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January 26, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-01-26

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Athletics at Smith College.



j11V1V iJA .JX l4 UJL1 I i\TIJ 1.'ii11i XaohlillatiooiillI'Elili 'iiid t l
lime Table (Rlevised) Nov. is184. C NTIN E] 10051 FRS P GE I Sa.,J. 't3.-.l pha. Nu :Art r100 ecital. j icn lisoriy ileigioil for tllioske viio
iASTill iEST. S Ielltililly l i' 4 l \ vell; a Sal.,.T1a11. 21.- lDediealoll of Aliellplli 'wiEee ontitionled 1ii11 101 o~e lltnel-l'.t
1>'1 a l' 11 IIci 5 41 'ail 1 1 1 l1joys beitllii ave(i lbacki hall. i i lc flii'eieig le1u
N. V. Spec ial I 05 15 N. Y1Spcia--- r 3(iino plal 0 h e i ('olori''(1i vitlill of a iii. o 27.-- 5 st. Tl. Iaeg y 1 ar-gor. of#' edel), r ilnt iill thld I ti day il
1 bstudIx----10 25 N Ili metd.
AIN . laciuic Exo - 12S1.5 iid-idcle; iind 1he ros olf hri;-ht Oletroit, at \Nwierry hill lit .9:75. 10(1111t1.as follows I1'no luxh Ids v
1). N.E opress __1540 Westerna Es 1111 15110 llio i l ;tl t' ell., .1011 . -7 rof. lo lo tll . a t #)oclock an.111 AI 1 111 0i┬░athstr 1t
i. It.I Expess'---11 05 0 111 Nt.I Es -__ 1025 b0kgru nd ofll iver1 1 (11 in ills. 0(111111l iii' Icril lof Ites1us(11t-Englli lIt-rali el lck. 'fihesit exaini ons wl i ill
1111i 1t o fsinte. T'f ol 1010 )1 11 ll 'el 721 il 01101 lt:'0lthel 11 ~e 11
E3 fP. Al e t. 10h 0cago At tnnArb1)r. totul 1 11111 llol't'1'is101111tiC 0(1111n- .lon., J.111.28._.1. 1E. Beal in Inland11 tlt er'. OVAlILI1 I). SM 1111'I.
A A t N M RY liii- 1n1r oilleile. btlistnypatit011(111(1- LeaglI '0cours 011o i -he White ('eair's Il_"il '1-'2 )1 I'0(1(
T. .~~Sll ster .tile 'fovlilkvlitoeeoet te10111n1 tie
't'rams 1e (1(1 ll 1l AnnlitArbor' oil'- WttI. .1(11. :hii 111(11' I t dtl I lietvt ll setio1n110,w1ill Itt'as folloxtvs:
:,rd 1. ' H t-tine i. svlll t 'i115 fl'I'ieae Jlelnosialll 1. St' . I i ' I 'l:110 lil Ilaltis. 0iles
'OT. it.'(t:T.li. i 'c e rail n dAis "il o . 10.Xi.(alX I
II IiIl u EI 0 A Itlllto. - lit'. (1111 h t' ll-I l 'cll't Oittlil t' '1,11 .-t.-C 59 tUin oicr Uoiot'.lLanit~,l.11. 1.a1d1XXI.
ar's'ili';L lhivy . 1 .1111XI dXI
TeTaanrnbewenOct ror 7, 184. hlllilloSat.,'vFcl).1; 1(0.1-ITO I ailt',o ;1t Nru ~vy k.I n
(1111s 1150(. vc1240 2).51(1 0(5,1100(1(1 ' o r oteiig.11 tl;'4,1r li '1' le. liff ert uil et-I1110 1'ia; Plautus Ill-
Or(50 p. 1(I1S.. .'on o ll11.er il I .
Ailtrais ail 1 ce1 Sndyt al1th(1lleII B m00s')1IIlntta.40;_____________i.and\.IV
R.15'Aa etl'.1S. (1101 1(~1 ), g(nt h111on the101515 ll 11 qu 1stion.0se V it30')'Sl t. e, dl tilt: v ((0t,
11.101E T . P. . Tledo01. 0. '11017 WABASOOhe he l .ttiedI'r.\I.. Iilid tt-'h1(e0(10s itro (-i i. iv I. 1. an 1718.
I11Iullug151Yeyog e sB aii lioag 1111111 U SINESS1111 LOCALS 111010 ( V . 4-iewc, dlh: 1iuu;
LoulJaliSn&, itLown Ists b and erlini
l 10i c s. - ou r tnd -orel~u l ler -ul ;11 1 1(1 Lo i re0, i prtdin ghiscolu01 t1, 11Illta 111(1 cio l'' 0(10010 e1 t'rlil'esellt 001111 it
Sonteri laclic 11alxva-. sool 11 10 o 5centsprli' 11110111 il atieslfoioniser 1l' 1111'Ps 1011 t5 ~'i
T - l( is "0ufs. True Solutuu blu t' av-an - it me, 11 ndueo trables(11- rniIsed go Iplyig the 2. 1 ) dsie. Sectllt tion -ti and V1
TimecelTbleexOctoaberoo7g1894. -loss tr t h AL _ok iuit Si IN '151 0 111
>i' > ' lo 0u r 101101ndr isoolv rist 'll""l 1 01 11- xllit511 01 11 (1-01 e .1. II.the insI'.tlll o.fi11r,
leeav111psilantiugromlCongreat 10 tO 1 111 110 si~i~.0 3 i' TOf~g'0111 111
xu c 10a.m;1:5::1,50,645,90 td Io t TOno1 uis 0 itte 1100 4 N. 51111lkl.. A li~tr tue 00(11 oohill tou Kg u sedug11( n1 .
La0to:,30r 1pl.e 1111n0111 u IFo octuie ts. oxeov 0 ~er is (ul" SoiascI viate ofre 111 (
In ntl o ili OlIruug ncl leehi- c -(1 L l-ottrtuuyleiui'it;oi 11 Ii theuu iffeuns cnsaer. Sloudeuuls I-u
t,9:feAset Keepbo llTuutuiauof the ''0('ft, hi (10' f esan)d71 111 lls Vou wsh i vst 01100' 0 fjot) 0)o -llr ll 1)' le ohlus (1 ''bese lIs '('
S1:0t. tnli 1..) .3.i ~t3& K a ns 30a d'i II . a . 1A ng se l 11th Shll 1 Il ; ra i s t t ill 1 11 Oh ' . 1( 1 5 t., Sott niid ev ' I ' uIl ll( 1 011.i " iu u l' ' i ' i d a
'flue ('lo er Leaf l oiateavla tyfuurooniys11111'nt(1111Ifhcago 01111titI lii 'Itd0111rO. Fri l-:fiistin 2i105500 511. hhlee
Ln"frSt.DAYLo Nis M ., 0101 1;it-offer )his xle nanl t r' 'ill e 0iiI otato-riiotuu uoodiuuo Il liiie not1.i l 1.1' CIo urseAN ".
Leveslt io f otonr ess, v.s 1Jo-0, oxritfe Ion~btss 11115' lioki et rt ti iu II- t5humi h al'Ie xect111'.S to vll5 forl(0 Ius c 2 if)'.se
lo0,680do U3iou. ept0t1)p.ii. hahmr.OOl- 1)111,0i0'llt'f i- 8s TiO D f'
iLe a An rrsXev1uu'~ot ,1}i S4ttiii mate5::ow30,tll, oot-.1(.- 0 'VOto 10s'CIIe1 MI r.f lMe fade r11(.Is,
(tl anr9:0es . fi wrfl) S. EXAptSu- ofEXIrsANDte.,Foh' 10101, ; slit ' tsvid t Jut101 ( 01111 IHrIIII I\H I I'
fnlsery ix lolil- P .(IA I. .' ' 15 isele fot 111(1 (lrst elet.10V111t Wll;lorderLed. f If..UII IIUUIL.8
IIIco necio wih heS t.I.l u nis Silt . if life :'.-Ifpang. I of 15 ah
FLO ER LOEuTO In AN ABR Iron .0 MutainS ou11 thens lay > Suets \\-III)cuvdesMessrstoroiluvoil;&fIuleioral-
. ,efoSurbvscriefr. f012.30D 511tl't'i.o
11or1E'ehrythiitglandloEverybody.bo I5'cs fjuu-ls ueotio rl li ori cncTEX sl ev hi
Sut, R clnig barAarfat tFe xa1 r &l Pacfi ficttt110 Sil-n, et' itFlIil-) 11e11 Ii- illponeedo o f at fide=lit 70 O S N ti' ''
aOUt H ALeMtiboises, Sleelrso t li- g'it1'al iGreatlilt- iIOhIr 01.1011 -o-v. (nd i 'd .eai se, o r,;lat s01'. eolid ica10,11 S 1 'St.jc o hi )'ttI,
iutc ng.Seouern laii illil ily onas'l s i: surguica rdetlintu e t:cs.at n.il lassthyrpesn1)il 1
c. . SJENKis 1 1.ise, fI2 .(1.i lh I '11t 501 -5111( i II. SANPsFRANuseISCO.br
(heijertheasOnley-Tgrue'rooutoer.n' .0 outIX' '. 11.115. ,iltreasonahb1le1price? It'rod. N e xo' 'feaat a.itf ('lfifolsho ldb haddSltl I)"
DIETAS pSCcANZ iontsfriet isthruh it e or Ohio rao olkt'tindergi -Nott .111 . Min the 0
1.0s (a ieisgus { Hit pring), A sti11(111ntono, ( I-or oardrs1avertie1inthe D ily.++ (1011oenItlthoe " 1(1hav lit
(111j(alll'sl i.'uii ~L aredo l icrElit iretfconeIioni la hSu elIII_ owi s h es ie p iIIl I ilbos fered iii the (1(1
t('_5J"1,lg, t, iluhgisuto . "itil th ilnFeIflRLLliLd i
St2 Years an beansa ns -'''I". ., 1gels1an(Sal Itrnhi o. L 1 is o ih, 4r1.ulBook L,1,t'uy A,-
CeoUinDpa .ITY LAahUNDRYecin lne fr , iTHd dErtis0i51 1(1n(1tIle Daily.'bl
dailyarrivs New nion tatio inattr shoing tie11roteltitou,0es1) .1 a !flue siLdP yi, 4WABAS RO (0


M. M1. SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ave. cIT I\/I I' /hrIugh'sleilltOS Ca.r01 dlire luteeef
MERCHANT TAILORING ! ''9u ltUSlepesvi.in, CtX.Lo n am
Clit'al-',( lresoin;;ad lRepaliringuii \dtlv-. Cl.
AUG. SCHfOENEWALTo,, 26E. M'ashuingtonu
f will be delivered at the your room thle remlainoder of liv ort)-. Ioletsid 1((1fuil ili(t(1tfati.
EXELIO +LAUNDRY ! (((ltl lio
EXC ESl O TEE.the college year for only $1.50. H RE .HLEMN
Good Wlorh Guaranteed. (hoods calledolfoe N VI 3ilehuiati--A5t. Tislra]'s.Ag
(lul dliveead. A. F. C0OVElT, Pr op.
ANN ARBOR IB C R 1 aTIt'IIOFF 1''ICE: 101lark t., 1C101AGO,)
STEAK DYE WORKS. F. H. Tristramn, P. F. Dombasagh,
LIdes ted beats' Ciuuttl0heaused At Daily Office, Times Block, at Stoffiet's News Stand, Cons. lass. A-t. 1 us.&8 Ti-hat Ago..
at Dyed.Co.7haeanSmt- 37Mdsnt,
. w HRONr ST., ANN ARBOR. or at Paul Myers. State st., News Stand c fie~ 11lds, it adSeul- 0PaM.diosco, 0

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