1 t t- to '(Il Ite : S c. 4t(A cell l I t1htltsday at 'I;:1
iteste.Il txa - ION t Z N lieiittd. 51 It( t ciit cittt ttic t il t utill o:'iii. lii :sec . I 1A 11111L}I iclly ty 14;"Sic-.
Atlntie c ___- 4 1 >
G. It. Es ttrel till 0 i tCO t. t F C-1 1 or. o ltl tc i ixe.~NsAdtihe t'-.. ouch I ttttok, ttnd Ibrim; ig tilt Ili to tili
it 1'. k 1' A91,,clbcIMAA ~ibr I fiisi it ico .111-i lpSiiilitiiltlto111t ;tttlll .1ccI:i' iltittl l till ittn
Io ll -it t ii 1:11-e icilieif iiiI( lu licli t 1 -., iltl-it. XW. I). SI 1lll1.i
T. A A &N. M.RY. csit..1: >1l.It tcr(u1'
.1hei C teicic.ctl:itiitten-ctIcIll2,t -til
Cl ''*t tilt c ilittIti lit i-li :1cti tItedil lt 11tilt ilnitttttit-ttitlt t et
No Tlii t1'7. :1)0 1wlitwtI e 1itii I clii 151 tit'I-
tc-tctcn ttt Sc~t-ittilttilii tit itl Cl(tel. 1111 ltil t~ l- c o tit-tciyftllw : (ct ins-I .111111.
it ',> p. EF.Nit11 30 .5--ttil c ii c-t-it t to M . S1x1il- l i t-u) t-it
4:1 p.i 1 9.10 p 1cc~ i eti I .Cl 'tt ti tiid 11l ,th i tl(ti iii i- tiitt ii 1 Iiii itIc -s-Iittoiittt l itt S tttd y i
I'CI iii c-un-beween Aitic I ii it it lit S f-lit-ritl. ii11t,11 I tit-c; "nt
Tune able Octber 189. clt iittoi ti ii11, 11111 ii ii",ll )lis B SN S LO A .
-lilt. I icc 0. t. ll 2cc, 11, 1 5p1. 11 11,111. 1t
icA l .:Iain s aiclcy cc o-itii 0' iii),. 1t Eiti e1 1 NO1it (itr.IES.l itgti-i iisltil(ii
etilel tiititil trll lieltsectSoit 1i-,Siltciti-iien iio..:S11.t11,111111("al h11
W. f.1t '. NE T . P iAtitoe t iiO. ct (. 7te IIt ll 1 ii. i-11it I.ltii " iii i l l t - -iii- i itc

1'. 1)1iM. CALENDA..
Thurse.. i-e l. -Mr. 1111 cc. rs. a
ldly exerecie l le111c auspiice111 ofii
Fci., F-eb. 22.-SeltitrSic lit. c-hisscotile
Itrical c-cutect.
iat., tFl. :2. -Scnor t oI .ia
Diia. ofiPtt. IltiniBiiinsecc -it
ihima av llc e. sl
at. S.C A.l i t: ii i,t Pi "tt irci I l ,s

r J..iJ V iIn , £ LiUJ VW£Xig
loEeriythiing andcEerybiody.
COUSINS & NAIL fI lori iti26 Unies~it ve
Clover Leaf
K1Pease keep in mfind ltlit Tl'll11151
Si. Lenin &, KalncasC(ity 11. 11..
Tile Clover Leaf Rotelt, k-actE
L~ine"1 for St. Liouis, Ate., andil theI
\Vent andi Solithwest lee To-
ledo Unioii Depot at 5 p. ill.
daily, arrives Newv Unionl Stationi
(thle largest ill the wc-ntld) St.
.Louiserly next iorn~in-.
cund Micihiigan Cenlital lies at
Buffet Recining.Chair Cars Seats Free
anld Vestibuleid Sleeersewitlht
ltilt ctangte.
('enleral Pacceng-er Ag-t., Toledo, O.j
Iatestad ettstylec f oei 11anid Do-
iet~ie lens.titcFirt classclit andisttclass
work guaranteed. hleanin g, tilesito liiin
repairing neatly dose.
48 S. State st., SIrrond.Flittl, A ntArbtor.
22 Years in the Business x

ci- itt-tic-i fl lit.c d tt un( i ltc ci - tlt-' IO:
cl iiii1111 ttuIc ol is herebylI ietClit Vszlt
tici a ill i ictle ttithe c c~tlatechool t icS i1{tlttetiiR INGtil tyitl ltii
andu to ta l cl iii er f hefc lty i it iilioiti-et :, i alo M y rd s Filii- T E A S
c-ei-c liis ticenior wit ( "jst1r l r11eicile ill ilib (tuti ni i t ,A F A C S O
5111 sowntei.it;tt S-i -.Sigtc Itiidet
(iiset t r115 1 c1 i:S adl t l I it itStuiI- cmii -1-c it-ti7 ic isc uAN LifrES itei
ale e,11itaety it, .thcb SAN FA CI SCf Ot .
city I tuit ViTI. e(y -r llc itiigitety
Ih t cus itnl zi .it l l il i-itits. (;'ssad o iciil-tttitiit~ iitSunday '' CHICAGO TO ar DO TXAS
bala s -It i 1111 at soil e it lin ier iy wrA ui muttbety iful iktutltkftlc i iXI iii t
Sittti ile i ititig i til stll i ii ii 1 5litclii lii h~t sfIchv at inueet areeiyne Dily i ntei ofuat
daty at It o'l ock.it -lit t pooin i: t iltVllk) (,"_. jt.suite o ols Pirac ha. :I It-TCL~IcASS iSLit-cPERS , f ro isti
iiiitic t i tn tt ll- . 1lii ktiueiu"ita-ciut i o-li i- i oC Strle hck.ttC lvcic T i e tar e i Pl-
it ut 54 s -elat hell 111111 vl(ry.I ve ui-, etIitni lein n iektur
hsine, Atin a-I S alstn. At ilPasenter
i tt 11 p iiislingto (s-. it liti t w i t-i-l., c it tsit. t tutin his uh foriclt A t Srigsh veonyon. tat o c1
ti'ay id I fotV4to ) it-1, il l Al 'ti i ' -n( i ont. tctl (aci tu Mavcr,):5 a m.nto dyarii
11iay 11ati-c rein ce i .ii 1i-E i sit5 l amei s i tilct ill iias\vtit J H.t SrEngsa 7 J0a . SALDE rA , h.
1 1,,111 1 S. . IlI tC Ii,_t, .5. cehil ea-ittti iit1111 u gh 5 5stbCOtrCb.il lii itriiIe i
Al ati la frlEN(IIAI.I hIE nlt 1iY 1 S Jtite! t ci . H.urist eprslagCia go o n a rn.
I uuttcct- 4 icll liettic-i-li i. om 10tn ook i tucgVicthe Warlo tti c ill S iiiiI liri ntnraneughCto hSn eFraniscotiktaLo
icltltf iii iN (I T'l' h ttttiil-t- sol d a I''. 1'0 111t iresmin ul i inc matiee
__________1'X111_._.__ pro______________ll__other___s" __As __in __sain ___"____ hld c, liiciteg, llapplyie.to
$1otig- vl 11q1 Nnyros1n.25 FR AL COLEGE EWS 125 PlatHiGREN otypALesMN



X. M SEA BOLT , N o. 4 N . 4th ave. eo f - * D A '
Cilealenig, Preeehsg andBtieittitig
doeeaetly by 6 E. Huron st.
AU(.. SCeHO)ENEWAv:i.I, 2.1tslgt will be delivered at the your room the reminjlder of SPCA AE OSNOS
EXCELSIOR + LAUNDRY! tSPEColleeRyearSforonlyN$1.26
201 EAST HIURON STRET.tecleeyafoony125
Gant Werkti Ontfle- end oscalledfar
anddelivrted. A. Y.COVETtrelt.iNO W~
Ladies' and Gentn' Clothing Cleaned At Daily Office, Times Block, at Stoffiet's News Stand, MLFE 1.Wi os.,STBLe No,
or Dyed. #YARDS:iM. 1 .1.0 R .' hone 51.i
8 w RVONST. AN ABORorat Paul Mes State st., Newsstand.,

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