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December 18, 1894 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-18

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, 1. all .

VOL V. NO. f64.



Arrangements Fully Completed.- "(tn behalf' of Yale it is now said James Kay Applebee Outlines the
List of those who Will Con- tilt sll' 11esno0(1,laimthl'ellllllilioll- Secret of Her Success in
tend for Honors. Literature.
ship ifotils Sear's football. hilltcles
he lis lanllaws at tiversily 1h1ll withl I'enlnsyl'aniai. 'ill' honorllsare1'heardllMr. AillillIll' thil' Unity Oulb
this ev'in'l'll undel~l(r the(' auspices of the assigned iby publi' licoinilon. Oand Yale 0was5ipr'tsentlasblt es'(llili to 1lilstedlil
oral ilterelst. 'rho conotteslthbis fail' illtill'fac' as its IIWII 1c0lors; i ill11011-owholesulbjectfwas10reillveli Olltil-
10 be 0111elof te til 111lllllol nd o11 s 111 s11w0roe public opinlionllacellsl'l5 iallo' ils followss:
a veiset of lseftil blotks. "'The 1a lnalll. t'enn~syilaniall 1'11'5tle' f '000c, Eiot's lissiill 1,as11 novelist is
conlsists of It olumes aO lggogliS~tillg '"Pttblit' opinlionl do01s 1101 111111wiihat sget m11s1sof pile. thnler' . Sl' 'Ti ell
1(),13(;1111011 l ani is valed at $3l. lHinlke-ismlis footbali. I 01ll'lill11t13' 1ol make tile 01orilhIa11e110othell'than~
'lilt' toosoar1e'as1 folo~ws: l('relt it 115515115to Harvard 1thie 111011' next it was, bttt Ilisellys tootl:llllllnl1l Iiltll'
'Trutihs 1by (Trea'tfAlntiol's: Gk-ti'lils It'o'Pensylv'ania 1110 tileihonios of tile 1usft11sshe' foundlit.
for till'('iriotus:, Chamlber's I '1ll'sl season11's 0work. Yale1'is0tird.l11111 ''Gwor-geEliot's art: is ofteliI es-
G aze'tir('r; Wilisil's i1Handblook of Lit-ithirdi s11e 1r'emailns, un111ss5sill' sioldittioned~. 'Tile Mill ln the111'loss' violates
Notebook; 'hle Witer's handbitook;1primacy.0'Yalie, firstl lloln 1th1' 11h- 1princ0iples'5ill writing. iBrotiherly11111
_'os Ditiontary of1'Phrase1'a1d1P11 lo; .11..''1"11011111' ow lthatsill' is Iover'- githe~r 1too1 l'1)lllllll andll' 11111 0

Trys to leirni wtiii ittks.
Soume people though try to uSe
We Say Boy Those Which Have Tone,
AV'etsell thit kinid.
51 South Main st.
Opp.£0011tIHouse, MinlsSt.
If you want to goet a fine box of

wartt rsIII'li aet1151111and 1 11' 151111 1t'5 asuesto pleae'il111a11by a101t11111111oriagesl5 11111till'like'. us0 if lllalrt1.l Cheap; Hot or Cold Lunches Either
1103'; ioget's'T'he'sauru'ts: Anienit 111d1 lates. Yale's Iactul po llsitionl.is11'50' dil t ltn1111ethis mlista~ke 1a111 111-0a101R. E. JOLLY' & CO., SteSt.
Modltern Fatlilial' Qulotationbs; 8011115 111111'alrleady13'sai i0hxedi for eis1 111tll'helbette'rfolr it.
Elliglisll Synlonymls. 'h ll'1110;1ie11113'I 1004,-011b 15 sfye i i o'1111'me.'That -S'il11s Varier' itoundoubel~lii'y G to RANDALL foir
e'xhibtion atIl 1kins5' (rug stool'. 1position1is 1111011 011tilot' baStlllfielld ('Itorge' Eliot's goetle-sto013. Its
Tihe its sill bfepresented'5 bylth'i13 ie 11f tll4."--Neoork1011Eveln11l0-111n. 1m'echanlical construction1011is pralttitcillsA rtistic PhIiotos.
folllowing contesanlts: Senliors--Ed- pret h tr sntrl ie
The Christmas Inlander. l f-i tl 113'1 llt0l h11
inund1(1Block, E. E. Waton~, Milton Iwell111h111Silos 011111001110a 111111'Is to NEW' GALLERY.
110l',ie Mlre .1Juniors--J. A. Le- ine ll ilsol lbe silt .Thursoet.10 M011110 ioe' 1inltis 0wold~. LAR14[SI OPERATING BOOM I( SATE
RoE. lD.fHenning. -A. V.I.loey, t' elresting artice's will beitesolntdi "f'T tlar moral teach11111 it'lg111 sof____
T1. P. Ifickey', L. A. Piratt. Sophio- 01111t1110ulicationtwlll e nPt i31' '111rg'Elitithalilt retibtionlis BOK
lsores-21. B. EaitonIt1. It. llllllsotw5it'e' the site of the' fegtulair numIbtrs.surto afllhow' sill; and111th1111al 111111011NO, 15 WASHINGTON BOK
T. It. Petrie, Misses Bliet'anldl Mllioll Aiong tilct'ibuniltionIs 0w-1111be' anti- 11lt'1neeI'sarily 11110ws from thI1111'uil1. An. rb ,Mc.
Otis. Freshtmen-t'. W0ard SeatsiIle3,cts by Prof. l. 11. orse an111 Protf.'E111h111ail's life' is Ia gre-at moral11 its-
Wallace Brown, Itobert t-. Vaile 1T. t.Ettinger. 'hll'stories''are'ftr- 011110' DIS r.5F.11. Butsr, formerly
so1. ifliterOprete'dtrigihtly', hence' ll wit' D.11 esersos. of Boston, now at
;Hisses Winifreid Beenan 1atd1 ilor- Osiel ltby S.I. Perry, . hA. Sit015 h'li'ti~S~ ttrathettoposioffico building. Watts, Corns, lBun--
I tre dlinatios o huan caraterions, Ingrowing Nais, antialh difficulties of
ente Ricehards. -A. P. Porter owill act F. I'. Datoiels antd E. It. Stittilakthl. '- the fot sucesosfudy treattid. 9 a. 51. to 15:W1
001' futll olf mol tOitachings. p. it. Office closed Saturdays.
a1s captain for th it is. The o'estitsare fritithetile'n~Is tif Ohttott "Auilecgti'elcre'atios ofelf lorg.-
The law cottestants art' as follows: 1E. I '111105'Ihhand111'essirs. Thie'dh.111d1 Iol " s '3t0i ht'i~ititeet
Seniors-'. A. Kearns, .N. (latl-rdner, )0Bowman.11ing of al. heis one1)o10 hetiirare'tst FREHLNEst OFo
00.: I. Whoelor, A. H1.('ove'rt, 1'. iksF.ttlii-attt' llctatttsLOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES
kyo 21. 10.Wesorr, O'.00. 2iihs, A New Provincialism- tire, i llfotliteust Aer ttitidi's-10 ~O~lA
A. P. GilmoreJ. 0'. Bitightaith.J. L. Sinice liesottnitog of tile'gytlhitasitit ls (If England. + TUTTLE'S,
Dock. Juniors-P. J. ('rosby, II. E. a tneiov rosineiaisuti lgs Iutoile il- chttitrae-int iosohic1al48S.STAEd
Nothonob, B. F. Deahil, '. h.An- itt comtmont use11amtong thtost'stdents mortteltatenotheti110oisl ent Isj R c i
Iterson, 1H. A. D~avis, J. 1'. Sasirer, takitig;owork inl the nestdepaht'hletltt. i s0 free' antdsponttanheouts. (1 o 11 Eliot ce
tLeClaire M1artin, 00. H.II. -ote', I. . The oword assumes f5sevei'ral distintet 1is oevr, onfl ti hie greatestottut-
Truoman, E. G. B3-kf'. 21. L. Chaos- parto of specchtanod hitds ftair to take toeats to womanhood1001trold has i-r
.0on will hoettte law -capuoitt its place aimonlg tte slantg p 1cu istoolyr paateel.yHerri g'oodneas a sll' Aatgcsoko
A nominal admoissiont fee of ten tests csllege life. Thtse-osw oortd is 0113e- t'1105'wo13mtiagonn-."15I
still ho chargod holdet' of tickets of rivedl frototgymtnabsium andaoe 11s ito
the S. L. A. and oratorical associa- fist- ittsuch expre'ssions no 'I gytm frcmo.Prnsothliguhtcks-1o<i'lc";"y gisrwi-gb Theardolelo ill Missein. Cr
owill ho admnitted fior 25 cents. itt poplalrity owitht ttetco-edst"; "Heie Bitoto-sis 10cotaittedl it.today's5issue'--A-
'The Univsitys13 of Penntsylva'nia gLondono, Oul httrhl3'' ti itc t.oib iaTelegmi Dec
nettod $22,46157 fromttothe threi' big Onehut' ndrtedrthatdtity1111'footballi if-Dfeleftio'I':Tameths Kortz wasitShtte W A HIIR 'S
football gamthIis 3-ar. The athletic gamues owere 11113yId ltt thei-llh'it' ity1-11' tdayittsearcht of Ctirl H1ailsl'3 -
aissociation of te niversity is tere- States Thanksgiving dray. the pdoisainestdenhfothotn Arir ihU NIEST BOSOE
by ahly to wipeouot a doficiecy of Extettsis-e prepatrattion,, 1101'inlyt diesapya010 fom'.A2. nIrboasriotuUNVRIY + BOS RE
$10000 from last yoar, and huts nearly tmaeo for thteileo boatitogse't son1 at to thinthtat tBe'rdsleyf3'came1 to Len-
$0,000 in uts treasutry. til'he 1ioersit3' lof W0iscontsin. don, butt afterwrlnleft for Attstralia. NO. 20 S. STATE ST.

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