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April 11, 1893 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1893-04-11

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FROM SUNNY ITALY. teilii caught in awhirliiigsiiow squall.I ORACLE CONFERENCE
--lHowevei, the weather Cleaiied sod tilt The Boards of Ninety-five and Nine--
An Interesting Account of Proes- next dy we tookaitstety-ise sile ty-i il etan e"Pit_
NotenAfiariive to visit the Rton ]Eii sitls it For the Benefit ofOP6,er F
sobts Kelsey'sssglExperiences's iid . . IBolles and .. A. Pratt,.
Tlse folloswing letter fr osms Prof. iamiiisas). It lils a uwonderiifu i.&3L
Kelsey, to Prof. D'Oogeietailing 6c ost peltsttesii i ~ iasgsg dtrrsetvlytf~ fIoT3
sisie f sisexeriucs du5st s the 1'resseb -re atauin-tshe '95 arst '96 Oracles, held a Y1/ttANFJiiWtIRS
somseot ofithsiss1e1111eirthsnshrt onfrenefafewday DgEinOI MICH
willi berngofotifidtcrmein hto sortionfsrnce sta laysago I oslise i intressiolUnvirsiyrStsiregonshesloregardd ito an holroresositlaipnpo toio hereafterte
ents :iWills o tlyi n osts ,fsis t uries.
AtY Full isEsi ND: IRomnss asii thsteimsples baths, andtthe Oracle into closer rlationships
I thinsk thast SIsiast wrote sllyou from in samphiteare. closotoy;l'iiiii -s withs its ssccessors. As a result,
Arasi. Toiigive youiani~dai ur' ailt'ar's city which rest opunodes Mlr. ollet antIft. I. Simiti, busi -
Aeeeisss wuld ress .i 1 tlossisis isieptyssasglea1i tiplrmne nesri'anhe retrn, dtra or f E 0
Aleinexpleriences Wul Ieqie s Iaipoeeiis rnc aenssmngr f the 's trale,
mssihlsmore extetndesd naraivthanliIldosoee rys.s oeetsve exeivatiii 'sat ulsotyapa eoels 9
woulsdhe suitsables for aletter.gaiffscelwillshootse apseatbefoie thes'9
ngawihsleothncaait to saythasn its genserlthe trilts a15.1''s etond 'Ponpeii."' Thle exicavatiots ediors antIanswer any quiestions
sccessioni of surprises, tha~t ittmown011wereto ibe rssmesd Marichs I.'Theyiwhich ma y be raised in regardl to iwesyou senttise Ltetst Metrpliasrss.
Heldl the isovemnetts proved to be ftarIhaealedyit sit e he t lss It the best methsotd of coductinig th tan nnAor pries, ind ills talg t
snore stccessibe thattn I had tested they tiue thee sme sotetest>s shops, ohmr nul
snight be, ntlof grelater nmber inditlariet slet toaiket, sduittlsellianeisi ohsoeasu
isoportalsee thiss I hatt snspsed. Tse sistt'li.1 xelits t f Mr. iratt says le will niaike a l'551'15A
Isretienh oie recentltydotte '5grte peselrvatioits siniar offer to the Oracle editorial tot. F too 0, S-ta5 onAR v,
to throws light on the itomrntsemais, As Batsna'isotly live horsssrIotm the boardl of this class of '97, anti itI DETttOI, - - MICtIGtAN.
ahaelcau'eedsit ustmost enlightetiedSt ha. t tseensedt sichash lot tol tatch sespoal htti ilb s
lolicy tol he inatusgurated et ardingit glimpsesof thet desett so iseuwetitsei aoal httssiiller-~c
doswtiexietitng to spelldsielday ,it tablishedlasa cston. It cannot .tQhmond Staht ict.
their tpreservationl. ut asidle ftotmiI scra.'Ihe r-ssroscl isiilt sfcorse fi otesl nnaii hsioyo
mastters olfthnticaliteeststthis ile pr111itily sisr tsategicseatsos fi oreutisissigth oko t, o
t 'sor tierss iaittCs- smlty scsi i_ s slsv ils s 1 itiil itsan Isistw iorthree: getingeotltthis Orace less tdiffislt CIGAR ETTES,
ng h os re ae a ] e hous o ne litStes I it c t'Is i ll the -'1 Cgsst - i
iic-it1ss lasi hrs suhxe.e Ssia Ill au tsis inthisandssilsIlius affordl a better oisr>7 r i~unaetet mkr aer h
I liiit.0 ii~iiitoi sil ~ i u-tiiis s-sisuiiniiiA ond fors" tunnli ly forimpnlroving this class mr
lucily mi sich ci-rasterbuits siou 'ge thouissnd I is1i11ssaiitr s anuS ix 11is11,11sis0
+, -'i ~ts il x~ t ther ss-sinlandyusseeii-I seissliiiortiolieIs tres At (le orthssil-Ii here s -111 iiiii- ilis si or tso i
I5ssrtredseI-irs'1-issrs-'gis toincutsS0 CA- Banquet-a t' u i-eisi isi h
a eiii5A ht il obbs inaihush ch hoelI 1551u r t)eIm (isdvod t5 Iss'!On o te most esjoyablse sici 1 l 55 Ks s s-' ' iu s t ss
tii-is ii 'i I Issttril rice vllai'ees rir sc buislt evsetits sf titseasons isas tlisa cprr
thlss t tn Ic 'i t iidistance's li thNferont' tthelNy sie'u tl
u ]x Iis n i ( it Iti -- i u t tesa ren:. !typie very si u'elisiromistls i to Is i ss si retiring sosicerisf Ie iS. C. A torn i .ti 5555515111' 55555co
Frosts rn tir s i,,iatsiwelse oi s's-ise A its it mosut nouvel usndsdeli gitfil ex- --
ist trauin tAl i s-s Hrewesaw-uch-"Ixiriuene; ste pasteud lutisit a we-ek udirecors. 'The iwomenui's palrlors - -
- tisAlgies. Itrus ssellthere--andsir ie]' tores ou s awsalry'ansdlibrary' sere sioensedhtog'her
to is d uusits o till time sulesstile iithirouliilct r eSlit' aili'exp'aIse
AlgrerisutiCossairsishupt theisen, ofnsositthue S-illarilike thus 015 toitflue ii andtheisearly- art of lise cs-cing
msore interest sisrefhesis-ll isths eishust Intuots appea1r ittlilt insses of ias sell in introdsuctions ansi con-
gicar th-n15t1111nittthi s usiues, till-es' iiil ul sitethus rIizonuisis hiss' oe'ssiusisi
etu nn a :sUlthehelyrabhfe camiels, versation. -At halt-past ine the
sit isticilise w eespermittedsoh nernofeigside sciadd nw suhs iarsrs swerethrownisoen~
''hlere iss lis ii .1coisne of ls hsl Niiuii u'gi c-ivs--i--si ounsg,55tiltSpthsy
residentstAgir o t MStf pse isisertile esetliiimedush -iou- of -gswher cosers wireslaid for over
5auhirir uner bhintstis isuer-Isuss i tulluvsl t i lse osixty.!Followingeg ls upper flers
enosiughi to susinsitisousinguliushlnes thise use iRomant suies isti t -si-reIsasts rsoddto by rofs.
nsties-v5 a isot "'ilu and--it.essh .)I- - Con lst-antinue(Csti p susan lists-iIsis-s 1'Ooge anssiThomsons, Srs. Car-I
-Ithe ese illhfl erOthte ssfe itself s lar, SMissesPhilelps and Siuc,I
is. fuidthy sri devtook usfrom A I i--s-rs na adsos11Wwl h
rsuSetiftwhtchtliessolitse grestia istelI theStssrs. ibise, WalerantI Ladd.
separatiilg this Metiterranean ftrohminsthseircsptl BonS ssuu us itmil nsd MSr. SManisy acted as toastmst ser. I
tise Saharaontuuthy course sit thiscay sy lfhfrtonstltesite o ippo11111) is,lThis is the frs Ibanqluet gusvens by - pJKI 'Y'Tc.
flu frlit th ci nisupsit th it hat e illuladapte tsleusrpo5s'esiofutr-s the association but its entire suttess-
lulsior nunlI ssnd-t eveninsg ii 5fouitlIisoernti vfy tt s utrestusustoufindlushouldt nale it a rgular feaure.
sills hsotelwih flazinssg fres---1115'er atit Isplenduiduc hsusiiuss' te eeedi 1___1 1 M BERCHA3Ii\NT'1
snsiuss drif ts about,.attestingC to tl tthunofS tush)usttustielli uh>st tiiois trof. I. ll.Campbell sreatd a
seversit t tilte season just piss511~ sin. FoIla eascendeds totifhe pht I paer last ev-enisng before thus fron vragetpr fti usuteeuaan u is so ena a~:adSelCu n PoiaeadT IO
-nsow' has faIe-uha lf ml tete seels this I 'ih as, indith huencitihifotisess scitr ' '
wisnter,1115 thse fraintsibetwseenustte oittthite tsof usticit Iii inets he UltimateAnaysis of IrotnasndttSteel
catndIikawrblcaeforjbti this's'e otSt Alisnu0sesi. inW e l~Usationsto their tphysical Pro- Xit~'o--ohs
oususs '-sruieu iiot.iis hu usnt .111 lt-day cli s 5.5 tils suit p101t N 11O R
days, ily thueus atndhthenlce mlush 'nillcXhrtcies."-
Takcig the trsain at Setif t 3I h intos ehess's (Ilerstel lThe re 1 itis cesirous tha'll thuse iwho
net onig 'ot n erecedmisustete .ae less ipoing5lthan flu ut7=0T- -T
netssriug hn tues~thsethtose of I'Sistg 1styet uimprtis.iFSossigned thy baseball sucription
IBetnia, an importanttF-retschli stasty exatmple it isislontg supposeithistithfle
1psf cotussandisng the etntratnce tos the foursdetd arcedsu"''anuus (laii'duroue iPaper at thus neeting on Satsrday
Aisres moutatuins. Tthere iss ssiatirs siwas utnique- but tTetiess u these s a last, IaY in amontssusbsribed at c5s W FQO 'T' T,
tous tearby;as re asst soutthi beautifl sexaumple o the samne fosnmsit
townsunearlbystts, eased asouthue tpootinass executons bov e tileonce. Thus noney is tneded for thusT
sqai us ewreatnse t (otie onlla srcsrd pas".) southern trip. Detroit, M~ichigan.

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