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December 14, 1894 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-14

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Photographer'0 AL[ LVHfYA
' oi -th .Maiu S.. AmiArb~or. Is elling couponibooks (rooid
______- -for :3 for $2. 0O.

SchalII's Bookstoie
Formerly with George Wahr, 19
E. Washington st. Headquarters for
everything a Student needs in the
line of Text-Books, Stationery and
Miscellaneous Stock in general.

- 19 E. Washington st., one hlock
} ~ xisA zriccs saltail G>ll 000 ork. 51E. XV~I I SOO I'. jeast of Main st.
---DROP IN AND LOOK AT____________
(flocqe.- nol hel c t hoe IIUIEIY rvr~~o THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK > A. E. MUMMERY'S,
or, terWtl il-tI THEWVITELL L ERISER. AaAiis , Ne its api tal Sox5,000._
It__________idheno equal ioutsideo of;a comiplete lmci- hot 01t, $150,000. !
n~stmfoierising thoroosohly allthemis.- Ognize i detr theuGeealiB ashiotLaw
td get prces and sework ho It is noise less, iae. -eli-ithostinIc_o -f this Staite. Receivsesiti l oyt andl fl l
'it tool fiosicsindseewok.2 ti6 i'. Iiliej rte s sel e is aneon the pis c itlocities of the 0 flo 1
leaingtle tesft hef01 day.All Iiartsiwat' United s-hte'. Drafitscaheil ciooiiprpe IIULIURI 'alr l nFrtFor atdfitoyas alf~°ct ou dniiain aeydpstbxst et
Y-flow and Blue But- STEAM LAUNDRY CO. O f r '' 1)SA
t-'. O. - ii Xulios ad oetic Fnis. shleMIItz xft'oree P [RF V M ESa
'WihU. cif M. or the hg (ln D r.oOnih
yea 7c.Th onr ewdace tha t eistoiit W
yar 7 E. S. SERVISS, Manager, an lzcr l vr h oni. 1c i di EWDU STORE,
-AT- I OU T Lh ecito cnic rcurda h uic Evv DU
_.WMX.ARNOLD'S, Jeweler. 'stoves tr tI T'O)TIRTOI AN Net I itudiiise
42 MDaily. The Daily $2.50Oayear.iriinl
To kee poste, readthe s ALLER'S + *.~K
_ . ZAre you ahtooyed hJ yotit lamp wicks clared.?]By youi lamnps fillinig
O,+ i cr:It i W-liiis.tonst-.'I'hone Ni.8 the lionuse willh a sickeniitg smoke and givinig a lightt title colotrtif fle 46 S. MAIN STREET.
' iars . . I. I., Phne,0. 1. inouso tiheseewill ougvani sh. ket give Ifsoaw ie ih, tes o t cd taril crick
ci'. li C itIt, 'CosetNout.rooubeseellnithouh. a vsmoedgasshift it- oitrnedSathe(Oi, d
emits no odor, and will all horn out of thse larnp. tled Star (Oil 8c pet gal., MOORE & WETMORE
RS.ANNE WRDFOSER' +Waler White Head Light Oillc per gal., 74'sookeless (lasolitie Sher Igal.
M~~~~ ANNE.AR FSTR'. in st..5n State sohcot-

Schooal of Dancing and Delsarte.
tistarilay, £(1 a.ri., Oientlemn esos uesla
--(aturdtay, 4 p. a.. Lady ticisiec'.class.
at n tii' n)
°' arsnd.yl7:i30 p.cm.,Beiiniiers Claiss tLaiies
Private lessioshy atpiintmiiciit.
.Slieelian &- Co.'s
'Mrs. Siheehian & Co. tate pieascre to cii-
nounects thelilterary adhoot-loviiig puih-
lecthat they iiate now received at tuhe store
,, Statest. all the neewtacks ci the seasont
frsasal the pahlishers, thus einatling their
eausterniers to purcihase ati their gifts at one
ptace acid at whlcesale prices.
Rennemher that we are the only wiiotesale
heck sellers now ini the state. Oar large par-
,ehases enables usolo sell all hoots lt whole-
s.lt prices, thieretty undeselling all ecla-
-lvely retail dealers.
Dainty Blooks in Dinty Binins.
Art Calendars for 0555.
Standard Boss ini Set-.
'Sibles-Oxford tBttle.
A New American Edtioii if Oxford Bilesc
it half the former prices.
Prayerssiid iHymntas-New iditionis.
A cordial inivitation is extendid to every-
une o rome is aiidose as whether you hay
anything or inot.
Orgaized 1803.
'57 hplthi, $10511506. Surplus and Prois, $40,000.
Transacts a general banhing basiness.
tt'oreigs aexchanges bought andasold. Furnish
iet erseof" edlt.
It. ACIt, Pres. S. W. OLATOESON, Cashier.
Miss Hattie Long,5
t~uftar, Mandolin and, Banjo,
69 Millr ave., Ani Arbor, filch.
a Watches, Jetwetry, Diamoitds and chattel
'artga qco as collateral. D~iamoiids bought
and sold. Watches and Jewelry nicely re-
paired. O01icc at my re idence, 33 E. Ltherty
si.. city. ilours:"StoItla.mi.,.1to 3and 7to 9
,S~. Gm.

JEA.IN & OCCMFiPA..N Y. ocr of William at., have a
44 South Main Street. complete stock of

'liii'siirtilawiswsillbelIizztioeil o
Wilis nt't Nreek.
S\it. Coewsilqizlohipssctions in
CaSlcutlts nt-t llTtrsillls.
Tliii.ladites ef the PEpilsticol 'hturch
wcill gist- ltsuppeilr this eveinilg to lte
Deitoit doelegation «tci t ltendt the
The lbto~iiry 1c1a1ss in gieieral
chemistry wtill tie reqiried to hand
ini their lioti- b1001swith till eipleri-
tienits tperforieod. lbifore tt-e Cheist-
maits vacation.
The jtunior palrtlehst eveneintg was a
great sticcess, and all present twnite its
pronouncing it one of the best class
parisres ever given. Mesdanmes Soule,
Wtade sanilD'Oooi ere101' e11ptrston-
All 'V'arilf basebasll canididates are
requtieid to meet iln 1001119, Satur-
day at 7 o'clock. Business regartding
thie tenth for '9 wssill bii disetissed
aid 'all casndidates cw'ho hiavent atl-
ready handed in their names are ex-
pected to do uso at this smeeting.
Last nighit's reeptioni tothtie S. C. A.
miembers at Newbherry hall was large.
ly- attetnded aindl thoromghly ceijoyed
by all piresenit. Ala interesting pro-
gramtt was giveln after wchti(le coin'
tpanytan'og college sotigs atdtinaiully
broeolouip well lpleaseid withi ile iecc-li
Atpeosiill.t.' ' v 0.lac' .13"e Gi11(.''
year iduritigit1150 t 01 Sills in lie
tnumtsber of-'tile iticsiill'wteslooticll
departmeintll gO Vl ois Nh'. 11d11nha the
scientific dels'scliti: .-11? at Itarcaid
in (lie aea-deii'al slepoi'itm-mst:(1(3.titoi
in thie scenettific ietarlf neiit 20).

Lecture on "The Tempest."' 1JNIVERSITYI TEX BOOKS
'iTihehutdieirsoif cittisi tickeits illih
Untyt'liub seieis enjoyedla 1(11dS iiii'x lt
liectied trtat lasitlii t in a special liii- Note b3oots and other Students' Spplier
Finic Stationery, Sporting goods, etc,.hc
treo 01 ifi'I''mpcst" by Jamues K05' they otter al the Liiwest Prices.
Apiph-bci'. 'T'heisinguished Iiectur'ie-
relatethplt(1(0of'the drala inivid Call and see us before purchasing.
anid forciblc angtstgV, aid gavi' a FOR FIRST CLASS MEALS
iompreeseicive ev'iew-cic'oif te SiousTRY THTE
chai~racter's. Ilei coiisideedl theie1011 ELITE DINING PARLOR
of h' laly as iiifoegives't i0anitsaid
thai it 55115. drailsi of riiconciliation. Cor. State and Liberty ss.
______________EDWARD LEWIS, Freit.
I'. Oh'SIt. CALENDAt. tBoarders 5Wanted.
l'ei.De.. .-'97 is m.ill lichapl'I
at 4 o'clock.
F'ri., Dec. 14.-Ib-gents mieet.
F'ri., Dec. 14-C olumbi norgoani
dedicated.Aw rO S
Sat., Dec. 1IN.-Slittine ot basoba ll c i a Ho s
caiidtttes ini roois,9 at 7 . in.
Sat., Dec. 15N-Miurat Halsted lec-
tures before Students' Lectueasso- FIRST CLASS TABLE.
Sun., Dhee. t.-leof. B1. A. Hinsdale
before S. C. A. onii"Jesus' Theory ofBA VES+A+SEILY
Teaching." AQES+AfSE~ IY
Sun., Dee.Iitt. -E-. Of. Walsh leitstttc
befcire Bitiletctiss att Psteria(nsts 'H~IO'NE 123_
church on Ilacsaliam Islands.
Sun., Decc. Iii-I. II. Steere h-choires' 5 TZ33LE i
at Methiodist chitrchi 01 "Ev'oluition."
Mocn., De-c. 1SL-Oroch'.placed ('i FEOPRIOETOR.
Mloo., Dec. 17.-J. Ktay Applebee lec
tures at U~nity club oti George Eliot. 0. 11. V -J~.i-
Toes., Dec. 18.-T. Kay Applebee lec-
turesat it iiycluotn00DotuglassJTot
Tues., Dec.,IS-Proioitcing.'.contest
at L'niv-ersity hall. Has the newsset Fall and Winter
Frid. ee.lec. 21 .-Xiias vacation Woolens and largest stock in the
begins. city. You can get any aelec-
Sat., Mill. 12.-C'oticert for benefit cif tion you are looking for.
Athiletic association at tUniversity hall.
f Vassar has 200 mtore students Ittn it COME AND SEE US.
had last yeahr. 2 E. Washington st., near Main at.

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