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November 03, 1894 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-03

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3 L*l L34 Ann Arbor, Nov. 3, '4. The Uivesity of Pennsylvania of-
PulTehal (udy xete uig'le lEdito, 1lveniig New, 1Detroit, fes the freshmen adt sohoors a JACOBS & AILMAND
Mini.:geyerb two-houlr oulrse ill newsaperI prc-
the Colege yer, ityDear cSir --Kindly perit mis'to cr-tc.
JOEV OF M IHOEPEffNE ASSOIAIIOB reefst soe erroneous statements con- tic. EALIS IN
0Frests: Times uilding N. Main st., opposite tamied in Thursdays issue of tes The fatuty of tim Univerity of
post office. News, in tie- article he(ael'Students 'Wisconsin has prohibited fresitmen + ! AIi( 4)1IS. + t
SbStrike." front playing ot any of the Tiiver-
auhrrptosprice pP20er year ivariatly ' C MCA7 gE '. ,-
is advance. Sitie copies :3 ets. Sbsrip- Thi'articet-begins ty stating tt tcity atiletic tain."xet i pca
lions may be lft at the office Ofi the tAILnY, "Retbellions has broken out amiong th eriisii ftefut nrr't
at Stoffits at State st. new sand with any post graduteii laws,' and that "Prof.pemsinothfauyolrcl-
of thte editors ore authtorzed solicitors. ~"-s mi lecushvnggvnsenda~ion of tie thetic council" The Washington Block.
Cmmuiations sould rearlh te office by Aeh - istecue vn ie
7to'oc p.m. i they ae t appear tie net te isei itore work tain they can tt-
day. Address sit matter itended for pubi- tend to and tt the smne time to jst-/ -
ration to the Mtanaging Editor. Alt bsiess icc ts their oiler work" t teit goes r ay
co-umnication-s should ibe sett to te us-t- 0syta t"'i ninto net t
tess Masagerot tsy tat"A-"id'n-'n-net
THE U. OF M. DAILY. i nue held and resolutions were l. -.
Ants Arbor, Mir. lass-st] that iunttilt'iproftssor ctti- -
fined__ bstSimiisef to thes-limits of reasoni tea.. ' crcr k. '-5.611;
. . ,-Li.EDITORS. Iislessons souldl ftcboltet," anththat t g
:.L oH, i.J Managing Editosr. "tfnc of tlt' promsiet lssftures is .:.:-----~ .
F. C a. LEit. '57.Assistant. bak of thec loys, anti the ethaices at-ce-r saotii .wI.te.EAIN GSCHOOL OPBUINESS and S3RT
H.-OLMAN.Lt..rAsistnt +u . s heNS. Magnificentuidsgtes tahe s R
A. F. tROKwEs.It. 'tt, Assisat. gooti fosra lively row." It ronciutds attendance; gd dsilnsuperiop ok;tart
J..~tii.9,tltcEditor. by ststitg that I hays- bet-i apointed VITRAHE C GOODS suppied redigram dai lecture Sattsrd
. _S.PEARL VICTOR BsATHLETInger.eesng reeptts;s pen the enire year Eare.
chaiman"toadvncefil bo grey-tinat facititet for plaing students in psties
--. S. A'aiLs's.Bsiestanae. csissn"oalais ieios - IBard and sonm $u t f2.y peeekwintspivatr
. Assistant. titles-saltsS fs's'that Meihetisithiss Io it atsdusy demostattietei sulei- families. These rates redued tsr Hys.spell
rEnttY. tAW. hpresnlt Iis lecture-ssutil the dte-- osrity. I hasees outssis to sate bharding. For Cataoge address
Minnie Thompson,'t97 P1I. n hamit, '5. nntads, are satisiesd." the est, asd we isae sureeded soPtR.CF.YPrs.
Carrie V. Smith. '6. EL. Bans, 'tO.se are asssed by a critical public it HE GRA'PN[) OPRAOhI USIE
I. A. Oncer,'t. 1G. 1. Sarrison. 97. Nos, Ai. Etitor, these statemsets maitgstse lise of Bssebattltls, ts, -IL
S. B. Siley,'5. MEDICA. sre most grossly missilaitg adid o- loves atdMitits, Tennis Bals, Sart.
DETL. I. 1S. Niach n'9 tmost wholly inoret. No such re- ets. Nets, Boxsing Gloes, Fobls
E._______ '9.S.FRIDAY EVENIING, NOV.L2 '4
HOMsEOAsTHIC. hellion has beenl even thought of. No etc.. the leaders in qualty.l 7
suns indi guatisut meeting has bet-t BUY VICTOR ATHLETIC GOODS.
Alt copy tustts at the office beore 8:30 a. iels. No sits-tiresolutionstshalv been - i_ H
m. of the day of pubicatio.- RB
passe-s. o roniiuiit Ieturer is OVERMAN WHEEL CO.
The editors (o not old themselves respo- W'iilt apearsbsecial tsreqIus . sBsEASFTRICE
sibie for the pniotns o'satementssof cores- -ekotiesos"'uecuuesii' ihse fXssstOsgrs.tssiispss
pondents atearing in ue DAILY. not godt for a lively row. nor hav' Btsttn Phsladlphia. DitristI 'MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING"
-ft etntapoitedssto -see tar Meem in News-Yk Csisag. Drer. 4Spo tfssbytl essscelsletstcomprsyN-
The Dailysilrects-c this'res-stltstf hiss tstotis'eIpiesetit oh sis ettres tit- P'seleCCOA'S Ts: lotItte (DR. W. S. HART.
te ('ornell gsame by halves this atetr- il theuemainusds ate' satisitetd." AasFrscrie.nLs Agees. Prtlands
ttootn, aittiwsl-ha lsve the sameur postct edt, It is ti-etiehaf ts'eipost gsasuates I'1cSe 'sosalat, wtts e tei.Stre; s
Sitia'so Sltsststttstti-thhtifthat the urt tfofwork as*- ery. 5oc.
signs-s them nwsssmortiet than they coulsi
Dalsly office. do W's-h anti they costrteously reqtest-
- ~edS Prof. )Merhiistto lessent it, syicihs
'he licommsuunicationt Iii anoither Cssl- isvsry kintdly did.
111111u concerning the s-nsationasl It is deply tt e regretted thast us-
"ssrifc-ui" in the Detroit vesing pa-u'casocally inividuals utterly desoidt a A A rtistic
potes regardting thin alegtes-eolt of of atty resectss-hateve fsr the truth, tepglwsaintPo.Mcmfdthrwyitoheaksfnw-
p 9aper correshodnts; and that as a D il m m
lseaks foe itself. 'file coressmsidresult of their folly, murosf, Prof. . Dilem m
of the Ness has this timet'ovesrrealchedrslb erheci's standin~ug are therey smae
himuslf. Not content twsithu grossly to suffer.
mirpeetn n xgeaigor No lprofessor its the hiss' deartmntt frequently consists
utfithetUre.cuti\g.acishtelaggenlhiihgroser-iininot k nosein g
qusist nd orderly tHasllowre'enliethrsissis of is . 0tf0 s tdin hnigherrof.- Kbuy a high priced
nosv sttacedsonoat-sf tie oe'tlssosrs. Mehemi. HItS a thoroughly rcutrrd d insrumen,orory
In tdsing so both Ile-tandithis. core- anschsolarly gestitlsmsu, act iiitlfstig- (, obaitago n
ritontent of tihe ltun avelsmssbrought sahle Worker i thein iterssof thin stu- n of selection anong
thecmslsrucnder te ttrr.t itrisdi- dets, tn. asttm sose profsssor' iessery .---- ~ciep goods Nose
tisss tf tus'fsmtthy sieSIl rst~st~ eslsel._______________in r eard to th
Lin f le aclt ndhutol b Iljustirs.',threfores, Mrl. Editor, to ________
strettst if somesctiona in thinmtter isI'of. Mechesin, iais-ell s its jistir ts - "
sot tsaken. OctiSe sightuest foundtat- the post 1gv daite cass, antstirdeesd to r
ionoe rof tilemstofs.stolvedst mieuiof this'liuss'school as su.sWhols, 1Irsps.ecst- G U 1 i rm F
thin lass' separtmnet t hs-eet inj~urdh ftlhyrque.st that this lettrr tout-
its11tiisitmost goosssmsir., ildItibas
bes.entinsuito vappear t, titnit'estsiens tost lradtuaite a.s..
sets" B w r im oenretvolt, statst psit -Is Il/vt'
been-stalkni to coecetushimito gisisgLiberal Guild, L i fler3
sitt ter eIrsso. 7tensiif rut.-sucn ts Ti'letss-tcgstht iesBEST In THE WOKL ,
sh is.meig fteLbrlestohouldttrvr ase-n int-nr-mGSusis ocuutentLsst ts-tiing inthuerpa- you may pay as much as you please for another make
atnd he ssif i is ucsitersd thastth515 los of tse -Unisriauintiurh. A age and you wil not obtain as high qualify-u or you may
s--s.;t rIonstrt is am stus"ut i% .ltis - i' svto search a ie-fme among cheaper goods wthout finding
Crw fyounsg teniswe'r hiresent and anything that at nll approaches them When you're
Isin ' -uet 1itsslf this iast I is ieLt-si i nfe hi itnino jiigteready t10tlathover anoinstrument isnpect these magi-
siguuibrd tune inttnwiosWofljoining thus.' * cent proeuctos of lbs largest tusscal factory in the
soity uand furtherine t objects. Air. wold They re sold by leading dealers eseryshere.
slit.- stch stiff iim mett.' tilist t hfsill d si rls. Susdelas nd eseds uptper Beautiful Souvenir Catalogue containng portrais uf t0 leading
uuiiy as tes rrensh-tslt-oIsf tnit sitdite-r's-yt cfitheatsts lree pasappisatian to the imanulacurers.
Ni-sts has it e nsc Ill '-11 last sse-ni, tilt memtbers of thei oled. Speechies
should be forinif eter to sync"t dihe- were made by the offices of thin asso- FACTORY SALESROOMS"
ently or lave the University. nto n tifes a rue poieUinPr Wabash Avenue and
in the novemnent. Chicago... Chinago .
systenm of daily debate in connection Don't forget to subscribe for the
withi his course in political econotmy. Daily.

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