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November 09, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-09

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Wlnship's Eulogy. 1a111dpriviege'd intiutionsof or ica t01ures on"Missions il China," at hc
XIGHGAN LNT i L- -Methodist church.
Time Table (Revised) July 1, 19. A.E inhp teeinn duca- have (1011. Ann Arbor 1111man Mon, Nov. 12. Iterlaso football,
EAST. I WEST. for of lBoston, publishes in his paper, 0111er lle 1,1 ' eislll ' p5 '1 lit v. '6i lit.
31ail and Es 4. 0. Mi l A. 4.1the ournall of Educon l.tiello 1w- ths world Sly (s tl'S'lt0Y11 511' Tc. o.o8 rf t nly Il
NY Secial 010o NYISpoctli 7 03livr lyand (1Ypsiatol hog 'h ou ba ra"a colo
EastiernFsx_ 10 2 N. s 111111 ed '25o Ill"results (f Ihis obSelvatinuin ~l~lg' luniversi1ty1. a11 Sllllili tr~ll lt50151o
Atlati, Fa -' 7 4 t 'I. a eent trip to liehllgan:11 lle io~ll SlSl. .0115 1 1100lt4:01.11
) N.Espress 54 we~stenEFs >3adIihadG .1 re BSNESLOAS
G. It Fxpers .10Os ("i INt Es--- IS102 Miligau is ill ('or1y'wily. aIl 0101 A gell 111 b'lll . 1111' 11' B S S O A S
o.I w tii ees t.e 111 llll.lY laS.1 ral57111 lar'geIfactors ill illigall llog.("5;;. -
G.1R T' A't.,CioaoAt,Ass Abo. Ainn Arbor rivals IHarv1ard al e, L- Nol~s se rte d is Ihis cur Ill lthLI rate
'tIIThre'of tef 1 ive'o Tgatll akls 1ar. ' (I cets per ie. Special rales friong115err
T Aacticlly' vithinl her bodes. Ster1 tIL sy Otei
T inefc unaA i,-. Ill84. (I 111115- o ] 1 't- i~c'110 and1(11 '011illan iioil o 11 Twrotf e st les orloomsl11furnacelil
TrislaeAnnArbor o i e tl lSItiIdt
or~r ~ 'ct.4011011" ac , til 10)Wil llitt 5. 1-34
ISI:Il a.m.15a1n, I s 1111r idll si rea eqall to 1 ~oIr.
01 P. iil11t30li. .'m(f Nrot'IEnland. 111111her citie1s r. W1Vinlship lso111pty s ie ls ll''l('Is T e ' til'tolbr'tu ld Noetiib101' M nlsyo
1.5. GREENWvODi, AetAlo(SiTlDtA 57EVEAT I iANC EII'io
DIETAS & SCII.ANZ, fItit (a11 l ide''centers, 1But. lt' -N OTlt5'S. (lO't forth111'firt itte tils w00115Sat-
New nglnd. \Ii"1lilit-linotlly l'sItiming t II 0o'clok. '111550i-
M. Off'" A.TA4ILORLS s tlii ielO111 11 Stilirlts 1111oarcoititoed 11 tningolgilr(egistri oill llsil10 l t.
1 (lest and0bet st yles Io ((ille l ~11 lf 111111or11111111. 111od11111o-( illl_'iIonce''01ful5' l tp 111 111 11 1"ou~ t01'u11111 lt~t. ieli
for guarantleed, lulealiIuln, pein arc] i -1
CATERER, v 1ate hfilgoliosIucps 111 M.a11(11will 11111th(111100 lit'- o en ~thran ocl
flAl uSiER E,1zni, - ~SIIS 5ltlit'011a'll . Sh tirule Itti' 11i t(11011111111is ~uo'5tl o1.Soit 2N
how wha111111hs er1111 1' i .il 110Nor11 1101111 [II'isG02 to It -111101' Of ll I..
011111 Ift111ormsills((g lt Fr111y,0-'1.11i'.roomlT.e
VI S mea_______t tem
Twos ttlhrs Icailmate good money
Tf7FIA0/R o' ii (thii(0 ' 0111lol 1 st1,IWh0Tie SlOdl' o ite-13 L L' fot Ilsoliiting Subsriptions for the U. ofA1R ethv ctit h colte T eseuto nocasfobl
"llil(' 10110foloov: M. Daily. al at the offie in Time,
lil t1~o.12-1)1 lit s. '1Glblet.
n _{_trt_.aid uui(ir,1'nt110 lll~''1 111" o~(, Ntis. 14 -Wilil(' (f Nov. S 0y High -w "tJL D .
A__V LN jFI I l l (n'11(5' i imi 0011111 (l~t'. 111111 .511111kr o -,V, FIRST CLASS C""MNITAILORIN&
Wilt1er II of os. 12. coner of tael i d wii O 1,ill"to.
gNoy'.1-'O\'nnl''of No. 141vs. 01
ntlo (f Nov. 1(. DROP IN AND LOOK AT
All o5111he('1000S oo'lisilllg 1051111- THE WHIT ELY EXECISER
b 1e teatms to e llmilet for c llnillo
An Artjstic Slpten Omd sordlosloon i possbe iIls111
;lad p(1l1ac1101s inll O lldll soill b l 11 ( I Il es.I' I tni's I s 11etI,", hIs S -is 511 n e.
'11111'SofIllsmItl, ltl I losellby t '
t^t ldst'r tllil le Iin Ill 1110 III (Ihe 1111. All (l els 1111-
Dulemma ina o i tts(I o ptt i"
^"ICI 1I :S AR[. ot1011e bIy R. L.BLOUN"I',14 ,N.
lil y e a01r 1mus(01reiort 1o iheR 211
frequently tcosst i v llsuensepcigtgrd'ae11Sbrb8fiUIU8 V -
in0notl t Luo((Ii is registrar at Ite oenng of tie yea ________ U~l
whe~ther to at oceCCand ascertain swhat ipresribed sork, llif stCO~tiI lleliIoic
/i:buy 5t ith Illriedanis ostill lcking for ihe 11g.c 'friITh t 1' ae cnit, i itoicl ont
istrumenit rItrystilt. srom tetFacutan d t otic(1100 fomn
(to obtainoia god i- h ahetctgmsad tersudn
tr((niuotsb1poresIP. 1R. delet'ft .i' rga(Izaiotios.
-' ~of selection among r
1te~ heaps goods. Nowv I. 01tt . GCALE7NDAlI. Lt coti~s complee reporso f tll
_________in regard to the Un____iIlvrsiy events of it)rst.
-"Fi. Nl', J. 1(1ni00 11100 lel~lloll it letpc 30ou postet 01n youro0051
I ~~:1lec otI~' ~tureroo , 7:1 .Ii. 00attieve5ry (tier departmnt.
G U p e"rie1tNov. 1). Iros. lgi 1es1de11eSUBSCRIBE NOW AND KEEP A FILE
r I f1. 11(1o', 'resent Rtions tof $250 IN ADVANCE
. Jalp l ih t and(11thCrc'a,'t e7:30 p. 1m.
-, Il Sv. . ino recilt~ ll b aiol Subsripion reeivldt thtil
Ba"J'~LIltilsi'IiIfil'- at, 1'riz N- "a hlDIofIice, 'Tites billlitll. Stoll-
rw- a:t lts and by al11 authtoizIeli soietos.
& BESTriINoTHE WOKLehn 11111101n il 6 Caela:1 p.in l. FLOWERS, FLOWERS;
BETI HEWKDFri., Nov. . J)1Oeei'0l basfeball F io vryth(lin~gad Everybody
youLmayn y PY a sich 0as 5011pleate for atother make canidte11s III 01111 I)lt l o'c~lok. PU'SeINS & HL4L, f[tursh, 16 "S'.51111 111.111tt l a
and you oill not obtain al ighl1l1qualaity ;or you may S1t.. Nol). 1.--t-1011 11111 11111' 11'ihepelle1_
. searchs a lifetime among cheaper goods without finding Nlorilatit llyllill(t. A-, N -4,
anyhing hat at all approaehes theta. When you're
read5' to talk over an totcu vent bspet these magid Sat, Nov. 10.- Mihigan vs. lnoltas STEAM LAUNDRY' CO,
cent producstionsIof('Itll largest mu~sical factory in the at l~tKnals C 1t.V
yorolt. The, are sold by leading deale rs everywhierea. ts- 0 l00''Hi0 lio 1 1g G(. sso andi BD 1o 111 1 111(011.
Beautiful Suenir Catalogue cotaining potraits o 90 leadig Albibon. .. -
iliis Iee (50 aplcaio Inth Ilaut((tel.Sa, ocrs .c 1W Seni lawomplllllete EIS.SERVISS, Manager,
______ Ilelilit o olhrers 011SOtJ'11 "t)URT1 Ai''EN LI..
SAEROSSat, Nov. 1.-Alpha Nn literary 01-ECESO LUDY
FACTORY -ECLSO LUDY!WbsAvneSROand iety nteeta in roomt 4, 7:30 p. Iitt.A10EAS' HURON TRET
OpstUnoPakAdams Stree Sat.1 Nov,1.-t.S. C. A. Sooial at New- G0(a worlGuarnteed Goods Icaled fo
Chicago... b~ c ig g .. ers'hItl, S p m. anid deiverd A.N.JO'.V0 ET.aPro.
Sat., NOs. 10.-tr1of. Morse letures 22 Y'ears i the Buiness..r..n1.
Itt lightShool 111111 Snt"The Sculptor's
Atnt5 p. it.CIY LUDY
Art" Nov 1-Irof. Thotmpson lee- CIY LONR 1
Sole Agents, " Q" h bO? O1'8a c tures before S. C. A. at 4,:15 a.lu
Sun, Nov. 11-President Angehl iec . N.. SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ae

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