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January 31, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-01-31

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GiI iN7y At the Grand Opera House. Alt other contributions sh1x sl'ltoil BUSINESS LOCALS.
MENHTG N"G>L or handed lih author s ntos t jD [Notices inserted in this olum at theilat
AiduI I'11'1i1'l'5 toi onuooooil i of,1cents per line. Special rates for ,oner
Time Table (Revised) No. 1, 19. F.Lyons, in tisoplgo- lto o01 lea l ime, and etra lies'ofurnished by applying
enTirr ruIitzt ioli.'of 1 aeta"wstete y Mc :.tthe DOYNie.l
i.ie i'roueJois ngt the S lllt.'011 opera .byOtrei15Halve. yol 110111to) rent? tsoIi-
sO ian x . 0Daa ... 0 ly 43 10(1 10IigDtuil.tng(i theolos " o'omister olo ro'l 1.0iiac thorn in the Daly.
N Y. Speil 515 N. Y. spcoial.. 0 oera hoise. 0A 1111e' Oulilli'1i'1'shedi Itsl ilucri,(0Htci h td
tor Fxn---10 25 N. S. Limited. i)l2sell ndii o er 1((-19 li(ii 11A0 reiyou in iieed of a lie mroco
1. Pacific E_--.t p15 is .111)1re itin by h r oqi. 11011 it oY ok Ieil "t nld h
AOlniIo ls o47 'rt roeb (10 teoloapplalous110111(0 I b cse, op-r s glasese1, iHi tisli
11N xres a w str tl " - 3latr a] 0( lr lseuc.e- 'llr 1' se f1Te'. s rgical or denal inriliteli (a190 aIt
oI I' .epr'50 11o0 tiolt. t.1 L 10 v t . 'Sa bre ill 11111" . but1i 19 loii(1'0'o
0.0. 55titi- comed1y.0. The 1l'10ililiolloi (el' 00 0 T9slliiare11c? It5( g t l-o
0. l'l'ooe e t r 1. IW. lomiioo1. Slo i1111001 10' ioois 111101e0050Oll stud11110 olank 11 1i a s <tgna Iook intery, ANo. J .H ai
t. 1 r. 4--I.,'Cicago. A., AooooArbor000' ling,, and1(lb'hoe i ' 9110110tron ioln 010m
Nioo.10510 010roo-ks; llolloo o 'stie-. o l 010110i , oono1 11901' will lit ayo O til11 11lie
T. A.A. . & N. MV. RY' dlo isl71'' ~lll'' il ll Ib' ofc 01010010c'us00 hso sapoe. Dont foget tho'1111110
to. [lis is 1110 ' o'ioioiil 1co10r1110m001lhr, 1) N. Main St.
,dtin.I 101'- 1001a 01e 1 Geolog10o :1'141 loo bii cto'" *lo''e L '- Stdenl o Non'is lihe b'Oi1ino'
s0111. 101 o (t il s_ ol 1110' 109'" t ba1).F an i
.I'i15it. em. C~rcI b 10110 '0'10.19lrotoo e ' IIoo.I .' to's)lcol,. ii 11e1ncv0rvrl.1 to hv o u.901111' trers hundt, (11101if
01:5:. 0n . no l 10,19' 11111'ol loio s IApilet \t 00yu9011 sisl11firt .l ... lob 'tI'i" lu
4:51.1. 00 p.mI 'T'ilit ]h ill" 1i~uo'll w0 ereot'' 11 oir'ooooi,: 0 Ius an ab rtoy V t 'C tis un: eii0,15ornd5o 1.1so s' o (nO 10000tlT- iftlc Aro L o I i c~
onloy 'soisoliosoltos Ol or 111010119s a1101't'10rsdo1a l.0.- 'rel 9111 nO.t ties rolt 2v rents upt.
Al1 trainslsy111)'ecpt Sn~da y(o 1110 n . I SIb.Al. '181 ft rh(hst10)1 iiin7 00Ittt l
l...it'GREF Nlf'00t), tl S t it_-Thebetaetiing______mth
00, if. 01 9IETT G.I1P.A Toledio O.0NOITICES. It.llain, C oorse . 100ottoile seondtioty i010 aib'ly.t
ANN ARBOR &_YPSILANTI ST RY. 0l'o!'010bilrsof 10'1s1"o ml est, lb'eowools too teodtolt 11tl EXA EIOAD AIONA
Ito__Jul___norO ,( ly109'loft Iho r 110015ittrolti 0'ioots 1wibta oo lws 10110111 NDCAIFRNA
Time Table, October , 1894. teilit o t' for'atsotanol olvuls t110' roe 1 0 -Toreneo'.Aoelpholoo Il0111 11(0.
htoiioss; Liy, i1,. .110001l
toolno'spsianti fom P0ooeoa nIt.7(0, (:00 1119,001too io th01 011(9 l l h _., 010Trn ee oOlollaulblono 1011E WABASO1 Ilt.IhIPAD.
oooo 111:0i. n.; 1:45, ':15, 5:0), (045, (:001 anod canot epetttoi 1109 01001I e tooei otfitt i t Allloriol i.; n~y . l . nN 11\ II ; In connecioni w it tte S. toos,
00,'u p. 10. ee 010.,10-11 - Teres'noo', 1 horm10100 ii 000011
Leae nn o AIIArbor jllleI tiooofu,7:0 . 0 oootitilolfor thiiiap0and0 111101 0.0(100 901 .1 r inomos: ir, lilt,1s.dII on Montain & Soutiri iaiboras'
001300 .oo.: t:1,7:.45,9:30,71,la,105N30ad1it0f0it.11. A Al ~tet f Oortll too rll 1boo'ec.IV.:'Crero.Andiooo llItsI 1 1
111 1 Lre, Ols NIII. a1nd1XXIV . lTxas & Paciic Railwa, ltttrnaotiooti
SUNDAY TIMIE., 'takillot f.1 illbiii oft. :toileiofoiloll ne. , -;l-T'ro'ooo'o, Allphiol boboMimi roa orhenthitdIto
I eooriveNpodlonti frolc n no t' ~L, 0r1'soot . :3 01-l, e boooo: O;IyBIls. 1. .1in(1 XX . ,t& G et N rhr alod
(:0,e~o n 0:0.110:00 p.mn. itgl houtr's' I'lt0 ' t 9'Ito i0;p.0., 10 1 S ec "' . 7s-i-reroineo. Alphioti: t:ootuos Souhern PaIciic Railwbay, known'tti
Lave' Ann Arbor Jutin0'l~O :00. 4A):101, 01(I ' 9 lblhi i e, i tls. t1.a01000 1X .
0 0 p n. ' - 0 12 to 1 0'i .i. ''Illorso -}toI ' S oliotll It olti too a1 iflr o ur 1(11'i' 0110"Only Trte Sothern Ioue," loos
Carstnllollcity lmto a 1 sigl.ri 11p.Il,, Id y tor'o'looni000011p t ontt 1 tent o pl.olbts aced in sevic a .througl firs clats
WmI t. 11RKER, Sojt . 0o0001, 8tlt y toi9 ( 12 :. Ii 1 d01 wl b ndrth1 '10110"'i. slein a :n tuis ! .pngcr
FLOWERS____ FLOWERS___________________________,vtlllto'bettItaoouI h' iootetott loeavoofgie. hiceagog dariac atournl.s',- do Iat
l1.'ostroIiellO 10ii to'i~lo't to b 1 t o 110'. A s t1 lb'o ts oto ob ooted il l'llig C io daily ot1.1 i 0.
F U ,FLOWE it12i.Iifnd1Iifp.Il.asdn
or freryttlin aond t'era'Ooooy. 1211.posit lo srrt 1 oo f11. ith. Icat he todiffeent s'o''tionis to' ilost toI- i ta.St. Loiso too Little Lock, ,\faltlerl
.0c 0'001i1oo 01is :'9111''o 10100100'tot 1) ifferi'ntoi.it is'qi lteto'o''ssly .(Hlt Sroings),:ustiny, San Anttonio,
10115I1S5&HALL f0 UiSs ts enou oet'o. ot studoetts Iilo ale.'not i(otirool1. Latretdo (whlere a edirect conneciotn Is
.0 0111 1hoorllec1 o c ootolvo 01illb to b oi ot'too taket l lor 2 11150 o- 1111010 withtthrough sleping ca ole 11
The ooh('roo Ilonet s'ilio'ter Ielttld v 0 r (0)tosoce i. Alooe r or te a }islOttoCity of Meio), 1E1fi"1150, Los
8ttttiSununruy of IIt' hitlory f ' oot t oon esit 19pOosible'anootidtote lotheir Angeles anti Sn Francisco. Thislois
~ ~ e ea f I r(ti tittOO.' 551',s uidltl~tcito'l, c Ihol',of .'c'ionst0hatofbooks ('ilt-1be'thio only lisle from Chicago oiiol in01
C lover lb ncue i h voh odr~t. I A .ND:S
to toitt' ~tb l iieltdh'o it Ite 1't'h. oooieo' 1 ii A 8.NIi018.offer iis excellent sevic. 17:111 01
otecith ttontoloto so'il toe', gl l1 09 olt'e - ____
'tohtlttteoo01 Uoolillrttte111 Outing for February. write to any ticket agett of ;I11t"150-
jC11o10~1l~~tht9' '~b curs i tbtntt- tol~'b~b'9 Ottitl t0111ii5 o'toititbash or connecing linen fot'uneld
od 'o Ilr hos:' 111 11 a1(' rdto Uti.'cti 11010tlat.ootgood thintgs ii to'olcrl Ib haoter showing time, 10o1te, rto.. 17009
~~lease lkee l ind thetlIlcToletdo, naI l'otuti dhoot ]l100treso'a11111ome pl trip- ittoillof thsbt4ttthicalfb. A.0 0O11001111110'ioriptiot of carset., or
St.Lous & Kansas (ity Rt.~Oh. eotiolt ill bhistory.ieuo ny1111 1111 10119is' ot tto 1this 011110 of 101op tband octois (.'. 'RA1 g. (9.: . L101. .1
The Clover Leaf IRoute, boJ/aotthOoti 1b1'spel e tOrlIissii. O 1 1e1l0io'ris ".0tittnor Promeni'tideh"'lill Wti'tr . 5 t.io, ll.
Loin"for St. Louts, Mo., anti the Ptlrbots 100ay' oo'obltiooo'dtfool Ithe (atop st' stnstye001 o19'lo' tteebif'of, 1. ..I'A1151100, Asst G.1. 0.,o.
Weustfnd ISothwest leaves 'ro- iittoot.oobot'019 5itor'tigy110 etl- 2101 S. (CtarksO., Chia_o,. ill.
bldo tUnion Depot atott'p. in. J111HN 1.Et'71"itI h-l. .117 fhily depiicted inith111'on'ttitittiolitiof .h'de tie in th Daily.
odaily, oitrives New UntioniStatonl Tlb boioad ' ofilos fort I es GOletaorao iileauttb Ifb~teniud's0" T 1111(
the largest ito the wld),ttI.8.sublit Ja11' sbdtbb115to' folollbg 11tbn oiatnoitte.A rthuritti1110 1111
Lousearll' tntot oitt. subjt, fb tot' ('omptibonl101: 1101woomsttI. tibto'S :111ttil Ot 011 0,1 10111 1.01 ABA
" ctobit"uoousootor 5011 tnttloot. t~i Its ill 'lifoona ldIy CNETO IHANABRutsoe hl 0 od h ea odio(itie tni.1111itt
an i Miehi gallCetn ltal 11111es ltbo ttl'e, ot too I so''i'ot;,100 wIors in No1r11011'Ot.'''Sito-It e"i tsn
'ledo. tgilt, det sosbor ooeronl titlte yarntonmttIo nllof Rooet D 1) H OTI'SPRINGS, ARK.,
t , 1 0 0' 101000'aloto-::foote 19' sse n d1011"'Mt Itubo 'lltuttit." t bt o
Buoffet Reclining Chair Cars Seats Free nchteis, andthdoslglslooerlttoootu to b-bl enb l-rtoi-i 'oittollict -ionttbto I hit osoTE A
tant Vestibtuled Seepoes wi-l- Ililtsraing 102011forios..tAfeloubes of((beti thittotoih. Amo01n ilcoth111r1LOS ANGELES
oitt riang'e e. eniii or ie 11oty ss 11119 o'otribtl.ti oth'ts a111'"W ith G n ( 1 11101 obo i
fol''ompet1ition tit css05519' :1' lbils, 10ot ot og bie tIboolhslo,'' '"BlitolPais-.-- ND
C. C. aJEiN l14S, c1.yOI 2,iit2(11 Hlel~:,itli tonth, orin :111 .owtte:'i.''Ot.11-0 lt. 111 SAN FRANCISCO.
General41Passen~ger At., Toledo,0. 11115' lgatlltoic. 'tho eoso 1100oe ire. 01to bTponi,'' '.\Sgttit'' "I09'''1rish Nooso' Texas and C(lifornia SSlcpttng
oi ooorn ... or lthoe 117211 o'es ooit 110'e 10'- ioundoos aotItol 1 lttttt ". 'Soittot sa L ne
DIETAS 8& SCHANZ, 11u11slid ltotnditheboinetblbIs, boiu ottiicht lodetltg'n'ot'LoeItn Soot,1(- a 'lint'
u. o~' ~c. ''.&xz~o~. toti teittopics. itforo' Feuary'1. 'Toot leilbto . '
1ob atelaetyes ieoftIoin t ndstot.tl - IirnnI3 ottaoeldaoeIlyoto
Iaestile~onnts rts1 tt cansft i itt toototlass: 1T
Itlst ed oo stlesof lltOatotloI 1. COLEGeCiaugraed AR eDail ITeXASf
rftbottttbaroteatly eddone :U1lenig resillad 01 LL 4 1 I EGENL llSb FISTCAS.LEPESfrn
22 Years tn the Buns e - { (SViaLttloblckI'alvrn, Texaknat, al-
CITY LAUNDRY, - -T?'H B foo 111ustntn o vnynaci oasnge fCr
(ttMalveirn9:50a . noet dy, rivng
1 w--.~-'u-y--~-y'at Ilt Sprns at :11:15i..in. Six hoorthe
M. SEABOLT, No 4 . 4th ave. ( T qI/ilck/st thrIough slepitg coon]ie eteono
Chicaond MtoaSlven avn molo doy liennf
MERCHANT TAILORING t'.I JIXDIL Y Tnoit leen er,,nCh('icgo 001 carn'
bleonitg, Prestngand tRnoairing . "' t111aitougito In 51 '1'isc ce ost
done neatlty by i_.\Ilgeles,_Cal.
.00th. SCIOENIEIALPO, 226E WsitgtontI xii be delivered at the your roDmtile remtaindfetrof Faornb-.ps,'t e 'oad fsnifortuto,oo
EXCESIOHRON LAUNDRY! the college year for only $1.50. ap . H. GREEN J. ALERMAN,
Cdond wetk Gatratteed. tGods clled for,! -t etstha.Ag. rv.too.g
andod eivered. A. N. CUVJOIx. Prochigan PaINsOW ott r.Pss g
ANX AR2BOR I ..' ~TOCKET OFICE.-N1 (Cl'rk s., CPIll 'Uto
STEAM: DYE WORKS. A al tle ile lca tfltsNw tn, F. H. Tritram, P E. Dombaugh,
Lades' and Gentn"ClothingCleaned - A ayOfcTmsBok-a tf tsNw tn, Con Pen. Ag. Pane. &Ticket Ago-.
or Dyed. PC. ~ ~ (o. 7th ae. and Smit-. 17 Madison st.,
$ w. HURON ST., 'ANN ARBOR. or at Pah lyrs tae t, NewsStan field fi., Pttbra, a. 'foledo, ..

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