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October 08, 1894 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1894-10-08

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4Ijt El of

,. Iniltj.

Vol,. V. NO. S.



SCORED TWICE. o ein~g faultless. l'oal I loo0ll THE HOMEOP. SAFE. WHY (10 we cairry the flinest
The First Game of the Season with it.: Tunle two iiillutos. No Danger of Abolishment and the lile (of
the Orchard Lake Cadets Ends Orchard Lake sent tlie ball to our Best of Treatment Accorded It MANDOLINS,
in a Tie. to-enty-ylird line 011 the kick off, and by the Regents. GUITARS and
our eam etuned t t ther frty-iveBANJOS.
The first _gamtie of 0o1r football se- 11t ~ elril t(Itlo ot-ie A '0011111111a tionl 1110 bee'n lt15civ1'i They are the cheapest
s011 0on Satrdy restulted a iIloolt- lrdlceteea;lilkeilthellO l 1wDoily from Mcll. 11111Storw', That is whlat you
glive f il 00511<clear lets1fyr, a Colchli . BECAUSE r ..'
agiligly a1s did our first gamle last yell' f( riierly a pirlilincelt 111111 I Ilii IT- UU UL wanlt aiiil
wit te . . C. i o il or ~ or a~l, frem which ilcerinig kicked el icc,.1( h s1(0lei' WE WANT YOUR TRADE
The M ichigan Military Acadellly, agol.l 'TTime eight lminutells' a1 0111111 Rapids, inlhtcl-lieIl'mOakes
plrepalrlatory-school, tiedl 11, 12to 12, In the lneXt l 15 inutes1'5n1it11ccsideit'he followiiig01;'tatemets: 'All 1em1.M111t i
ahd 11t1hall ill 0u11tt'rritory ithie11scoretd, ltlhoughl icligal ktlth111'hlos been going the rounidlso(Itheb stage 51 S. Main at.
tine wils clled. 11TIhe Orchard1Lake 111a ll n Ochalrd La1k's 1t-rrillory. Set- Dres1111 lhas been11 iel il111 I 11DR_,1
teilll 11111b1e(1 111d'resilllltecl. ''hey- cral1 toulchdowssh011u111 have ben(If tile jour.111lIs(If Chicago toof(be cffcct lt]
111e (ely stron~lg 111111eavy for 15a111a11, 11u11there sils a litile 111111fluo- 1111t1 the attene a~'lt tho' Mledil -FINE-
011111"11,111.feiig 1110 iilloit- Ding 11111 11111 iwork il i l te llill o IIllelllIi"~i-c coll(,'(_'Iof tiell' 1 (lifer
lnte (If 111the li' 111gamead iottesino good llrevin'lit.ii 50 111111w11tiin1 llac111-Icily (If 31 dugan Ias falleni otf to li.OOTWEAR
(10 a 11-00111. It soed1-is11thlat ou 11lelof 1111e1ialf. lie rege-nts seere likely to adop1:11 tag-la-
11111 niust 1do hilrdee worlk to getito1111 Ill 11hesecondl, Rihardillltook Younst il's e nless1013 lyiius illit, 11111
shalpe.IlfTo'be11u1', thley h11(11 adld11ace as left ilf. Halye's 11i111 1111111 111h1tthe ldlffer'en-eso (f O'l)il ill 1in1h
biut a wet-ks lpractice, yet it1wils lil- tack1 l 11111dil la11in(If 1laddel, wihe facillty I-ollt-l-1illg lie policy Io it
ANhat islneded lis heaierO1111ise loly kilk-(1ff 1toour tlity-~yard111li11e. Mich- 11 i~t. It ts utifortunate that1scht 1YIIfOTT ~CuCA N
p~raciel'. '111' 11(st iweelk 111ey-hlve,' yardsIl, lienlostit.tOrc-ha1rd Lake it i igh1l113-imlprobable thiat anythling B lii you111
G. R. KELLY, 33 E. Huron Street.
sufiieline mall ria~ll. '111h1111resu llt ud till'- en11fore attoulIldtlil. \will be diconll lied."' iese 5IIII 11iltae I I oie r1 11111you.
wyas shuown in Satlnda3 0 gamell. '1111-yDeeriog ki-le'd 0011(. ''ilneltourliiin- l- )i.5111'iiiitsols1-1113 1
La11k'e1111itulls, 1(1111ispi ns on,111e1110tvl, 111 515iii Orchaurd take's comml~lit sill-ilaiiialt of 111113'110 t(111b1111BoardingHouse,
111101'nardIhS' . (1n111G totl School
teaihoroghitclonslalnumbgtofl'teitiinit wa1111 a('ri11 tot-e f1fteen -1yardlieitoytbi ln'oine 113-ine-thelest ofthen ______________________i_______.
inihesecndhal.imtlsln ow s,kand t1111.f11111'17by113slit' eionloflaue rta 'in ('aelt, iass LOWNEYS S CHOCOLATES
11113' louI(t l l i g to n 011' o at' 10111 t-ehke11 ih et fr a lml o dt rciltolged ouldecivel o nly one-twentietfolka 0 1 5 1 ale tl l osrte Iei 1 0
desevinglpaliysch.olygertItich11(1r13il irlh~oi' lil. Iet hen lllil! ii tll-lintel-Itllr aa''li popertl'y 0111 110II ol1oe~ei ll10.~lt~
the I'le'l-il iis oumadegoodlakewasb1'helg ii.ter''Itfor atouchdownsaniinstellII lad (f hleilot1 11liltats t 113'now01011 ldecellared oliesas ItLINEile
gain. Bloniii-stn kiked oal.'T'ie .I:) (by tzc lgislture Thi peraps, till -OsI Y'slHOCOATE
the i-hoe seioe, toethe isitO illhY I3gelt's b-k ein Ot(lI~l'It t~ihililt t isII) ill I-ilt~s' Il' I~llJUliiIt ll 1IAI.fl' vfllV) Ilfl
aI_-lisinass,11 ieetiveiiid01 nt in iey Tak itt the ulllfrom ichigd an'es StuoBil'1the'one-ith ill i111 Vfl T 48I S. STATEJI ST.

ce'rtafli a It gone (110 11111 11(5fest' The linel-u11:
steak po~ints. Burrews, Gootdrichu and I'1. 110at1. lllllllll M. iM..3.
'Briscoe seemueh ed icrry-off 111he heos 01001nleafl 1,-i__let e-l . 11111111110i
for their side. Ca--.........1--et 11(a1d-1----11110111(gh
Rsuidel - e--------ee--------Lincoln
l1ay wslceuIileihced a fetRhIntutesI'0Ilnnlisi ----_.ri -tiguarlld-----.rscoe
after tarls-ith ichi-llnlill 11100s-s.Ha~yes---- 10111-- Ist tces--t-- estonl
Hlaydet --------- ight e(111 ------ Da idson
sleulof the 11111. louiuiutgitulkketi 11111 1 liint -- --tuateo spi. BItow
to Ou ihrdLake'"5 tit1--31llln101, lbmins',ui------lol111lefhaf----Godichl
tutu OrchardITakbe cosuldt11(notrl it flyglol . 1(111 111100 ull ... ------ Ilelril
back01, tayes aund 'arker 11)11121111111'Touchdownsllu-Blloliagstonl, 1(10010,,2'
Dlygert. Goasisromm doaehostni111oo11s5n-
good tackling. Bloominugbon waitl hl1 stos 2, Dleeing 2. iUmpire-L.iut. Stro11(1,11f
selut arounodflue right enclifor al t~tich- Orcha~rd L~ake, Referee-tA. C. ilsotelks, IF. of
31. Linesmanu-ii. Dyer. '111(0 5) siuates.
donv 011 the first -_lott(hue inlerfer1- AtlI-Iliulle 500.

Btoardi (f L oeuts hiaseedone (1111'y1113University Text-Books,
lhlluIg f11 till.'sliglcoet degree to till Law, Medical, Pharmaceutical
Iltriruelt of tilt'Ilouillopathf illeprt- and Scientific Books.
nelut. lI'rsideut ugt'h, hIeelit Delhi We buy aind sell second-hauud hooks.
Matuelmatieal Instrumeuits alid
and11 otll'rs havte tbeeni iltorsilellIby lDraftintg Stupplies at special
a D~aily- ropreseutatllive, 11111there is rates. W~e offer
uthlutou10siloit but itiat thiere is as Best Linen Paper at 20C Per Lb.
lluhdo(101e'flrt'h111 Iotuoopattlie cot- BEST NOTE BOOK FOR 25c.
p~roplortiu to 1111'reslits accotupltsit" ++ WATERMAN'S IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN. ++
Il- l li lteriili withu Preslliut Aliu ___________
t~ell, lie saui: "'e'lfeuglts hiave ull-cr 'l OS'OUES.
C 01i \ TEsl()erilly limltiooktore, DInoTownI,
tIA~NI01 (Y l'thtloilO 11stile tsI. Opp. fourt Ioss.

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