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December 03, 1894 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-03

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"1IJE ii. of


Vol,. V. No. 5 1.


Paicj t-TsiiKECENTS.

Chicago Knew Our Signals and was
Underestimated.- That Ac-
counts for the Score.
Tie diefeit of (Cicago Ii ity,11V
i-I, ccoilihinkgiving day losied ilby
fiar the flet sutcesfl footblell :c r-
s011the i' iorsit oily icOihigan ever
1ha1(. A 1110 ii of mie vcorie,oe
of 248 poillte to 0111oploe' ,
is ilreordI Av'elily owell he iprou of.
C hicago te, ihoee, a1gretrildial-
110111 1111andiatit almlosi inred-
ibo, comingllalter our11splndiddieet
of Corie]. In1Ithe lrel plae (Chiato
heir 11111m111a1 not b11111 sioiig Owhat
it 0111 icapablle f. Thsgwie s thW~elii
gamell if lthe yar fr them1111,11aw1llihey
had1(1workedil111le fll] witi the onie
ii tilllirta iloeeailt lii 111hiu
liereiwilling lto reort ill lily 11111-
lre, as iindeiid1111ofuthe111irIIIIore
litithe ist p1lace. lioio A. Satg.
lie ho w i o1111u(it here tio pulrify.
0wetern athleilleeidiwo te ot iltell
Chlieagoi iiii trouible silwiitlost every
intitution sheihas ielit ill otet,
kiiew there 00as0great1 disatisifacionil
wih himslel aiidlfell tht, toi keel
hise positlion, hlien111fd111soiiehinig
and1 i~thatlseedlly. IHecaiie here
aiii]aited as umpl~ire iii our Oberlini
game andut(hethen pgave i ;speien
of what at oni-sided umpl~ire clii be.
whenwoeplaly~etdtornel] at IDetroit,
Ieo ndut ltleast two oftiieiciiagi
leam woere presnt. Tee facesare
sigiiniifiat whlei we larii 111atfi
Thursdahy's gini(ieChicaigo oreo ll
but t feoo of Michigaii's plauys iiid
ouotld miass to imet thril. 'uletler
there is a traitor in Michigan's campo
or Stagg learned ltii siginals imiatter
not-Chicago woas tnsprliiilnlikc
eneough to make use of teii:
Chicago claims se did not kno
the signals, but anticipttet Micigan's
plays by the posiieon of the inen. It
seens strange then that, whein the
ends were called back and at signal
given for a center play, Chicago mas-
ed her teen cii the citer and paid
no attention to the ends, ohere the
positiotn of the nen wouold Indicate
that the play owould go. Once Capt.
Baird purposely changed the signals
three times, and each tite Chiago
massed to iet them.
The players on our temil assert that
it was the roughest game they have
played in for two year. Holding it
the line cwstotally igtored by the
Chicago umpire and lie alloced the

Chicgo Center lto interferi villi the THANKSGIVING TRIP, NO GODSTUDENT
ball continiualy. thuiie In11u1 Glee and anjo Clubs Are Royally G O
11111. lo '. When iiir play tes fal E gntertained. - Four Concerts [let 1011Oitllit un .
10lililote]pii (iliiiiiitAre Given. Somte peplthtiogi try to tus
doI ii e ,p a s s blrtye ueilid ie i i -Ill.tl-massilliuoilii-us 1111 ii .stum lsWillite.o b sgn s likyeogh (ieIls T et'.
Slinlie l1 Chuagolive.it g ia ulds li ie rp iiiiil li eliii W Sfor hs ~hc au oi
11ats liiVt p.in11 lally. Wil-he l ut . iiiie1ni ~ilrr 11 11 W e Sell that ki111.
low the rules, lie sald t. v r i d Irait. -TI iiclubge thioufr - Ill-si (liii- 0 4
ei olt i iiiti-iii -i- 1 liii i l -oli 51 South Main st.
ko iceo-kfIto lii 1 yards.ie ring -. ]gtitcub a11111i.Batl1S U D N T
he li-l oradullyo o rkoo e -kitinp Ilitrip whereayh-oii were1-i-si- iiiiFINE-
hlefi-ele fr li] itlt ll-Illlucin II li lilli-tthe 11y1.0Icri-lt, vigeatsFOOTWEAR
fiueectmate]alift goiIghi-rofgh the ,at AT
tackeson in110ally.She ied a ll ay l e ie ylbA~isncub i 'n'
1 buy ioniugI ieee i iieihcll he y i iAI,'S S O '0E .
the1tact ebs fiai sleed tovbeit 1il- Vlio u- pointslofie r uiiuet oliii es- I yuoanto e fn bxo
til]. intflunhli-l Iie11111 lueIvlegs,111 tVve ite r Ierehi en itu AsllI- Ghe pp. Hot o seGol d uche Eihe
015-i- uiltel111e110. leranl- - lii]of E JO LY COaSat'-Si
1101 hllt, cru-l i 111 iho Ib a tu e uh is mnge wiftu rehi I f o at ogtafiebxo
boh-ideis foll de poriuiii. but i leltKl~ultolsir uolo
'l'huu illuhswa left t fir llts3tuolii- a lind
ilitc it Il i ioc filc 2:1h taiiiuuinlpthie t CHOCuot.L~ IOATEIiBO-BO NS E
waieto. th e e nlttr. lieu11 Cii ago' L i e ftrth erp m h
golf u t u mb hlpldthe bal.uis her2 tea,110111111-Ia1010 piei illolaort ifthu uad- Chll. ;HNO orCWASHIn cON ELOhKr
owig t ('icao'speclia wa o It.Oilnat1rdayceorningill" usefi] NnghtArbor, go ch.
thc lg l o tlol- gepl ing211 1' ts , heiry Cs.l~tan,, in] . E a LLa CO, heoig S itaeog t
ie taclr 051 wogli fud ithueut allhutit of -uiuer i S ei tz11t ) os etl i
alsorh icauo sentur ailueholl 1allrol e r Candanf Jub~cioleeS ingfers. IE O'' .5 7IOcBh
thiun thulcIcpilo ullitl iliturfuioul 11-1111rtist i list use
hul loe u iu t ni bal t the lt Il e ill r liu h e u moluusipro oil] t is -13oungtittA
Thgi sil f u th alfes t o tii h ue ulis e__he____ubs__left__for____________(_____ibe
fotisi auth0gotaantouehthowiu iii a atiinii (iihuitliLAiGESTilhPEaAuINthayOMvIiiSiAglu
lhusitiioi awtsIra aepueiiu-ongrueed Jhustirece.ve
tul i hi a trt.rnei uthietillit hihe he conce~irtiil was i iunci c ll"ur
dau a yt e uiiosiu-hunrfthiu-he aN its-HNGON B CK
huntle iti coiing tiPric al heru2u yrds agesuc s
line, u-huhlexir[saenyfinblldt ioiuuAnniArboig Mich
thgo cldy, goingm30adr. luuoiogs Puimpatcuanad nry hceth
ton ~ a attcnr ohott ~h urs the jul tue el l trothu eixiuh u ~bs lui R H NT TA L RI G
fVe orthos coic i ttLrl aloth 1on rsin n Rpi in
yt as hi.itsu urb bu u 010thu-nfi snto theonuelfaneayAtretlsyibyut
lculd n thiu~ i i forkea to udos0
thrds ling.Stcherh in d goal. rMihilg a n lt a dgsing aiitu -uil- inge it = O1 TST 1
thI, Chicago's. e'tere i tfruud iiiiiiI S tasarLI;NEs A -IlIuhOFul
th allagnsh anduhe a got.uh t hltano; t ii.uutlio tI, hoti thiu LO. NEY'S CHOCOLATE
Michilgao gotnittciintiern(1000let. cirts s Wisl gave ;t.hJUuutRECEIVEDutre
t e c l a gahins i e a i s r e u s o m l a i r 1 ; W s u i si 1 I i o i u t e A U I E S T O K ~ l E
taie te balo onth 5yrs. hheShoiu t '. 0;nert luero2-h, ( ir I th t n Id.E'
COaN TN D ON te irttimesIoI PAedIe orchnetraand. i Bavey.les20 4 S. STATE ST.

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