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December 06, 1894 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-06

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Voi.. V. No. 54.




Flourishing Condition of the De
partment of Elocution and
1'11oIllaily Illl'Sl('s 18111'0 rinl 11
(o its (rleidIrs It histor o r Itthl'e oli'
mol:If (loctill0 Riaidlo1rito4. ' o
molilonof rO'.nd1publ1)18181ail,-
(Inc tt ('0' . e. I'Uerh" dWil 1111
(ililif SI 111111of(((11108Truelood l1'('
(le1Itrilivr('8asi(O o l util 1(111(1I
11 M.iost'nds i(1(11 '4'err-yfrontveroill
ci('ilg oo . cirof'. 1 is R'01vs Iollia
(IRIS "1111('111((1(c1urs11s(ofIRIect1111s111
1111_' 84i18 iV('oflliho 110 01Il (01111k
11(111 ('(((1111and0v11' 11''111 411 00011
1111(ess(r11(1 (110 4(11111i1(11 e (itlo
ho'iw Avetwork. work.lland o1' il811
11(118 ('ot cl'('(1 118 oil 111'8 11-y 11h It
;1' 8(001(v ' :;hl8 (118us('1(111(11(4Ioni
(hoet-whoii'(1 till RUnl',to1m s. il
s e.St1' 81111 11111( 11 ( onlctdP1
before, 111(11111hel',eaitr 11111111(111oa

then 111c011is8 11104are a(4 1present1. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY.
l~ii ('llctl'8110' 1111 11(1 1111'Union League Has Invited U. of N.
haRveloni11 111 llal(I l1 from1:3001 to1 to.Send a Representative.-L. C.
'410',stu(1nts. Long Has Been Chosen.
S For -er 8' l \,ca 0 rs1 it I1;1,4 (hoo(l11 !(it
111t 111'he 11c11air 1 of '1orato4rI It l'1'11100101 For1 s
Co~l;( ut ~e egets f 1lstoll1 of the V1 1110(1 1,1(14('11(11)1o1
RI111,I' 180'811 11 ' 1(1 II (11(81u l li~o Il 011111 \11i111
'n 'ago1(1111 c1e114 RI t11e11111 11(1 illlglI 1-
a I ''Iil r ('1s11r1114'h(401111d h iRRchlsIIC('0i1
1111 (,lIlI ofA 0ill-ill i ntoR181(1' ilel 1(' 41 14 ll1Il8011 I(5 11(1 1
InI 11800IIt111' 8(111' 111(1 yiIof('Michigan4I
i atl1 (orIcl s o81i111'ionlj l o~l l 8(1 1 ag , III se ttti s slctd b
11t1(1'urposel'1 of4 (1111 11111' <,l) I 1110(1
1114 1(11(1 1114'''1f((11p1urposIlc11111(1f 14t0(8 ese1111 ('lII'(f
Ill. ' or t r . 1he a sl. 1' 1111(1 t l114'll' ('(111 111(1h 111'er ('Ii 1(11
('('18118 0 (If e~. Prf. Pu- rtilsist ic lat I I
I- (1(111,11 no 81 Iolll'1118 1 f 11 III 11011 (till (IlRtlill( (111'

Ii'ystlear11111withoit books.
501me people thoughi try to use
(or11no tonIe.
We Say Buy Ihase Which Nave bone
51 South Main st.
If y01i want t10 get a fino hox of
Cheap, Hot or Cold Lunches Either
Night or Day go to
R. E. JOLLY & CO., State 'St:.
Go to R \'L L for,, 1)

t c

11.4 olet" lioi. 1((1 (4111'('(11( lsolv (i'll I
M 1(ith other1 institutios.(1(1 11' 11(((1
These1 1114 fo~eeavd cie.11u
siel ss Wh1" re11 once 1(1e8' e(14(1 li(111itle8

Thiti year the club has extended tlio
invitai 611 to the 10 leading colle'.n':; of.
the t'nited statk.s. Two Aveeks <l o
Pres. An., ,cll rec┬░eivcd i. letter extend-
in- tiic invitation to the 1 . of Al. _\.
conllnittc'e o1' tho facnlty was <ll7lxoilli-
ed and have club- considered i lc ques-
tioll. of c ioosiilg; repres(.lltaiive.
y have selected L. (_r. Lonl;, 1I
The 9:') law
and '95 lit. who won first: honor in the

u- I 'l1lore are' lfis 1111'e cl1s188 I'011 1) 1''-

114'1111f tllom 1' the l lchol. At t111'51111li~llllr in 111'h11111inal iverlsity 'con=
toI t1h(1l1181'faculty aIsing for floe tile Ilil(I'8114 111 1111' 111b'. 1111(1 11t1e
:;ranted till'request anld Prof. '1ru1-cotetl. Again th111' 1a1101t1111debtiilg
blood N1v8as appoinltedlfor1't111'follow. 0contes t t home n'da111i1nst1181the1 ((1101

lolg 44110fur a tell wee'l' coar'('(1108 l11
flie law 8011001. tiele iterary1'' students
(('10 desired ilh'e '(oik wee till
:obhilgedIto 11a1-'tuition. t)OeilhunOdre
((1n(1 lilety sttudents wer(00nrl0Oled1 in
1110"several courses.
Bult tiele itierary stuts be1t hgan ill
'lamor for free tuitionl. This 8was
finlly granitd, 11n111Prof. 'Trueblood,
hlaving agreed to give upi till'Univer-
sity of Missouri, 84118appoinltedll(1
. alary1'a1s assistant professor for tile
second semester1 of '86-"87. His timel
wvas divitdetdhetweenl tile 1840depart-
llCts, anti foil credit 81as givenin l
tile literary department for all wvork4
offered. Tile attenldance reached 310
that year., nearlyhilifbheing literalry
This arranlgemnclt continuted two
rears. During tis timue Proef. True-.
blood divided his 4t110 hetwveen tile
OioieWesleyanl 11011tile niversity of
Alleligan. But in 1881) le resignled
his position in Ohlio to accept woerk
for the foil year in tlile t'niversity
Of Michigan.
The courses 8were'(11e11arransged

colletg'es, and1( 1111111y'1111'ftlcuit' 1111
('1881i 55 ( '14 11(b111.11 11esi1es121ope
Sno811' 11have'ill ((ur 1i1181 (('11111is
netilonl8withltile8w1r018ill E~iilip,
plract'ical80110(11of (oratory.
Sophomore Social.
Ahout;(ill8sophomor0es5 Iattendedll tle
class social at Gratngers last Inigiht.
Tilt'affair (was 1unde1r thi rec1'tion11 (f
tie leas1110socill ollllittee' c"ns1is ti l14
ef hiss Firry, 'Miss Slenonl and fir.
Gooke, andt took tile forin of 11 general
social 111n5 dan1ce. Refresillel'ts wereO(
scre'ed hy IlIangsterfcr anld mic was811
furnished by til e lqlllillgon ((001118
tra. After a 8cry' pleasanlt ieveninall i
depalrted igh1411 lyleased w8ithl the1'first
sephomlore social of til e 4ar.
Tilt' Browvn Daily Iterald ihas I'l-

40'.i 1.011 l i 1111X) lX1 il II 1 I 111 il
111nill al' r'present'our11 1i111811811 NEW.T GALLERY.
James Kay Apolehee. ___
'1111' 1151 11four (llll'Itaillll'shin 1111'NO. l5 WASHINGTON BLOCK,
1 (ily ('11111)Icourse i'811'll llstillte' one1
(If tille1108o(stluala nd 1 n1t1r11111(n1114 AnnflArbor, Mich.
series of lecture ol' begiv11'n48 ill1111A.111MERCHANT TAILORING
Arbor lthis 4yea0. Jamesll( K1y18 4p(1(1111' l>leaslsh., ('Oslsiad Re11ir11g
dose seitly hy
8(11R '''ll glliS('1;li 115' (as lit of1110 ist .AUG. SUBOENEVALD>, ?.6,L. 'Waslhington
"Ilinmlht" netti 41141114 111ant'fI'es1114 LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES
el'lllgO. 1)1e'. 10 and1(1.1. 1)n1 till' 81(1".188'R11001V00 .1
ceein; Mndy ati'I'iedayevn-+ TUTTLE'S,
hils e il gie iseqall ecelet, + 48 S. STATE ST.
1118 Jetl''id:'lh'Wit (If 11111 ((1do(n1 JuLst Received
'I'l till'res'idetof'Il(fAiw Arbornd111
th lder (110stulden1ts ir. Applebee111n11(11; Alaigo stoek (If
11( recommenda1'1tions111. Ile, 1118s1111
e'e( ivell'111081s'Ienthlsia~stic rI'l(Iltillnl
Nol studlent 81should1110milst((1(11(or1(111
(y (If hin~lg atr. Appilebhe.I-- AT
'1111 11an-'lrii students8811ill 0ve1
French11la1y4, "Le8stFouh(11 5iII 'de1Sea- I.H 'S
'Tilefaculity of tlllieO~t 11118 d-1(1
polunlcedi that t111101'libe 110,1amreUNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE,

Icoed u1)01nlt'e four~thl4e110of is illlii'freshlman atlticteam~s attha1 ut 111-
ealtion. tution.


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